Do Christians really do this...?

Do Christians really do this...?

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>>133621919Wouldn't this skip most of the Bible


>>133621919does it make you seethe?

>>133621919Netflix would be awesome if I can block any gay content.

>>133621974No, it's hilariousIt makes movies look like this

>>133621919Has nothing to do with being Christian, some of us just don't want to be exposed to degeneracy.

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>>133621974Yeah my fucking cunt mom uses this shit and I cant watch anything good

Yes, they're the epitome of helicopter parents. Except they don't actually want to actually take the time to talk with and understand their kids, so they buy shit like this that does all their parenting for them.

>>133622058Imagine being morally offended by Shrek

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>>133622250what does shrek say??

>>133622379Life is like a ni-

some do

>>133622094Is this your mom

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>>133622379Called Donkey a nigger multiple times

I will never let my children watch nu cartoons or anime

>>133621919Oh yeah, we had one of these called a “TV Guardian”, at maximum censorship it would bleep God and Jesus on those Televangelist shows. It made The Sopranos unwatchable, so Dad took it to the garage to “tinker with it” and what do know it’s broken aw shucks. Gosh darn it to heck.

>>133621919You can Speedwatch Sam Raimi's spider-man with that.

Mine blocks all marxist and j*wish propaganda.

>>133621919Midwestern evangelical protestant retards do.Fun fact, midwestern protestants thought that spicy food would "make the blood hot" and cause more horniness and masturbation. This lead to a movement focused on a plain diet, without meat or spices to live a life without evil sexual desire that the bible clearly has 100s of pages about. This is where John Kellog, the creatoe of the famous cereals started by making the plainest cereal and marketing it to curb masturbation.He is nearly singhandedly responsible for american circumcisions practice, which started as a myth that removing foreskin would stop masturbation.

>>133622058Stay off 4chan for starters fucking evangelical larper

>>133621919How can I get this on my Netflix? I'd love something like that

>>133621919This is unironically based imagine filtering trannies and niggers

>>133622769The fuck are you watching filled with trannies?>>133622753Just start by killing yourself

The state of white people lmao

"I was really enjoying this movie up until they said "shit" so now it's a bad movie."

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>>133622503I wouldn't get too excited over this one boys. In real life if your gf does this to you, there's about a 80% chance she cheated on you and/or is actively cheating on you.You've been warned.

Based family play protecting us from Jewish filth

>>133621919>only Christians care what their children watch and set boundaries Kill yourself

>>133621919I skip the sex scenes even if I’m watching by myself.

>>133622742>you go to 4chan that mean you want society to be like 4chan

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>>133622671So what do you even watch then? TV static?

>>133622847>Just start by killing yourselfTouched a nerve bud?

>>133622931He said he didnt want to be "exposed to degeneracy" retarded soijak poster

any website to check if there are any LGBTQ characters in a film or tv so that i can skip it?

I wish there was a machine that did the opposite

>>133621919>NONONONO YOU CAN'T JUST NOT WATCH MY SUBVERSIVE DEGENERACY THIS IS BIGOTRYthanks for letting me know this exists, my parents are always looking for clean movies to watch


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>>133621919Whats this?Non-burger btw

>>133622901>Implying it's only childrenImagine being afraid of a rated PG movie

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>>133623000Why cant they just watch shit made for them instead of having the sky daddy cover their eyes during the sex bits?

>>133622503is this a folgers brother and sister commercial?

>>133622058>don't want to be exposed to degeneracy This is a website full of freaks who jerk off to trannies and lolicon

>>133623044you guys recognize that reddit and twitter are bubbles but don't recognize the 4chan bubble you're inI'll give you a hint: not everyone jerks off a dozen times a day to interracial and piss porn. the vast majority of people would find you fuckers absolutely disgusting on even your best behavior

>>133621919I can guarantee you the number of Mormons that use this shit dwarfs the number of Christians using it

>>133622058>some of us just don't want to be exposed to degeneracy.then fuck off this site faggot and take your I'M SO SORRY I ABORTED YOU sculpture with you

>>133623094>shit made for themLike what?

>>133623044Ok that’s kinda weird. You win this round.

Modern day Christians are honestly just embarrassing. Old school catholics who went on crusades slaughtering sandniggers and burnt thots at stakes were so much better.Now it's all:>NOOOO THE REALITIES OF PLANET EARTH ARE TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE, MOMMY PLEASE PUT ME BACK IN MY PADDED PLAYPEN WAAAAA>What's that? You just hit me? >T-t-turn the other cheek, y-y-you can fuck my wife tooDisgraceful, absolute cuckold behaviour.

>>133623145Mormons and southern baptists

>>133623094Why can't you stop caring about what decent people do when it doesn't affect you in any way?>muh sky daddycringe and reddit, I hate average IQ postersif you aren't below 90 IQ or above 130 please leave this board and never return

>>133623161Bruh theres tons of christian films. Theres also tons of stuff without violence or sex, or naughty words or serious subject matter.

>>133621919Do americans really?

>>133622935A lot of interviews with this guy

>>133623126>not everyone jerks off a dozen times a day to interracial and piss porn

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>>133622742>>133623157Why are degenerates always so angry? Isn't all that nihilism supposed to be liberating?

>>133623237Like what?

>>133623198Why do you care what kind of films people make when it doesnt affect you in any way?

Given the option to either a) not let my child watch a movie because it's inappropriate or b) let them watch it as a mangled censored mess, it's way easier to just not let them watch the movie in the first placeIs your kid REALLY missing out because he can't watch A Stat Is Born? The guy still kills himself at the end so that's still a conversation you gotta have with them

>>133623157Who hurt you?

>>133623279where did I say I did, retard

>>133623256>nihilismMental midget>>133623272Lots of bergman. Ikiru. Childrens cartoons. Looney tunes, its even got some old fashioned racism for you folks.

>>133623279>your country's culture has no effect on you xddddFuck off, midwit.

>>133621919I see nothing wrong with that, why the fuck would you want to be watching something with your little kids and then there's suddenly a pointless Netflix sex scene?Are you just triggered by the idea of people having moral norms?


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>>133623198Why can't you stop caring about him caring when it doesn't affect you in any way?

>>133623331>Why can't boomers just watch Ikiru? or Looney Tunes?are you satirizing a Rick and Morty zoomer or actually are one, I can't even tell

>>133623317>no capitalization >no question mark>includes commaThis post was made by a legit psycho.

>>133623145That's fair, I remember that documentary on CleanFlicksPretty funny how the guy who created that rental service ended up getting arrested for CP possession

>>133622742>>133623123>>1336231574chan is first and foremost contrarian. And being Christian is contrarian in 2020. Fuck off back to where you belong.

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>>133623370how dare I reply on a discussion forum

>>133622250I remember my 6th grade teacher put Shrek on during our party day. She skipped through the "there's an arrow in your butt" scene because she thought it was offensive, but she didn't skip the "parfaits are the best thing on the whole damn planet" or the "I have to save my ass" parts.

>it's yet another atheists seethe over Christians thread >Because apparently only Christians think that having their 5 year olds watch gore and sex and their age might warp them Oh wait this this Holla Forums- pedophiles & trannies why am I surprised?

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>>133623361That's what MPAA ratings are for

>>133623400>And being Christian is contrarian in 2020

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>>133623425How dare an user make a thread on a discussion forum

So I guess all you faggots that are upset about this have never skipped a scene in a show or a movie, huhBecause it's exactly the same thing, let people watch their shows the way they prefer

>>133623425Are you exhausted from running your fat ass off moving that goalpost?

>>133623331>just watch the same thing from 50 years ago over and over lol

>>133623511yeahgood one man

>>133623446You get made fun of because christcucks explode in rage the minute they're poked and it's funny.Stay mad.

>>133623502>have never skipped a scene in a show or a movieyou're starting to comprehend, yes

>>133623400>admitting that you're just being a contrarian>not realising how stupid that islmao

>>133623331All atheists are nihilists, what do you think you are?


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>>133623477Objecting to people doing something and replying to that objection posted for the purpose of reading replies aren't even remotely similarNext


>>133623548No, I'm telling you why 4chan has become more Christian and all of your ilk has migrated over to reddit or twitter.

>>133623400>Felon runs at guy with shotgun >Try to grab it from his hands , wrestling him to the ground >Get shot >"He was lynched!" Are white people really this stupid? Also imagine still romanticizing the Black Panthers in 2020

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>All atheists are nihilists

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>>133623577Yes they areNext

>>133622058Purity is a delusion

>>133623540Oh yes, as we all know atheists have never autistically raged at any meme ever Oh wait

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>>133623608No, you're wallowing in your own stupidity

>>133623456The zoomers who just call themselves Christian to be "epic" and imagine it's somehow contrarian are almost as bad as the fedoras who say you can't be a Christian and use 4chan

>>133623612they're worse: they're boring


>>133623446>being so retarded you make your kid watch a 90 minute movie cut down to 20 minutes because you're too fucking lazy to just find them a movie they can actually watch

>>133623576>Doesn't know anything about Jews or Christians >Posts (not)xkcd comic Can't tell if this is high level b8 or you're actually just that much of a stereotype

>>133622503If a roastie ever does this you should 100% question her intentions. She's hiding something.

>wouldn't this skip most of the bible?

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>>133623642>You can't just abstain from destructive behavior >Everyone is just as much of a violent, pedophilic serial killer as the people out on death rowWhatever you say bud

>>133621951>>133623601t. never read the bible

>not watching Legalporno with your entire family Lmao what Puritan clowns


>>133623608>4chan has become more Christian ever since I got here in 2016 with the rest of Reddit

>>133623400>being Christian is contrarian No it's not faggot, they're still the majority in the US.

>>133621919Evangelical Christians are hypocrites. The Bible is full of violence and slavery. And how are kids supposed to know what a "virgin birth" means? Thank fuck I wasn't raised religious, otherwise I'd have to spend years undoing all of the brainwashing.

>>133623856who said anything about slaveryif anything, bring it back

>>133623531Thanks. I feel pretty good it.

>>133623856You really think evangelicals make their kids read through the parts of the Bible with rape, slavery, and murder you utter retard? >Well if it's in the Bible that means it's okay!Have you even read the Bible?

>>133623643Didn't even say thatCoping mutt, go back to your kennel, tubbyI'm not even atheist>Inb4 the seething cuck tries to insult every group under the sun in a desperate attempt to get at me

>>133623856>how are kids supposed to know what a "virgin birth" meansThe Hebrew says "young woman" and by the time it was translated through Greek to English it became "virgin" But the average christophrenic thinks the KJV was divinely translated

>>133623949So kids can't read through God's Word because it isn't appropriate? Why would God do that?Face it, fundie: your religion is horse shit.

>>133623991>The Hebrew>The New Testamentplease stop. just stop

>>133623502Actually not care about what other people do about things that I’m no way affect me? That’s gonna be hard, what with all the raging insecurity I suffer from.

>THIS IS OUR SITE NOW IT'S OUR TURNwhere have I heard that last part before

>>133623856believe it or not there are hundreds of pages of stories and parables in the bible that have nothing to do with violence or sex that kids can be taught values from.

>>133623856>And how are kids supposed to know what a "virgin birth" means?Almost like they don't expect kids to know what that means until they're older or something man fuck chr*stians us enlightened 200iq atheists should just ban religion like the Soviets did , fucking based

>>133623026A digital chastity belt

>>133623821Yeah, reddit is renowned for its deep Christoan faith

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>>133624031Do you genuinely believe they all wrote in classical Greek you retard

>>133623974>Mutt>Tubby >Cuck>"Haha bet you're gonna insult every group under the sun in order to insult me" Okay so you're just retarded , cool

>>133624071>going to reddit or reading their cringe collectionsDo you keep these in the folder with all your infographics and cherry picked quotations

>>133624075please provide a citation showing the new testament was written in hebrew lolface it, you were talking about shit you don't actually know about and got caught

>>133624043>kids shouldn't be able to understand one of the basic tenets of our religion until after they've been brainwashedOk Christcuck

>>133623834And yet it's not depicted at all in society or pop culture.

>>133623856Well you seem like a well balanced individual. You’ve certainly convinced me.

>>133624121That's actually a very popular meme you would know if you weren't 14.

>>133624022>Children aren't ready to comprehend the words of the omnipotent, omnipresent, omnibenevolent that is recorded through centuries of history and blood compiled via the Bible Okay so not only do have you not read the Bible you now fuck all about Christian theology too. Fucks sake lmao

>>133624071the quote that killed atheism

>>133621919>see family play logo on my Vudu library>"oh shit nice let me get some movies I can see with my brother" >it turns out it was just google family share I was thinking of, and now I have to watch the movies by myselfstill a good idea though, sorry you have to screen this manually pajeet/imterns/pajeet's intern, suroosh

>>133624100Not as retarded as youYour mom agrees with me

>>133623974Why are you so angry?

>>133622899That's exactly what I was thinking.>QUICK! CUM INSIDE ME!

>4CHAN IS CHRISTIAN NOWYou mean since it created /aco/ since Holla Forums became trap thread centralsince no smut board was removed and small horse board is still thereTell us, do you hold services in /lit/ every Sunday? Are you in any sort of denominational agreement?>I'm so countercultural!is the new>I fucking love science!

>>133624144>Basic tenantsNewsflash you fucking dipshit most sects of Christianity don't even believe in a virgin birth and it's mostly an esoteric issue. Okay so not only are you illiterate on the topic of Christian theology you don't even know what the Reformation was and are historically illiterate as well. Great. Yeah you're so superior to all those boomer evangelicals you hate so much.


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>>133624217>lol u mad

>>1336242644chan has been anti-atheist since fedoraposting started a decade ago.

>>133624272Damn you’re angry as shit lol

>>133624229>QUICK! CUM INSIDE ME!sureopen your mouth

>>133624286you can feel the physical aura of roastie rage emanating from this jpg

>>133624286That dude could sleep with as many desperate 30 year old women as he really wanted desu

>>133624302It’s not a meme dude you are legit angry lol. I don’t understand why but it’s entertaining.

>>133624272>another ad hominem attackThat's all you Christcucks can do because your thought process and religion don't stand up to logic.

>>133624272>being this mad

>>133624359Who couldn’t?

>>133624371>religion don't stand up to logicI feel like you're on the verge of an epiphany here


>>133624325>4chan is one person

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>>133624412the simp that made that image thinking it might get him a crumb of the puss

>>133624326Whatever dude

>>133624217>heh... It was all just a clever ruse, I was merely pretending to be retarded Pathetic... Just pathetic. This is the last trick, christcucks have up their sleeve? I could fuck your girl right in front of you and all you would say is "ha u mad". It's time to wake up christcucks, because this is your worst nightmare.

>>133624371>Doesn't know what an ad hom is Lmao. Typical

>>133622250>>133622379I'm pretty shure they say "shit" like half a dozen times. It's pushing the limit for PG. It was super popular when I was in elementary school but teachers didn't like playing it because of all the cussing.

>>133624465Only when it helps your argumemt.

>>133624500Just calm the fuck down man it ain’t that serious. Have you ever tried breathing?

>>133622482Kay sounds like a milf. Would chat with in the coffee line at church.

>>133624530>can't defend his religion so he lashes outLmao. Typical.

>>133624519>Obsessed with atheism and cuckholdry You're on the verge of suicide aren't you!

>>133624519I’m not the user you’re responding to and I sure as hell aren’t a Christian or theist of any kind. I’m merely pointing at how fucking mad you are. Calm down.

>>133624531>I'm pretty shure they say "shit" like half a dozen times>Shrekyou're genuinely retarded

>>133624272>Basic tenants

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>>133624574>Everything about your religion is brainwashing and that's why kids don't understand the virgin birth >No it isn't , you don't know anything about Christian theology >Nice ad hom christcuck You couldn't be more of a self parody

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>>133624626Still waiting for you to refute any of that. It seems that you can't. Sad.

>>133624264I've literally tried having Ryan Reeves threads on Sunday mornings but none of these hypocrites post in them.

>>133624616I got my mild curse words confused. It was "ass">5 uses of damn (4 from the song, Bad Reputation), 5 uses of ass, 2 uses of God, 1 use of crap, 1 brief and quick use of hell (very noticeable). 1 use of "jackass".

>133624677>Teaching something= brainwashing if I don't believe in it Whats there to refute? You're just some nigger fishing for (You)'s and I doubt you believe anything except for deep fried meme garbage

>>133624685Why would Christians want to spend their Sundays posting on this degenerate shithole of website?

>>133624576>comes to me crying about being cucked by atheists>I reply carrying on the general theme of the thread>"heheh looks like you're obsessed buddy"Get back to your kennel, drooling mutt, your master commands you

>>133624685I'm watching my own church's service, casual

>>133624685>I don't understand why 4chan doesn't want to pray with me and this Joss Whedon lookalike I thought this was a Christian site

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>>133624735Bad faith arguments, another popular defense in the Christcuck playbook. You retards are all the same.

>>133624600Anger is a natural consequence of being a high test chad, sorry christcucks.Do NOT reply to me again, unless you want to completely humiliated a second time.

>>133624709You literally counted this or even worse consulted some cucked guidebook written by a sperg

>service likes this exists>disc player to skip past copyright, commercials, and menu shit directly to 0:00:00 does not existI would pay 500 dollars for such a thing.

Why can't America return to traditional times and the Saturday Evening Post

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>>133624900IMDB Parents Guide is an essential tool to kinographic research. I suggest you familiarize yourself with it.

My Dad was and still is very Christian but he showed me the heavy metal movies when I was 12

>>133621919nothing wrong with that though>>133621951jej

>>133625102>IMDB Parents GuideShrek 2 was the first movie I took my daughter to. She was three and so far she hasn't become a Satanist.

>>133625184Just because he's Christian doesn't mean he has shit taste in music or cartoons

God forgives all, endures all evil without blemish, waits for all, loves all.Repent and embrace the Lord of love, who died for you so that you might be in right standing with God, because he loves you.

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>>133621919Honestly this is incredibly based. Only Arthouse trannies who want to watch 2 hours of gay sex would complain