Early 2000s cinema = SOUL

early 2000s cinema = SOUL

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virgin keanu reeves hoverhand vs chad chris evans thigh grab

>>133601023>thighbased blind user

>>133600992Early 2000s still had 90s energy (which started in 1994). It basically ended in 2007 during writers strike

>>133601023Keanu is a product of the times, before femoids understood the true power they wielded

>>133600992aww what a cute Mom and Son pic.

>my childhood = SOUL>adulthood = SOULLESS

>>133601023>>133601802Keanu doesn't like being touched by strangers. And so he doesn't touch strangers. It's that simple. In half the photos of him "hoverhanding" he's also smoking and trying to keep the cig away from people.

>>133600992this isn't cinema, those are just jewish puppets

>>133600992The blurst of times

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>>133600992id want to bet her that she cant beat me at wrestling.i look weak enough and she seems like the type to fall for that ploy.

>>1336009922000s was a belly kinoWhat went wrong?

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>>133600992White = soul + comfy. You might not notice it, but your brain does

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>>133601846Looks more like a grandma


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>>133602502>>133602373>>133600992god i completely forgot that this was the tummy era. what era are we in now?

>>133602502i live in seattle and every fucking art hoe sjw bitch on the streets has exposed midriff all year long, front and back. you're wrong


God I miss 2000s blonde girls

>>133602541Ass. Because America is overweight and negroes are the main consumers of entertainment.

Her pussy is right there, bros.

>>133602890It's funny, most pussies look the same, but I still want to see every single one. Nature's a helluva thing.

>>133602447I notice it. How did we forget? What happened to us? I blame der ewige jude.

>>133602541>>133602665Ass in yoga pants

early 2000s is literally the most cringy ugly era everugly fashion ugly movies ugly aesthetics ugly people ugly everything

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>>133603061fat ass in spanks oh i mean yoga pants

>>133603061Yeah, this is definitely it. I feel like this will wind down soon, especially with all the hefty hogs at home stuffing their faces during forced quarantine.

>>133602973Every delicate mound is a beautiful flower waiting to be appreciated.

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>>133603138It is so ugly you were born in 2001, lmao

>>133601023> thigh grabhe grabbed many more things

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>>133602373High waist jeans were a crime against humanity.

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>>133600992Biel a hotie

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>>133600992Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel if Chris Evans did not forbid his ex-girlfriends from working at MCU

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>>133601872If only I could find that comic where it tells you that everything was last good when you, the one reading the comic, was twelve years old.

Where did it all go wrong?

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>>133600992Chris Evans? More like Chad Evans.

>>133600992TIME NOW - 20 years == nostalgia goggles bullshit

>>133600992to be honest the 2000s are the shitties era regarding design you named it: industrial, fashion, etc. it sucked ass and not in the good way

>>133602502I thought that was Amanda Bynes before I looked twice.

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>>133603600>>133602373it's offensive to be thin now

>>133600992>early 2000s cinema = SOUL>SOUL>"SOUL"...oh dear boy.....

you enter your room find this, what to do?

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>>133602373Britney is the only one keeping tummy trend alive

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>>133603740that does not apply to female leads in comic movies

>>133600992>jessica biel in her primeimagine the things captain america has seen

>>133603138>>133602502>>133602373>>133600992The low cut fad was a fucking mistake. truly disgusting

>>133603557she's high as fuck

bring back 90s chokers kino

>>133604232I too am a roastie that prefers high waist midriff to hide my beer gut


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>>133600992>>133604192>imagine the things captain america has seennot really, explain

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I do not ship this.

>>133602541Obesity era

>>133604591Just as I thought this couldn't get anymore 00's she had a playstation controller. Fucking based.

>>133604412anon, present day you would do it too

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>>133604778was a nintedo event, what do you expected?

>>133603051You are correct

>>133604427The problem was tons of the girls wearing belly shirts back in the day were fat piggies with disgusting beer guts spilling out

>>133605010boring answer

>>133602502yoga pants

>>133603600there's still hope

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>>133605010She's not an anti-vaxxer. She said state officials shouldn't have the final day on vaxx exemptions. That's true. It should be a trained doctor making that decision. If the state official fears anti-vaxx doctors, then that official should audit the doctor's choices. This isn't even controversial, I'm pretty sure no one can argue against this.

>>133602447remember what they took from you

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>>133605639fucking disgusting belly button. she needs to gain 30 pounds.

>>133605666*final say


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>>133604032first of all, i wouldn't even pull into the driveway if there was a strange car there. if she got dropped off or something, and was hiding quietly, i would go full schizo mode and grab her by throat asking her who sent her. my mind would go straight to honeypot defense mode.

>>133600992>my childhood was soulShut the fuck up retard


>>133605914There's no reason that anyone but your doctor should be offering vaxx exemptions. If the doctor chooses to make a pattern of the practice, he may find his license revoked during a board review if his practice is contrary to established best medical practices.

>>133605874imagine being able to go to a beach without a million normalfags ruining it.

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>>133605639>belly button

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>>133600992very basado

>>133602373>now bitches wear pants up to their tits

>>133603634more like cock sucker Evans


>>133600992Chris Evans looks like such a dudebro, how did he become such a soisucking fag?

>>133606188I don't disagree. I would even support them needing to be double-checked by a regional board of doctors. The need for exemptions does exist, however.

>>133604032make her eat a bowl of eggs

>>133602541high waisted jeans because everyone's a fatty and wouldn't be able to pull off low rise jeans like >>133602502

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>>133606058only out-of-state shoobies actually unironically go to beaches like this.

>>133602373Being fat became acceptable

Low rise jeans were a blessing in high school. You could see the ass crack of literally every girl in class if you sat in the back. I pity Zoomers, I don't know how I would have coped with it otherwise.

>>133606318I fucking hate how high-waist momjeans became popular. It's clearly just an attempt to hide fatties' muffintops, but also even without that fact, they just look fucking retarded. Why would anything think it looks good to have pants that go all the way up to the belly button? Like a fucking old geezer or some shit.

>>133606443whale tale. good times.

>>133605874god damn it avril is so perfect bros

>>133605639she literally has a man's pelvis bone

It was a different time

>>133600992>late 30s actor>heartthrob for a couple decades now>not marriedHe's gay, right?

>>133606333what's he looking at

>>133606519There's still time to impregnate her.

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Even a movie set in a galaxy far far away didn't escape this trend. Based George.

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>>133606443>>133600992Have a seat lads. Based posts such as these are part of our plan to reform the Internet to our vision.

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>>133603600>>133603138>>133602502>>133602373did women actually wear this like to a bar or was it just celebrities? I don't remember it but it looks fucking hot

>>133606443Shit, I totally forgot this was ever a thing. We used to sit in the back and count the number of "whale tails" (exposed thongs) among the chicks

>>133600992Zoomer opinions = MEMES

>>133606696Teen girls used to be a bit more subtle, they used to show tummy like this.

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>>133606696Dude i had girls dressed like that at freaking school.


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>>133606573MGTOW is one degree before gay so not yet

>>133606573>marriedOr he's a chad like Leo who just wants to fuck whores forever.


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>>133606808I hate that an aversion to anything masculine (twinks are fine) and a disgust with the idea of anal sex is keeping me from living the dream.

>>133600992The movies definitely were. CGI was still a new medium, so they were trying to use it in creative ways as they explored what worked. >>133606590>>133606519>>133605874SHE'S NOT CUTE! What kind of white hockeyniggers find her attractive? Her punk gimmick was fake pop music, her "rebellious" atrtitude was as rebellious as a shopping mall, and she's jsut not physically attractive. Take her to /mu/ and fucking leave her there, already! Or did they run you off?

>>133606443I still remember the kinky red thong peaking out the low rise of the sexyest girl in my class in 9th gradeTo bad i was the fat pizza face nerd of the class kek

>>133607056>not physically attractiveShe's a legitimately beautiful girl, and has a 10/10 tummy.

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thank god girls moved on from having nearly nonexistent eyebrows

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early 2000s teen films were based

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>better shows>better movies>better vidya>better comicsI WANNA GO BACK

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>>133607168She belongs in /mu/ and Canadian shitposters belong in Holla Forums.So run along, now.

>>133607056she has a good body and she's aged very gracefully. Dont' give a fuck about the dumb mallpunk gimmick

>>133606774>>133606705>>133606696>>133606443Zoomers, it was a glimpse of heaven itself.

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>>133600992She has the same big frame as Chloe

>>133606443>>133606480>>133606627>>133606705>>133607114>>133607388fucking degenerate boomers. all the chicks in my high school wore see-through yogas all the time and you could literally see their disgusting clams. it was nasty because those girls were all fucking whores. but one time this prude girl who was really beautiful wore a white dress and a black thong so you could see through it, that was pretty cool.


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>>133607388Good times.

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>>133607536nobody cares zoomie fag

>>133607568ONE THING

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>>133602373Jamie Kennedy never had any self respect did he?

Kino decade.youtube.com/watch?v=UFeZLJLgq-8

>>133607536Closeted fag: the post.

>>133606862You know you don't have to do anal


>>133607681I miss those silly anime and comic tributes.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr_9GpGHx7A

>>133607388One of the main reasons I miss high school. Stupid females dressing slutty on purpose

The only people who yern for early 2000's were too young to remember the 90's.

>>133607622I miss the age of good high school/college creepshots.

>>133607622The quality of this photo is too good. Clearly taken by a zoomer.

>>133605679You dont deserve anything.

>>133607852Fucking vaginas feels too good. I doubt some twink's mouth or hand would feel even 30% as good.

>>133602373Skinny shaming.Also more muslims and an overall more reserved mentality in America killed it. Wait another 30 to 50 years and people will mellow out again

>>133600992Here's some raw footage of emos hanging outyoutu.be/du5hoWqnrcEFuck brehs, we'll never go back

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Posting Jojo belly

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>>133601924For all the bad thing about smokers, it’s nice being able to instantly tell if someone has respect for you or your property when they try to keep away the smoke.


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>>133608361why don't you post the webm where she starts to undress

>>133608361bitch got even hotter with time

>>133608342i just wanna kms ;-;

>>133608439Because I don't have it.

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>>133608444She posts a lot of thirst trap photos these days. Plus with her new album out, I'm hoping she becomes more relevant and nudes leak

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>>133603138Indeed, in 2008 people were just happy that it was over as we went towards the lot more tasteful and intellectual millenial internet era with stuff like Lady Gaga. Too bad it all went overboard in 2015.


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>>133608342Just go to wherever con Gerard Way goes next, emos are still chasing the poor guy.

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>>133600992They both look blazed out of their minds


>>133606261she will make you do it yourself

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>>133608745He doesn't look like that anymore tho

>>133607536>even the prude girl wears thongs>even the quiet girl at the back of my class was a giant whorefuck this gay earth

>>133608006Now that you say it, the early 2000's were to 90's what post 2015 has been to 2008-2014. Good thing that just went on long enough to lose it's purpose and direction.

>>133608921He looked like that in the MCR revival back in November.

>>133609002if she breathes

>>133609002>the quiet girl at the back of my classYou Amerimutts literally can't understand anything if it's not a cliche like in your shitty sitcoms, can you?

>>133608006Uh obviously, I was born in 1993 and was a fetus in diapers for most of the 90s. Can only remember some of the late 90s. The 2000s were much more kino anyways.

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>>1336086372013 seemed like the shifting year to me, at least towards soulless memey zoomer shit anyways

>>133608637>more tasteful and intellectual millenial internet era>Lady Gaga

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>>133603587>Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel if Chris Evans did not forbid his ex-girlfriends from working at MCUDid he really do it?

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>>133607536That shit is hot what the FUCK are you talking about faggot

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>>133605639She cute

>>133609562i find it gross. only a whore would dress like that and whore pussy is disease ridden.

>>133609265>>133607168I wonder who her next victim will be in order to retain her youth.

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>>133609837*sigh* i'll take one for the team... if i must

>>133603587LOL, none of them worked with Disney Star Wars or MCU, this is very suspiciousJessica Biel. ...Gisele Bündchen. ...Emmy Rossum. ...Christina Ricci. ...Vida Guerra. ...Kristen Cavallari. ...Amy Smart.....Kate Bosworth.....Amy Smart. ....Dianna Agron.. ...Ashley Greene.. ...Sandra Bullock....Lily Collins. ....

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>>133609832Sluts back then were fun.

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>>133601783Oh please, you only think this because you have nostalgia glasses on. No period in history was ever good except for the one we're in right now. Wages have never been higher. The cost of living has never been more forgiving. Work environments have never been better. Stop looking backwards to a "better past" because there never was one. Everything you're experiencing right now is more than you deserve.

>No period in history was ever good except for the one we're in right now. Wages have never been higher. The cost of living has never been more forgiving. Work environments have never been better.

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>>133610033well, Biel has "I'll Be Home for Christmas" with Disney but that's before they were a couple

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>>133608919Ok I've seen this in many movies/shows, does this really happen in american school, people flushing someone's head in the toilet?

>>133608919Imagine if a guy did this to a girl

>>133610483fuck no. american schools are like prisons, you step out of line at all, you're fucked. not really fucked, but teenage perspective fucked.

>>133610539she'd probably have an orgasm.

>>133610483>>133610539>Imagine if a guy did this to a girlthey even have to lick the toilet

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>>133601023Nigga kill yourself. He's protecting himself from the Me Too swamp donkeys.

>>133610033now I start to understand these castings

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>>133606705>>133607388>>133609002"artists" like these >>133604109 >>133602373 didn't even wear thongs in public, you know it

I was in 8th grade when this low-cut trend was at it’s peak.I saw too many butt-cracks. Truly a historic period.

>>133607216fuck that, i miss that shit


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ethots kept the sexy era alive

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>>133610033not the one who is in Venom

>>133608115I deserve everything.

>>133605874Why does she still hide the fact that she's gay anyway? Seems weird nowadays.

cosplay keeps sexy alive

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>>133612143>>133613007Cosplay is fake.

youtu.be/u4JyQ_WI1uEThats my wifes son

>>133613318looks pretty real to me

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>>133600992didn't name a single movie


>>133613498BING BONG

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>>133610087At least in terms of fashion early 2000s was late 90s. Not sure if that was what you were responding to thought but that's what I got.

>>133608418>those pancakes :(

>>133600992All the women were caked in grease back then, it was revolting. Now they're just caked in pretences of moral fortitude

>>133602447yesalso...we have all this tech and toys to play with but theres a lot of depressed people in first world countries... we are in a decadence cycle

>>133609837I've always joked that she's been trying to fuck everyone that was on the soundtrack to the first Spider-Man film. First the lead singer for Sum 41, then the lead singer for Nickelback. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow it's revealed that she's been having three-ways with Macy Gray and Corey Taylor in isolation for the past month.

>>133600992If you fuckin' told me this guy would turn into an uberchad that would make the Not Another Teen Movie version of him look like a skinny twinky, and then would star in the biggest film franchise of all time I'd call you a fucking liar.

>>133600992if you want to call it that

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>>133614594all mammals need family and community. a pack.technology separates us from our community

>>133614736why are her boobies so separated

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>>133604032Tell her to get her fucking shoes off my bed right now

>>133614600yea she was a little whore who liked hack musicians

>>133614887ask me how I can tell you're a virgin

>>133614232hey tiger

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>>133614996 how can you tell im a virgin

>>133615202You give off virgin vibes. I suggest you have sex

>>133615286my uncle raped me as young does this count?

>>133603689>to be honest the 2000s are the shitties era regarding design you named it: industrial, fashion, etc. it sucked ass and not in the good wayThat is because it was an era of lowered prosperity compared to the 90s, which means everything is done on the budget. First it was the dot-com bubble bursting, then 9/11 with the two wars spinning off of it which caused a global oil shortage. The oil shortage absolutely fucked people more ways than one, transportation is the most obvious example, but how it effected the chemical and plastics industries is understated. Then to cap it off we had the financial crisis in the back half of the decade. The 2010s were mostly prosperous because the economy had been ruthlessly cut down for a decade by that point, it was lean as hell and huge amounts of inefficiency had been reduced.

>>133615568anon,what will happen after corona?

>>133614913>>133605983>>133606220>>133606261Why do you fagots have so many men's pictures on your beds?

How did we go from this...

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>>133606058Coastline are pretty long everywhere. Most people just want to be near other people.

>>133616054...to this?

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>>133615993Who knows, probably going to be shit, people have gone through an economic shock and will be less likely to ~CONSUME~ like they did in the 2010s. This is going to cause unemployment in its own right because the US economy is centered around loans and selling each other hamburgers. How unemployment will be isn't really possible to predict because various Governors are doing knee jerk extensions to the quarantines. If there was a unified response with clear cut start and end dates you could begin to make a guess, as it stands right now we're in economic anarchy and the longer it runs the worse it will be.

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>>133607216flip phones were hot whores? not so much...

>>133602020Actually a pretty terrible movie, terrible directing and mangled jokes everywhere with poor cinematography and a very disjointed story.

>>133602037yeah, others had tried and failed

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>>133616113cocaine is a hell of a drug

>>133616396Based and LG pilled

>>133602373>What went wrong?million dollar question


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>>133617341my eyes

Attached: 20130423-092014_0001.gif (360x341, 931.93K)

>>133616113Anorexia was no joke in certain circles huh

>>133617341no doubt this same faggot is body positive now

>>133603138I used to fap every Saturday and Sunday morning to Maya when the lady marmalade song was out. Good times. Thanks for reading.

>>133607216Bushy and feathered eyebrows were a gross overcorrection though.

>>133600992That is one sickass sweater

>>133609494Lady Gaga was empowering, emotional and all while being a pop queen. She was a boon for females over the male produced eye candy crap from the early 2000s. Only an incel couldn't see that.

>>133605639me want fugg bely butten

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>>133616113her body looks 30 years older than her face wtf

>>133612143i absolutely hate this aesthetic. i get a very strong disgust reaction from looking at it.

>>133610087>word saladinteresting post

>>133602447non whites MUST be exterminated.

>>133618431Nah, she was just a pop singer who wore weird clothes.

>>133611075>swamp donkeysthis made me laugh so hard I am still laughing as I type

>>133610087>Wages have never been higher. The cost of living has never been more forgiving.Sure, if you still live with your parents and have them provide everything you need including having mommy suck your dick.

>>133606589homosexually charged images or 4chan

>>133611075>swamp donkeys

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>>133602541>what era are we in now?a combination of anime blowjob mouth era >>133612143 , which evolved from the earlier duck lips era, and twerking/simulated fucking era, which evolved from rap

>>133605639What is it about this mongoloid that offends me so much? I can't comprehend it, but even that fucking belly button is a turn off. And this user is right >>133606526 she's got some strange body proportions. She's like a frankensteined concept of femininity concocted by robots who enjoy materializing advanced tax algorithms and consider tomatoes a type of vegetable.

>>133604032First off, I will need to count my Magic card collection. I don't care how fine a woman is, NO ONE TOUCHES THE CARD BINDER. Then I would explain to her why THIS is the year of the Linux desktop.


>>133601055is the hip

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>>133613007Kill yourself

>>133610087>Wages have never been highernot in real dollarsI don't care though, I work for kpmg and make enough to be on the side of the fence benefiting from asset inflation.

>>133610087>Wages have never been higher

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I like that the women of this era had the decency to not be fat when they were acting slutty at least.

>>133606060Damn, look at that face. That motherfucker should be in a coin.

>>133610087You're just focusing money but what about society?


>>133610087Nice pilpul, rabbi

>>133615539No but go on....

>>133613498How much?

>>133601783Writers strike had little to do with it. That era ended because of the normie-fication of the internet and the advent of social media. Obama's election also led to more political polarization which ramped up majorly a couple of years later with the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and the ensuing SJW movement.

>>133610033No one's list is that long right? Even for a celebrity

>>133622347Now go compare non wag benefits..When the gov constantly increases minimum benefit demands this is what happens.

It was the Kino era, most of you zoomers were literal children back then so you would not know how good it was. All you guys know is social media, 24/7 on your phones and lil pump and other garbage music. Oh don't forget the obese/fat fucks everywhere. Girls in the early 2000s were KINO.

I heard they're making a comeback? there were some articles about it doing so in january this year.

Based on your main childhood era here, are you Gen X, Millennial, or Zoomer?

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>>133606696Yeah, I was in high School and college in the 2000s, girls wore that stuff all the time

>>133607536>those girls were all fucking whores!But they never fucked you, right? pathetic

>>133625244>wanting to fuck a whorekys nigga

>>133625372>t. sour grapesMaybe one day, you'll believe yourself

>>133609265>The 2000s were much more kino anyways.No.

>>133603587don't people always call him gay though?

>>133612143Fucking abomination.

Why do so many more people (including actors) have tattoos now? In the early 2000s it was piercings, now this


>>133601783>which started in 1994nigger are you joking? It started in late 1991.


>>133609265The 2000s had an economic recession, 9/11, and blander culture. The 90s had a booming economy, relative peace and prosperity, and more interesting culture.Similar to how people who grew up in the 70s were in the envious shadow of those who grew up in the 60s, those who grew up in the 2000s are in the shadow of those who grew in the 90s.

>>133606458they make my wife's ass look good

>>133603138it might be ugly now but all of that is gonna come back in another 8-12 years since fashion has been pretty cyclical

>>133625899and people who grew up in the 80s think they had a culture but everyone else is just embarrassed for them