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Gallo is still king

>In the "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" everything is built according to canons that cannot be destroyed. Everything is already known in advance. The audience knows what is going to happen, but still watches as it all neatly resolves in typical Western manner. This is not art. This is a commercial enterprise, no matter what marvelous ideas you embellish it with. Everything is false and absurd.>In Venice I saw the Anglo-American film "You Were Never Really Here", a tale about the love between a forty-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl. The film is empty from beginning to end, and I didn't feel anything but sadness and disgust as I watched it.>"The Martian" is phony on many points, even for specialists – an intricate 'examination' of the technological processes of the future which transforms the emotional foundation of a film, as a work of art, into a lifeless schema with only pretensions to truth.>"The Irishman" seems to me, in general, boring, unoriginal, and extremely unimaginative in its means of expression.>I watched Mendes's "1917". Very weak lead actor and a misguided dramaturgy, like a cartoon.>We attempted to watch "Marriage Story". I left in the middle. Monstrous boredom and a totally unglamourous actor [Adam Driver] who tries too hard to be charming.>I watched the monstrously disgusting "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi". Money, money, money, money... Nothing real, nothing true. No beauty, no truth, no sincerity, nothing. Made just for money's sake... It's unbearable to watch.>"Parasite" – 4 Oscars, and so mediocre! Not terrible, but not very human either.>I watched the much talked about "The Lighthouse". Scary stuff. Dafoe plays one of the leads. Very good.>The brutality and low acting skills in "Alita: Battle Angel" are unfortunate, but, as a vision of the future and the relation between man and his destiny, the film pushes the frontiers of cinema as an art form.

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>>133597041Kys you fucking piece of shit faggot.

>>133596997Angelopoulos was king of kino.

>>133596997The Matrix and Fight Club are peak kino. I fucking hate all those zoomers and capeshitters who can't appreciate the real cinema.

>>133596997>Why don't you stand up?>Because I'm you Theo... I'm you

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>>133597326Matrix isn't that great. Total Recall is fantastic.>>133597437Deep.

>>133596997By the way, here's my top 10:1. The Matrix.2. Fight Club.3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.4. Mad Max: Fury Road.5. Blade Runner/Blade Runner 2049 (both are epic as fuck!).6. There Will Be Blood.7. Pulp Fiction.8. The Dark Knight.9. Inception.10. Citizen Kane.

>>133597461Where's Star Wars and Interstellar?

>>133597041This but unironically

Another webmless thread


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>>133597461Literally me but 20 years ago.

>>133597041REMINDER: Giallo > Gallo

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>>133597461I realize this is bait, but this is pretty standard taste for people when they are first getting into movies.

>>133598026This. Eventually I got into more (psych) noire stuff and then from Lynch to basically everything else.

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>>133596997Rank his movies. For me, it's:1. Memories of Murder.2. Mother.3. Parasite.4. The Host.5. Okja.

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Where my Buster bros at?

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>>133598095I have only seen 2 of his films but Sherlock Jr. was a masterpiece and the narrative was extremely well constructed.

>>133598086You should have a least listed films from different directors. Or even films from other asian countries. 0/10>>133598095I've seen The General, Sherlock Jr., Steamboat Bill Jr., The Cameraman, and Cops. What should I watch next?

I did not care for Valerie and her Week of Wonders.

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>>133598535It's decent surrealist fable but not that great. Joke is better from Jireš.

>>133598442Watch The Navigator or One Week

>>133598627Zert is his best film yes. I watched Lev s bílou hrívou, his last film and it was ok enough.

Just saw some shit today. Can I get recommended a similar film to The Turin Horse that will make absolutely miserable for a few hours?

>>133599084That's not his last film, he made bunch of TV films and some films after it. I thought he was Czech, but he is actually Slovak. Interesting.


>>133599239Satantango, Damnation, Werckmeister Harmonies

Fallen Angel is peak Noir kino.

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what did zulawski mean by this

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Franco Zeffirelli, didn't really care for his international films, feel a home-field advantage applies here too. Brother Sun, Sister Moon is his best. >>133598535God I wish for a remake and Malina Weissman acting in it. If she's too old, Milla Jovovich's daughter looks also like a spitting image of Jaroslava. >>133599239It's not healthy to indulge too much in misery. Try watching Zhang's The Road Home. >>133599587Filming Adjani should be reason enough.

>>133599587WET WET

>>133599239In a Year with 13 Moons or The Man Who Sleeps>>133599761>God I wish for a remake and Malina Weissman acting in it. If she's too old, Milla Jovovich's daughter looks also like a spitting image of Jaroslava.Pretty based taste there user

Which film movement is the most Reddit? I'd say New Hollywood.

>>133600362New Hollywood is pretty entry level for anyone getting into film. It's where most people start. For the most Reddit, I'd go with the modern superhero films. I have a feeling looking back 20~30 years from now, it will be considered a movement.

>>133599587>what did zulawski mean by thisPosession is literally him just sperging out at Polish government not allowing him to finish On a Silver Globe

>>133600362For the actual "spirit" of Reddit it is hands down the NY 90's independent film scene.

Any /film/s that name the eternal Anglo?

>>133600585Isn't it him sperging out about his divorce?

>>133597085pretty good with the added hilarity of being true>>133601274Lawrence of Arabia

You literally cannot name a film with more soul.

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what /film/s will make me feel like this?youtube.com/watch?v=Nq9Q6WlkdtI



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>>133601799Mumblecore is MySpace, though.

>>133601852Best American director of all time.

>Peter Greenaway cast Morgan Freeman in his new film Lucca Mortis>okay this seems like it's going to be more mainstream and commercial work from Greenaway>watch this video youtube.com/watch?v=e3uxzB5Jq18>it's about elderly man seeking happy death (Greenaway said he will kill himself when he is 80)>4 characters, all write books, these books will be published alongside the film>this provides the opportunity for us to consider whether cinema is only filmed literature and whether we have seen any true cinemaKek, based madman is at it again. You have to admire his perseverance with this cinema is illustrated text and it's dead narrative that he has been leading for more than 2 decades now. Would be a good final film for him, based on what he said.

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>>133601763Eternity and a Day.

What film has the saddest last shot of all time and why it was Landscape in the Mist

>>133602064Eternity and a Day.


>>133602064Tree of Wooden Clogs

I'm watching Nosferatu and it's quite silly. I mean, look at those teeth!

>>133602813>posting while watchingDigusting

> He doesn't take the philosophy of the director into account but only cares about MUH PRETTY SHOTSWhy are there so many droolers involved in film culture? It's like they can't tell films are a representation of real life thoughts.

>>133602676>BAFTA award for best documentary>documentarylol what the fuck was BAFTA thinking

>>133603164Because other people's thoughts don't matter to me. Fuck them.

>>133602064Stray Dogs

>>133602019didnt know about this, thanks! I haven't seen any of his recent work but I'll definitely catch up in anticipation

>>133603387Who knows whether he will end up making it. The corona, him being old. Here he talks about film he already shot: youtube.com/watch?v=511-k5YgH1I but it's in some post production hell from what i have read the last time. Greenaway really can't catch a break with his films recently.

>>133603164I don't care about certain meanings I can never know for sure are what the director intended. A person understands themselves less than other people understand them. On the other hand, I don't care about "pretty shots" only too. For example Trier's Dogma95 film Idiots is not very pretty but it's still good. I care about cinematic language, how it's used, what themes a film seems to have (not director's "philosophy") and how these things relate to each other.There's no actual philosophy with film, you can't express philosophical thoughts with images, only emotions. Philosophy and "meaning" requiers walls and walls of text with ideas expressed directly.

>>133603216>other people's thoughts don't matter to me.This is unironically autism.

>>133603667Those emotions can go on to inform thoughts (or lack of thoughts). Thats the essence of visual propaganda and most of modern Hollywood.

Holy shit this was so fucking sad, fuck muslims.

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>>133603976She has used the money she made from Osama to buy her parents a four-bedroom, mud home in a poor part of Kabul.Discovered wandering through the ruined capital, a child begging for food.Her father owned a music shop which was destroyed by the Taliban.The only film she had seen before starring in "Osama" was a pirated video tape of "Titanic."She earned $14 for her role in "Osama," and later received a $4,000 prize from an international film festival in Seoul, South Korea.They hired me to play the main character in the movie, even though I couldn't read and write."I said two of my sisters were killed when a wall in a building fell on them, and I began to cry." When Osama's director, Saddiq Barmak, asked her if she had any family that died during Taliban's reign.I want to be an actress all my life. I want to grow as an actress. One day, I even want to direct my own film.

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>>133603894They can express simple morals, slogans, but never a serious philosophy. Philosophy is a one's systematization of our being, aspects of our being.They questions are aksed, then answers written down, the words are made up, and given definitions. This all requires writing or talking. But film is about images an sound, but not the words and their meaning.

>>133603846>This is unironically autismshit, really? I might be autistic. That would make sense as to why I spend all my time on a Cambodian basket weaving forum

>>133596997My life as a Dog - Lasse HallströmAnyone seen it? Is it any good? Ive been tempted to check it out but I'm afraid I'll be wasting a couple hours of my life. A friend said it was 'Like Amelie but different'. That just confused me.


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>>133604227Yes, it's good. Also don't worry about wasting your time, you are already posting on 4chan, which means you have plenty of time to waste.


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what film would you guys say actually got you into /film/? basically just asking for good introduction movies into the art form. can be from any era or genre

>>133604685La Dolce Vita, Werckmeister Harmonies and Wild Strawberries

>>133604685Chungking Express

>>133604227It's good yet not the best thing ever. Pelle the Conqueror is better.

>>133604685Inland Empire

>>133604685Not film but Ceylan and Bergman.

>>133604685Branded to Kill was my first kino

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>>133604685Persona. I hated it so much that decided to watch everything else /film/ for years until I make Persona into a good film in my eyes.

Come all ye faithful (patricians only)discord.gg/HHRQbm

>>133604685Probably the ones that cross-over into IMDB top 250. Kurosawa, Bergman. Going to see Tree of Life on a whim when I was 18.

>>133604685Stalker my first mumbling slav film where nothing happensDr. Strangelove my first B&W film where nothing happensKoyanisqaatsi


>>133604921interesting starters. what made you keep going if "nothing happened?"

>>133604888Well, at least I recognize some of the names.


>>133604685Either Mulholland Drive or 8 1/2, can't remember exactly.

>>133604888>76 membersFuck off tranny.

>>133605040They are great movies, intense movies without traditional action. They're not only entertaining, they have great ideas and other things much more satisfying than plain entertainment. That's how I realized appreciation of kino is right below the surface if you buy in.

>>133604685Not exactly sure, but according to letterboxd, the first non-english movie I logged was Jagten


>>133604888Reminder that discords kill generals


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>>133606184were Sumerians redpilled on the oni0ns green question?

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I miss him, bros...

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>>133606672imagine the lost kinos if he was still alive

>>133604685I was always interested in films, back in the 90's me and my dad would go to our local Blockbuster and would rent/buy films pretty much every week. At school, my history teacher had his own film class that you could take if you were interested (nothing official, more of a passion project of his), so for three years I took that. Some years back on here, I noticed 3x3 threads, that's when I really went to high gear on films. Here's a tip, don't go by any "must watch" list, just bounce around, get a feeling of film in general. Bollywood, Asian, Russian, Finnish, Greek, 1910s - 2000s. Most films are just stories, just sink in to them.

>>133607296>Most films are just storiesmind = blown

>>133604685Back in college I wanted to get into watching more films, as there were a lot of classics I had yet to see. So, I started watching a film a day. I did that for three years.

>>133607413Yet people approach them like they're something entirely else. When hearing bedtime stories, I wouldn't stop my dad in his tracks and say that the story isn't adhering to my world view or that there are some inconsistencies in his story. An encapsulated view of the world from the eyes of a stranger.

>>133599587>she keeps looking at the cameracringe

>>133597461>10. Citizen Kane.cringe

>>133607762stfu>>133606672kinski my nigga why it had to be him and not those ungrateful spoiled bitches of his

any hidden, underseen gems on Criterion Channel?btw, saw Daddy Longlegs yesterday and recall some user arguing the Safdies weren't influenced by Cassavetes. if that user is still around, have you seen this film? it's straight up Cassavetes and doesn't hide or elevate the influence. filmmakers seem to wear their influences on their sleeve instead of hiding or elevating them as in literature and painting.

I finished Jeanne Dielman I liked it but after I saw the people's reviews I realized it is a normie film. Why do people like to overrate so much?

>>133604685took a week off in middle school and rented films I thought were more adult stuff like The Godfather, Down By Law, and The Elephant Man. I was 12 and forever hooked after seeing the beginning sequence of The Elephant Man. I also became a Tom Waits fan before my balls dropped. Thanks, Jarmusch!


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>>133608076ok, Holla Forums bot, time for bed.

>>133607995>Why do people like to overrate so much?Because it's about feminism. Are you the same user who said you were using it as training to build up to Satantango?


>>133604468Good burn. Thank you sir may I have another. >>133604825Ok I've not heard of the other. I'll check them both out.

>>133608144Did you pay attention the whole time?

>>133608454No, except for the last 35 minutes or so.

>>133608596That's basically the same way I watched it

>>133608721There is no nuance to it, I tried at the beginning but other than few dialogues there is nothing to pay attention to. I hope I'm not mistaken but I highly doubt if there is something I missed.

Anyone seen this?

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recommend me some transgressive kinos in the vein of salo 120 days/weekendnot necessarily grotesque but just really apocaliptically out there

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>>133609901Sweet Movie



Is there anything to explore on the film medium anymore? It feels like everything has been done, or anything beyond what we've reached isn't worth gawking at. Film is going down the same path music did, what once was something that worked as a middleman to unify people, now draws attention to itself. Music videos, artists, awards, music has turned away from the very thing it represented. Sure there are places in the world where there's real music, but this contemporary music which sole purpose is to be a vessel to an artist venting his anguish or just creating a personality cult around it, is abhorrent. Film is starting to fall down that road, problem with so many people and so much information exchange is, singularities are reached at top speeds, doesn't matter if film is little over 100 years old, relatively new, in an age of information that's eons. Film is dying and I dread to see it happen whilst I'm alive.

>>133610435Is this a post from the 1920s?

>>133610435we're going to see more colourful lighting, explicit sex and extreme violence.

>>133609901What are you after? The two movies you named are very very different, and then this description >really apocaliptically out theremakes little sense in context.

>>133610435There's still no proper Berserk adaptation.

what the fuck is gasper noe's problem

>>133611598too much testosterone

>>133604685A Clockwork Orange was the first film i liked that wasn't contemporary hollywood stuff. I guess Mulholland Dr. got me into "weirder" stuff and Stalker introduced me to slower, more philosophical stuff. Metropolis got me into pre 50s stuff more.

>>133611692too much sangria

We will produce history as others produce plays.youtube.com/watch?v=zdeIN3sYcfk

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>watch une femme mariee>everyone delivers soliloquys>everything they talk about it rubbish

>>133604685The films of Paul Thomas Anderson

what are some misogynist kinos?

Why did you faggots report me for my quality post in yesterday’s thread?

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I apologize to all my Letterboxd followers who have to read through dozens of reviews for experimental shorts no one really cares about.

>>133613281i enjoy them

man, these /film/ threads are really going downhill.

what is the official /film/ letterboxd?


>>133613487discords kill generals

>>133613487I blame this guy >>133612860

>>133613487I occasionally post some retarded off-topic shit to liven up the thread.>>133613567What do you mean?

>>133613567There's this one, but it's 8 chan's film board letterboxd.com/8 chanfilm/ I couldn't post the full link because 4channel blocks it

>>133597907Based giallo poster.

One day I'm going to make my own meme canon.

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I just want that some qt pure of soul short Italian PAWG loves me like I'm rescuing her from something bros

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Would you buy?

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anyone here have experience making films and showing them in the fest circuit? how'd it go?

>>133615794No, but I wanna make a deep internet film. I wish I had the time to do it.

>>133615311I made this with the help of this great general. It turned out like shit

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>a meditation on _____

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>>133615948Well, it IS a shit list. But you will realize that some time in the future.

>>133615867if you're on 4chan, you have the time to do it.

>>133616101>Well, it IS a shit list. But you will realize that some time in the future.What do you mean? That all American film is shit?

>>133616333No, I meant your selection is a shitty selection regardless of what countries they represent, mr. trips guy.

>>133616387I just went with what was recommended in the threads. I didn't really care what went on it. I was originally just trying to find some American directors I hadn't heard of

>>133602064In The Mood for Love

What did Holla Forums think of Like Someone in Love?

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>>133615649Mamma Roma is the next film i'd recommend, it's Pasolini's sort of coming of age film with a strong mother character a la Oedipus Rex.Dude was obsessed with mother figures (Gospel, Momma Roma, Oedipus Rex)

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>>133616679I loved it, but it seems like people in these threads are kind of lukewarm on it

>>133616679Great film, haven't seen something bad or mediocre by Kiarostami yet, my personal favourite film by him is Close-up

>>133609901is there any kinos that look like your pic

>>133617402The airport scenes in Airplane

I'm a sucker for the No Wave gen of filmmakers; especially, their early films of Jarmusch, Tom DiCillo, Amos Poe, and Susan Seidelman. really dig their dirty late 70's and 80's NYC gritty vibe. is there any comparable wave of filmmakers in recent years? prob the nobudge crowd, but they're too diversified to successfully banner. the Borscht crowd is a bit too zany, too.

>>133617402The second half of The State of Things


>>133615948Big fan of the Loktev but why the fuck is Pain and Gain here? Is this serious?

>>133617449need to rewatch that>>133617952will add to watchlistsomething about late 60s architecture gets me, point blank has a lot of cool LA mansions and business buildings, really works well with the hypnotic psychedelic thing the film has going on. i don't know, maybe i should become an architect, i'm probably just autistic

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>>133601274pirates of the caribbean

>>133615948Decent films but the problem is that the list isn't consistent. There are great ones, good ones, and decent ones. It is like a random watchlist.

>>133618035The michael bay poster made a good argument for him being on the list, so I added him to troll people>>133618339I'll still take recs to fix it if anyone wants

My two favorite filmmakers are Alexander Payne and David O. RussellAm I welcome in these threads?

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>>133619446I've given up on Payne he's past it.

>>133616679loved it, ending made me literally jump out of my seat with astonishment. havent been that shocked by an ending in years.

Does anyone have a good Joao Cesar Monteiro filmography torrent/MEGA link?>>133616679for me fantastic, kiarostami only really got better

>>133617402The house from Hail, Caesar! comes to mind. It was based on the Clinton Della Walker Residence by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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>he watches a movie that got a proper releaseYikes.

>>133620509Any recs for unreleased kinos?

>ruins your kino

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>>133621355Sen täytyy tapahtua (1999)

>>133621355Hono Le Lien

A short Sorrentino kino starring the inimitable Clive Owen for you, /film/, youtu.be/fKKp6tQeXho

>>133619446Payne has two good films (Citizen Ruth and Election) and both were released in the 90s. He's dead. Russell's only good film is Huckabees.

>>133622210Fuck you. Three Kings and Flirting with Disaster are both great. >>133621690>commercial disguised as a short filmWhy is this allowed?

>>133604685North By Northwest very young, Element of crimes early teens

recommend me films that men will never understand

>>133622714The DreamersWhen Marnie Was HereWomb

>>133622210You don't like Sideways?

>>133622914It's fine>>133622301Three Kings is also fine


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>>133615740is that griffithfag

>>133601778Lilya 4 ever

>>133622973So you haven't seen Flirting with Disaster?

>>133623865I have, I just don't like it at all. It's better than everything O Russell did after The Fighter though.

>>133621690Sorrentino is the fucking MAN, goddamn how does he do it?

Where do I start with them?

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