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what are the oldest Holla Forums related memes you have?

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>>133610304Haha is that Sheldon? What did he say?


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These threads are just baiting goobers who absolutely seethe when somebody didn't start browsing here in 2005

>>133610418>projecting instead of just posting something fun

>>133610340I remember that meme, but not the actual lines, I think it implied something about poop or anal sex.

I like the one that says >my daughter was raped last night!!>yeah the park can be dangerous at night >how did you know she was in the park >:)

I don't have them anymore but I had Lost, Inception and Drive memes.

just started using this site today

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>>133611782>>133611852>>133611860>contributing based

>>133610304Who has the rape meme of this?

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>>133611679NOOOOOwhy couldn't based toastbro stick to his wine?

>>133612192I don't get it

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>>133612192Based Lidl-posterAldi-fags on suicide watch

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Hey guys let's fix the Galactica

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This is the oldest one I have on my phone.

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>>133613327I audibly keked

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>>133612927amazing scene

all hail

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>>133612496>Tfw this was the first meme I saw back when we just pretended to be nazis to be edgy


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ちょうどキャッチした [Groundhog Day] の私の国でテレビ. ここで疑問に思って.この '繰り返し同じの日' のテーマをより映画か。マーモットの日として良くない確か.しかしよこしなさいいくつかの提案。時間旅行映画を愛する.このテーマの時間旅行では.

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Not necessarily old, just dead and forgotten.

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>>133611782Sauce on the titty lady?

>>133611534I think it's Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, but I can't quite remember the lines, but it's probably something retarded, because it's a show about retards making a show.

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>>133614245>>133614101>>133613504>>133612496This was peak chan culture


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>>133614577You think the creators saw this comic and thought it was a good idea?

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Aflong aflongkong?

>>133614682I'll never forget the guy who tried to push this like one year before the actual pepe memes took off

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>>133613327I miss Breking Bod memes

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>>133612496I miss pre-Holla Forumsddit chins

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>>133614740It's weird that the pepe/feels good man stuff actually died off for a while, then for whatever reason became a huge hit again.

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>>133614740a daring synthesis

>>133614806Oh god the threads on this one image alone.

>>133610304I always get that guy confused with this guy

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>>133614812Itty Bitty BabyItty Bitty BoatI don't believe it!HABEEB IT!TWINKY HOUSE!

>>133614915wow what a hot bhabaaibaht

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>>133610304Not Holla Forums specific, but still. I miss the old chans

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Someone should do a joker/batman vert with the new "based on what" meme

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>>133615017Whenever I'm feeling nostalgic for old, pre-2010s 4chan I watch the 4chan city videos.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar4WzQ7KHak&list=RDAr4WzQ7KHak&start_radio=1


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>>133613593did the binoculars video get privated or something? I can't find it.

>>133610416That joke makes no sense... he already said the line

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>>133615087Thanks fren

>>133614101Damn I miss the internet of yesteryear.

>>133615144I know this is bait but in case you're an idiot, jap comics go right to left

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>>133615150epic win

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>>133615150>>133615227I remember watching this live, and being weirded out by the camera look, but it was maybe half a second glance so I never really thought about it again.Then I died laughing after seeing this vert the first time because, of course, the Holla Forums autists picked up on it and ran with it.

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>>133614245Fucking KINO

>>133614854is Apu responsible?

wow memes used to be shit

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p sure i saved this off Holla Forums

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>>133611782Kek>>133614500HOW NEW?

>>133614469I don't understand this one

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>>133612496Absolutely classics>>133612879

>>133615695be gone, zoomer

>>13361446Right in my nostalgia bone.

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>>133615235CANT CORNER

>all the filenames that start with 15 in this threadget out

>>133615958Hello zoomer

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>>133615527Back in the days before Sneed memes

>>133612654somebody post the baby eating one>he's late for his aids test


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>>133616324>starts with a 12ehhh, I guess you can stay

>>133612270Never did I ever think I would see Sammy Wilson posted on Holla Forums

>>133616346not the one i meant but thanks for the kek user

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We could make a whole thread of just LOST verticals.

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>>133616211hello newfag

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>>133616589No need, here's the best one

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>>133612415I don't know why people hated him so much. He was pretty kino.


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>>133616589I'd like that

>>133615220>I know this is bait, but i'm gonna fall for the bait.

>>133615150still the best

>>133616778>I don't know why people hated him so muchprobably because you were too young back then

i'm still asspained that i lost my pics folder in 2013

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>>133614245Unironically epic. I love LOTR gifs. They're timeless.

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>>133616366You were late to the Sammy party.

>>133614628>>133614740>>133615994>>133616524>>133616638basedoh, the memoriesL O S T

I miss the shitposting of 2013/4 era tv

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>>1336177112012-2020 is mostly blended together for me what made 2013/4 so special?

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>>133610418If you weren't here when MGS3 was released you're basically an eternal outofthewombfag

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>>133611782you or someone in this thread might remember: what was the name of the Avatar tripcode gentleman?

>>133617800Mayan Armageddon shitposting?

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>>133617857abatapfucking irritating asshole

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>>133617947oh yeah haha RIP

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>>133617900don't remember it so probably wasn't that funny to me.

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Everything in this thread is mad cringe. Boomers had the shittiest memes.

>>133617947butt hurt cry more

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>>133618014She looks familiar

>>133618240fucking lol

the site needs to bring back aggressive wordfliters to stem the tide of newfriends and encourage OC. baka desu senpai was 5 years ago

>>133614199sad to think of how many people on Holla Forums see this and just think it's some sort of green ellipse

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Do all of you still have the same computers since 2010 or do you actually transfer the stupid pictures you save here?

>you been here for almost a decadeit will never end right?

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>>133618413I lost all my pictures in like 2014 and it sucked so since then yeah I've transferred all mine. I have like 15k

>>13361853414 years here though I like my time here.

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>>133618651Why are we like this? I have so many stupid pictures I've saved here over the years. I never post them and I never go back through them but for some reason I feel the need to keep them.

>>133618340What was it? I know it got posted every day but did it serve some kind of purpose?

>>133618534since 2006. I'm good at hiding my power level in public at least

>>133618734because you've spent way too long looking for a picture you definitely should've saved before that was perfect for the situation you're currently in and then you realize you fucked up and never saved it. then it happened again and again so you just start saving everything you might like posting in the future

>>133618771It was our god. And it abandoned us.

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>>133610340>>133611534iirc1st panel: (something something) my sister was raped last night2nd panel: yea, the park can be dangerous at night3rd panel: how did you know it was in the park?4th panel: (as is)

The oldest picture I have saved. From 2013.

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>>133614245i nostalgiad hard

>>133618904oh thought he posted this pic so didn't bother

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>>133611679seriously, who is this dude?

>tfw remembering the heroes threads

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straight from 2010

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>>133618637That lass had tremendous breasts.

party rock posting is what turned me on to Holla Forums. i came to the chan like 2014 but i started out a Holla Forums tard

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>>133614999kek I liked that one

i miss old 4chan, bros

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I originally saved this image March 2, 2010

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Left this board for 2 years, what happened to /lbg/ bros?

>>133619048i would've posted it but i don't have it saved. thanks

>>133619385I still have folders with stuff from ebaumsworld from 2004 on a backup external drive.

What’s up homos

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>>133619081Tristan Hyde, brother of Sam

>>133619339same bro

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>>133619812>>133619339what's better old WoW or old 4chan? just kidding the correct answer is chadscape

>>133614619No clue user

>>133619339Remove the last panel and it's fine

>>133612927pointless scene mandated by hbo to meet their brainless action quota, just like the ass-eating scene was only there to meet their sex quota.

>>133619875Old WoW was good because you had to live a principled and interesting life to hit 60 and consistently raid. Now that the game has been figured out, uninteresting people can come in to raid.

>>133614224>he thought we were joking

>>133619875I never played runescape was too into Diablo 2/WC3 until WoW came out. Only played WoW for a year since most my friends played it but eventually quit since I didn't like it much besides pvping.

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>>133610304There was a TDK one where Joker convinces Batman to put Ben Gay on his balls and the last panel is Christian Bale's face contorting in pain as he growls Muh Balls. That one was older and way before the more popular Bane ones we got.

>>133614619D&D are currently adapting a comic, so, yeah, probably.

>>133610304Not the oldest, but pretty old

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>>133617278Every fucking time


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>>133615150We have to go back. WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAAAACK!

tfw you were on 4chan the day we got Saddam

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>>133615756my favorite was the extremely long one that ended with a “the game” home



>>133621824damn I know which one you're talking about but I don't have it.

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>>133614458It was a joke!


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>>133617947He was a turbo autist but tolerable compared to other tripfaggots

>>133616530>>133622174I have those exact 2 saved in one of my folders.None other from that format.

>>133616065Nah, he's right. That memes are forgettable for a reason.

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>>133611617I remember that one :D

>>133622678not yet

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>>133622728no he's right please stop

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>>133612570reminder to read this as two strips instead of one

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Only thing I’m getting out of this thread is that old 2000’s 4chan used to be Reddit before Reddit existed. Also, the posters used to love Lost a lot.

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>>133623074When redditors started to have fun and enjoy themselves, 4chan couldn't have fun anymore because that would've been redditry.

>>133614224Reverse Poe's law. No one was pretending. Retards like you preferred to think we were.

>>133615280I remember that one being fresh


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>>1336103401st panel: Lol, when was even the last time you had sex Steve?2nd panel: I have plenty of sex at work3rd panel: But weren't you a graveyard keeper?4th panel:

>>133614854Pepe went through different phases.At first you posted the classic, happy Pepe, saying "Feels good man" phase. This was the happy phase of Pepe.Then the meme died down for a while, as you said, and it came back as a "feels" meme that was basically a different flavor of the classic Wojak. This is the sad phase of Pepe.Eventually it mutated into an icon of smugness and a meta-meme that lends itself to infinite variations. This is the golden phase of Pepe.>>133615631No, Apu came about in the golden phase.

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Blessed be the oval who always posts on time.


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Thanks to those who posted. The old meme's were always the best.

>>133610304>DivxGood times

>>133623781horrible times actually (in that aspect)

I love farming these threads for old memes and filenames, so I can make up shit about old 4chan and call people newfags.

>>133612192>>133612231this isnt old, its about shopping during corona virus isnt it?


>>133614545kek, whats this guy's name again?

>>133624270RL Stine. It says it right there.

>>133623913THANKS YIFY

>>133611852Haven't seen this one in years


>>133611860There used to be at least one Nic Cage pic per thread, minimum.

>>133620017I stopped playing Runescape in 2003 after I reached max level as a nonmember.

>>133610304>>133610304>>133624594>>133624662>>133624591>>133623994>>133623718Image limit reached, new thread below:>>133624758>>133624758>>133624758>>133624758>>133624758

>>133615087it was a different time

>>133612879love this one

>2011 + 9>still posting on 4chan

>>133619875>not doing both because you rolled paladin thinking it'd be like playing a paladin instead of a plate wearing cleric so you play in windowed mode and lurk while raiding because you only had to press 1 button to heal