James is 39!!

Do these kind of people ever have a moment of reflection they fucked up. I'm past 30 and grew past all of this childish media you all consume. Its embarrassing. The thought of still doing that at 40 marvel movies, nintendo games, netflix shows, it is just dreadful.

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>>133615190I'm 56 with 5 kids and you're retarded.Life is too short to force yourself not to enjoy it just to be smug about it on some basket weaving forum.

>>133615244no one that old posts here

>>133615312There's quite a few confirmed 60+ on /his/ and /x/.

He probably makes 7 figures. Has a wife and 2 white kids.How is that in any way fucked up?

>>133615190lmao what a fag

Sometimes I think of Mike drawing inspector gadget in his little apartment with mario curtains and it makes me smile

>>133615190Just a poor choice of profession. Still probably makes more than you.

>>133615418one of his kids is retarded

>>133615558Fake news, shes perfectly healthy.

>>133615389>confirmedkek."are you really over 60?""yeah"

>>133615190You're still posting on this childish piece of media called 4channel

>>133615312I’m 40 and post 24/7

>>133615982I posted as a warning for all you to get out before you become this guy>>133616043

>>133616304that guy looks based

>>133615190FBI on records .....an ok ,

>>133615244Take care same ok ...

I always wonder how I'm supposed to act for my age. I'm 27, still live at home and am going back to school because the degree I do have is useless. Luckily I'm not an incel as I did get my first and only girlfriend at the age of 24 and fucked a fair share of girls. I don't imagine I'll marry or have kids, but hopefully would like to move out and have my own place.How old is everyone here and do you have your shit together?

>>133617361this was me but i dropped out of college. ended up getting a decent office job and now make six figured basically running power point presentations. just comb your hair and occasionally pass a drug test and you can have it all.

>>133615244Dang i wish i can have kids

>>133615190Another cinemassacre thread? Why yes, don't mind if I do.

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>>133615190I'm 38 and i still like marvel movies and NES lets plays. I also run a successful business and read philosophy. You're trying too hard OP, you're a try hard. Try to relax and be yourself.

>>133615522definitely makes more than OP, that much is clear

>>133617679>someone took the time to make this

>>133617361I'm 23. Got my own flat at the moment and I live pretty close to my Mum still. Unemployed at the moment (and was even before all this virus shit happened.)

>>133615389based naiveposter

>>133618230The Cinemassacre threads are extremely autistic and I normally don't enjoy them despite being a fan.It's like that with most things on this site. Too autistic.

>>133617361I felt like an idiot when I was living at home from 23-26, but it was dumb feeling this way. I wish I would have saw the opportunity I had: chill at home, work and SAVE money, free food, get into good shape in my free time. Instead, I became a sever alcoholic without realizing it.Fast forward to now, I turned 28 in February, gambled my way into debt that my parents had to save me from, drank while at work and before class, lost my job because they found out about my issues and had to drop the semester as well because I fell way too far behind. I ended up going to rehab for 25 days and now live in sober living house in another state. It's pretty laid back here and I now live in a town next to mountains. Things are a lot better than they were going but I also blew many opportunities for myself.Long story short, count your blessings.

>>133615190Big Ryan fan here, with that beard and longer hair, I am digging the evolution of Ryan!

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>>133615244>Hello, based department?

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>>133615190George Lucas had already finished the entire original Star Wars trilogy at 39. What have you accomplished James?


>>133615190brown bricks

>>133615244>has five kids>calls someone else retarded

>>133620601Those five children will have five children. And those 25 children will have five children. And those 25 children will have 125 children, and so on, and the white race will be restored, retard.

>>133615190I mean I somewhat agree with you OP but James is living good. He managed to turn his immaturity into a profitable, enjoyable career. Would you rather be him or some over-worked office drone normie or “manly” blue collar worker who does 12 hour shifts daily. You could say he’s a beta and I’d agree but what do you think most men do nowadays? Guys aren't off fighting wars. They just work shit jobs and watch sports. I’d rather be james.

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>>133615244Based outlook desu

>>133615522How is it a poor choice of profession?? He makes plenty of money and does shit he enjoys rather than wagecucking.


You know I actually think that Bootsy's leave might have affected James and he's not as ignorant as we imagine. Despite the movie taking a lot of the wind out of his sails, he still at least gave a few good tries at things, specificaly Board James. Then circa 2016 when Bootsy left for good James's content took a noticeable dive in effort/quality even more.

>>133615244You're pretty cool.But you're older than the dirt you sleep and why the fuck is an actual boomer posting on 4chan.

>>133621671My son showed it to me years ago and guess what I actually thought the people on here make more sense than most of the people out there. Young people living the way they want to more freedom to all of you

>>133615190yeah, how dare he become rich off of a combination of fun hobbies he loves, like film-making, and sharing interesting videogames and board games and movies with people because he loves doing that.No really why are falseflagging e-celeb threads like this not bannable?

>>133617361I'm late 20s. Own a house, car, got a job that's impossible to lose and make decent money. Hoping to make 6 figures by my early 30s. >am going back to school because the degree I do have is uselessWhat degree did you get? I got a useless "business" degree but it served it's purpose.


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>>133618585I hate living at home so much, but my savings are great and if my mum gets laid off she’ll need help with the mortgage.Good luck staying clean. Trying to kick my habits too

>>133615312You'd be surprised.

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>>133622081me on the left

>>133622019>got a job that's impossible to loseI'd love to hear what that is. As far as I'm concerned no job is impossible to lose, even a CEO can lose the job when the company fails, and jobs where you're you're doing everything yourself only work with customers willing to pay you.

>>133622149thanks man! best of luck to you as well

>>133617436What’s your job and how did you get it? Help an user out

>>133615190>I'm past 30 and grew past all of this childish media you all consume. Its embarrassing. The thought of still doing that at 40 marvel movies, nintendo games, netflix shows, it is just dreadful.You are posting on Holla Forums. You are still posting on Holla Forums.


>>133615418retard kid and ugly cunt wife lmao

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>>133615244It's true. At a certain age you learn the only wastes of time are doing anything that isn't what you want or need to do.

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I'm almost 39 and I never made a movie or had a popular YouTube channel. I don't have a kid. I'm not married. I worked on a friend's short lived podcast and a couple websites. I'm NEET right now and back with my elderly parents.So I wish I were as successful as he was.

>>133624097she looks like a fucking tranny

>>133619265Shit. He looks like a fuller version of me like that.

You seem insecure, OP. And maybe a little bit of a fag.

>>133624644What the fuck? Can someone explain this?

>>133622081it took me a second to recognize that art style now the memories of that awful thing are flooding my brain