What's your setup?

What's your setup?

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>>133617442Ana de Armas is my perfect setup

>>133617625no mine


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>Breast type: Huge

Greta thunberg with a horsecock

>>133617442you posted it. either that or pic related

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body type: perfectface type: cuteethnicity: sleepy

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>>1336174424'11GingerB/C cup tits95 IQ

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>>133617709>tfw no Alice hologram gf

>>133617709its time to die simp

>>133617442I dunno is there like a catalog I can peruse to customize?

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>>133617442ana but with kstews or taytays feet


>>133617771you can engineer the technology to make it real>>133617774I live forever

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ashe maree droid

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>>133617888>>133617709why does she ghost her audience every night?

skin tone: fungus.

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>>133617672based breastguy poster, have a great evening


>>133618028she doesn't anymore since the lockdown, but it's the thing I hate most about her. she's unforgivably flaky.

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>>133618161>UgandanBased and Aminpilled

Are we allowed fictional creatures?

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Give me the jew

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>No mommy types posted yetFuck's wrong with you all

>>133618300God I want a cute big tiddy jewess gf to dominate me and treat me like the inferior goyim I amI want to be her shabbos bf

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>>133617709Isnt she a hapa?

8 feet tall, thicc, mommy personality. Penis optional.


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>>133618300>133618300god what a hideous face

>>133618480Recently watched Youth, with him in it.He was classic


>>133617442172ThickfitClassicLight TanLight GreenNeutralBlondeThe Fantasy PrincessScandinavian/Moroccan mixEnglish with a french accent

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>>133617442Jessica Rabbit. That or Stoya with bigger tits.

>ctrl+f nude tayne >no resultswtf tv??


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>>133617442What does a "Classic" face mean?

>>133617442Height >5’9”Body Type >slenderFace type >Freckles Skin Tone>pale Eye color >green Lip color>pink Hair Color >redHair style>long Ethnicity >ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CAUCASIAN Language >English Tl;dr tall pale redhead with pink lips and green eyes

>>133618931She should do more hardcore



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Now megan i can get into

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Eyes: soulless Eastern European whore

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>>133618789based and Holla Forumspilled>>133618985kek

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>>133617442It's a guy for sure, girls are eww.

>>133617442>HeightShorter than me obviously>Body TypeCurvy>Face TypeClassic I guess>Skin ToneWhite. As long as it's not fake tan it doesn't matter too much how light or dark it is>Eye ColourDon't give a fuck>Lip ColourDon't give a fuck>Hair ColourBlonde or Brunette. Fuck Brown>Hair StyleLong so it can be played around with>EthnicityWhite>LanguageMute

>>133618931Maori seem to be of good stock.Not sure about polynesians in general.Though 1/4 is such a small amount so not something you could confirm through her. Even 1/4 abo can make a pretty face, as long as the other 3/4 fixes it.There's still no 100% hot abo though right?


>>133618931so she's nz'er

>>133618923>ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CAUCASIANCare to expain further?Like 100% celtic,or any idea if it would be more specific, 50% irish, 12,5% scandinavian, 12.5% welsh, 25% scottish?

>>133617442Since janny delete my Evergabo thread..This is my setup...

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>>133619134That's very gay user.I might go so far to say that's even homosexual.Now go on and give the stats for your dreamhunk, height, body type etc.

>>133619177>>Height>Shorter than me obviouslyInsecure manlet detected.

>>133619201maori are likely the natives with the best constitution and fitness, same as other polynesians like samoans. they're completely unrelated to abbos who are more closely related to south indians.

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>>133617709Does sleepy mean shes mexican?

>>133619134you're a gay

>>133617442>7 feet>thick>cute>purple>orange>black>white>big>alien from outer space my nigga>english


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>>133619358she and biel are body twins

>>133619095Extremely based



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>>133617442CEI JOI ofc

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>>133619358>they're completely unrelated to abbosOh I know that, that wasn't what I meant to imply by starting to talk about abos after. Love to look up migration routes and such every now and then, it's really interesting, hope to see more clear data in the future. I just mentioned them(abos) as an extreme example of ugly where I haven't seen a pure abo who is good looking, but I've seen 1/4 abo who are good looking.

post laura

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>>133619347Leave short girls for the short guys, buddy.


>>133617442Height3'11qBody type barrelFace type octagonSkin toneBlack Eye color whiteLip color black Hair colorNo hairShavedEthnicityAbboLangaugeAbbo

>>133620445No. Short girls with big tits or asses with tiny waists are the bestEspecially when they are 18-22T. 37 year old who is 6'2

>>133620445Short girls crave lanklet cock

My JOI? That's easy

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>>133620968based sky poster

Pic related

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Height: 190 cmBody: AthleticFace: DefaultSkin: Tanned whiteEye color: AmberLip Color: NaturalHair: Light BrownHair Style: PonytailEthnicity: WhiteLanguage: EnglishBreasts, ass hips + thighs: Maxed out

Do Cubans actually look like this? Any Holla Forums bros hook up with a Cuban?

>>133621739No thats what a 3/4 white 1/4 "cuban" looks like

>>133621505>a rare hayleyfagMuh G!

>>133617442It’s Moner configuration for me

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>>133617442Literally perfect

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>>133621532>Breasts, ass hips + thighs: Maxed outextremely based

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>>133617709Based alice poster


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Anyone has the Christina Hendricks one?

>>133620160what's her name ?


>>133620968Me too friend

>>133622922>face type : not monkeyYou blew it

>>133623124Elizabeth Debicki

>>133623301dangerously based

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>>133623124>>133620160the fact that she's 190 make my pp hard.

>>133621739>>133621808Cuban isn't an ethnicity.Ana is just spanish. If you're white and cuban then you're more than likely almost entirely spanish or portuguese. There aren't even really any mestizo cubans since the entire native population was eradicated pretty quickly. Cubans, are either white (spanish), african descended or mulatto mixes of the two.


>>133617442Anything that doesn't look like a rat

>>133622407She gotta gumby lookin face but I still would

>>133617797based and bussy pilled


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>>133618161Only post in this thread that I liked. Bye.

>>133619959i hear ginny sack's gettin a 95 pound mole taken off her ass



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>>133624824why did l lol so hard at this

>>133617464>>133617488>>133617654>>133617442What are these from? Is there a template?

>>133622407This can’t be realI refuse to believe it

>>133624792my negro

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>>133621739>>133621808Can confirm. One of the hottest girls at my work is Cuban with a white mom

>>133617488>>133618732B A S E D

This hehehe

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for me, it's

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>>133622045A man of culture I see.

>>133618595Surprisingly accurate

>>133622407>has never seen a woman with light haired eyebrows before

>>133625730bug people

>>133623986debicki is literal goddess tier

>>133618480classic choice