Sasha Banks st last nights WWE Money in the Bank

Sweet baby Jesus

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who won? at headquarter right? in stamford. They were supposed to climb the building. Did anyone get it?

>>133604849i'd cosign that bank statement

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>>133604900Asuka won the womans, Otis won the mens

>>133604937Holy fuck

>>133604849God, I miss when they had Divas on the show.

>>133604849Literally teanna trump

For me it's Brandi Rhodes

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wrestling is for kids and slow adults

>>133604849>>133604891Couple a trannies?

She is perfect

Sasha Banks thread?

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>>133604849Her husband for you simps

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>>133604849why are there so many wrestling threads lately?

>>133607264As always, its not the one she wants, but the one who had the balls to say hi. Incels could learn from this.


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>>133607563Sheamus must have had a go around the locker room i bet

>>133607313/asp/ has become so bloated with terrible posters that it's started leaking.

>>133604891WWE finally embraced the coomer and went Ultimate Surrender? Does she force her sweaty latex pusy into the face of her opponent?

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>>133604900Otis won and Baron Corbin killed Rey Mysterio and Alistair Black

mmmmm sweaty pusy

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More sasha

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>>133604983Based, hopefully Otis gets a decent push.

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>>133604849Ding-dong diddly brother

Butter faced mutt.

>>133605229Fuck off you bulbasaur tranny loving mother fucker


>>133604937images you can smell

/asp/ is the worst board on this site by a wide margin

>>133610083ya ding-dong diddly seethe?

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>>133610083i can think of a few worse off the top of my head though/b//adv//qa//bant//r9k//mlp//jp/Holla Forums

>Sasha Banks threadSometimes I fucking love Holla Forums

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>>133607264Betabux the picture

>>133604849did her tits come out?

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>>133604849Why does she have her little tits pushed up but Bayley has her big natural tits hidden all the time?

Her hottest look

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>>133604891Are they trying to say Sasha is a faggot for of all people...BAYLEY?! I mean holy fuck wwe really is scraping the bottom of the barrel for storylines aren't they.>fat gut boy wins money in bank>asuka wins again but won't get shit in terms of storyline>every other match was a squash

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>>133610484Anyone hot the webm of that sexy as fuck hip swivel she did while wearing that outfit. I nutted so hard.

>>133604849imagine if bayley was even half as sluttly with her wardrobes as sasha is... This would be a bayley thread

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This is legit the best thread on Holla Forums in years

>>133605229lmao why a shoop tho? also love me some Brandi

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>>133604849Wrestlefu bread?

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4chan has a board for your gay autistic fake fighting user

i like bayley

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what is the word that filters to ding-dong diddly on /asp/

>>133611183I see no wrestling. only hot women

>>133611007That isn't a shoop

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>>133604928>i'd cosign that bank statementdon't you mean Banks statement?

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>>133610083/asp/ is the best board with the best memes. this board could learn a thing or two from them

Bayley needs to get a clue and start showing some asscheek

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>>133611183Imagine seething over people posting stuff from TV on a board called Holla Forums

>>133611131She's mad qt. How asuka got more popular is beyond me

>>133611186She's got huge natural tits but never shows them. A waste.

for me

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>>133610083Redneck white trash are always the worst members of any community.


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>>133611328Asp doesn't have any memes. It has a few autists who just repeat themselves a lot and think it means it's a meme.

mmmm bums


>>133611512>Asp doesn't have any memes. /asp/ created every single nigger speak meme on this websiteseethingsimpincelbasedcringeall come from /asp/ and are stolen by crossboarders which then get stolen by twitch streamers

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>>133611413She signed with the bigger brand, I'm glad my waifu isn't under the thumb of Vince anyway. She can still do her tv show and lewd but not newd video shoots.

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>>133611413Asuka has charisma

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>>133612244screaming in japanese and twirling her hands around is NOT charisma. Even her youtube videos are boring.

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>>133606802ugly manbody

>>133611131is this a trap

Severe lack of fucking taste in this thread

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>>133611689None of those are yours. Not a single one.

>>133604849Bullshit cosplay wrestling for hipster losers.

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>>133612713No its Hikaru bulgy wulgy owO

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>>133605198teanna trump stole her look

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>>133613545Teanna Trump and Sasha should steal my genetic material.

>>133605739Looks that way

Imagine getting peed on by them at the same time.

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>>133612766I'm almost certain seething and cope came from the wrasslefags

>>133608443'twas raped

>>133614574Cope most definitely did not. Seething is literally the only one from that list that has any association with that board. The rest are unrelated.

>>133611512You described Holla Forums in a nutshell.

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>>133614878that board is a special case of inbred retard though, any time one of them escapes captivity to here they just start spouting weird baby talk gibberish and expect everyone to know why they're doing it

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>>133611689do you actually not know where the words "based" and "incel" come from?

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>>133604849WWE is going to collapse. Currently they have the lowest ratings in history. Is Social Media killing wrestling or is it just the shitty product compared to what we got 20 years ago?

>>133614613ya seethe mark

>>133604849Budget's Anessa Kate

>>133615640I've heard rumors Vince is gonna sell it. That may actually be a good thing if whoever potentially buys it let's the performers have actual creative input

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>>133607264>>133607563OH NO NO NO!!!RESET THE COUNTER! ...wait, where am I?

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This thread is truly epic guys

>>133616339So thirsty.No way she is faithful to that ugly flip.


The greatest thing ever to happen to Holla Forums. How long can we keep this thread alive guys?

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>>133610083Literally SEETHING

why is bayley so likeable?

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A wrestling thread? on my christian-based board?


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>>133617019I heard she's pregnant. Is that true?

>>133617126It's true. Father is rumored to be black man

>>133610582>>133610427>>133610487>>133611186>>133611365Reminder that Bayley is Sasha's loving devoted girlfriend and The Boss does NOT appreciate you talking about her like this!

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>>133604849Jesus Christ is the Son of God


>>133617126just announced today

>>133604849Based Big Dimes Boss>>133607563Based Fella>>133616598It’s pretty obvious she isn’t. She’s a bit blatant about it too.

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>>133617019>>133617126>>133617316Guess this proves she's not a man after all

>>133615640afraid of bringing back the RAW ATTITUDE ERA and offending snowflakesi want to see shit like stone cold spraying down booker t with a fire hose of beer not some fuckin instagram bullshit

>>133617268never seen this before, this guy is a ding-dong diddly legend

>>133617126yes>>133617204ur a faggot

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For me, it's Alexa Bliss.

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>>133616896>>133617075Back off jabronies, Big Mama Pump will send you to nirvana

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>>133617268Uuuuuh...did they?

For me, it's the original Duo of Kaytlin and AJ Lee


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>>133604849>>>/asp/>>>/asp/>>>/asp/ie centralfuck off with your not-wrestling


>>133612167>>133612207>>133612256>>133612308how is the ref not just jerking off in the ring?


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>>133617887>I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT TRANNIES!!!!kek what a faggot

Is Sheamus porking Sasha?

>>133617075are they real?

>>133617995I don't get whats happening here


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>>133618270All of the male wrestlers are

>>133618295Also yes

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>>133618354he's touching her ass and look at her face too


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>>133611689>seethingYes>simpWell... Technically true. But the "simp" non-/asp/ies use is the "Cares too much about women" version, which has nothing to do with /asp/'s original "simp">incelNo, not at all>based/cringeThe one-word posts with the words? YesAlso, you forgot "Have sex", "Rent free" and "KWAB" (The later is a bit more obscure to non-/asp/ies, but you'll see it here and there).

>>133618625Oh, and "Holy basedola"/"Holy yummola" stuff as well. That's another /asp/ original. I'm sure there's more that aren't coming to the top of my head.

>>133614613"cope" as a one-word reply came from /asp/, yes.

>>133618536She liked it

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Friendly reminder Sasha shitposts on Holla

>>133604849Decent looking for a tranny, I gotta admit.

>>133610083>sent from Holla Forums



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>>133618674No one says those things anywhere in the world.

>>133617317OUCH. Poor 150 lbs 5'7" Flip dressmaker. >>133615978

>>133619482but she isn't

>>133619249We're talking about 4chan memes, ya simp

>>133619213Where's her tits?

>>133619755>>133619755site wide memes, not whatever retardation the inbreds on an unpopular board say to each other


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>>133619879she looks almost flat in that other image

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>>133620044Bayley's got fake tits like all the other females in wrestling

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>>133621040>>133620719That's wrong though, it's well known hers are natural

for me, its megumi kudo

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I want to put Zelina in my pocket.

Why was a picture like this allowed to be tooken!?

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>>133610209add /vp/ while you're at it.

>>133607264Damn he looks like me..FUCK

>>133620832>>133620772>>133620283No way are they real but they are nice

>>133610083Didn't /asp/ unironically come up with "have sex" and a few other phrases that the whole site ended up using?


for me it's joshi puroresu

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She's cute but it's too bad she's bald under the wig.

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>>133617019Seth Rollins' reckless work ends another innocent wrestler's career