And here's our son's room, he's quite the film connoisseur

And here's our son's room, he's quite the film connoisseur...

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>>133606436Just imagine with me for a second that you are kissing her passionately while you stroke her cock and she strokes yours. So hot desu

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>>133606516>her cock

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>>133606099>and here is the courier's room

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...behind the radiator! Of course!Oh hey mom

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>>133607883Sleep tight steeler

>>133606436holy based

>>133606436sauce pls

>>133607931Absolute unit

>>133606436I never realized Lex Luthor was a fag

>>133607883Mega based


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>>133608276post the pic

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>>133606099Fuck off Benny, don't you have a platinum chip to steal?

>>133607883Sleep tight steeler

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>>133607883literally me in 2 hours

>>133608315He ought to try edibles.

>>133608952Looks like he already has.


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>>133608913Get back on your fucking manga

>>133607883I just coomed three times to some disgusting shit and I'm already 6 drinks in. Someone save me.

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>>133609652This is what all my birthdays look like. Is this bad? I was never ashamed of it...

>>133609652I didn't even have a 20th birthday party. I went to Denny's with my mom and (ex)gf. But I did got a blowjob after.

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>>133609781From your mom?

>>133607883what happened to sam hyde

>>133609923Well duh, his ex wasn't gonna suck it again

>>133609652why do people post these pictures online, why would you even take that picture

>>133606099>What in the goddamn?

>>133607931Looks like a rotisserie chicken.

>>133607883came expecting to see this

>>133608613kimberly sin

>>133608315>poor af>buys a $2000 facebook machine


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>>133610607basedthanks fren

>>133608913how do people live like this

>>133607931imagine the cunny

>>133606436That Sessler?

>>133606436faggotsall of you


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>>133607883Everyday a little sadderA little madderSomeone get me a ladder

Hey dadd

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>>133610632well janny needs it for his work

>>133611834Does he earn enough to make up for it?

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>>133606099Look I’ve reached enlightenment

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>>133606099By the way, for the record, you should probably knock or make yourself known next time you enter someone's place.

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>>133609652>when you dont want any birthday fuss whatsoever because you its pathetic but mom insists because "but...its your birthday" so you play along to make mom happy but it crushes you inside because you're so pathetic

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>>133611781Uh... You don't get to bring guests in.


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>>133610769Haha Haha can you imagine? Being this pathetic? Hahahahahah....



>>133611781That's a big room

>>133608913His room correctly resonates with his work. A hot mess.

>>133609538Put on something comfy. Some childhood kino. For me it’s Pee Wee’s big adventure or karate kid. Order a pizza and think back on simpler times. Try to zonk out and get thru the night.

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>>133610769And the best part is it’s take like half an afternoon at worse to bag all that trash up and organize what little isn’t trash

Come right in.

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>>133612952>tfw you will never have mom/son incest swimming lessons/competitions in that poolJDIMSA

>>133606099Thats my wifes sons

>>133609652>turn 24 in a few months>HKV>I was too autistic to realize that the few girls who did show interest in me liked me>still living with my parents>wagecucking and occasionally going back to school and hating it>1 friend outside of Holla ForumsI'm not gonna make it bros

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>>133612952Close that window, you just ruined everything

>>133612803I had that same HP monitor back in the day. I never noticed the G4 in this pic.

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Wait this is not my son's room.

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>>133606436you can post this on a blue board because it only shows mens nipples

>>133609652That's literally me except my mom is dead lmao


>>133609652He cute

>>133607883Literally me

>>133612952My brother has an indoor pool and it's an absolute money pit

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>>133613999I need a gf...

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>>133613999>wholesome trips

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>>133614907I can be your gf (male)

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>>133609652The last time I had a party for my birthday almost nobody came, and only my one friend stayed for more than an hour because I think he felt bad. It made me really not want to bother with it again.

>>133615122Sure, I don't really care anymore

>>133607883sleep tight steely dan



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>>133613282Literally me.

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>>133610769I was working 16 hours a night and whenever I got home I would sleep and not clean. Wasnt as bad as that pic but it was a mess.

>>133608315This dude lives like an hour from me.

>>133616256can you go duct tape a turd to his front door

>OOOOooOOooOOOOHHhHHHhh>Tellll the janniesssss to stickyyyy meeeeeee

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>>133616365I haven't had solid shits in a while.

>>133615557Looks comfy desu

>>133613999where this from?

>>133616523probably from her instagram, that's the girl from the "guess they never miss" video

>>133616406Imagine the smell>>133616412Stop eating fast food and you'll have solid shits again for duct taping purposes

>>133616406is there a story here?

>>133616445sleeping in a car is the worst shit m8

>>133613999She looks really good for 20

>>133616629I don't eat that much fast food. I should probably see a doctor.

>>133616656jannies liedanon died.

>>133616412>Shit in tupperware >place in freezer>duct tape frozen shit to door>as melts it smears along the door

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>>133606099These threads are as played out as Bane threads. Got to be a bot posting this trash.

>>133607883*siiip* yup

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>>133609652haven't had a birthday party since like when I was 15

>>133616656he died how he livedlaying on the floor alone in pain and misery

>>133607931is he daring me to rescue her?




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>>133616412You need to see a doctor.

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>>133609724never be ashamed of something that makes you happy anonunless that thing is furry porn

>>133608913Old picture. Is that an Atari?

>>133607883>that thing was too big to be called a beer...

>>133613282>the few girls who did show interest in menormalfag get out

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>>133613477I'll be your mommy, baby.

>>133607883Me on the left

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Ring-a-ding ding, baby.

>>133609652lots of people have separate birthdays between their friends/family, this isn't unusual at all (except it's missing the racist grandma)

>>133609652god i want to die

>>133622626No one will miss you. Faggot.

>>133613999>>133609652This happened to me last year. I'm 23 now and ready to die sometime before my next birthday. Fuck this



This fucking thread... Jesus christ, I thought I was a loser. It's ironic because the best things you can do for yourself are usually free>Stop ejaculating>Shower in cold water>Get more sleep>Meditate

>>133624402i love to coom to blacked porn thoughnothing you can do about it you loser

>>133624402I do all of this and yet I still want to blow my fucking brains out

>>133624402>Wow so easy user I guess my whole life is just going to lift itself out of the shitter when I do this We get it you watched some YouTube videos and now you know how to fix everyone's issues

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>>13361243430 soon... I’ll have to go “hang out with a friend” when I’m really parked outside a mall browsing on my phone for a few hours.

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>>133615557Unironically comfy

>>133624788Get a motorcycle. It's the only friend you need.


>>133613999she's so fucking cute bros

>>133613999Why didn't you save her Holla Forums?

>>133612807Then why don't they do it?


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>>133611402God the Masons are such turbofags

>>133607883 Yathzee sure let himself go.

>>133613282Wow he's literally me

>>133613451Sir, you don't have a son.


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