>Watching 50 Shades of Gray for the first time>He doesn't even piss on herwtf

>Watching 50 Shades of Gray for the first time>He doesn't even piss on herwtf

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bizarre desu. First thing I do to a girl when she's into BDSM.

>>133610097*First thing I do to a girl

The author had no experience with bondage before writing the books

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>>133611041That's a man

>>133611041And after?

>>133610097maybe the books were different but the movies were tame

How do I find a pee gf bros? I had one who I almost hooked up with but she moved away. Now I know a girl who always talks about peeing herself but I don't know if it's joking or a Freudian slip

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>>133610097Not only that but the main character's goal throughout the movies is to "cure" the bdsm not embrace it. It can't even be enjoyed as erotica.

>>133611041not even like face coverings and stuff?


>erotica>only the guy is hot

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>>133610097>watching dogs don't wear pants>she pees on himbasedCoomers>roasties

>>133610097>>133611041literally shit tier fan fiction of a shit tier movie franchise. who knew it would be garbage?

>>133611335 Just chain her to the toilet lol.

>>133611335Have a shower together and just piss on her leg

I used to piss on my ex. Now shes married and has two kids living in a big house. While i sit here wasting my life watching movies


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>>133611655at least u got dubsprobably over leveraged and miserable anyway bro

>>133611041>The author had no experience with bondage before writing the bookswrong, she'd been rolled up in a carpet and thrown off a bridge before after a blind date gone wrong

>>133611770Meh face but nice tits.

you're supposed to fuck the girl so good that she pisses on you - pardon *squirts*

>pissing on womengetting pissed on is the patrician choice

>>133611941that's not bondagethat's taking out the trash

What's the "craziest" kink that happens in 50 Shades?

>>133612239He spanks her really hard

>>133612366Are we talking big purplish bruises at least?

>>133611655yeah real regret you didn't wife down and breed some whore kids on the piss slut.

>It's a Legalporno Fucking Wet Beer episode

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>>133612239she says "in my butt?" like 50 times

>>133612453No, like a pink handprint for a half hour.


>>133611041>The author had no experience with murder/mutilation/necrophagya/etc. before writing the books

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>>133612239>Let's do it in missionary on a bed.

My gf had this book when it was popular. I opened it to some random page and read a few pages out of curiosity. It was riddled with grammatical errors and wasn't well done in gemeral. It read like a first year English student wrote it. How did it get so popular? These types of books are not new.

My favorite line: what's a butt plug?

From the other side, what is like to have girl pee on you and make you drink?

>>133612938fanfic sites blew up

>>133612119My nigga

They should have shown the anal fisting senpai

>>133611498She's hot enoughWhile also having an average enough vibe for women to be able to self insert as her

>>133611335Some girl I was seeing briefly was always bragging about how much of a freak she is and told me to name something to do and she would do it (like boasting about how crazy in bed she is or some shit). I told her I wanted to piss on her. I didn't even want to but it was the craziest thing I could think of and was trying to call her bluff. So she says "OK" and gets in the tub. I start pissing and the smell is putrid. Had to have been the muskiest piss I've ever taken. I'm pissing on her head, mostly her hair and it was pouring all over her face. She started gagging (from the smell I think) and I laughed and said "well look at you now" as an attempt to point out she wasn't as bad of a bitch as she thought and she screamed at me to get out of her apartment. Never saw her again.

>>133611770she actually makes me want to cum everywhere. fuck she's perfect and just slutty enough too

>>133612731What a slut

>>133613195sounds like she was pissed off

>>133610097It's titilating to professional homemakers and sexless businesswomenIt's "transgressive" only in that it's the absolute extent of what their vanilla fetishes involve, the semblance of risk in minor bdsm but that presents no actual risk or thrill. If you want to watch films about sexual and spiritual extremes and desires you should watch either Cronenberg's Crash or Salo for real deviancy

>>133611041imagine fucking her big jewish milkers haha

>>133611498good enough

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>>133613324Best laugh today

Poor Crockett, he doesn’t deserve to see his daughter like this

>>133613671God damn that body...

The fact they even made a Harry Potter fanfic into its own book series and movies explains the current world quite well famalam


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>>133610097Doesnt even shit on her face and use her as a punching bag. This movie is shit.

>>133612938>gemeralwhat did the person criticizing someone else's grammar mean by this?


>>133614386that's typo, not gramatical error

>>133614386This is 4channel not a massive publication with movie deals.

>>133614430I never said it was a grammatical error

>>133611498I don't agree, she's good looking in a plain way but she has a little something that makes her hot as fuck. Can't pinpoint it exactly though

>>133612938>How did it get so popular?

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>>133612995Kind of hot if you're into it. My wife and I have done a lot of exploring with each other because vanilla can be monotonous. Drunken vacations are usually the best excuse to get weird for her.


>>133613195one time i drank a full 2 liter of mt dew and went to sleep and woke up and took the fattest piss of my life. it was neon yellow and smelled worse than any shit i've ever taken and i flushed it immediately and opened a window to air it out. i feel bad for that poor girl in your story

>>133610097>Not pissing on her face>Not shitting on her chest>Not violently punching her

I'd honestly marry Dakota Johnson off of looks before anyone else there is something about her that would make me blast cum insider her with the force of a 1000 Suns

>>133614715my man. everything about her is perfect. even her feet

>>133611041Living proof that capitalism is a flawed system.

>>133613671The picture that saved Holla Forums

>>133614669Your mom never came back home or something ?

>>133614669this guy gets it

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>>133615069Jamie pull up that scat video

>>133614759also perfect pits

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>>133615198fucking kek


>>133612674Its kino, you wouldn't understand, prude. How can she love you if she wouldn't even swallow your piss?

>>133611041I didn´t need to know that cunt.I never even asked for IT!

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>>133611655At least you're not the guy who married miss piss face. The husband probably doesn't even know she got pissed on and think she's wholesome.


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That movie was super fucking tame. Almost vanilla to me.


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>>133613195Super kek

>>133611655You really want that piss slut to kiss your children good night with THAT mouth?

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>>13361009750 Shades series is what bored housewives think sex is.like a born blind person believing what the color red looks like....

>>133613195Extremely based

>>133610097Is it true that it doesn't even have facefucking, choking, ass rimming, puke and other regular BDSM staples?

>>133612805>he thinks Stephen King isn't a serial killerMy sweet summer child

Should I watch the 50 shades of gray, looked kinda hot but also kinda cheesy idk. the girl is super hot and the michael buble lookin dood is ight no homo tho.anyone here actually watch the show, everyone is just talking about the piss

>>133613195Based. I’ve found most girls talk a big game but it’s talk mostly, and the quiet ones are strangely more tolerant of “rough” stuff. My ex bragged about loving BDSM porn and stuff but she would bitch out when I’d grab her hair and didn’t care for spanking much either. Meanwhile another girl I dated who was quiet and shy and Christian asked for both all the time. Also I’ve yet to find a girl who wasn’t disgusted by facials. I dated one girl who was freaky as hell (begged me to bite her clit hard, choke her, etc) and I assumed surely she’d love it. Came on her face without asking and told her to stick her tongue out and she refused and ran to the bathroom for like 10 minutes lol

>when she giggles, chuckles and snorts while you piss down her mouth

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>>133616292the upside is girls who talk a big game can generally be talked into anything once. But yeah, quiet girls are definitely the freakiest, you'll just have to get used to choking and biting though because for some reason that's like a universal kink for them.

>>133611770thank you :3

>>133613195And that girl? Lynn Park

>>133616455Kino. Extra points for gargling and struggling.

>>133617621When she struggles its not as fun. She's gotta be a 10/10 whore who smiles and laughs while being pissed on and wants more.

>>133611498It's based on an erotic novel. In erotic novels, the female lead has to be a plain Jane so the female reader can easily project onto.

>>133611770Don Johnson from Miami Vice daughter. He's still prettier than she is and he's 70 years old.

>>133619525how does he do it

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>>133612805This. Fiction writers do as much research as nonfiction fags.

>>133612938>How did it get so popular?Most women are NPC normies. Their lives are boring. Sex, if they have it, lasts 5 minutes at most.

>>133613195top kek

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>>133613195very based

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>>133619557Based Don

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>>133619557Chad as fuck. I was pissed he didn't get a role in the Miami Vice film. Phillip Michael Thomas could have been it as well. But nope, we get two literal closet fags in the lead roles. And by "fags" I mean they are homosexual- i.e., they enjoy sex with men.

>that nice moist warm girl piss smell>>133619557Tbh is it surprising? Look how good he looked in the 80s. He was always exceptional.

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>>133613726right there with you

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it's more about the fantasy of a billionaire genius attractive man being obsessed with you than the actual sex parts, that's what gets women off

honestly the best part of sex isn't having sex, it's after you break up or whatever and she posts a pic of her with her new boyfriend like 6 months later and you're like haha i came on her face and she choked on my dick and this guy is smiling next to her

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>>133619933Look at Magyver.


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>>133612938>grammatical errorsThey don't have editors for this?

>>133613195I woulda hit her with an mma knee strike to the face after a zing like that!

>>133620450Yeah a team of like 10 people who can polish any turd into a diamond. That poster is full of shit, a jealous bitch, and obviously a failed indie author.

>>133613195>she screamed at me to get out of her apartmentlost my shit at this pointI don't understand why she would let you do it and then get mad about it afterlike bitch you said OK

>>133620569lol no the book is poorly written, grammar errors or no, I read better written fanfiction than this shit which I couldn't even finish because it was such dull text

>>133620450No because she was self publishing

>>133611655Reminder this is what it's like marrying women in the modern age. All women have been pissed on or have participated in other degrading and degenerate behavior and you'll never know. Every time she kisses you with her lips you'll be kissing hundreds of unwashed dicks and asshole piss

>>133611655you should call up her husband and tell him you peed on his wife

>when she enjoys coughing up your piss>>133620371Richard Dean Anderson was never as good looking as Don Johnson, dude.

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>>133619882Sex with men?


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>>133610097lol, user thinks Hollywood has the balls to make an erotic movie without an European director or cast

>>133611655pretty cool to be able to tell some guy you used to piss on his wife. you should look him up

You saying he doesn't even chain her to a pole and let his big black doberman have his way with her? Wow why is this movie even rated R

So did you guys know this was originally a Twilight fanfic?

>>133622538>The Fifty Shades trilogy was developed from a Twilight fan fiction series originally titled Master of the Universe and published by James episodically on fan-fiction websites under the pen name "Snowqueen's Icedragon". The piece featured characters named after Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's characters in Twilight, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. After comments concerning the sexual nature of the material, James removed the story and published it on her own website, FiftyShades.com. Later she rewrote Master of the Universe as an original piece, with the principal characters renamed Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and removed it from her website before publication.[3] Meyer commented on the series, saying "that's really not my genre, not my thing... Good on her—she's doing well. That's great!"[4]

>>133611655bro lemme dispense some knowledge: if a girl lets you piss on her fucking face, she is not the woman you want raising your children

>>133616466I wish girls were more acceptable of being spat on.

>>133622538Twilight is the most influental franchise in the last 15 years

>>133622538>>133622604Tennessee Williams is rolling in his grave

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>>133614557raspy voice, bordering on seductive, and stare that can only be read as longing to be ravaged

>>133613195>She started gagging (from the smell I think) and I laughed and said "well look at you now"

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>>133610097Slow your role R Kelly.

>>133613195Congratulations on winning the you award this thread! I am sincerely concerned about your hydration. Drink more water user, its the easiest, healthiest change you can make.

Should I watch it? It looks like it's so basic... I'm a little whore, I need more to be turned on. ;^)

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>>133623470What is primal supposed to mean? Besides that there appear to be many terms there that seem interchangeable

>>133623470It's the most vanilla entry level kink imaginable. There's nothing there for anyone who actually doms or subs. Nothing but anger

>>133621120Just don't get a frenchman to direct it or else the erotic movie will turn into a porno movie and the actresses are gonna cry of shame during the promotional tours.

>>133623575Acting like an animal (not furry tho). Same as pet but wilder. Also yeah, this test kinda sucks. I'm more of a slave than a sub but it says I'm both.

>>133623738Oh, what a shame. Does it serves for mockery at least? Like "it's too bad it's actually good"?

>>133623470Take your HRT.

>>133613195>like boasting about how crazy in bed she is or some shitI hate how common this is and I hate the dumb thots for thinking being tied up and spanked is wild and crazy. The piss test is unironically a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

>>133623959Only if you take off your pants.

>>133623838A little? I guess I sort of enjoyed hating on it. But mainly I just don't think it should have been made. Watch Secretary instead

>>133624263Already done, Secretary is kino. Also Duke of Burgundy and Histoire d'O.

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>>133613195>"well look at you now"

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>>133623015>not Faulkner

>>133623470what the fuck is a rigger and a switch lmfao

>>133624580>riggerDoing bondage.>switchA person who is both dominant and submissive

>>133624580>what the fuck is a rigger and a switch lmfaoPeople who work on oil rigs and railway switch operators.

>>133622538i always thought twilight was a fanfic of something

>>133613195Based. Put me on the screencap

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>>133624642rigger is specifically rope bondage.... A rigger is usually very skilled with knots and tieing people up.

>>133611041If she has a cute voice, I can forgive the face.

>>133619599by this do you mean they do a lot or a little?


>Not making her piss on herself and blocking access to the toiletPlebs