are some kino scenes like this where a character kills someone and then keeps going after they are already dead? are some kino scenes like this where a character kills someone and then keeps going after they are already dead?

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>>133621957gta 4 is ultimate kino, but you won't hear many people appreciate it cos 12 year old vidya

>>133621957>didn't listen to what Darko had to saywhat the fuck kinda player is this

>>133622588good story and soundtrack but besides those two things it's worse than GTAV

>>133622588I liked picking up random coffee cups on the street and hurling it at people. it was a sorely missing feature in GTA V

>>133622764Fuck that. Maybe if you’re a zoomer that needs multiplayer.


>>133622764IV's vehicle physics and pedestrian AI trumps V every day of the week.

>>133622865>tfw I keep bumping into people deliberately to start fights>hide behind another pedestrian/vehicle when they start to get aggressive>NPCs hits the pedestrian/car I am hiding behind it>the victim starts fighting the first NPC>repeat ad nausem until a street fight breaks outso fucking kino

>>133623171IV's melee was also way more fun than GTA V. I liked having to dodge and slowly attack the guy instead of him dying in one punch

>>133623322>instead of him dying in one punchor running away while the dog across the street calls the cops on youfuck V.

>>133621957Might have to replay this kino

>>133621957GTA IV sucked

>>133623171>IV's vehicle physicsI remember when you revisionists said IV had the worst vehicle model

>>133622764the only good thing about v is the vehicle customization

>>133623371There's a mod so animals don't call the cops on you.Dunno why Rockstar is so retarded they coded animals just like any other NPC.

>>133623494IV: shit but FUNV: decent but soulless

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>>133622764The gameplay is literally better, absolutely everything about the driving and shooting mechanics is better in 4. On PC with a modified weapon.cfg file to make all the guns realistic it turns into the best open world 3rd person shooter ever made

>>133623544The gameplay is better too, but it’s a soulless game. Story mode wise 4 beats 5 all day

I miss when video games are meant to be fun and not tryhard boring political statements

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>>133623622GTA V should have just been focused on Michael instead of trying to do the 3 character gimmick. made the story feel much more shallow

>>133623733You have to hit the diversity quotas in today’s age

>>133623769we get it you hate blacks

>>133621957People saying gta 4 was better than 5 is nostalgic fagsThe only thing it was better on 4 was the story,the rest sucked

>>133623799I hated Trevor more than Franklin and hated having to play as him

>>1336219572 nicos?

>>133623769>what is gta sa

>>133623799I unironically enjoyed Franklin and his other hood nigger friend, seconding what >>133623851 said, playing Trevor is the most painful part of GTA V, it's like playing as Reddit: the character.

>>133623851this. Franklin was fucking boring but at least he was likable. Trevor's only trait was being an edgelord, and I'm still seething that he killed Johnny

trevor would be based if he wasnt a simp

why is 4 so fucking good bros

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>>1336238444 is the more realistic of the two for better or worse

Most people missed all the good story shit because they didn't hang out with friends enough. Packie breaking down talking about being molested and Kiki having political arguments with Niko, lotta interesting stuff there.

>>133623940The only based character on the whole Gta series was RyderToo bad Rockstar fuck up the story

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>>133624025the friends in GTA IV were based. my favorite was Little Jacob. I wish Packie had more of a role in GTA V than just some bank robber you hire

>>133624025>lotta interesting stuff thereI didn't cared much for the friends except for the rasta weed smoker and the 2 niggers who tried to murder each other, the radio talkshow and the commercials were fucking amazing from what I recall.

>>133624049>tfw too intelligent for V

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>>133624080Russian radio was kino

>>133624080They had a Colbert-esque right wing talk-show that was fucking hilarious.

>>133623893There’s no hitting any diversity shit in that game. It takes place in the hood. The characters resemble motherfuckers from the hood. Blacks and mexicans. Zero problems with that shit.

I have an extremely based idea for VI and I'm going to share it right now, you ready?It's four cities: Vice City, an Eastern European capital, a Northern British town and a Tokyo stand-in, and they're all surrounded by bits of land and water and you can only get from one to another by plane from the airport. It's in three languages (four if you count the incomprehensible norf accent) and it's got four protagonists who get tangled in one plot

le epic Holla Forumseddit Holla Forumsabysat thread

>>133624274how about keep it in one area and make it story driven again

>>133624274>another multiple protags memeit didn't work that well with 3 characters let alone 4

>>133624274>4 different citiesThey will either be all extremely tiny or requires you to buy the best hardware on the market to even start the game on low settings.>>133624289dilate

>>133624079Packie is seen in the end credits of one of the DLCs at an airport or some shit and a common theme in the conversations with Niko is how tired he is of drifting around the city doing drugs and sticking people up. By the time V rolls around he is still doing the same thing and is much more haggard looking and alone. Sad to think that during the events of V, Packie is aimlessly wandering around Los Santos.

>>133621957This scene was great, when I first played it I felt so affected by it that I immediately turned the radio off when I got back in the car. Then on my next playthrough years later I learned that if you don't turn the radio off, Niko turns it off on his own.


>>133624334sucks for Packie, but he seems pretty chipper during the heists. at least he didn't turn into a cuck methhead who gets stomped out

>>133624418>at least he didn't turn into a cuck methhead who gets stomped outREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>>133624333Video Games = "entertainment" sensibility = reddit = trannyism.This is predominantly an art board (the "entertainment" shit that is constantly being discussed here is a result of crossposters from pleb boards like Holla Forums and Holla Forums)True cinema = art which is the opposite to tranny ideals and in turn the opposite to video games.The sensibilities resulting in video game appreciation are diametrically opposed to the appreciation of cinema as "art". Videogames/autism/"entertainment" are the reason for tranny freaks

>>133624445I don't speak cringe sorry.

>>133623622V - SoullessIV - SoulSA - Soul Train

>>133624274My idea for a game is you can go anywhere in the world, including to your own house and you can go inside and there's a virtual NPC version of yourself that you can have sex with in VR.

>>133624445None of the 20th century inventions are actual art. Cinema is as much "art" as Gears of War 7, Captain America #295 or an Abramovic performance.

>>133624620>we won't ever see anything of this scale in our lifetimesit's not fair bros, I wish I was born in the year 3000

>>133624445But the are some vidya that could be considered kinos on their own merit,there is a difference between baby games like mario (and anything related to nitendo) and a game like Red Dead RedemptionTrannies only play speedruns and online games

>>133621957GTA IV is great. But Niko has got to be the worst character Rockstar ever pushed.

>>133621957I let him live then ran him over with my car

>>133623844GTA V has been out long enough to be nostalgic about it and I still think it's the weaker of the two. IV just brought so much with it and V only watered it down (plus it had a shit map).

>>133623582I always enjoyed the physics, fuck people who bitched about the cars being weighty and actually feeling like cars

>>133623844When I got bored with GTAV I stopped playing it and never looked back... I've replayed GTAIV five times since it came out

>>133622588It's the best GTA by far. I never thought Vice City would be surpassed, but GTA4 is almost a perfect game.

>But the are some vidya that could be considered kinos on their own meritWhy are Holla Forumseddit tourists so fucking low IQ?

>>133624919>but GTA4 is almost a perfect gameI like IV but that's a serious overstatement.

>>133623985Fuck I forgot GTAIV had rpg physics

>>133624761Yea no he’s better than trevor and any ps2 main character not named cj

>>133624977Idk but anime is just as low iq as video games. Not that it has to do with anything, I just wanted to throw that out there


>>133624977video games nowadays is much less about gameplay and more about visual effects and story telling how is that any different from a movie?


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>>133625144>divegrass in Theater>babymetal in music3subtle5me

>>133625144Oh based

>>133622764greatest car crumple physics of all time

>>133625144>sources used>tinyurl

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>>133624919i love the sleazy russisn element. felt like a safdie brothers movie the whole time and genuinely depressing but funny bush era satire

>>133621957I wish they spoke Serbian during their whole conversation. I know the actors aren't native speakers and it sounds weird to those actually from that region, but it would have hit me harder. The acting is still really good in English though. Niko has so much more soul behind him than any other GTA protagonist, and I'm not being ironic in any way. I also remember the game not having subtitles on by default, and I was so fucking confused in the first mission when Niko and Roman drift in and out of Serbian/English, haha.

>>133625144>ayn randlul

>>133621957I didn't remember Darko looking fucking identical to Niko

>>133624289shut the fuck up and start suckin

>>133625434i always thought it was meant to be symbolic

>>133625367I have never seen such a fucking cancerous, reddit post in all my years browsing here. Holy motherfucker. Not even /trash/ comes this close to it with all their degenerate fetishes. Take a knife and go fucking slit your throat right now.

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Too bad the radio is fucking gutted, fuck jewish music licensing laws. And I will be surprised if GTA VI is any good, Dan Houser is gone and Benzies has been gone since GTA V launched

>>133625896>Too bad the radio is fucking guttedfuck I was thinking about playing it tonight too