Are Harri Pottas actually good movies?

Are Harri Pottas actually good movies?

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>>133601940Like on the same level as the Pirates of the Carribean movies

>>133601940>Bill Gates when everything isn't going to plan

>Kino3>Breddy Gud2, 6, 7>meh1, 5, 7 part 2>weird4

>>133601940First 2 movies are comfy kino. The third is the best one. The rest are inconsistent but you have Luna since the 5th.

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Anyone that says 3 is a good movie is a retard and should be ignored. It is the ultimate reddit filter. 1 and 2 were good because they were actually Wizard kids in Wizarding school doing classes, beautiful scenery, etc. 3 onwards where they dropped all non plot scenes, stopped wearing wizard robes (why the FUCK are they wearing jeans and hoodies in more scenes than Wizards garments) and started adding those disgusting grey filters on everything, ruined the films.

>>133601940It peaked at 1 and 2. 3 was just good enough but the change in tone ruined any potential for the rest of them

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>>133602580Why did they replace her in the 3rd movie and what does she look like now?

>>133602465>First 2 movies are comfy kino.true>The third is the best one.bullshit. it was just boring slice of life and started the moody athmosphere trend> The rest are inconsistentthe rest is pure, unaltered shit. inconsisten is an euphemism>you have Luna since the 5th.maybe the only thing worth saving, a fresh new actor that plays the quirky loon in a gloomy world of self pitying faggots

>Flop out those tittes you old whoreWhy was Harry so corrupted after becoming rich?

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>>133602251surprisingly mostly accurate.The series is fun OP, but 3 and 7part1 are the only actual great ones

>>133601940Only if you've not read the books

>>133602643Because you're not supposed to like her so they made her an ugly mutt

>>133602103Stop quoting nobody, idiot.

>>133601940the face you make when you learn you're an anglo


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>>133601940no but girls like it


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>>133603235was the house cup an allegory for the british electoral system?

>>133603035Cute Bong women are hot. 4chan just loves to spend ugly women of any ethnicity and act like they’re the best that ethnic group can offer

>>133601940not the best movies, but comfy for sure

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>>133603195it's true. I had to watch it with my exgf. she even baited me with alan rickman but he's barely in it.fuck those movies were awful and boring. first couple have such shit acting in it that's it at least funny bad. but anyone who enjoyed the movies past the age of 11 should kill themselvs. fucking faggots


>>133603430HAHAHAHAHAHAthe most absolutely fucking hilarious part of what you just said, is that she was FRENCH. Her parents just moved to Britain for work. You cant make this up.Sorry user, but there are NO Brit girls higher than 6.5/10.

>>133603255It was a allegory for rowling never thinking anything through>Quidditch>nothing but the seekers matterThe rest of the teams could go suck each other off in the stands and it wouldnt meaningfully change the outcome

>>1336022511 is comfy

What did you expect from one of the greatest franchises in the history of movie franchises. Each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains have become staples of modern pop culture. Aside from the amazing imagery, the series’ other consistency has been its excitement and use of special effects, all to make magic come to life, to make the action never stop.Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would become a work of art that means something to everybody and means everything to some, the success of the movies and books were insanely profitable. The Harry Potter series might be pro-Christian (being based on the bible and all), but it’s certainly the alternate James Bond series in its use of wonder, beauty and excitement. Everyone wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, the world know it.>a-at least the books were good though"Yes!"The writing is Amazing; the book was incredible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs." I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is incredible this phrase repeated was like poetry, it ryhmed. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King and that is beautiful.

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>>133603559Bongs literally have french dna thanks to the Normans

>>1336022511 and 2 are the only ones you don't need to read the books to understand what's happening

>>133603559>>133603430>>133604014for some reasons brits girls are ugly but american grills with brit descent are fucking hot, why is this?

>>133604130Sunlightvitaminsand dental surgery

>>1336019401+2 are solid films, they rely on child actors obviously, but they do quite a good job of having experienced actors around to help carry the scenes. I also like the 'mundane' stuff. I hate the way later films streamline the process. It's far less immersive. And they start to focus on drama inter-character far more than against the environment or great threats, which makes it lose a lot of mystery.Also, in the first two films spells carry weight, but from the third onward everyone is casting unvoiced top tier spells left right and centre. It's mental. From five onward wands are reduced to magic guns.Also you have miscegenation from five, though even in four you have the foreign Chad shagging Hermione. It settles by 6 and there we see the gears turning again, and that compensates for its failures in other areas, whereas there is a general impotence post-POA. The last two films are just a snoywars lightshow. They are also to ''''urban'''.So, in order:1=2>3>>>6>>4=5>>>>>>>>>>.7:1+2.



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>>133602563i don't share the hatred but i absolutely agree 3 is not a good film and doesn't maintain the same kind of ambience the first 2 did. it shouldn't have become uncomfy until the 4th, which although it was a shitty movie almost gets back to how it used to be.

>>133602568funfunbit edgygrim dark shite till the end

>>133604565harry did you put your penis in the goblet of fiyaaaaah

>>133603049wtf is avatar doing in there LUL

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>>133603998base "yes!" poster

How the fuck is the third one any good.The time travel plot is retarded.It was boring as all fuck.Everything had this gray tint to it.It was when it started to divert from colourful fantasy story for the whole family into Young Adult shitfest.

>>133603049>quoting a tripfag

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>>133601940third is really good, 4-7 are ok, first two are crap

>>133604565making an adaptation that is 100% the same as in book is pointless and retarded

>>133602992>he doesnt know

>>133604731>The time travel plot is's literally one of the very few movies with time travel done right

>>133604889>he doesn't No!

>>133601940No, but they're not horrible either. They're watchable.

>>133604738>He doesn't know QuentinGo back, plebe

>born at the right time where the movies matched your agegrowing up was great

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>>133605098Donno don't care I hate tripfags with a pashion

>>133601940Prisoner of Azkaban is a good movie.


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>>133605108>Holla Forumseddit tranny>thinks these anti west propaganda is goodevery time

>>133602251>1>mehNo soul right here

>>133603049Should have used the Citizen Bane edit

>>133605108>iwn be again that 7yo going to the cinema for the first time shitting my pants in fear watching the philosopher's stoneIt hurts

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I like the first movie before they turn into ugly teenagers


Bump. Potter threads are cozy

ron was pretty thicc later

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>>133601940No. Also Potter was a total mary sue

Who's your favorite pottertuber, Holla Forums?Mine's my girl Tessa. She will slit her wrist someday, but for now she tries the best she can!

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>>133607175Kill yourself you parasite

>>133604112First 2 are the best and the most comfy.3 onwards became too dark and grey although they're still okay I guess, they hardly wear their wizard robes which is silly cause in the books they do

>>133604836True but recently re-watched GOF and Dumbledore was out of character the whole movie, running around yelling and shouting the whole time. Hermoine was a bitch too, I don't think Mike Newell knew the characters too well

>>133602563>>133602737Sounds like a lot of nitpicking. 3 is objectively the best though 1 is still my favorite. Best plot, most relatable Harry, best script. It started the admittedly shitty grey filter trend in the subsequent films, but it was used effectively in 3. The whole film is about moral ambiguity, and the use of grey makes sense, and even looks good at some points. By contrast, it doesn't make sense in any of the subsequent films, where the lines between good and evil are firmly established for the most part. It also dropped all the "chosen one" crap that bogged down prettymuch every other film in the series. There's an asspull at the end which enables him to save the day, but the film doesn't dote on him like the others do.

>eat dicks malfoywhat did rowling mean by this

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>>133601940 1 and 2 are good, fun advetures with a cool setting. 3 is great all around, peak of the series imo. 4 isn't bad but you can definitely feel a contrast between it and the previous 3 and from there on they never get quite as good.

>>133601940First 2 are great kids films, the rest range from "ok" to "shit"

>>133603668>it a 'and then Harry saw it.' Quidditch match again

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>>133607900Back when spells actually felt special, and not just everyone flicking them without even speaking.

>>133602251>kino1, 3, 6>great2, 4, 5>fucking garbage7pt1, 7pt2

>>133607843"Calm" Dumbledore is the best one

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>>133608056How come Hagrid could perform complex none verbal magic in the shack in the first film to light the fire when he was expelled in his third year?

>>133602145The first pirates of the Caribbean is a fucking 10/10 adventure movie.

>>133608104>Help at Hogwarts, will always come, for those, that ask for it.>Smiles at Harry under the cloakKino af. Gambon can't compare

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>>133602251The first and third one are the only good ones

>>133608104Book Dumbledore is great and much like Harris was, I don't know why Gambon turned him into an Irish Grandpa Simpson

>>133608198Giants have a natural affinity for casting fire based spells. In the war the giants that join Voldemort are burning the forest until the centaurs join the fight. And in Rowlings subsequent works she details that most spells Wizards use were learned from the various magical creatures. Fire from the giants, water based spells from the mermaids, lock based spells from goblins, levitation spells from pixies. And so forth. It was actually incredibly clever foreshadowing on her part and showed she planned a lot of this stuff ahead of time. And yes I am of course, talking completely out of my ass right now.

>>133601940>evil mofo who killed people and brought back Voldemort>disappears suddenly and doesn’t show up in the final battleWhat did they mean by that?

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>>1336082652nd is the best

>>133608359>And yes I am of course, talking completely out of my ass right now.Unironically still based you wrote all that anyway well done

>>133608401The later films handled the characters terribly. Lupin came back in the 5th and was basically an afterthought, then died off screen and was forgotten about. For one of my favourite characters in the first 3 that was such a disappointment

BOOK SOUL>1TRASH>2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

>>133608401In the book the magic arm that Voldy gives him strangles him because he spared Harry in Malfor Manor. Pointing out plot holes in the films is like shooting fish in a barrel, it's harder to point out plot points that do make sense

haven't watched any past the 2nd one, but the first one is actually really really fucking comfy. watched it a lot when i was 13 or whatever, then didn't watch it again until like 12 years later and it just made me feel real good and cozy. set myself up on the couch with a blanket and soaked in the warm nostalgia and peacefully fell asleep near the end.

>>133608563The only bad book is the 7th and that's cause of that interminable camping bit that takes up a 1/3 of it that's just ass pull after ass pull

>>133608517Lupin was a cringe moustached faggot

I was born in 91 and enjoyed the series because it felt like I was growing up alongside the cast and I waifufagged Hermione. I can't imagine an adult watching them for the first time and not being bored unless they are also oogling Hermione.

>>133602145No. Pirates movie have proper story structureHarry potter movies being accepted led the Rise of skywalker Its pure dogshit

From 3 onwards is when the kids decided they don't want to look silly anymore but pretty and badass and they forgot about the books, just took the major plot points and went with it

>>133604944>time travel done right>lets give this middle schooler a time travel device so she can take an extra class

>>133602563>stopped wearing wizard robesThis is what I don't get about the books. How come no adult wizards have any clue about how to dress or pretend to be muggles, to the point where, one person tries to pay for camping at the Quidditch world cup with a hubcap sized coin he got from somewhere but somehow all child wizards can dress normally.


>>133608888Quads of truth

>page 10no!

>>133610295>Threadus Bumpidus!


I'm pretty sure I only enjoy them because I read the books as a kid

>>133601940The first few, yeah. Lost the charm when the actors aged too much.

>>1336019401st movie is good but obviously written by a woman. the rest suck.The books are not only for kids but feel like they are written by a kid.

official hermione ranking2>1>3>>>>>>>>>rest

>>1336113181 had the only good hermione. too old in the other movies

>>133611242>Lost the charm when the actors aged too much.if they wore their wizard robes for the whole movie it would have been much better

>>133602568Chris Colombus had the only kino films

>>133603049>Avatar>masterpieceopinion discarded

>>133604174I absolutely refuse to believe that bong teeth are the result of shoddy dentistry. I'm from a former yugoslavian country and our dental care is probably a lot worse than theirs (I'm not sure what british dental care is like but it's a richer country), but there's almost no one with bong teeth here. It has to be genetic or related to what they eat.

>>133607068More like Brawn Beastly

>>133608606Did this not make it into the movies? I've only watched the part 7 movies once or twice since seeing them in theaters.

>>133603668Broom sticks in general. Imagine putting all your weight on a thin stick between your legs and flying a curve with that.

>>133601940> up pottah were going to the zoo

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>>133601940They're fun kids movies. Then they become YA and spiral downwards. Also, what House™ did the Sorting Hat™ located within the Great Hall™ of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry™ place you in? I was sorted in Slytherin™! Try out the new Wizarding World™ app today, available on the App Store and Google Play. Expelliarmus™!

>>133603049quentin was unironically based, what happened to him?

>>133612465It makes a bit more sense if they have stirrups

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>>133601940They're all pretty solid except for the last one.For some reason they just gave up, and it's 100% incoherent fanservice.

>>133605108I was slightly younger but it was kino all the way

>>133612707I don't see how that could save my balls.

>>133608694That's retard logic. MCU opened the door for Rise of Skywalker more than anything.

>>133612787They probably have magic cups that phase your balls elsewhere.

>>133612787stand up

>>133612787Use a shield charm on the goods, or reducto.or one nut on either side of the broom and they get smacked around like clacker balls.

>>133611815Yes it is genetic, years of living on bread and dripping but good dentistry can fix it esp if got at an early age, and by good dentistry I mean very expensive braces and the like which are not covered by the NHS only private.

>>133602563>stopped wearing wizard robesBut they never wore wizard robes besides their school clothes since the first movie

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>>133613220It always bugged the shit out of me in the books how fucking ungrateful Ron was about the Christmas sweaters, I would be so fucking happy to get one as a kid, especially knowing my poor ass mom went through the trouble of making one for me and my SIX fucking siblings as well as my best friend while tending to our meager abode and barely scraping by. Fuck Ron

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>>133612918Right into luna or hermione's purse probably>Accio Testicleshaha wouldn't that be awful if they stole your testicles and turned you into their magic sissy boy footslave haha

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>>133613476if I wasn't phone posting is expand on this

>>133608888You'd think that people that have been living in hiding for a thousand years would know how to blend in. Especially when every important wizard place is in the middle of fucking London.

>>133601940Only for that one hot Hermione scene

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>>133613461he know that hoe fina magic knit n shiet

>>133613220that's because it's like 3am and they're sneaking out of bed, basically in their pj's.

>>133613995She's no Roberts but I can see the appeal

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>>133613476Disgusting foot fag


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>>133603668in the quidditch world cup game they changed the rules the snitch wasnt an instant win it was worth 150 points, so you could still lose the game if you caught it

>>133603668> "[Quidditch] was invented in a small hotel in Manchester after a row with my then boyfriend," she has written alongside the text. "I had been pondering the things that hold a society together, cause it to congregate and signify its particular character and knew I needed a sport.>"It infuriates men...which is quite satisfying given my state of mind when I invented it." user she made it because she ____________deh!____________

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>>133614982Cope? Because of what?That I'm not into your disgusting fetish?I don't get it

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>>133608093are you me?

>>133602992Newfags need to be dragged from their homes to be drawn and quartered

>>133612794absolute retard tier post

>>133615176where the fuck is thighs? where the fuck is elbows? fix this shit faggot

>>133604944if they just have time travel magic why don't they ever use it?

>>133616123It's highly regulated, so naturally they gave it to a 14 year old girl so she could do extra homework.

>>133616123They can use it to save a horse bird from dying but not Cedric Diggory.

>>133616673>It's highly regulated, so naturally they gave it to a 14 year old girl so she could do extra homeworkreminder that that's the same girl who hid the "last" time turner in a bookcase. the cursed child is fucking gay

>>133616938wtf did you just say about the cursed child?

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>>133608093This is the true list

>>133612968reducto destroys things. You would blow your balls to dust to ride a broomstick?

>>133617677Sorry, reducio not reducto. The opposite of engorgio one.

>>133601940No. They're not good books either.


>>133602251>walking in the woods for 2 hours>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>breddy gud

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>>133603049what are the ching chong movies called?

>>133608401His magic hand turns on him and kills him when Harry reminds him that he saved his life. Apparently the movies couldn't be bothered to include this small scene so they just have him get knocked out instead.

>>133602563Anyone that says 3 is a bad movie is a retard and should be ignored. It is the ultimate contrarian filter.

The bit where harry fucking kills malfoy in the 6th film is really well shot, shame for the green filter on the whole movie

they are decnt

>>133603668the snitch is worth 150 points so you can still lose if your team catches it


>>133612705He took his own advice and became a giga Chadt. Know Quentin irl

>>133601940yes, they are peak comfy whimsical "coming of age" stories. Don't listen to the zoomer faggots on this board who pretend to hate them. >Philosopher's Stone: real sets, miniatures, spooky atmosphere even for a kids film, John Williams score, lucking out on a decent cast of child actors and British heavyweights for a kino adventure story>ignore Chambers>Prisoner being plot heavy but introduces even comfier shit to the franchise and starts to get more adult>Goblet is literally second best HP film in terms of actual cinematography and style, finally get to see Voldy, actual stakes, shot like a French indie A24-tier masterpiece>Order of the Phoenix only worth watching for last 20 minutes>Half Blood unironically the best HP film, good twists if you didn't read the books>Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 needed to literally be two parts (before the 2 parter craze happened), films are improved with the slower pace of dividing the story up. All the buildup is satisfying and gives you a real conclusion to the story that most franchises don't even haveIt's mostly 10/10 and after you get past Chris Columbus, it's literally directed by a fucking mastermind. For me, it's up there with LOTR in terms of everything going right with production and a real "lightning in a bottle" vibe.

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>>133615734thighs is god himself and elbows is the dust on the ground

They're dogshit for low IQ cinemalets

The first Harry Potter was whimsical and magical in ways the others just aren't.

>>133615014why the fuck would you catch it then, if your team is behind 150+ points and youre a seeker either fuck with the other seeker so he doesnt see it or join the ball game and catch up in points

>>133608670>Rowling shipped him and TonksA true travesty desu

>>133602251>Kino is 33 is literally the worst one though, user. Who the fuck thinks time travel done that poorly is fun or interesting

>>133621487I like seeing the work that went into the films at least. They had a lot of cool sets and effects and you could see the people making the films were passionate about it, some of that crew must've been working on that series for like 12 years. To an extent it reminds me of LOTR production in that regard.

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>>133604836>making an adaptation that is 100% the same as in book is pointless and retardedI know a good number of people who seem to think this and I really don't get it. I really like the idea of translating a well-done story onto the big screen and I have disliked almost every single instance of movie adaptations of books.

Movie series nowadays truly have no soul,looking back,in spite of all the garbo the HP movies still had some passion in them.

Couldn't take Harry seriously after he stopped growing and everyone got a head taller than him