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>>133620261>>133620231Is that a young biel ?

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Add sounds you fags.greasyfork.org/en/scripts/31045-4chan-external-sounds

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>>133620603jesus christ sauce

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>>133620191Get the phone away from this dummy

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>>133620705Was it racist?

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>>133621034who the gal?

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>>133620352you need to go back

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>>133620152wow, based! a stunt woman gets pulled back by a rope not once but twice!!! so cool!faggit shit

>>133621654she filled out...

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>>133621696Hope she cuts you and drinks your steam.

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>>133621669They even got the collar right, nice. Is that meant to be Colon next to her?

>>133621745>>133620152Rose the Hat was a terrible antagonist, and I never felt concerned for Abba or Dan in the novel.

>>133621772I believe so.

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>>133621839It works well in the movie, since she played as evil as hell.

>>133620191She knew what she was doing right? >>133620152Post feet scene please.

>>133621850I love ice blue eyes so much

>>133621920Gonna warm up the ole webm maker and make some dr. Sleep webms, will do feet scenes just for you.

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>>133621034>>133621654Based as hell>>133621839Why? She was a believable priestess, showing the dark nature of femininity in a classic Stephen King way. If anything the male protagonist was kinda weak, I liked the hindu friend more.

>>133621962Norwegian eyes for sure. I have them as well. It the only physical feature that people have said is good looking on me.

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>>133621991It was a great film that almost no one saw. Its why we can't have nice films.

>>133620152its criminal that Holla Forums doesnt allow sound on webms but the degenerate porn fest of /gif/ does

>>133621972Shit, thanks bro. She has godly legs. I'd turn into a soulless ghoul drinking adrenochrome nightly if I could kiss them at least once.

>>133622114She is amazing. Time to find the leg/feet scenes for you.

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>>133620428>>133620463>>133620504Whatever happened to kickass fight choreography like this? This is some Jackie Chan/Shaw bros. type shit

>>133622184YES, PA is making webms again.

>>133622230It cheaper to do CGI then hire people who know how to do this type of stuff.

>>133622230Are you implying jewish directors should spend in actual fight choreographers and not just edit and cut away?

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>>133622311>>133622372I seriously hate the *punch**cutaway to reaction* *punch* repeat style of fight choreography, looks like dogshit and ruins the immersion of the movie for me. I would rather see a poorly choreographed fight scene (TLJ) than a "well" choreographed CGI one (Black Pander) But over all nothing beats long-formed rehearsed combat sequences. It would be a lost art if not for Chinese cinema which is sad to say.

>>133622608I was really fucking distracted during this scene. The way it's framed, the body language of the woman and the man kneeling, almost worshipping her has some really sexual undertones. Or I could just be horny idk

>Vampires live to be 5000 years old>All die from 2 retards with just gunsYeah great movie

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>>133622731But they are not vampires user. This isn't Salem Lot.

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>>133622760OO. please tell me what this is from?

>>133621061What ass?

>>133622704I am not a foot guy but there is sexual overtones.

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>>133623119I am wondering if I made that webm...Okay I did

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>>133623264And some actual JB

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Night all, it midnight, so no more Dr. Sleep webms tonight.

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>>133623264did they actually release this piece of shit in B/W or did you do that yourself?

>>133620428Something something wish they'd be above muh dick.

>>133623637One day I was bored so I made a bunch of B&W webms of various movies.

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>>133623956That a boy isn't it, bone structure is all off for being a female.

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Why can't I hear any of the audio of webms? Don't call me a noob I was here years before m00t sold us out to chinkmoot.

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>>133621745>gang rape of small male childDamn they allowed this in 2019?

>>133624896You need a 4chan pass to unlock sound.

>>133625098since when?

>>133624114Why are they recasting her for the sequel?

>>133625164idk as long as i have been here

>>133624896>Don't call me a noob I was here years before m00t sold us out to chinkmoot.noob, sounds have never been enabled in webms, aside from on /gif/ and /wsg/. You can use this >>133620352 greasemonkey extension to stream audio using a link in the filename, but people here are apparently too stupid to figure it out.

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>>133624945I fucking love shit like this

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>>133625360mmmma girl 'miring other girl's tits is so hot

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>>133625481h-how old is this girl...

>>133620168what is this?

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>>133625756It was a strange twist that the secretive big brother guy was also a master gun kata fighter.

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