What do you think about Amazon buying AMC...

What do you think about Amazon buying AMC? What do you think will happen to most theaters in general after this outbreak is over?

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>>133620197They shut the movie theater in my town down. No we don't have one. Don't feel like I'm missing anything though.


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Good thing for Universal since AMC threw a bitchfit and said they wont play their movies after troll2 did well on streaming.


>>133620230All economic systems eventually lead to monopolies. Socialism and Communism just start with monopolies by default and capitalism eventually gets there overtime as exponential growth of investments corner particular markets.It's basically unavoidable.

>>133620197makes sense. Wasn't disney considering getting their own theaters to show their movies exclusively?

>>133620277I was watching the news on tv and they were talking about some "chinese billionaire" and I thought huh? A billionaire communist? Whats up with that?

>>133620277Worker's cooperatives are effectively immune to monopolies.

>>133620230Neoliberals we literally nothing wrong with it. They’re happy if Amazon becomes a monopoly and more jobs are sent offshore. Whatever increases GDP.

>>133620277Literally you can just regulate them. Its what was done for hundreds of years until corporations bought out politics entirely.

They will buy, then shutdown all of the theaters!

As long as they make it so that Prime members can watch any movie for free

>>133620197It means the true Disney v Amazon wars are coming.


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>>133620323In our modern system it's impossible to keep corporations from having a say in politics, there's too much money at stake for anyone to remove lobbysts since they are more focused on their careers than actually doing anything for society.

>adds seeing movies for free/discounted as an amazon prime benefit >leverages their giant streaming library to stream older movies in theaters>offer tickets on their website in bundles that give you the theater experience and then the movie when it comes out on VOD/Blu-rayyeah, i'm thinking this is based

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>>133620323there's no incentive for the ruling class to do it, if anyone complains they'll just "but china" it down

>>133620197we're all dead

>>133620253>taking financial advice from/biz/raelisS’wrong with you?


>>133620277>nooooooooooooooooo you can't thoughtcrime against based Amazon overlords

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The only theater a near where I live is an AMC, hope they don’t shut down.

we're living the cyberpunk dystopia, war of the state sponsored multinational corporations

>>133620230>amazon owns your ass and country?>GOOD>have to wear a mask everywhere cause a bald greek manlet said so>GOOD

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>>133620197>buy new movie off Amazon prime >buy 1 large fresh movie theater popcorn with double butter>Robert delivers it to you in Amazon prime vehicle for freeBased

>>133620520>does none of the above and increases ticket prices to account for the new levels of bureaucracy required

>>133620197Is there any aspect of life that Amazon won't someday control?


>>133621147why would they do that? they bought whole foods things got cheaper

>>133621366quality of Whole Foods products also went down.

>>133621427true but not exactly, they didnt make too many of thier own products before, now they do and they are lower quality than most things they sell.

>>133620197If I get to go a few movies a month for free with my Prime sub, that'd be nice.

>>133620197it's believable, Bezos bought The Washington Post, so we know he's got a thing for trying to salvage dying media establishments just for the fun of it

>>133620230why do trannies want Holla Forums to be twitter?

>>133620277this is accuratefucking ideologues are just babies playing with action figures

>Bezos buys AMC>says in the new rules of the theater chain that his ex wife can't go to any of themlol

>>133620197literally not legal, media companies cannot own theaters

>>133620197>Amazon was sued by a person for false advertisement on a Kindle product>now buying AMC for more moneyAre we still using torrents?

>>133621121How do you think they'll modify the wagie cagies to perform double duty as popcorn mining exosuits?

>>133620197>rescuingFucking goddamn normie capitalist cock suckers.Oh nooo not the billion dollar theater company. If they fail more independent theaters will have a chance, oh the horror of not having a cookie cutter anticonsumer business on every street.


>>133620197based hollywood going to give amazon all the awards when there the ones controlling the theatres netflix is doomed now

Long as they keep my local AMC Dine-In up that's all I give a fuck about. Sometimes it's a nice way to spend a friday with my husband

AMC with their 30 fucking minutes of ads before a film. The shittiest fees ever, fees for having to pick your own seat even. They wont keep an employee per theater to shut people up or get them off their phones so any film not rated R is a shitshow.Fuck chain theaters. And fuck theaters in general. Indepedent art house centric ones can be ok though. Still rather watch my free pirated kino at home away from the rabble and noise.

>>133622506I fucking hate going to that placeI want a divorce

>>133620197It's blessing but Amazon has proven they don't care about quality.. so it probably get worst

>>133622464OK, I'm dead, now what?

>>133622663Im a tiny bit happier

>>133622506BasedPost bussy

>>133621209>>133621195>one day we'll be able to order a gf from amazon

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>>133620197What % of the working class will be under his thumb after the plandemic bros?

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>>133620323Anyone who is fairly moderate with their politics has no problem with capitalism and just wants it regulated as you say. The problem is... People who buy their way into politics and basically bribe everyone in their path and bend the law to their will.

>>133620253Yeah I just gotta be cynical and say you never take the solvent company you always take the GM and sell Ford who didn't take bailouts.

>>133620197Wait a minute, Amazon produces its own tv shows and movies, right? Isn't there a law about studios not owning theaters

>>133624035they've been working on repealing that

>>133621147>increases ticket pricesbut prices at whole foods went DOWN.

>>133624546Fuck that. I do not want to go to a different studio brand mc theater every time I want to see something made from that studio on top of spending 50 bucks on Disney™ brand mc popcorn with a compulsory 40oz coke and a lightsaber straw

>>133620520If they did nothing but give prime members a free drink at the theater it would be a massive fucking improvement. Seriously, fuck those kikes who want $5 for a fucking soda

>>133624939>drinking sodaYou have only yourself to blame. Allah gave us water to drink and children to wed. Such is the way of life as it was meant to be.

>>133625255I'm not paying movie theater prices for water, or soda. If I buy any drink at the theaters it's gonna be the slushies.

>>133620902>chinese bioweapon triggers the emergence of cyberpunk across the globeMegacorps soon

>>133620230unless it's disney hehe!

>>133625312get a disposable flask, put it in your boot. Problem solved

>>133620230I'm split on monopolies because if larger ones buy out shit smaller ones and make them better that's a good thing, but less competition encourages laziness/price gouging so it's hard to say.

They’re going to gut all the locations and turn them into amazon shipping warehouses.

>>133625410Doesn't stay cold. I'll opt for a thermos with ice tea inside. They don't really give a shit what you bring inside anyway

>>133620295Sure, in 1930

>>133625543true. the flask thing is really good for college sports and liquor but yeah, you don't care about temperature in that case

>>133620483It’s more to the point corporate entities have been eroding the checks and balances on corporate power/influence for decades.

>>133625507>if larger ones buy out shit smaller ones and make them better that's a good thingthis has literally never happened, ever.

Imagine not going to a Alamo Drafthouse.