Why is Disney spending so much money on a franchise literally no one cares about?

Why is Disney spending so much money on a franchise literally no one cares about?

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>>133606966You wouldn’t get it.

>>133606966They spent 5 billions for Star Wars...

>>133606966They think each will generate 1 billion+ eaĉh. max profits

>>133607258>i thought CGI stuff was suppose to be a cost efficient method compared to practical?it costs more, just its easier to give a load of trained professionals 6 months to do the cgi in an office with loads of money vs spend the time to make props (potentially years worth of time like lotr)

>>133607258Sometimes they also develop new tech, new engines etc.

>>133606966>make movies with borrowed money>let movies rot for 12 years to keep them out of the way of Disney SW and capeshit>compounding interest on borrowed money>$1 billion>>133607258Beats the shit out of me. There's gotta be some Disney-style money-laundering going on in there.

>>133607258In this case they're making three movies at the same time. Endgame+Infinity War cost about the same. It's still one hell of a bet to make. There's no guarantee Cameron can pull this off.

>>133607258>what ACTUALLY causes movies like these to cost that muchPaying snobby actors, visiting locations, electricity, CGI artists

>>133606966Perhaps you are not old enough to remember the phenomenon Avatar was when it came out. Everybody saw it.


>>133606966It is cost effectiveI mean the navi are supposed to be like 7-8ft tall?So there is no practical fluid way of making that without cgi.And the floral life is something that can't be made from practical shit.Even if you got glow paint n put it on plants.The lighting of the scene would get ruined and they don't have time to increase and decrease exposures while shooting.It may not seem effiecient due to the costs, but it should be.Just that they milk these movies, especially disney, and they don't give enough time to render this shit, and these cgi companies could already have their hands full with someone else's product.mcu flicks don't really get much rendering time, since they want to rush out these flicks for kids before they grow a brain and realize how cringe they are.So with using cgi as a shortcut, then not giving enough time to render as another shortcut, a lot of those movies don't age well, in visual alone.Some Cgi in old movies isn't too bad, you can tell they took the time to render, but only some of them, most have aged badly.

>>133607715>So there is no practical fluid way of making that without cgi.make small propshire manlet to play humanshire normal people to play navis

>>133607666because it was the height of 3D hype and there was literally nothing else out. people watched it but it has literally no cultural significance at all

>>133607471Based, disney is already spending crazy amounts of money on failing ventures.Star wars commercial flop like no other.The parks upgrades cost so much, that they won't be making their money back on it anytime soon.Disney+, did not pick up as many simps as they thought it would.Now James is making his claim.Gimme your capeshit bux

>>133607866>using literally twice in a single line postanon please

>>133607214SW attracts sóyboys and wymenAvatar attracts no one

Imagine how many african american families could be brought from poverty with that amount of money.

>>133607933>Avatar attracts no one?

>>133608030it attracts furries and pedos

>>133607980Don't be racist user

>>133606966Jim Cameron is taking down disney from the inside

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>>133606966Either it's about money laundering or about developing the tech.

>>133608055pedos make up about 95% of the world male population though

>>133608090i think spending billions on making movies for white manchildren is racist

>>133608055So 80% of the population?

>>133606966I will pay to see each sequel in the theater at least thrice

>>133607980Based James leaving niggers in the poverty their niggertry deserves

>>133607666I saw it twice

>>133606966>literally no one cares aboutWhat about the "x days till avatar 2" frogposter? Ever considered his feelings, you little shit?

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They've got fuck all else baskets to put their eggs in

>>133606966>Movie releases the moment Corona is actually like the flu>The pandemic was Cameron's gimmick like 2009's 3D

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>>133606966Sunken cost fallacy: The Movie

>>133608147Calm down user

>>133608123you can tell he's based as fuck and hiding his power level.

>>133607899>Now James is making his claimAt least James knows what he is doing....

>>133607866>but it has literally no cultural significance at allwat

its never coming out

>>133608123Yeah. I won't be surprised if Based Jim will do a power move in 2021 that will get him a huge chunk of Disney shares and slowly takeover the company.

>>1336069660/10 your just jealous

>>133606966No cost is too high for the kino of the ages!

>MCUcks getting increasingly nervouskek

>>133607666>Everybody saw it.Not me. I've tried to watched this borefest 3 times after torrenting it. I still don't get it.

>>133606966cameron put his full power level into it. it will probably make peoples heads explode

>>133608486>no kids wearing avatar shirts>no avatar toys in stores>no shows or movies quoting lines from avatarit's literally the mcdonald's of movies. made a lot of money but no one cares or talks about it

>>133606966I must admit it will be pretty funny if Avatar 2 turns out to be a real go woke go broke shit fiesta. Feel like even normies are getting tired of that shit right now.

>>133608951better way to die than most

>>133608486It's space Pocahontas. Some people like looking at the blue buttcheeks, but there's not a single part of the film that is actually unique or interesting beyond its 3d, so everyone ignored it immediately after seeing it. I don't plan to see any of the sequels, and it's not even a sour grapes scenario like what happened with Star Wars. I just don't care because they're going to be as generic and uninteresting as the first one

>>133607335this, also reshoots are easier

>>133608959Other than SW how many movies had Tshirts and toys?

>>133606966They spent $52.4 billion on it.

>>133609417so about 7 dollars in 2021 money. they're gonna make a killing.

>>133609110No, it’s Space Dances with Wolves

>>133609367literally every other disney movie

>>133609632Honestly don't remember... Example?


>>133606966Because of the park.

>>133606966Hopefully 2 bombs and then Cameron can move on to do something important. Like maybe make an MCU film.

>>133609726High quality stuff... I'm ok with "no culturaly significant" movies then.

>>133606966Because they wipe their ass with a billion dollars

>>133606966This movie is far from being as bad as stuff like The Room, but for all the money spent on what's essentially a three hour long amusement park ride inside a movie theatre, I've never once met somebody who talked much about it outside of special effects, let alone saying it was their favorite movie. Maybe some cult following exists, but I've yet to find it.

>>133610199sounds like they need to change their diet.

>>133606966>4 sequels planned or is it 3?>250/330+ mil eachDon't see a problem, sounds like average budget nowadays

>>133609464>I don't know how inflation works

>>133610783keep that stuff to yourself dobson

Because it'll make 5 billions at the box office.

>>133607666Damn there are kids browsing Holla Forums right now not old enough to remember Avatar

>>133610521>>4 sequels planned or is it 3?I think it's 4.

>>133606966What gonna be their gimmick? The last one was 3D. Are they gonna go 4D or VR?

Spending a lot on a movie gives it an "air" of expensiveness and therefore of value. The content of the film is irrelevant. If people feel the content has value, they will flock to see it. It's simple monkey brain psychology and it works every time.

>>133606966I didn't like the 1st one when it came out. Though it looked good, but found the characters too annoying. Wanted wheelchair dude to die the whole film.

>>133611002Well almost every time. It didn't work in the case of Solo.

>>133608959>a movies significance is measured in how many T-shirts it soldthis is your brain on coomsumerism

>>133611009>Wanted wheelchair dude to die Technically he dies.

>>133606966one billion is a small price to pay for neyney

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>>133606966making a sequel movie doesn't seem that crazy. planning out like 6 sequels that we've all been hearing about for the last decade seems pretty nuts. building a huge addition to your flagship themepark 15 years after the first movie and well before the sequel seems absolutely insane, what are they going to do with that crap if it bombs? it's easy to just cancel the next 8 planned movies, it's not easy to figure out what to do with avatar land

>>133611116i hate him as the blue thing too though lol, wanted the humans to win, why didn;t they nuke the planet from orbit, then mine what they wanted afterwards?

>>133606966They were already in production when they acquired fox. There's a sunk cost. I also assume that most of that money had already been ear marked or already spent, so there's not really much disney can do. Not to mention contractual obligations that if not upheld would leave disney wide open to getting their asses sued off by any injured party. James Cameron is also an alpha chad, so I imagine he just screams in the face of some pussy ass pencil neck desk jockey and puts the fear of god into them. I don't give a shit about avatar as a franchise, but I love muh boi Jimmy and wish him all the best. Don't forget either that a lot of Avatar's original budget was in R&D for the 3D cameras cameron helped designed and build for the movie.

>>133606966i have never met any one who liked avatar other than my crazy wiccan nudist aunt

>>133611223I'd like to see the gangly fucks try to take out a capital ship with a spear

>>133611278If the spear is blessed by eywa, game over man

>>133607666Avatar is based. Zoomers are cynics and literal fags. These sequels will be everything Disney Wars was not. I read you won't even need glasses for the 3D, it's a new type of projection and film stock.

>>133611322Nuke would stop Eywa

>>133608123Not a single Jew is working on Avatar 2-5. He runs a tight ship, pun intended.

>>133610299>let alone saying it was their favorite movie. Maybe some cult following exists, but I've yet to find it.Too young. Avatar wasn't even considered a movie when it came out, it was on another level. There were thousands of people, including in Mexico and Hispanics, who had withdrawals for the fictional world, Avatar Sickness was in the news. People don't speak about it because it's too personal and B because you could only experience it in a theater. People don't have the tech at home to see it as James envisioned. It's more like the Great Epics than anything Marvel or the capeshit you like.

>>133606966>who even likes Avatar? Infinity War, now that’s a movie

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>>133610952The gimmick for 2 is underwater motion capture

>>133611555infinity war was actually a pretty good movie, end game is what disney deserves to get shit on for

>>133610952>4D smellovision>zoe saldana walks on screen>upset tummy from eating too many space artichokes last night>BRAAAAP>theater filled with putrid smell of her nasty fartis james cameron, dare i say it... /our guy/?

>>133606966>highest grossing film ever>no ones caresAvatar is literally the only decent cut of sci-fi humanity had to offer you foaming incelrest is pure shit

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>>133606966No production company is spending money on anything right now. The hollywood infrastructure literally does not exist at this point. So talking about what movies (((disney))) or any other company is making is beyond retarded.Hollywood is dead. Good.

>>133607258Fluffy baps take time I guess

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>>133611962how the fuck is alien zoom

>>133607214Star Wars singlehandedly changed Hollywood forever. Avatar is only known for 3D- something that died already.Where are the Avatar toys? Books? Videogames? Fan websites?Its easy for 15 year olds to say>hurdur Star Wars was never goodI have literally never seen anyone ever talk about Avatar's story.

>>133612061Ever heard of an edgy zoomer?


>>133612136Name a single property that spawned a media empire from a single movie. You can't.Even Star Wars would've been forgotten 10 years after its release if there were no sequels to the 1977 movie.

>>133611267>I don't give a shit about avatar as a franchise, but I love muh boi Jimmy and wish him all the best.Exactly how I feel.

>>133606966It's going to bust hard. No one gives a fuck about Avatar in current year. Everyone who originally saw it is embarrassed they ever did. 150 million domestic 300 million foreign MAX.

>>133606966If Cameron finds a new gimmick to push with this one like glasses-free 3D or some shit, they might make the money back. But even in best case scenario, he got too cocky, should have just made two sequels at the very most, and that's pushing it, but he's making like five?

>>133612518imagine being so low IQ that you think this is even a possibility

>>133612564how the fuck could that even work when movie theaters are going extinct? he's fucked.

>>133606966You mean why did fox spend so much on these movies

One question i'm asking myself is who the fuck are they going to market theses avatar movies to? Like what genre of movie goers? What age range?

>>133612656They will be 4 quadrant movies, like Titanic and Avatar

>>133611082I matter to stockholders as well.youtu.be/fgRFQJCHcPw

>>1336121365 billions is what Disney spent for the sequels and they had to trash the toys.

>>133611783>infinity war was actually a pretty good movieI refuse to soijack post but just know that this made me want to very much

>>133613434Thanos was a more memorable character than anyone in avatar. >B-But muh blue catgirl I want to fuck!You know I'm right.

>>133608403the fuck are you talking about?

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>>133612518People have doubt Cameron many times and every time he shuts them up. I can't wait to try his new revolutionary 3D mambo jumbo brain connected asmr sweat inducing tight pussy navir live sensation experience.

>>133608123>taking down disney from the insideHold my beer

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Does anyone even care about these movies anymore? It's been 12 FUCKING YEARS.

>>133607471How the fuck does based Jim do it?

>>133613718>bro, literally one aspect of it wasn’t bland or straight up subpar like the cinematography and script. That mean’s it’s excellent!you enjoy your capeshit, I’ll enjoy my mise en scene amigo

>>133607214Exactly. Then they had to spend a bunch more money to make it a franchise no one cared about anymore. Avatar is an enormous bargain by comparison.

>>133612053what movie?

>>133614931>mise en scene>in avatarBro, it's proto-capeshit and ushered in the latest wave of the 3D abomination.

>>133607980Yeah, Disney sucks morally and financially

>>133608206Cringe hes a reptile

>>133609022Normies are look at HBO

>>133610952>4DThats gonna be one helluva acid trip of a movie

>>133615435only reason 3d sucked was cuz lazy fuckers like Marvel did 3d conversion jobs which are an embarrassment compared to shooting in 3d like based Cameron did. If you didn’t think Avatar in 3d imax or even 3d on a small ps3tv you need to get your eyes checked.

>>133607666This was basically the first movie that really was going full bore into 3D. First one that had a blockbuster level budget designed from the ground up for 3D as opposed to throwing a few gay shots into it and trying to do some post processing garbage. I could be wrong but it's the first movie I remember seeing with the polarized glasses vs the shitty cardboard red/blue shift ones. Cameron was trying to jumpstart the entire 3D film industry where it had pretty much stagnated, and the theaters were all behind it because it was the only thing they could offer vs home video. So the hype behind 'omg 3d' was unbelievable.Hell, I went and saw it for the 3d. I never had ANY desire to rewatch the movie though.

>>133612136>I have literally never seen anyone ever talk about Avatar's story.I have plenty of times. Usually when people call it a Dances with Wolves/Ferngully ripoff

>>133615819It's a gimmick fit for theme park attractions.I saw it twice in the theaters because I knew the only thing it had to offer was 3D, and otherwise it was just a less interesting live action adaptation of ferngully: the last rainforest.

>>133606966>ctrl f China>0 resultsyou guys are actual retards. Do you not remember that the Asians went absolutely crazy for Avatar and they have massively grown since 2009 as a paying audience

>>133607666Took a first date to see it. Tix were expensive as fuck. Ended up dating the chick for 3 years.

Imagine posting here with doubts about James Cameron, the best living filmmaker who was a legend since Terminator 2 and Aliens, the best sequels ever made. And Avatar has four sequels written by him and directed in a singular vision that will supplant George Lucas and leave Spielberg with a Who? on his name. Cameron created new technology for these sequels, he criticizes Marvel for the low IQ trash it is. These sequels will literally be the biggest global blockbusters in our lifetime. But doubt away. Everyone here will buy tickets, you can't pirate these movies, they are tailored for modern theaters only. He's going to laugh for years as every record is broken and Star Wars goes down in flames.

>>133616990Except it was your mom and she bought your ticket.

>>133607666nobody actually cared about the movie. the hype was all about the effects. and a year after it came out, nobody was talking about it anymore

>>133617138>nobody actually cared about the moviecnn.com/2010/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/11/avatar.movie.blues/index.htmlthere was actually a bunch of this stuff for a bit

>>133606966i hope this product flops titanically

>>133607715>>133607763Better ideaHire basketball players to portray the Na'vi

Hope Cameron releases this shit soon so he can start producing Alita 2

>>133607933Avatar attracts normal people who don't care for Star Wars or capeshitit's a more grounded world with things people recognize and doesn't involve space magic or other fantasy tropesCameron's philosophy is that your world needs to be grounded otherwise people don't buy the fantasy, which is true for a large part of the populationthey are going to sell this thing like an immersive trip to a different planet which even your grandma might be interested in

>>133606966Id go to the Avatar theme park, first time to Disney land/world, in probably 20 years.Avatar will make more than Star Wars when it will be released. Cry more!Yes I reposted this since I accidentally posted this in the scifi thread instead of here, by accident

>>133606966After SW crashed and burned, marvel is out of puff for the time being, parks are closed and assorted dead weight like Mulan , Disney must be sucking JimCams dick to pull them out of some deep shit .

>>133617381>Alita 2NEVER EVER>In April 2020, Christoph Waltz stated that he had not heard any discussions about a potential sequel to the film, and thought the possibility was unlikely following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox as it may not have fit in with the Disney brand

>>133609232Also director has way more control over CGI and can do pretty much whatever he wants to fully flesh out his vision. Practical effects have limitations.

>>133619133>Practical effects have limitations.Good. Limitations promote creativity.

>>133618875>In April 2020He probably got corona'd, he was raving.

>>133619197True, but directors are lazy nowadays. I watched a lot of behind the scenes of 80's and 90's sci-fi and action movies and some of the stuff directors did with practical effects was pretty smart and crazy and you would never guess the tricks they used to get the desired effect on-screen.

>>133607866Pretty much this. I have no idea why Disney would make this bet.

One of the few movies I stopped watching halfway.The opening looked interesting, something about a cyberpunk planet iirc. Then it turned into a pg13 Pocahontas ripoff. Now that every other blockbuster has 3d (the one that just adds depth instead of elements popping out), I can't see how they will repeat the success of the first Avatar.

>>133608240"x days till avatar 2 frogposter" died 235 days ago.

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>>133607866it created the 3d hype

>>133620436how long has it been since ABATAB?

>>133620436lying little shit dog, I saw him like a week ago


>>133606966I cant believe what i just read

>>133606966>1 billion>on what will most likely be feminist, fuck drumpf drivel

>>133606966Wow you could feed the entire world with that kind of money

>>133612390>Even Star Wars would've been forgotten 10 years after its release if there were no sequels to the 1977 movie.just nah, it would have been less of a cultural juggernaut and more of a cult-classic but it wouldnt have faded into irrelevance like avatar did.

>>133609676fucking frozen?

>>133609632lmao you say literally in every one of your posts you fucking chimp

>>133607980Money thrown in the garbage. Just look at Africa.

>>133608128Tech is never gonna stop improving, ever. They could still be making the movie in 2420 and they’d still delay it because they need the right look.

>>133611962what is ayyss?

>>133610191>>133611082T-shirts are just one example of the complete cultural irrelevance of this movie.Ask most people anything you want about this movie. Ask them to name a character, quote a line, anything. No one will know.This movie's cultural imprint has been "looked pretty in 3D", that's the extent of its relevance.

>>133607715So many wrong opinions stated as fact in one retarded post.