ITT: Impressively bad special effects

ITT: Impressively bad special effects.

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>>133616469Jesus this is bollywood tier.

>>133616468That's so obviously not the same shoe, I don't know how you could be so retarded.

>>133616429I rewatched this earlier this year. I still like it. Fuck you guys.

>>133616468Wait hang on. is .... is this DUNC?

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So obvious they're pulling him on a trolley or something

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>>133616468They look nothing alike

>>133616564>>133616468Is there really a downside to them using real boots and gloves or whatever? Seems like people moaning just to moan.

>>133616625i miss seagal posting

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>>133616469Not the motorcycle part.This movie was cheesy as fuck. And thats what I loved from it

>>1336164681, those are obviously not the same shoe2, a shoe is not a special effect

>>133616468Not even the same shoe, the absolute state of DUNC haters

>>133616468Not an argument

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>>133616429>Lanterna Verde (1).jpgOk paco

All modern marvel films.

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>>133616700>YESFirst off you wouldn't wear airy shoes in a fuckin desert. Also It's explicitly stated in the books that sill suits get damaged by UV rays so they need thick clothing over the top. hence why everyone in the book wears robes or hijabs.

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>>133616866That's why they aren't wearing airy shoes.

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>>133616848As long as you cherry pick the same two shots every time.

>>133616870Damn, it sucks that he's followed by a small rain cloud

>>133616943Would you like more than two?

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>>133616948Such was the woe of Wyatt.

>>133616836Pretty sure that's from the workprint

>>133616836>tfw I can't find a torrent for the leaked workprint anymore

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>>133616943Cope. ALL of Black Panther and Thor 3 was shit.

>>133616798>>133616765>>133616681I know the aren't EXACTLY the same shoe, but come on. They still look like cheapo sneakers from asda.

>>133616870what's wrong with that?

>>133616924They look airy to me.

>>133616925Wait, better webm

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>>133616985Someone says this every single time and it's not true. That's from the finished film.

>>133616848>Blurry ass picture

>>133616991>Gets called out for being retarded>O-obviously I didn't mean they were the same shoe

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>>133616972those nano suits were the worst

>>133616987i had the workprint on a CD and lost it.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>>133616972Fuck i remember bursting into laughter at the theater and people started staring because it's meant to be a tense scene.

>>133616991See >>133616765 again>2, a shoe is not a special effect

>>133617002The torrential downpour only goes back about ten feet then it's bone dry.


>>133616943Whatever you say bro

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>>133617014what is it with Petersen and people taking bullets for the President?

>>133616469>implying It was intended to be cheesy. In fact the whole movie was supposed to be cheesy fun.


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>>133616972iron foil man

>>133617108Well of course it looks like shit in post production. I'm sure all of that was fixed up when they released the movie...right?

>>133617108The part without the dumb graphics actually looks really good. Should have stuck with the blue lighting.

>>133617108What a silly choreography looks like some abo dance off.

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>>133617050>bursting into laughter at something that stupid

>>133617108>immediately posts number two of the same two shots with the same comments every time

>>133616943>Hulkbuster>airport scene>boat scene in Spider-Man>Peter doing those flips or whatever outside a house>all the women dropping down in Endgame>Airport scene in Civil War>Almost the whole of Black Panther, especially the end fightI'm sure I could name more.

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That scene in Fellowship of the Ring when Elrond is healing Frodo with his gay elf magic.

>>133617211So how many more do we need to post?

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>>133617218I listed the airport scene twice, whoops, but that's fair because it was so fucking terrible. It deserves to be mentioned ten times.

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>>133616469fuck me that's some good kino

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>>133617218>actually watching this shit

>>133617274I have no life, user. I struggle to find shit to watch. Currently I'm watching The Last Kids on Earth, for fuck's sake. Somebody kill me.

Anything that happened in Smallville

>>133616870I love tombstone but this scene is hilarious

The Fugitive (1993)

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>>133617002look at the ground in the back


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Green Lantern was pretty good compared to Captain America 3, Infinity War and Black Panther.


>>133617465No it wasn't.

>>133617244penis music starts playing

>>133617465>Green Lantern was pretty good compared to Captain America 3, Infinity War and Black is malaria

>>133617465Infinity War was better than Endgame.

>>133617233you know for a 2000 movie that looks pretty good

>>133616848thisfuck marvel this is a DC board

>>133617465You don't have to defend literal 0/10 films because they're slightly older than the newer films you meme about.

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What's the fucking excuse?

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>>133616948I wouldn't have noticed that if you didn't say shit nigga

>>133617912Raimi has talent.

>>133617967probably would have eventually all it takes is once

>>133617273Works fine

>>133618160for a movie about blood balloon people

>>133618195You can't post this on a Christian singles site.

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>>133616468is this bait?

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>>133618323Come on just from the filename I could get the webm

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>>133617912>Middle has dynamic shadows across the entire body>Top can't even get its OWN SHADOWS RIGHT


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>>133616765theyre cgi

>>133616985Saw this disaster in the theaters. Most certainly the final cut. I couldnt believe what I was seeing.

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>>133617108actually looks good without cgi wtf?

>>133619055Makes no sense because of considerations for armor mass and how much goo he can store in that container.

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>>133618111What do you mean Raimi has talentHe doesn't do the visual effects

>>133619577NAILED IT

>>133617040>posts furshitsorry buddy but you just lose the argument.

>>133619822Deal with it nigga

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>>133616469LMAO (laugh my ass off)

>>133619808Nigga, is the mission of the director to guide the film. Raimi knew the people he needed for Spider-Man and he knew what type of vision he wanted on-screen.You can be a really impressive visual effect worker and still fuck it up if you are under the guide of a hack.

>>133619869>posts furshit>posts youtube e-celeb shit that is also furshitIts like you're intentionally trying to make yourself look like a fool.

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>>133616469What bothers me most about this is that Cameron Diaz is clearly in the middle of a backflip, but in the insert where she takes the shot, she's right side up.

>>133617244This would be good if it were the playstation game

Pathetic thread. Can be summed down to>Shitty effect from a movie i like, its kino!>Shitty effect from a movie I dont like, Its shit!

>>133617912the top is a rough draft r-right?


>>133619577Why did Dooku even need to do a flip in this scene? It's the only time he ever does anything so acrobatic.

>>133617108It looks better when it's just two stuntmen in front of a blue screen. wtf

>>133616468Thats not even close to the same shoe

Does anyone have The Walking Dead's CGI deer?

>>133617244Keep going and checked

>>133617049fuck, same here. Got it from my dad a while back

>>133616468>movie must completely reinvent basic shoe design to be watchable by superior intellect user

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>>133617014WE GAAN

>>133619997kek is this real?

>>133616987>tfw saved it because I was paranoid it would be impossible to find

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Oh boy

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>>133620451What's this from?

>>133618486is this from the bee movie?


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>>133616469Still a hundred times better than the 2019 Charlie's Angels.

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>>133620748Hellboy 2019

>>133616469fucking kek

>>133617014To be fair it was 1997. That is undeniably awful though.


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>>133617108Show me a movie from 2005 with CGI of two people fighting hand to hand that looks better than that?

>>133616856>tfw can’t find this online anywhere

>>133620790Not everything is console wars user.

>>133617244>>133620096Honestly I think the PS4 game looks...better, I'm not even exaggerating. The movement actually looks more natural and lifelike than that.

>>133620748Would say Hellboy

>>133620895In 1997 we had Starship Troopers. There's no excuse.

>>133620951Phantom menace Darth maul vs obi wan and Liam Nissan


>>133616987The workprint is probably more interesting than the movie, I didn't even bother with it after watching this

>>133617108Why do they even need to CGI it if they have real stunt-fighters doing it?

>>133617129So that somehow makes that special effect good?

>>133616752What's the scene with the kids getting shot from? What the fuck is THAT movie

>>133621049That fight wasn't CGI, and the CGI in that movie is fucking awful.

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>>133621039Are you seriously implying Starship Troopers had CGI that wasn't laughably bad?

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>>133619422uhh obviously he converted the air molecules to super strong armour retard

>>133617967you are blind, it's pretty obvious

>>133616987I was in a television production class in high school when that work print leaked and remember watching it on one of our editing computers. I also saved a copy to take home. It's probably still on my old flash drive along with those naked pictures of my ex-girlfriend I've missed for so very long, but I can't for the life of me find that damn thing.

>>133616469Fuck you, it was meant to be extra cheese.

>>133620289Think they were trying to make a point that even if he looks like an old man he's still as spry as a younger opponant.

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>>133616671JEEZUS KRYST

>>133616752>that cartoon where he goes to the fast food joint.Fucking kino

>>133621270I'm not implying, I'm stating.

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>>133616429I'm still mad at hey ruined this movie

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>>133621270Compare>armies of CG bugs throughout the film, in complex action scenes and closeupsto>a single 20 second plane crash at the end of the filmAnd say it's ok that Air Force One's scene looked that laughably poor.

>>133618486Does anyone have the shot of Smaug whipping his head around and it looks like the framerate drops to 15fps?

>>133621506I've seen vastly worse from higher budgets. It's at least got some artistic direction to it.

>>133621225LighterSabers are cgi

>>133620451I've seen drumpf memes better made than this

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>>133621574>faggot self-hating weeb comes in to defend jap trash right on timeStop being so predictable.

>>133621722I would've preferred some unbelievable scene in which franco and that kike loser beat up all the guards, over this protracted shit.

>>133621212Postal, a shitty edgy video game comedy

>>133616671YO this gif made me google the plot and you tube all the deaths of the characters and wow i stopped watching at the right time. What a hackney'd piece of shit lol

>>133620895>To be fair it was 1997don't use this as an excuse. the studio just wanted it done quickly and cheaply and they got what they paid for.

>>133621726Clearly I have run across some kind of escaped mental patient arguing with the ceiling.

>>133621726>Characterising that anonymous poster with all that stupid shitIs life easy when you can just assume remote probabilities to be absolute truth whenever you want?

>>133619577Remade it larger

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>>133621722Why did they replace Isla Fisher with Lizzy Caplan? Also why wasn't the movie called Now You Don't?

>>133621823the effects in that post are inarguably retarded and your attempt at, "b-but western stuff is worse" just proves that you are either non-white, or hate yourself for being white, and worship a culture that isn't your own.

>>133621857Because BRANDING

>>133621049>Liam Nissan

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>>133621878He made no mention of the west, and also agreed that the Jap effects were badTake your meds

>>133617178i don't think you know what "post production" means

>still posting gifs in 2020

>>133621506...? but this looks kino? Are you an incel? lol



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>>133621792>wow i stopped watching at the right time. What a hackney'd piece of shit lolI remember that Jax even eats bread and drinks wine as his last meal before he suicides on a truck. It's so heavy handed.

>>133617912They also used a dummy and stunt-man for some of the Raimi swinging. Infamous example is Spider-Man 1 when he saves MJ at the parade.

>>133616836looks like something out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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>>133622322wow you cracked the case of why the filename suggests exactly that


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>>133622489>>133622493yeah yeah yeah, just noticed it when you mentioned it

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>>133620666What's wrong with this?

>>133622540well for one it's trips.secondly, it's neil overall nothing is wrong with it.

>>133621506That's metal as fuck.

>>133621406Something about the CGI here makes it work. Maybe the lighting or something? I'm honestly not sure

>>133621722>post the shitty version

>>133621406The weird thing is, and you can meme me if you like, but the 4K helps the CGI. It looks quite acceptable.

>>133621845>Billy Bob Thornton

>>133621406the cgi being bad unironically makes it more kino it fits the movie well

>>133622763The mix of live action elements and just damn good work for the time. They used a lot of puppetry for closeup shots but even the closeup CG still looks good, a lot of weight and tangibility.

>>133621151Lighting probably.

>>133623059But it isn't bad.

I just saw this again last night. That CGI suit probably conveys the whole "unstable molecules" of supersuits (at least the stuff made by the Fantastic Four. ) Do they have that "true green" like those new "ultimate" blacks they keep coming up with. Perhaps they need *that*. Also, why on average is your usual DC animated stuff is so much better than Marvel's? (Especially the cheap ass Disney shit?) Yet they are the ones with problems with live action?Also, I like legends of tomorrow - it sustains a more comic book feeling than a lot of live action.

>>133620493GET OFF MY RUNWAY

>>133621506That framerate is terrible.

>>133617091It has to stop raining somewhere

>>133617233ive never actually noticed the torch in the background look so bad

>>133617233Need a proper webm of this

>>133621857isla got pregnant i think

>>133616987wow how can people actually watch capeshit?

>>133619869Just a reminder to people scrolling past that post.I want to make it clear that this guy literally drew a penis and testicles on a cartoon dog.His Youtube Channel is about ass-blasting SJWs.

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>>133620524Diesel is a manlet and sensitive about it. Forced perspective.


>>133623694He's got commissions with the dog in full red rocket mode.

>>133621270looks good


>>133620119based retard

>>133623694Yeah. Generally canines all have testicles and penises. And it doesn't sound like his yt is for kids. Also he explicitly states in his bio that his dog isn't a fursona it's just an avatar. He's going to heII for being gay but not during being a full blown furry like that wolf guy

>>133625174I'm genuinely curiousWhat choices did you make that led you to defending someone who commissions cartoon feral dog porn on an anonymous image board?