Meadow Soprano thread

Meadow Soprano thread

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what a goofy bitch

For me, its Mackenzie

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>>133620512Literally who?

This is a rare meadow

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>>133620548So pretty

>>133620305It's pretty impressive how much her and Robert Iler looked like Gandolfini. Neither one looked like Falco at all though

>>133620536pretty sure she had like zero lines and is just at Jackie's funeral. The other girl is hotter desu

>>133620305anyone have the one where it's later in the series and it's braless Meadow and she and AJ can smell vito's farts from the couch

>>133620512>Not Meadow's college roommate

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I saw her at Coachella in 2018

>>133620826was she just hanging out? interact at all?

>>133620788Fair warning before you open this image.

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>>133620932actually not as bad as I would expect

>>133620932Eh. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

>>133620932Jesus christ put those away jan

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carmela bely

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>>133621159Fucking nice, what a milf.>>133621210Even pregnant she looks hot as fuck, oh man am i about to develop another fetish?

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler is older than James Gandolfini was when The Sopranos started in 1999.

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>>133620305Fun fact she's not italianpart jew and part cuban

>>133621210Look at those milkers Truly duh miracle o chrissmass


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>>133621596getting reminded how old you are is the saddest thing in the world

>>133621704Mm tits

>>133621666Close enough

those jew genes are coming in at breakneck speed.

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>>133621801Kek'd, yea she is not looking good these days. As a teen tho..

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>>133621801>incels think pic related is ugly

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>>133621453I typically find JLS extremely hot but she looks like a tranny here. Something about the overabundance of makeup and the way she's holding her shoulders is extremely off-putting.

>>133621922your words not mine.

>>133621961>she looks like a tranny hereliterally rent free.

>>133620670No ass


>>133621961no shit, it was for the rocky horror picture show

>>133621961If that was a tranny id still fuck

>>133622036Didn't know that, that makes a whole lot more sense.>>133622006Fuck off, turns out I was right and that she was dressing unpleasantly on purpose.

>>133621961what kind of sick fuck sees a beautiful lady in stockings and thinks of a man. jesus christ user.

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I LOVE chubby fat titted Meadow! FACT!!!

>>133622208Real talk, i want to do disgusting things to chubby Meadow.

>>133621947I would cheer up depressed Meadow if you get ny meaning

Reminder that her and Iler have a podcast together with Kassem G where they sometimes interview old cast members. They had Charmaine Bucco on there last week.

>>133622133Yep, the Sopranos peaked right there

>>133622110Yes this, user has problems bro.

>>133621801Why did she stop eating

>>133621084>>133621902She's so dark

>>133622650Brown girls are the best.

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>>133622072>she was dressing unpleasantly on purpose.doesn't make her a tranny, zoomer.

>>133622133MUH DICK

>>133621596anyone have the webm of this scene? meanwhile Vito is blasting farts their way and they both are smelling them. kek


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>>133621507JIZZIN MY PANTS

>>133621801She just needs to eat more. She wasn't lookin too hot in Season 1, 3 or 5 either, but Season 2 and 4 Meadow is number one Top Broad material. >>133622736she needs to eat out an arab woman's pussy for Middle East Peace

>>133622110>what kind of sick fuck sees a beautiful lady in stockings and thinks of a manpeople who spend all day on 4chan

>>133624267>she needs to eat out an arab woman's pussy for Middle East PeacewHAT

for me? it was the babysitter

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can you see it

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>>133624561You heard me. It would solve a lot of problems >>133622354Tried to watch it along with the other Sopranos podcast. I didn't know it was possible to make something even more long winded and boring than the show itself, but apparently it is.

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>>133624673>You heard me. It would solve a lot of problemsYeah ok sounds good

>>133621084The best part of this picture is the line of snot coming out of her left nostril which partially accentuates her mustache (all mediterranean women have them, but have less hair on their arms and ass than white girls as a trade off)

>>133620670God I can taste the thickness

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>>133624752that's not snot, user. That's just the light reflecting.

>>133624752spare the faggot brackets reddit nigger