One man, one vote

One man, one vote.

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God damn it Zig

People who were robbed of Emmys:>Chris Bauer for his portrayal of Frank Sobotka in The Wire>Brad Dourif for his portrayal of Doc Cochran in DeadwoodAny others missing from this list?

>>133612933god dammit ziggy you sick FUCK! get your dick outta my computer!


>>133612933I miss that lil polack like you wouldn’t believe

>>133614471slim charles for his role as slim charles. he was super awesome and cool and had a cool voice and personality and stuff.

Oh shit Detective Jimmy McNulty is drunk on Jameson again and has shown up at your front door at 3AM, branding his service weapon and demanding to be let in. What do you do?

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>>133612933didnt deserve what happened to him, one of the last real patriots

>>133616422kick him right in the dick

>>133615807>"Murder ain't no thang, but this is some assassination type shit"I probably butchered it but that might be my favorite line in the series just because how deep it goes.Slim Charles really was cool. But didn't he literally just play himself? I know theres a few actors like that on The Wire

>>133616422the fuck, let him in before he kicks the door down


>>133616422Foolishly barricade the door before realizing I've underestimated just how drunk he really is, as he then takes a running start and crashes through my window



>>133616422>What do you do?Hide my Jewish female lawyer in the hopes that she won't get MICKED.

>>133616422take my pants off then open the door


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Just finished this kino not two minutes ago, came on hoping that there'd be a thread on tv. The Sobatkas were criminally underrated, I loved season 2 for how different it felt.Based list:LesterOmarPresSlim CharlesBubblesUnbased list:KimaThe newspaper faggot that got away with itLil nigga that killed OmarNamond's earringMethod Man




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>>133617228Kenard is wayyyy more based than Omar.

You know what the plural of pussy is? Pussi. Jimmy taught me that


>>133617228>Method ManCheese was a straight cunt but damn if he didn't have some good one-liners>so I tell the bitch 'bitch, either ya suck dick or ya don't suck dick'.>aye you know who give the best head nigga? Midgets>aight then - cottage cheese chest ass mafucka!

Nice dolphin, nigga.

>>133616831what do you mean exactly by "play himself". but i agree that is an eye opening line. slim always seemed up for anything, and kept it positive somehow. that is how he sees "the game", and everyone who "chooses" to play the game know and accept any fate. he probably doesnt even remember that it wasn't really a choice. gangbangers who get in too deep, shiiiiiiiiiet it's a crazy fucking life.

>>133617174This is Bulllllshit

>>133617296Hate this lil nigga like you wouldn't belive>>133617358Except he got the shit beat out of him multiple times, even by Dookie kek

>>133616422Go up his narrow Irish ass

>>133617296he got away with it. always did and always will. a sure cunt

>>133617577>Michael slaps the shit out of Kenard>LOOK AT THAT LITTLE NIGGA GET HIS ASS BEAT!

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>>133617127right now near my house, the bags are "naked ladies". they have that trucker flap sexy girl silhouette on them. before that, for a good 3 months it was the "red tape". living in the ghetto is a trip

>>133617577When you’re that size, talking shit and taking the ensuing beatings is the toughest thing you can do.

>>133616884I'm short 5 but can pay you back tomorrow. or can you just give me some testers?

>>133617646best throwaway line in the series

>>133617686he is definitely going to be the new omar when he's a bit older, maybe the next marlo or barksdale. he's a hard little bastard. dookie, the good hearted kid who was shat on his entire life, he is the new bubbles. the cycle continues ;_;

>>133617753Kenard is def Marlo. Michael is Omar.

>>133617748My favourite is after Carcetti is done talking to the homicide staff on his visit, in the background>Jay: Bunk, I got your overtime for the week. Get up to my office and pull your pants down.

>>133617228Add Bunk to based list.

>>133617753word on the street being the one who took down omar, yeah that kid is going to take that all the way and get himself a throne.

>>133617753He's not Omar, he's Marlo. But even worse.

Someone post those sweet S2 tits, I'm sure one of you fucks has a blu ray webm.

>>133617826Agreed, how could I forget

>>133617839No one knows it was him. The story about Omar's death was already turned into legend within a few episodes, the last story we heard was that he faced off a whole gang of cops dual wielding AKs.

>>133617897Except for the fact that the cops took him in for Omar's murder, but otherwise I'd agree with you

>>133617812ahhh yeah that makes more sense. forgot about michael. he'll be unstoppable, he took out chris and snoop during that training in the hood with paintguns thing, nigga a navy seal

The official list of dangerously based Wire characters>Bunk>Clay>Avon>Lester>Snoop>Chris>Wee Bey>Slim Charles>Norman>Landsman>Boris>Bodie

>>133617944That's irrelevant to street talk. Omar's already gone down as a legendary figure, his actual death is forgotten in favor of endless crazy stories.

>>133618006I debated putting McNulty on, his flaws are so gaping they may eclipse his many based moments.

>>133617897did he search through omars pockets after killing him? cant remember, if he grabbed smething from him that can prove he killed omar, after the hear goes down, you know he'll be showing that shit around. like he grabbed omars drivers license or something.

>>133618006Take Chris and Snoop off and you got a near perfect list, Snoop is the only one with a bit of personality but god damn that bitch was annoying

>>133617875youre a pussaaaaaaaay


>>133618065No, they say to Bunk that the various hoppers all ran in afterwards and grabbed everything off the body, the shotgun and whatnot, the only thing that was left was his little paper with names on it. Kenard didn't take anything, he just ran off. He even dropped the gun he used to kill him on the floor because he was too shocked

>>133618070Confirmed for West Coast nigga.

bodie gang we out here

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>>133618006bunk clay, avon, lester, weebay, slim, bodie. yes sir. but at the end of the day my boy is always bubs.

Why was their chemistry as partners so believable?

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>white characters are all good>black characters are mostly all bada show like this can never be made anymore

>>133618293You didn't even try. This is some stepped on product.

Sometimes it turns out ok.

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>>133618293>Rawls>Carcetti>Valchek>the entire Greek's crew>Lester>Daniels>Kima>Sydnor>Colvin>Norman>Cutty>GusWhat in the actual fuck are you on about?

>>133618293as far as most racists go, this is actually as deep into this shit as their brains allow. interesting stuff kinda.

>>133618353>ALL THE ANGELS SAAAAANNNGGGI cry every damn time.


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I've never watched the final season before, should I Holla Forums? Keep hearing it's kinda shit.

>>133618188Because checked.

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>>133618070Snoop was cringe, but Chris was ruthless.He reminded me Zé Pequeno from City of GodHe was based as a villain. Marlo not so much. He never seemed to be particulary smart like Bell was, just rellied much on his henchmen, especially Chris.

>>133618557it's pretty stupid but still great compared to other shows and it wraps up well

>muh name

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>>133618665Chris was too Terminator-like for me, just an empty shell of a man with no thoughts other than doing what needs to be done. I actually liked Marlo, he tried his best to not make the mistakes of his predecessors and nip everything in the bud before it even started

>>133618557yeah you should. it has a lot of good shit and ties up stories. it was kind of jump the sharky with some things, and stuff obviously was rushed considering they had so many characters to try and give an ending to, but it's still top notch tv. only disappointing considering seasons 2/3/4 were so fucking good. and mostly wtf lol i cant imagine just dropping a show at the last season even knowing it takes a couple missteps. the good faaaaaaar outweighs any bad, which isnt even "bad" honestly


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>muh corners

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>>133618557The greatest show of all time and you left a season unwatched? Watch it and stop listening to retards. Make up your own mind.

>>133614471Michael McKean for Chuck McGill

>>133617667who got the best pack?

>>133618805Funnily enough it's Snoop who's more of that, Chris actually has a life outside of his job. When they're hunting New York dealers he suggests they ask about Baltimore music or radio details, and she has no idea what he's talking about, she doesn't listen to music or radio or anything. Chris has his family outside of his soldiering that he keeps completely separate, like Wee Bey did. I'm not sure what Snoop does when she's not at work. Marlo's even worse, he doesn't seem to have any hobbies or interests whatsoever, he doesn't even seem to enjoy any of the money he makes, he doesn't own anything expensive, holds court in a lawn chair in some shitty vacant lot, etc. About all he does is occasionally gamble but that's more about beating other people at them.

>>133618950Actually pissed me off.

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>>133619162>doesn't seem to have any hobbies or interestsHe has his pigeons

>>133619302He doesn't really do anything with them either, just has someone keep them in the coops.

>muh fish

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>he throws your $800 nailgun in the river

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>>133618731>muh eigth grade test scores

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>muh clearance rate

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>>133612933Show had some hot as fuck women.

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>>133619101the naked ladies on drake street are the bomb. few streets down there are the "black" bags and these old dudes who sell $5 bags, no name cuz super old school senior citizen homies, their shit is decent. the naked ladies are as good at the red tape was, same group of dudes who have that sweet connection. dope ass dope. the back bags were good for a week, and now they are basically just pancake mix, me and everyone else are telling people to avoid the black bags. heard there are bags called batman further south from the spot that are good but i haven't gone that way yet.


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>>133619930what did you wanna be when you grew up

Who was this mysterious man in shades named Dick Head? Why does he look similar to Herc?

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>>133616884WMD'S!WMD'S RIGHT HERE!

>>133619946was that McNulty's ex-wife? She was divine

>>133619399I would

>worst kid gets best endingFuck Namond

>>133619946>>133619983cedric and rhonda?


>>133612933This guy was a fucking cuck lol

>>133620054never had time or peace to really think about that. dropped out of 2nd grade and became homeless living in hotels that my dad got for selling the owners coke lol. i guess i wanted to be an nfl runningback because my heros were terrell davis and walter payton.

>>133618006>no prop joe

>>133619946She was the hottest.>>133619907She had the best tits.

>>133620083It's Herc's cousin from the Bronx.


>>133619946>>133619983>>133619907just realized these are all from S2lotta tits in that season

>PANDEMIC GOT DAT PANDEMIC How'd them corner niggas know this would happen?

>>133619946When I was watching Season 1 I remember thinking she was hot as balls but cos she was his ex-wife I wrote off any chance of her having a nude scene. Lo and behold here's season 2

>>133621081it's the cycle of life

>>133617753Dookie has it 10x times worse than Bubbles because his family abuses him, that's why he bailed in the first place, he won't have anyone to come back to when shit gets real.


When Kima sucked that tit I'll admit I got a woody.

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Mr. Mayor that's a good strong dick you have there and I see you know how to use it.

How to become a supervillain like Omar or Mouzone? Omar jumped like 10 stories and survived.

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>>133618557It’s not. People think it’s ridiculous just because it’s complex but it’s much more believable than Hamsterdam.

>>133621699>supervillainomar is some kind of anti-hero man. and mouzone was just a nigga in a bowtie, so i guess you could go get a bowtie

Who was the best girl and why was it Snoop?

Why'd they hate on Dukie? Even Namond's mom hates the kid

>>133622642There's always that kid who's the punching bag

>>133622642kid smelled funky even when he stopped smelling funky

>>133622642>EvenI think there's very few things that lady didn't hate.


>>133614471Gyp Rosetti

>>133622426Hottest is McNulty's ex-wife.Best is Beadie

>>133623276meme role

>>133619907legendary pair


>>133624354Season 3 had the best theme song

>>133624887filtered ;)

tater killed me

>>133624961Aw man is it typed? Cos that would hold up much better in court.

>>133624911more like you got pleb filtered

>>133618164I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.

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You guys enjoy The Deuce? I'm on season 3

>>133622642cause he's poor and smells bad

My pencil lost its point.

>>133625415>just got domed on a cornerfucking sucks, at least he didn't get left to rot in a vacant