What are some essential James woods kenos??

What are some essential James woods kenos??

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>>133622774Just saw Indictment. Great movie, great performance by James Woods btfoing Californian retards.

once upon a time in america is about as kino as it gets

Niggerman 4: The Niggening



>>133622774Is he based??

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The Boost (1988)

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>>133622774That episode of family guy>oh a piece of candy... Oh a piece of candyAnd that movie he was in with Michael j fox. The hard way.

>>133622774You mean James "Cocaine Addict" Woods?

>>133622774The Hard WayDiggstown VampiresCop

>>133623183m.youtube.com/watch?v=WM3f7K36JWMI can’t decide who has a better twitter James woods or randy quiad

>>133623332James Woods does cocaine? That just makes him cooler.

>>133623369He denies it though

Why doesn’t James Woods get work in Hollywood anymore??

>>133623397That's double cool

Underrated Woods kinoAlso RIP Dennehy

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>>133623245muh jogga

>>133622774GTA: San Andreas

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Was literally about to watch this before this thread popped up at in for kino?

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For me it’s the Quitters Inc segment from Cats Eye

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>>133622774>not posting the gif

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>>133623587Yes, if you like 90s crime dramas.

>>133623671Haha I loved that at the time every article was like WE ARE ANDERSON COOPER EYEROLLING AT KELLYANNE CONWAY RITE NOW YAAAS KING SLAYYY or ANDERSON GIVES KELLYANNE EPIC EYEROLL AND WE ARE LIIIIIVING FOR IT!!Then based James comes and shits on the libshits eyeroll party

>>133623334>CopLove the final scene. Its a better Dirty Harry line than anything in Dirty Harry.youtu.be/tgCL__BBD6c

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This one features a great unhinges early Woods performance

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>>133623445Because he descended to Holla Forums levels of shitposting.

>>133623987Hollywood went insane not James Woods.

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woods is the best thing about this one too

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>>133623077It’s true

>>133622774why is he so edgy now?

>>133624101When will shitposter like you start campaigning for the right of every sperm and every egg to get a chance to be a baby?I kill billions of babies every year.

>>133623354Either one could run and win for office as a Republican

>>133624101Holy shit

>>133623736Nobody cares what james woods says though, hes mentally ill and irrelevent while people actually watch copper. Also what kellyanne was saying was fucking batshit, why defend the stupidity?

>>133623354Is this the most redpilled cast ever?

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>>133623736Can Republicans do anything besides act like autistic children? Look at the absolute nutters on your side. Dont you think it's weird they spend all their time whining and attacking peoplen instead of making evidence based arguments? I feel bad for Mitt Romney. At least Mccain doesnt have to watch the descent of his party anymore. Yikes.

>>133624429You seen CNN's ratings recently? Cooper brings in less viewers than dudes streaming fortnite.


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>>133623853Shit's on HBO, I was thinking about watching it simply for prime sigourney weaver

>>133624533Fuck off tranny go fuck kids on Epstein’s island with your pals Biden and the Clintons

>>133624101Weird how abortion is only illegal in 3rd world religious fundamentalist shitholes like Saudi Arabia. Why do you want kids born to parents who dont want them? So they can share your experience? God you niggers are stupid as shit

I want polniggers to go away.

>>133624101Based James

>>133624101Isn't this guy supposed to be smart? He makes 40 IQ Holla Forums-tier "arguments" that are just midwit contextless talking points. Abortions go down more under Democratic administrations than Republican ones. That's a statistic any of you can look up. If you want less abortion then vote for Dems who promote access to contraceptives and sex education which have proven to reduce unwanted pregnancy. GOP refuses any policy that would actually further the goals they claim to have. Its just proof none of you actually care about reducing abortions, its just evangelical rage against women having sex. Pathetic frothing retards

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>>133624590facing reality breaks the polcels brain

>>133623183How can one man be so based??

>>133624590I think you're mixing up biden with trump you dumb son of a bitch lmao

>>133624749>If you want less abortion then vote for Dems who promote access to contraceptives and sex education which have proven to reduce unwanted pregnancy.So you want to stop infants from being murdered by their mothers? Well you stupid bigot you better give free condoms and birth control to every slut age 12 and over... its not like you could just make murdering infants illegal haha

>>133624818Nah trumps more into his own daughter my man ain’t no kiddie fiddler he’s a daughter diddler

>>133624603>>133624749t. gaping hole

Peak Woods

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>>133623183When did rightwingers become the ones with a based sense of humor and the leftists the ones that are a bunch of humorless twats? Weird that it flipped since Drumpf

>>133624749Has there been any evidence that increased access to birth control and sex ed will lead to less unwanted pregnancies? It sounds like a truism but we live in an age where we have more access to these tools then ever, but a higher rate of the problem.

>>133624838>InfantsThis is some seriously weak bait, son. But you must be so proud of it.

>>133623183It's baffling how you can consider yourself a "respected journalist" and do something as childish as rolling your eyes on air when you hear something you don't like

>>133624923>This is some seriously weak bait, son.>but she still bit itnamefags are complete retards

>>133624749I understand your position. You want the state to use as much power as possible to let people do whatever they want free of consequences. You do not understand the "fundamentalist" position, which is contraception and abortion are immoral because they are bad for society and the individual.We can never have an actual debate because you lack the good will to make an effort to understand the other side.

>>133624912They drill it deep into the heads of kids from elementary to high school and retards still get knocked up in high school.

>>133625005Thanks for pointing out the name, forgot I put it there for the 4x general.oth>pointing out bait is equivalent to biting itI bet you're so retarded that you think that (you)s carry some value.

>>133623183>using homophobia to shame your opponentJuvenile. Right wingers are literally the high school bully of Adulthood.

>>133625033>Contraception is bad for societyWow I haven't heard that argument made with a straight face in about 100 years. Tell me more.Is "the niggers are out-breeding us" gonna be one of your points?

>>133625222High school bullying fags is as based as it gets

>>133624350hello Malthusian faggot


>>133625418Normal wrong or bigly wrong? Maybe yuuge wrong?

>>133622774I like james woods as an actor. Shame his 180 IQ bans him from Hollywood

>>133625222>getting bullied in high schoolhowall you have to do is not be a fag

>>133624749Sex without consequence hastens the fall of civilization.

>>133624903its because rightwingers are now no longer just old boomers but their kids who realized that conservatism is the only real answer to the hellscape they were born into

>>133623245>>133623482>>133623853>>133624197>>133624450I non-sarcastically love how 60% of James Woods movies are things I've never heard offeels like discovering a whole new genre of cinema