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>>133620222Definitely. Love me some gay cinema

>>133620222I give it 2 minutes before the “kill yourself faggot scum” poster comes into the gay thread.

>>133620429It’s pretty rare to die of AIDS anymore in the Western world.

faggot shit!

>>133620762can I get the lore behind this?

>>133620762A scholarly post

When I watched this in the theater in college, I got so fucking hard at the sex scenes.Made me feel really uncomfortable since I was still in the closet. I tried my best to not look affected by all the horniness leaking from the screen. I feel like everyone around me could see my hard-on though. :(

>>133621640Should've owned up to it. Might've gotten your dick sucked good.

>>133621640god you're a faggot

>>133621072imagine being so mindfucked and obsessed with trannies that you believe they "infiltrated" and became mods. Seek help.

>>133621072>discord tranniesSwear to god I'm gonna name my band that.

>>133621779How about "The Discord Tranny Bluegrass Experience"?

>>133620222God's Own Country is better gaykino

>>133621744Why would a normal person want to moderate 4chan?

>>133621847there aren't even more than what, 1000 trannies in the entire fucking country at any given time and you think they are 4chan mods?

>>133621072I don't think that's the case, but even if it were Call Me by Your Name is Holla Forums related

>>133621815I was thinking something like 'Beef Puppet and the Discord Trannies'.

>>133621976I'd go see that band in concert

>>133620222It is gay kino but what does that really say

>>133620222I hate this movie because it ruined peaches for me.

>>133620222Awful. Cinematography is this film's one redeeming feature.

>>133620222Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer are relentlessly handsome.

Don't take drugs and needles and don't get fucked in the ass and your chances are nearly zero.HPV or Herpes on the other hand... Good luck not getting that

>>133622979herpes is the biggest nothingburger of the first world to the point where doctors don't even bother to test for it anymore.

disgusting.. imagine kissing someone who gets open sores on their mouth.. or god forbid, their pussy. vile

>>133623714>discord discord discord discord discordfucking christ dude, I'm so sick of hearing about fucking discord.

>>133620429Did you know that it's basically impossible to get AIDS unless you have unprotected buttsex with a LOT of strangers.Makes you think

>>133624040yikes, you're literally obsessed. What is wrong with your brain? Seek help...

>>133624040>imagine posting this and not thinking you're a complete schizophrenic

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>>133621883People are this delusional.

>>133624040Take your meds schizo

>>133624411only people who are delusional are the zoomers who think there are gorbillions of trannies out there, just trying to destroy you or whatever. They aren't even 1 percent of the population, you will never meet one in your entire NEET life and yet all I hear about on every board in every thread is tranny tranny tranny tranny. You faggots talk about trannies more than I even think about them in decades. It's really something to behold.

>>133624565you aren't doing yourself any favors you know. Will you just get the medical help you clearly need? I'm being genuine here.

>>133624622Discord does have a lot of weirdos. But yeah I don’t get the point behind this guy obsessing over it to unhealthy levels. He’s probably going to end up shooting up a public place one day.

>>133624689These schizos have entire folders dedicated to discord "investigations" as if anyone gives a single fuck.

I'm afraid to watch it in case I like it, which would make me gay when I'm actually straight

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>>133624732Nobody cares, get ahold of your emotions. Stop crying about it.

>>133624689lol, nice try tranny.

>>133624802You advertise discord better than the discord trannies you cry about.

>>133624732>These freaks promote their faggotry all over 4chan and are protected by the modsyou mean, Holla Forumsniggers?

>>133624842Then go make a thread about it somewhere? Christ retard, you act like I should care what retards on discord do. Post le 46 percent face.

>>133624875CMBYN is Holla Forums-related, kindly see yourself back to whichever board you came from.

>>133624875No one asked you to click on a thread about gay shit and sperg out over it, faggot. Get some thicker skin and stop losing your shit every time you see something you don’t like. You people are obsessed.

>>133624875>in a thread about a gay movie>gets upset about the gay movie

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This thread is definitely being raided by /a/ trannies.

>>133625029Just get help, I'm being serious friend. You clearly have some issues. Maybe get a therapist? Most insurances cover basic therapy. You can hammer out your tranny obsession there.

>>133625072let me guess, is Holla Forums a "boogeyman" too?

Pretty good escapist movie.

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>>133625072>mods literally go out of their way to cater to Holla Forumsedditors >"WAHHH WAHH BUT THOSE TRANNIES ON A DIFFERENT SITE ARE MEAN TO ME AHHHH"imagine being this fragile, holy shit. You have basically an entire forum here to shill about Hitler and complain about Jews and you still have the headspace to cry about trannies.

>>133625145Call Me By Your Name is a film that can and should be legitimately discussed on Holla Forums. This thread is on-topic and you should return to whichever board you came from if you don't like that.

>>133625110>Leave this place faggot enabler.

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>>133625191Most people qualify for Fidelis and Fidelis Care covers therapy at no charge.

>>133625191Why do you spend time lurking rando tranny forums and discords?

>>133625191Seek professional help

>>133625271/pol/ ruins literally every board and only zoomers and tourists are stupid enough not to get the hint.

Is it worth watching? I've avoided it because it seems like sappy and sentimental romantic shit.

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>>133625271>forced faggotryDo discord trannies threaten to dox you unless you open up gay threads or something?

>>133625353Then don't open the threads?

>>133625425I'm sure you really believe that, good for you.

>>133620222I wouldnt watch it even if its kino, but I guaran-fucking-tee it aint

>>133625474>>133625502this was an attempt to dox a tranny though? Literally proves the opposite of your attempted point...

>>133622979Herpes is literally irrelevant lmfao

>>133625474So, are you currently being blackmailed to open gay threads? Is that the implication?

>>133625502Even after all this shit there are still people here who support this discord tranny filth. Somehow it's Holla Forumss fault this shit was allowed to happen, it's Holla Forumss fault /r9k/ and /gif/ are tranny boards now.

Homosexual sex is a mortal sin.

>>133625765>discord discord discord discord discord discordnobody fucking cares, why is this difficult for you to register? 4chan isn't real life, zoomer.

One has to wonder why this thread is even still up at this point. It lends credence to the idea that discord trannies really are protecting lgbt threads where they don't belong.

>>133625787>it's breakfast time in Iran now

>>133625839/tv/ isnt your faggot board gay cunt

>>133625854if the mods were all undercover trannies, wouldn't they want this thread pruned because it "reveals" what trannies say/do on discord in the screencaps?

>>133624772If you think this you're already at least bi.

>>133625854>One has to wonder why this thread is even still up at this point.Because Call Me By Your Name is Holla Forums-related. If you're not going to contribute on-topic posts then you should probably just close the thread and move on.

>>133625886abloo abloo, retard. I'm not even gay. You're seething though. Maybe you're the tranny here?

I have literally never met a tranny in my entire life.

Serious question. Are trannies the new joos?