Is DC dead?

Is DC dead?

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Sorry I don't listen to ChudTubers

>>133088732No your just a homophobic incel nerd. Who gets mad at the dumbest shit in the world instead of stuff that matters.

>>133088732Yes, because they don't make animated series like they used to. A new DCAU would be great

>>133088742>>133088763Straight character has fans spanning 30 yearsSuddenly a faggot"YOU GUYS DONT LIKE IT YOURE JUST BIGOTS. DONT LIKE EATING CUM? YOURE A FUCKING BIGOT."

>>133088732Everybody calls Robin gay for 100 years straight and suddenly they act like their life is over because Robin is gay

>>133088881But you are a bigot. You've been screaming and shitting your pants on this board daily for over a year now. Don't try to act like you have anything approaching a sane position.

>>133088881He's BISEXUAL you homophobic chud

>>133088881Yes? It's literally just a fictional character, you can re-change the sexuality with a whisk of a pen. You can even have him say it was just experimental. It's an easy whisk with one or two issues of storytelling to have him not be gay.

>>133088894Yeah, because EVERYONE is the same person as OP, homo. DC continues to make stupid choices people will continue to call it so.

>>133088881When your argument is "muh childhood muh nostalgia" you already lost.Its time to put down the comics and start being an adult

>>133088881you'd think comic books fans would be used to retcons that butcher existing characters by now

Nothing wrong about giving LGBTQIAPKDXREWOF people representation you chuds

>>133088915>>133088903Yes, how about we make Apollo and Midnighter straight and see if people wont call it stupid, dumbasses.

>>133088914They are the same person when it's always you, yes. You couldn't even manage to pretend it was someone else for one whole reply.

>>133088930You left out the BBQ, what if someone gets hungry?

>>133088936Go ahead, I don't care. It's all about entertainment and cash, baby. If making Apollo and Midnighter straight will cause some anger, and clicks, that'll get people to angrily buy the comic then go for it.It's just a picture, a fictional character. For fuck sakes, the French made King Arthur into a cuck, I don't see any people demanding that retcon be removed. Literally, it's just a fictional character for cash and entertainment. Just depends which outweighs who.

>>133088937Woaw, get a load of this mind reading, mind powers, delusional faggot.

>>133088936Grow up kiddo, you're not 7 anymore; as much as your uncle wishes you were

>>133088881Pathetic little man

>>133088732Tim boyfriend is boring. They should just have him date Connor

>>133088961>Go ahead, I don't care.Yeah OK buddy. You're crying about people bot liking Robin being gay, you'd hang yourself if Apollo and Midnighter were turned straight. Then you'd call it bigotry. Also "Who cares soulless monies! Its all about money! Nothing is stupid!" Bet you're a fucking lard ass with no standards. The shit isnt even making money.

>>133089014You're the only one crying here, sweetie. Look, you even made your little thread about it yet again.

>>133089014Don't care, whatever delusions you got in your head. Go ahead, and make Apollo and Midnighter go gay. It's literally just fictional characters. Dante Aligheiri made Muhammed a Christian heretic, you think making two fictional characters go straight is offensive. You can literally just re-write them back with an issue or two, and have fans coming back, or new fans returning. So, go ahead, make Apollo and Midnighter straight, do it, dew it.Also, yeah it's about making money, cause money fucking feeds the writers and artists, plus the company that owns this IP. Just depends if the writers are smart enough to entertain people into buying of it.

This guy posts dozens of threads every day, I barely post here and have my thread deleted for whatever reason

>>133089058Yeah, we should make Batman fuck goats or be trans, wouldnt be dumb or character assasination. As long as its entertaining and makes money, who cares.Even though stupid thing like actually would never make money. But Its OK, its meant to make money, even if it doesnt. Free for all with no thought, yay.

>>133089090Go ahead, go ahead. Literally go ahead, you have freedom, go ahead. Just be smart, oh're a Chudasaurus, and take things face value like a radical Prot. Sorry, my bad.


Gays are pretty politically incorrect, but I can't see corporate comics doing that. They want to make bad characters like Tim even worse since gays in corporate comics are boring and no midnighter and apollo don't count


>>133088881Dude, you can just not eat cum if you don't want to. Tell your boyfriend that it isn't your bag, instead of making these weird meta threads about fictional characters through which you air your frustrations. This isn't your blog

We need to bring sexy back.

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>>133089154These people don't like anything, they pretend that Tim was a good character or they don't even know him, they read the name robin and get angry

>>133088936>how about we make Apollo and Midnighter straightSuperman and Batman already are straight. What's next, let's make water wet?

>>133089163All these characters are bad, I want good stories. Milligan's Shade became a transsexual and no one complained because the story was good.

>>133089186NoLets make sand dry!

>>133089186>Superman and Batman already are straight.

>>133089190No one complained because there wasn't a political movement determined to scream about the trans taking away their rights 24/7 until the last five years or so, and people who didn't want to read about that didn't read about it.

>>133089267Trump2016 was a mistakeAmerica was a mistake

>>133089190Shade became a woman outright. Big difference when he's technically an incorporeal entity who just possesses bodies to use as raw material. Besides, that was a revenge story at the end of the day, and everyone always enjoys seeing a despicable character get their shit kicked in.

>>133088732>YouTube ThumbnailGo away.

Is it me or have chuds become more annoying then the SJW or old? Like I was onboard the Anti SJW train back in the day but now Chuds do the same shit just with the different political view.I don't want to silence people.I don't want to dox people.I just want to post my fucking silly memes in peace.

>>133088732It is to me.

>>133089096>we should make Batman fuck goats or be transWRITE THAT DOWNWRITE THAT DOWN

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>>133089096Nobody cared about Batman: Damned until people heard that there was canonical Batcock in it, dumb shit makes money, and so does controversy

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>>133089642A little bigger than mine, but his penis has a good width which makes it look bigger.

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>>133088732Which robin is gay now?is it dick ,it's literally in his name

>>133088926>We made bullshit changes to established characters in the past so its okay when we do them again in the present.

>>133089642Yeah. Big industry has really picked up on using controversy and negative press to sell shit these past decade

>>133089710Yes.Thats how comics work, noob. Where's the anger when they made Alfred Bruce's father figure, even though he just some guy who worked for him? Chud.

>>133088881They hate you for being right and logical.All homos can do is bitch and whine until they die from Aids or Monkeypox or just from both. Trend chasers are so retarded.

>>133088987There's nothing more pathetic than a 4chaner trying to act like a grown up, bub.

>>133089724That wasn't a bullshit change

>>133089827Im at work right now, i wear pants and buy my own food.Im a bigger grown up than you will ever be

>>133088881No one is asking you to eat cum. No one is making you look at Tim Drake yaoi. No one is forcing you to read explicit fanfics. No one is beaming gay images into your mind. All that happened was he entered a relationship with a man. Thats it. Thats all. You are the only one making this into something more.

>>133089860Wrong again chud, im in anons room holding a bottle of lube to his head forcing him to do all those things or I'll turn his penis gay.

>>133088915>When your argument is "muh childhood muh nostalgia"That's not the argument. The argument is that there is no basis for this change, and it's a clear publicity stunt.

>>133088732Only fag here is OP. Get rekt lil nigga

>>133088881Robin was never straight. Everyone's joked about him being gay since forever.


>>133089874>The argument is that there is no basis for this changeExcept three decades worth of fans saying Tim is gay, and writers going "yes, actually him having sexual attraction towards dudes as well makes sense".

>>133088732Don't tell me that they break up and DC has Tim hook up with John

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>>133088881Tim has been fucked in the ass for 10 years by Lobdell so I fucking don't care about him.He is better dead or in another universe without Damian and Jason so he could be the robin