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Doctor Who is dead.

>>133607684youtu.be/vLXOkZtAkPwI was so shocked by Segun's bravery when he chose to play this astounding song over this iconic scene. Powerful

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>>133607684Rewatching Capaldi for the first time since release. Since when was The Caretaker so good and Listen so awful?


>re-re-ing my nonsense about the lass in the long game losing lasting lacerations to the propaganda peopledid like it when the gay shit in this programme was properly gay though

>>133608146i feel like 'ohhh what if there isn't a monster???' isn't that clever and instead they could have just not had a monster


Reminder to come rank your nuwho TARDIS teams.freeonlinesurveys.com/s/NbaYlNKt#/0

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I want to kill myself.

>>133608269My issue was the sharp turns in what the episode is about 4 or 5 times. The pre titles sequence is masterful and sets up a interesting and suspenseful concept of a monster that hides. Then he starts talking about dreams and nightmares. Then it's all about Danny's ancestor. Then it's all about the Doctor as child. Increasingly annoying as it goes on..

>>133608146Listen felt awful to me watching it the first time desu. It was weirdly confusing even for a Who episode. It jumped all over the place way too much.

>>133608146I don't know about you, but the Danny and Orson stuff is a lot more meaningless now that we know that will go absolutely nowhere. It's ironic how Clara goes to rape the poor guy because she thinks she eventually does it anyway, but she turns out to be in the wrong, considering how Orson isn't actually related to her.

>>133608146It's strange. First time around, I remember disliking Sherwood, liking Listen, now it's the other way around.

>>133608500It's the most comfy Capaldi episode. Loved it at first, love it on rewatches.

Listen is Series 8's pleb filter, just like Hell Bent for Series 9 and Smile in Series 10.

>>133608880Enlighten me

>>133608937It's stuff that may not appeal to the general public, but the person saying the phrase thinks is really good. Think eps like Hell Bent, which some people criticise for dumb reasons. There are valid reasons to criticise Hell Bent, but you hear people saying "ugh I dont like Clara"

>>133608880Listen isn't the pleb filter. The Caretaker is the real pleb filter.

>>133606004Based Rusty putting his gay in Doctor Who and Doctor Who in his gay.youtu.be/_mU-XrnlF-w

>>133608809I mean not having some huge threat was nice for once but it just felt aimless, meandering.

I remember an episode with Tennant and a hot black haired thief on a bus stranded in a desert, there's talk over the phone, but I rememeber absolutely nothing else from that episode. Am I going senile or was it forgettable?

>>133609081>"Dr. Pavel? I'm G.A.Y."

>>133609121It's because it was written by Gareth Roberts so it's forgettable as is, but nothing also fucking happens in this 1 hour long episode. So, yeah.

1 user here. I have to say, I really like that the early series episodes that take place in the past are just about the people of the times. Nu-Who past episodes are always "We're in the past but also there's an alien!"

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>>133608116Kek.Almost as masterful as Ruth Doctor's theme, desu:youtu.be/kga2soqvMF0

>>133609121It was companion-bait where Doc liked this girl but didn't when she turned out to be a thief so he let her get arrested and then let her escape. It was weird.

>>133609153It's an episode that I forgot existed for years, all of the other specials overshadow it and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't even on Netflix at one point when The Next Doctor, Waters of Mars and End of Time were. It's on there now.


>>133607961FUCK. He just bumped into his love interest and I know it sows the seeds of Humph eventually leaving the show.Fuck lads, I'm not ready.

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>>133609198You're close approaching The Sensorites, prepare for a slog.

post your opinions, no matter how gay and immortal they are

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>>133609081>>133609133>Dr. Pavel, I'm A.I.D..E.N Gillan.

>>133609340gay for adam, he did nothing wrong (far less than the doctor or rose)would gayly gay with him if he was gay (would also have homosexual intercourse)

>>133609340His romance with Ianto was shit but everyone claps because it's stunning and brave.

>>133609328I'm in the Sensorites. I'm not sure what's going on lol

>>133609340Shitty character and also the worst that has ever graced this fucking show. I fucking despise Jack and Barrowman.Also, never forget.

>>133609432>tfw an extra in the David Tennant series but never appeared on screenLife is suffering.

>>133609412>>133609431I meant Doctor Who in general but I'll take those

>>133609340casting a good actor to play the doctor would not have saved s11 and s12, it was always hopeless, murray gold's departure and lack of rtd/moff, this made sure even the best actor couldn't carry the show

>>133609432Would've been a much better 4 parter, painfully stretched and overexplains everything

>>133609340Doctor Who's greatest flaw is it's attempts at subtlety almost to the point of nonexistence. I think the dynamic between 12 and Clala should have been fleshed out better. You can see it but I just wanted a little more attention on it. I get she was getting to confident and trying to be too much like him. I see that she was ignoring her real life for her Tardis life but I just wanted the show to say something about it more than the occasional 3 lines per series. I feel like it would elevate the drama some more.

>>133609509>murray gold's departure The new music is worse (although I like having more electronic music because it's fucking DOCTOR WHO), but I'm also glad the music isn't CONSTANTLY telling me what to feel over the actors' dialogue goddamn.(does anyone have the Smith-Capaldi regeneration without the music? I remember it got posted by accident then taken down)

>>133609480Look on the positive side, user - you can still play the Doctor without any annoying continuity questions (unlike Colin Baker and Capaldi), :)

>>133609340Doctor Who is dead.

>>133609541It's because they unironically have very little screentime together in series 9. They're separated for most of the episodes, exceptions being Under The Lake, Girl Who Died, Sleep No More and Face the Raven. That's 4/12.

>>133609509I agree. In some ways I'm actually glad they managed to pile so many mistakes into the production (including a female Doctor) so that the whole shit show is almost quarantined.It's more fun to laugh at than it would be with a competent actor playing the Doctor desu.

>>133609340Chibnall has written a couple of great episodes of TV, in Torchwood not Doctor Who. I enjoy watching the Cyberwoman episode but it's not one of the great ones., and I just realised that the Pterodactyl died in Children of Earth. I think Torchwood has potential for good TV if brought back on air.I wish the alternate Series 5 where Tennant stayed on for one last series happened. I have to wonder if the reason I like Series 5 so much over 6 and 7 is because parts of it were written with Tennant in mind.Danny Pink is criminally underrated and I wish he was in Series 9 since I feel like he would have added a much needed dynamic in it.

/who/tist trying to take more pride in my appearance, want a comfy rustic look...does pic related look a bit boyband-y? i got on depop, it’s the justin timberlake Levi’s line, some of my friends irl are skeptical

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>>133609747Just get 12's fucking velvet coat.

>>133609340series 1 is still my favorite series of the rewatch so far

>>133608116>Gallifrey was black land

>>133609809>rewatch>but reacts as if he had never seen the episodesI'm confused?

>>133609733>Danny Pink is criminally underratedI'd like you to elaborate on this, because it seemed to me that his only reason to be in the story is for Clara to step away from the Doctor for a few episodes, and for him to pester the Doctor for taking charge in hazardous situations. He seemed very... flat. One-note.

>>133609733>I wish the alternate Series 5 where Tennant stayed on for one last series happened. I have to wonder if the reason I like Series 5 so much over 6 and 7 is because parts of it were written with Tennant in mind.I'd have really liked another River episode where Ten gets to go in actually recognising her.It does my head in that it seems strongly implied the second time the Doctor meets her is Time of Angels and yet she knows Ten's face in the library episodes and is confused when he doesn't recognise her.

>>133609855i've said this like 5 times before lolthe last time i watched series 1-4 was about 8 or 9 years ago when i was literally a kid, so i essentially had almost no idea what was going on or what was going to happen, save for a few very popular episodes that i watched again about 4 years ago.so while i didn't know what was going to happen (with series 5 being my first series) it is still technically a rewatch


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>>133609340out of all of Moffat's characters i know a lot of people dislike River most, but for me it's Amy, i cannot rememeber her being a truly positive influence on the Doctor as much as other companions were, the only memorable time would be Town Called Mercy (where, unironically, 11 would have been better off not listening to her), and Rory was the better companion and should have been the new Jaime to 11

>>133610214FUCK RIVER

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>>133610214Imagine killing off Amy and having Rory stick around for a series with Brian occasionally joining. Maybe the Doctor wingmans him on a couple of dates with green alien women to make him feel better.Would it have been kino?

Jack Harkness is the worst character of any era.

>>133609892He's the only boyfriend of the companions to not take the Doctor's shit and roll over and I honestly find he had a better first season showing than both Mickey and Rory. Mickey only became great in The Christmas Invasion while the most memorable thing about Rory in Series 5 is that Amy forgot him. He's refreshing in comparison to them because straight up tells The Doctor no when both Mickey and Rory never had the balls to. I also think his background was interesting for a companion. Furthermore, I think he could have done so much more in Series 9. After all, he only got one series. Ideally in Series 9 we'd see the Doctor and him start to bond properly and create a strong friendship. He'd also provide an actual resistance to Clara becoming so much more careless with her life.

would you break a diamond wall with your bare hands if it resulted in her confessing her love for you and running away with you?

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>>133610672>replies with a gay flirtatious comment How does he do it bros?

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Was it Kino?

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>>133610714I would break her diamond cherry

"Because I've seen him. He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And he's wonderful."Just rewatched this. I unironically cried. I just want him back lads (The Doctor, not Ten Inch or Cornell).

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>>133610714No. Since after we ran away she'd wipe my memory of her, making the whole ordeal for me pointless.


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>>133610744Yes it turns out the KKK were not so bad after all and agreed to just lynch Yaz. After that everyone went out for tea and had a good laugh.

>>133609898Planet of the Dead should have been a story with River in it instead of what's possibly the most forgettable story in the revival.

>>133610802I'd take a whole series of Jesus 10 floating around everywhere proclaiming how he's sorry, so sorry about everything over what we have now.

>>133610676Him and the Doctor, 12 in particular, would have a very hard time forming a friendship, maybe only a grudging willingness to work together, they hated each other's guts and were jealous of each other.This dynamic would also never work since Death in Heaven has Clara (accidentally) telling Danny that the Doctor was always #1 to her, the story was always primarily about the two of them, and series 9 would just be Danny getting cucked further and further and I wouldn't want to see that.

>>133610961>story with RiverEh, no thanks. I prefered having an actually hot actress play a flirty character rather than cringy wine aunt

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>>133610808That's the Doctor's fault for panicking and suggesting a mind wipe, he could have comfortably flown away with her and returned her to Gallifrey some time in the future.Fuck, don't remind me of how retarded Hell Bent's ending was.

>>133611190I don't think they'd have that hard of a time forming a friendship after all of the relationship drama of Series 8 would be done. After all, Mickey and The Doctor didn't like each other and then then became pals in Series 2 which I think even would have happened if 9 didn't regenerate. Ideally in a Doctor Who were Danny was in Series 9 the two part finale of 8 would never happen since they're honestly not very good episodes in the first place and they only exist to kill off Danny from when Coleman was leaving after Last Christmas.


>>133610672Jack is within the top 5 best new who companions

>>133611190>>133611492To be honest, it felt like Danny and the Doctor would be a hard sell given how... disinterested... Danny Pink seemed to be in the most amazing machine in the universe.I know it makes the character drama easier but it put me off his character very quickly.

Which Doctors wanked?

>>1336115786,9 and 11

>>133611253In her big finish stories she keeps the flying busoverall I wouldn't say they are that great but yeah cat thief with flying bus

The Doctor fucked ALL his female companions except Susan.

PETER HARNESS DISCARDED IDEAS>The Cave Monsterstwitter.com/mrpeterharness/status/1259770313195368449>Meddling Monktwitter.com/mrpeterharness/status/1259782884761706497https://twitter.com/mrpeterharness/status/1259850246076710913>Sleephttps://twitter.com/mrpeterharness/status/1259771731109167106

>>133611566The most unrealistic scene in Doctor Who for me, out of all the shit is from In the Forest of the Night.>Clara: Hey Danny do you wanna watch the solar flare from space in the TARDIS>Danny: Nah I'll stay here instead>Clara: You know we don't know if the forest will save the world from the solar flare it's just a theory The Doctor has?>Danny: Guess I'll die lol

>>133611753And I forgot his reasoning was some bullshit about how The Doctor will then have power over him and blah blah soldier's orders and The Doctor has too much control over Clara, yeah well worth missing out on watching a Solar Flare from space and maybe dying from it.

>>133611578Ten definitely did, but every time prior to ejaculation the thought of the clone Doctor ploughing Rose would enter his brain and he'd go visit Seven to commit war crimes and take his mind off it.

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>>133610744I honestly didn't expected the 9th doctor cameo just to try to sell Mickey to the KKK.

>>133611566I think if Danny stayed on he and The Doctor would gain a lot more respect for each other more than anything. Something that isn't the shouting matches from Series 8. They're both former soldiers so I think they would find some common ground.

>>133611753I hated how disconnected Forest was from the previous several episodes. Flatline ends with Clara very obviously lying to Danny and ignoring him over the phone just to speak to 12, and then Forest forgets all of that.God, what a shit episode that was. It's 100% skippable.

>>133611578Only 11. Who did it way too much.

>>133611154I love Ten but really I just miss The Doctor before Jodie. All of them. Even footface.

>>133611911That common ground was the exact reason they couldn't stand each other, user.

>>133611919always thought it was a shame the London in Dark Water wasn't still partially covered in leaves, branches, etc. to give it some continuity from the Forest one

>>133611753Exactly. Fuck Danny. Also, when you think about it, someone with that mentality should really be incompatible with Clara. It's a shit romance.>>133611828Waa waa. Oh, is the Doctor like an officer, Danny? Boo fucking hoo. He's also over a thousand years old and has saved your arse more times than you'll ever know. Go cry over that kid you shot again.

>>133611744That Meddling Monk story is brilliant. Although forcing him to give up his regeneration like that is a bit harsh

>>133611919I've literally never rewatched it. The behind the scenes popped up on my YouTube the other day and it was only then I remembered the cute little girl foil to 12.

>>133611987Not exactly, Danny saw the Doctor as more of a commanding officer type instead of what kind of soldier the Doctor actually was.

>>133611919I think it was Danny at his worst, I was fine with him until that point. It was that he was being manipulative and controlling while accusing The Doctor of being manipulative and controlling. Its an entire episode of trying to make Clara feel guilty and then whenever The Doctor's like "Clara come here, check this out!" because he's actually trying to solve the problem, Danny's like "Ohhh yeah, go run to his beck and call, do everything he says, he's so controlling and has so much power over you." Then like minutes later tells Clara to go home and do some marking and that's an order, even in a jokey way its hypocritical. But I don't think it was written to be that way it was just shoddy writing.

I think the only thing I liked about the Danny Pink storyline was 12 getting the wrong end of the stick and thinking pic related was Clara's new boyfriend.Almost had a Frasier-vibe to it.

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>>133612012I still hate that Danny exists. This is why I liked the ending to Kill the Moon, it's much more compelling to see 12 and Clara not seeing eye to eye and having real problems because of their own differences in opinion and different approaches to situations. Instead of getting more of that we got "dude love triangle lmao" with Clara falling head over heels for some boring dude she met a day ago, which just seems cheap and drags a poor innocent guy like Danny into something he's just not meant for. It just seemed to me that Moffat, knowing that the actor playing the Doctor couldn't be a flirty romantic interest anymore, took the easy path and said "let's create drama by making her get a bf." But that's just my take on it.

doesnt help that sam anderson is a really bad actor

>>133612359Danny Pink aside S8 is so fucking comfy. Think I'll go back and rewatch it after I finish series 3. Blink next.

>>133612420I don't think its that he's a bad actor necessarily. He just has zero personal charisma and that is something you just can't fake.

>>133612095They were both right about each other, that's why they hated each other. The season ends with Danny being a soldier, and with the Doctor giving him a battle ask to carry out, just like a general would.How can you be friends with someone whose presence constantly reminds you that you're something you hate?

>>133612420I honestly didn't think he was that bad.But then you watch interviews and there seems to be zero difference between him and the character in terms of delivery.

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>>133612420this stung the mostcapaldi coleman and gomez all knock it out of the park and then this guy just phones everything in

>>133612592I don't mind the trick they pulled there, but I do dislike the weird Osgood shit.What are they ACTUALLY going for there? Being a Zygon doesn't mean you think the same way, so it's not really the same as the gangers scenario at all.

>>133612420>>133612750Okay /who/ - let's recast Danny Pink with someone who could pull that role off better.

Stop talking about P.E. He is dead. There is nothing to be gained from discussing his completely accidental death, and for the last time, I had NOTHING to do with it, stop asking me about the yellow car.

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>>133612808Noel Clarke

>>133612808Isn't it obvious?

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>>133612012Its the dumbest shit. The reason he commands Clara around is because she's trying to help him SAVE THE WORLD. He's acting like he went "Clara, fetch me a pizza" and she's like "Okay Doctor!" No, he's asking her to investigate, to save the world. Then when they invite him to watch the solar flare in safety so he doesn't possibly die, he declines it and acts like he'll go on some crazy adventure and The Doctor will force him to do bad things. Bro, he just asked you to watch a solar flare from space, that's it.

>>133612761>Well it's obvious you're the human Osgood because if the human Osgood died then you'd turn back into a Zygon>Not anymore! Zygons don't need a human link to shapeshift>Since when? How?>Well, uh... we just all learned it! Gotcha! Am I Human or Zygon?What a copout.

>>133613115biggest ass-pull ever. the one thing that stopped zygons being generic ass shapeshifter clones, and they ditched it

>>133612437I think Time Heist is a really under rated and comfy episode. The reason why I say its under rated is that I see nobody ever really talk about it. So I don't know anyones thoughts on it. The hacker and the shapeshifter was cool and it was a nice tribute to heist movies with a cool twist and a cute ending.

>>133613295And there was an Abslom Daak reference. That alone makes it kino.

>>133612551By developing and realising that they're projecting their hate of themselves onto one another. Danny reminding The Doctor of himself in the Time War, with him hating what he did in it. The Doctor reminding Danny of himself as Danny was a sergeant who are typically second in command of a platoon. They'd stop projecting their hate of themselves onto each other.

>>133613295shame it was so obvious the doctor was the guy from the start

>>133613295I think it was very normal and light on the seasonal story. Those are far from bad things, I liked the episode, but it doesn't have the same impact that's left by a shitty episode like Forest or by a toptier episode like Mummy.

>>133613295I watched it the other day and it's pretty stupid and really rushed.

>>133613362I see your reasoning, but I doubt it. The fact Danny seemed completely uninterested in setting a foot aboard the TARDIS probably wouldn't have helped either. He was a stay at home type of dude, which makes me wonder what Clara even saw in him.

>>133613453i can't believe the writer did the first DW heist and managed to make it dullmind you, he had 3 potentially top-tier (and rare for who) concepts and fucked them all: pirates, int. tardis, and time/bank heist

>>133613430So its more of an "If I'm binge watching a season I won't skip it" story and less of an episode you'd actively seek out if you were just looking to watch single episodes or the best episodes of a season?

>>133613639What you said, yeah. It's decent filler, but still not among the highlights of the season. I would never skip it, though.

i'm sorry about the watch-party fellas, i didn't think it would take this long for google to process the episodes, should've uploaded the 720p versions, but hopefully they'll be done by tomorrow, if not i'll just upload the other versions and we'll be laughing

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>>133613115More than just that though: I don't like the smug "we're Osgood. Okay BIGOT?" If it's ended up as two Zygons then no, neither of you are. Christ.

>>133612971>>133613014I'm okay with Martha being /tindogged/ but not Clara. Then again, no worse than /Pinked/ I suppose.

>>133608339Results about as I expected so far. Leave a vote if you haven't already.

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>>1336093409 may have been underrated in the tumblr days, but he is overrated as fuck now.

>>133609340even though the show carries an obvious brain over brawn message, i like it when the Doctor gets physical because seeing him possess a greater strength than he should is a good reminder of how alien he is and a nice reminder of how we can handle problems the normal way, he just prefers to be creative

lol failwhale posted his face the raven reaction. Gonna go watch him cry.

>>133614933I was subscribed to his patreon so I watched all his stuff. He roasts season 11

>>133614811Me too. I wish it happened just slightly more often. But not too often. I think it's only actually happened once or twice in nuWho and they were mostly subtle enough to miss if you weren't paying attention.

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>>133615015Good. He generally seems to have good taste.

>>133611253River is cuter than her

Chibnall killed the Cartmel masterplan Techteun confirmed as the Other

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>>133615084I only watch 3 reactors: Blind Wave, Sesska and Failwhale. I think I match Failwhale's opinions the best. He's a big RTD fanboy though. Sesska I find to be very biased in general towards actors. Blind Wave, you can tell Shane doesn't like Doctor Who and they often forget a lot because they react to so much they lose track with whats going on.

>>133613348it did? What was it?

>>133615663When the hackerman downloaded the memories of the worst criminals in the galaxy, a picture of him popped up on the computer screen.

>>133615767Oh yeah, and a Captain John Hart reference too.

>>133615767damn thats based

>>133613524Fuck, that's true.When the thing I remember most from Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS is Jenna Coleman's outfit, that's probably a bad thing.

>>133614561... I actually quite liked 11 and Clara and wish we'd had more than a half season of them together.

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>>133616034really? I havent watched 7b since it aired but the impossible girl shit ruined their dynamic for me

>>133615520>seeing this retardation written down in a script somehow makes it even worse.

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>>133616099Coming off the back of Oswin and Victorian Clara it was an enjoyable enough little mystery. I quite liked getting to see 11 have a new companion that wasn't just muh Amy and Rory.Also I quite enjoyed her thirstiness for the Doctor throughout.

Why hasn't Doctor Who covered Big Foot?

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>>133616034I think they had really good chemistry but the writing ruined it a little.

>>133616459its american

>>133616489Definitely agree on the chemistry - they clearly auditioned the role with Matt Smith involved in the process and it pays off.I guess they lucked out in the sense that she and Capaldi also bounced off each other well.

>>133611893The KKK member just being Capaldi under the hood and him muttering "c'mon micky we've got work to do" as he led him away was kino

>>133616459Haven't they, user?Haven't they?

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>>133616459It's a Silurian in a costume

>>133616303Thats fair, I just found their dynamic similar to early flirty Amy which I didnt miss, plus I hated name of the doctor. I do like how clara's thirstiness leads into her mistrust of 12, "I'm not your boyfriend clara" is such a good line

>>133616459Found a little on the wiki Bigfoot was a creature famous for being caught on the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. Her real name was Geraldine and she told River Song she was upset that she was filmed on a bad hair day. (PROSE: Suspicious Minds)

I think it's about time we had a Sea Devil companion. They could be from the future when humanity and the various earth reptiles are all buddy buddy and get mega culture shock when they go back to the past and everyone treats him like a monster

>>133616521So? Doctor Who has done American episodes in the past. It's a easy episode. >Doctor and companion arive in the Pacific North West.>Doctor and companion run into big foot enthusiasts in the forest and join them because the Doctor is a skeptic and wants to watch them make a fool of themselves.>They actually end up capturing Bigfoot in a trap and the Doctor realizes it's an alien that crashed on Earth centuries ago . >Conflict between Big Foot enthusiasts and Doctor as the enthusiasts want to use the alien to make a fortune. Doctor just wants to get it back home.Basically a mix between Harry and the Hendersons and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

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No one talks about Hartnell's absolutely horrifying teeth enough

>>133616970if we're gonna talk about bad teeth I'd rather talk about Martha

>>133617054I never got that meme. Martha just had big teeth and her gums showed too much. Hartnell's teeth were a disaster

>>133616675ayyyyyyyyyyy snort snort

>>133617054I didnt remember that Donna's are pretty bad until a recent rewatch. I find it so weird that basically all non-american cultures dont care about straight teeth, its such a major factor of how people's faces look I dont get how they can ignore it

>>133617161If it's everyone apart from Americans being ok with it maybe consider that Americans are the wierd ones.

>>133617197No I get that we are the outliers, I just can't imagine not factoring in teeth into beauty. That'd be like thinking hairstyles dont have an effect on appearance

>>133617240It's an american thing and you've been brought up to notice it and factor it in. As long as teeth aren't yellow and smell bad most people just ignore them

We all know Jodie is last, but what is the official ranking for each Doctor on /who/?

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>>133617356SevenEightTwelveSixFourNineElevenThe rest

>>133617356Uh, kinda hard since the majority are good. I'll try granted I haven't seen every Classic Who episode. More going to be who I like watching.4, 12, 2, 3, 1, 11, 8, 7, 6, 9, 5, War, 10, 13

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>>13361735612>11>2>10>3>7>8>1>9>4>5>6Forgive me for putting 4 so low, I havent seen many of his serials. I also love the war doctor but it doesnt seem fair to rank him only from day, I might think more about putting him in the rankings if I get around to listening to Hurt's audios


>>133617633>>133617657>>133617663They don't mean your individual tastes. He means the collective entity of /who/.

>>133617848That's hard to say since we virtually only talk about 7 in terms of classic doctors, maybe the occasional talks about 1 and his companions or 2 and Jamie

>>133616963Can we just have this be a comic instead with one of the previous Doctors?

>>133617848here's what's going to happen; people are going to post their individual tastes and you're going to shut your damn mouth

>>133617954Everything alright at home, user?

Is invasion of time really that bad? what 4 stories should i watch instead?

>>133617990Been off work for a while and my sleep pattern is all kind of fucked now, i'm staying up all night til like 8am then sleeping til 2pm. I don't like it but it's hard to change now i've gotten into a pattern.

>>133617848Why don't you make a survey monkey for us and post it?

>>133618109I'm not the one asking the question

>>133618039Have you tried taking some melatonin? It helps me sometimes when I have insomnia.

>>133618039I know it sucks but getting into a sleep schedule makes life so much better. Even if you have to pull an all nighter its worth it, but I've been going midnight to eight and it really makes the days more manageable

FAVORITE DOCTOR POLLstrawpoll.me/20021878https://www.strawpoll.me/20021878https://www.strawpoll.me/20021878

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>>133618355>strawpoll.me/20021878Fuck. I want to go with Twelve but I know Eleven isn't going to get any love

>>133618355Why would you even bother including the women

Are their any big finish lads here? Making my way through 11's run but I was thinking about taking a break before DotD to listen to some 8 audios. I was just would storm warning to zagreus, then the 8 time war audios be good?

>>133619111Good plan. That's a mighty long break though.

>>133619170Yeah I might hop around. What are the essential stories before zagreus if I dont want to listen to them all?

I wonder if that user watching aztecs got to this yet>Ian is dead susan and he's not coming back

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>>133619331The only pre-Zagreus story worth skipping is Minuet in Hell.

>>133617922nonsense, we also talk about 8 and sometimes 5


>>1336195318 yeah but I still hesitate to call him classic who. I cant remember talking about 5 much tho

there's something very wholesome about these two being really good friends off screen these days

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>>133619559We have to show some love to the original.

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>>133620075lalla still a qt

>>133620169Im not normally a granny-fucker, but I would. No doubts in my mind. Loaded family too, so loving, caring sugar mummy material.

>>133620075Lalla is very pretty

why has it been so long since we've had a good dalek episode? into the dalek is ok, but the last dalek episode I actually enjoyed was asylum, SEVEN years ago

>>133620468The Davros episode with 12 was okay

>>133620075Wow, Lalla aged well but Louise did not.Best Romana (Mary) is dead anyway. F

>>133620588I liked it but I wouldnt call it a dalek episode. Davros was great but the daleks were just window dressing

>>133618355The best doctor

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Think this will be good? I heard some of 13's novels arent bad, no idea if aldreds a good writer or not tho

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>>133620688This one specifically I've heard is better than any 13 episode, I torrented it the other day and will probably give it a read soon

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>>133620688I've heard that it's really good. For obvious reasons, she absolutely nails Ace

>>133620892kek this cover makes it look like she's going to cure his cancer but she won't because she doesn't give a shit

>browse old 4chan folder>found this 10 year(and a few days) old pic>it's nothing special, but it's old and who

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>>133621091apparently its one of those "primitive society sees technology and worships it" type stories and somwhow they think graham is their god, calling him the doctor, honestly sounds pretty fun

Would it be kino?

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>>133620892>The Doctor notes that she was allowed to go anywhere she wanted in her previous body.>Yaz notes that no matter where she goes, history appears to be built on the bones of slavery.FUCK OFF ALREADY

>>133621166cry some moreit's nothing new, blame Malcolm Hulke

>>133621109I just rewatched this episode. Hard to believe this was over ten years ago

>Sophie did voices for El Nombrewtf I love Ace now

>>133621276Tell you what i'll do. I'll just not buy any doctor who merchandise or watch the show

>>133620688god dammit, cant find this or scratchman on my usual book download site

>>133620892>>133621166At this point, wouldn't we be more surprised if they DIDN'T include this shite? Someone keeping a list of it might be useful though. >>133621091>cures Grahams cancer>but he's now stuck as a stained glass window permanentlyYou know, I could definitely see 13 doing this.

>>133621333no hair off my back

>>133620688I wonder if that interview with mccoy is what inspired this

youtube.com/watch?v=8fWvexyy37wremember when doctor who was pure kino

>>133621439Unfortunately, the BBC seems to share your attitude.

>>133621109I remember that one.

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>>133621499I do remember youtu.be/dSK1APQu6K4

>>133621499This had me thinking earlier...What DO time lords smell like?youtu.be/2dVPpxA5_kg

>tennant wankers now acting as if End of Time was good you throw a dog a bone and they

>>133621628right? cannibal skeletor sith lightning hands master was a whole new level of shit

>>133621665the only two things that story had going for it were Timothy Dalton's and Bernard Cribbins' respective performances

>>133621665That and the fact that the Doctor is entirely ineffectual. The only thing he really does is save Wilf, who wouldn't have been there in the first place if he hadn't dragged him along in the first place

>>133621628>>133621665Do you think Rusty knew it was his last chance and thought: "fuck it"? Pic very related.All the stuff relating to Wilfried and Tennant's regeneration was kino though and I won't hear otherwise.

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>>133621665not a cannibal

>>133621628Part 1 is ass but part 2 has some of the best scenes of nuwho


goddammit why is 1/2 of the crusades missing, this isn't fair

>>133621935It's 50/50. Rassilon, and 10/Wilf is great, but so much of it is the worst type of sentimental Tennant wankery that needed to go

>>133622260come back to me when you're a better episode and you're entirely missingt. marco polo

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>>133622335that was last season, now i have a new one to be upset about

>>133621628but it was good - dare I say, the best

>>133622335and at least they have all those beautiful color bts photos, crusade does not

>>133622342Wouldn't be surprised if the BBC forced the name on Rusty. Much like how they ruined Moffat's Simm reveal through adverts

>>133622465I am so happy that wasn't spoiled for me, I had dropped it at the monks years ago, and knew nothing about it, didn't even think it was the finale

>>133622342I remember when people thought Moffat was the talent. We were so young and foolish

>>133622524Moffat does have talent when he is restricted to one episode and under supervision.

Asylum of the daleks is really underrated

this artist is pretty based

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Doctor Who peaked between—and including—The Enemy of the World and Inferno

>>133622974lmao never seen that one before

>I like the idea of Classic Who but I can't sit through a single serial without falling asleepAnyway to solve this?


>>133622974>Moffat trying to explain deathoh no no no...

>>133623135the first episode of unearthly child is a really easy well paced watch, if you can't even get through that idk, maybe try starting with pertwee instead, i've noticed some kids just can't into b&w


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>>133623201rusty never killed anyone, moff killed splink and technically clala

>>133623202I can get through an Unearthly Child but a lot of stuff after that is a slog. There's just long periods where nothing seems to happen. The Daleks is painful to watch. They spend half the serial trying to escape the city then spend the other half trying to get back in.

I miss old /who/. Now it's just boardies all the way down

>>133623327I really liked daleks but thats me, try aztecs its only 4 eps and its great, I also like keys of marius a lot well mostly the last few eps, the courtroom trial and murder investigation is also great

>>133623362/who/ was never good

anyone else think King Richard looks like Marc Warren?

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>>133623422I liked The Daleks, but I felt it could have been cut better into a tighter story.

>>133623498looks like Count Scarlioni to me, senpai

>>133623325No he didn't he brought her back more times than she ever died

>>133624138terry seems to have that problem same with Marius, yea it could've easily just been 4eps

>>133624156good point, also just looked up the guy that played Richard, he was the ATAT commander in ESB

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>>133624230killed her in the end

>>133624556No he didn't she's out traveling with Arya Stark in her own Tardis

>>133624615but she's dead technically

>>133624691She's functionally immortal.

>>133625688if her tardis breaks down even for 1 second shes dead