Questionable Content


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>>133087249Nothing happens, wasted.

>>133087249why is it called questionable content?

Jeeze, the mom's starting to look younger than her>'daughter'these days.

>>133087300Because you, along with other anons, are questioning why are we still reading this content

>>133087300Well, you just questioned the content, didn't you?

>>133087326You're only as old as you feel, and she's consistently being felt up by boys younger than Marten.

>>133087367Fair enough.


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>>133087326Didn't she used to be noticeably taller than Claire too?

is there porn of those two?

>>133087249>I legit forgot that furry weed lady is a marine biologistSo I take she is coming along as well?

>>133087496Depends on which two you're talking about.Either way, yes.

when the fuck is the slime tiddy girl coming back?


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>>133087545The "mom"? I thought she was a lawyer or something.

>>133087549quit actin smart

>>133087249>same noseNo I get it, drawing is HARD. Why would try to put EFFORT into it?

>>133087582i didn't realize she had a canon career before she became a vtuberdoes anyone remember when she used to be named amelia and then jeph forgot and she wasn't named amelia anymore?

>>133087249>Claire's picture on the wallWhen did she transition?

>>133087708I think the only indication was a framed degree. or something, on the wall in the background of a strip.

>>133087727I *think* the tranny mentioned it like a decade ago either soon after the library intro or when dude with black hair came in for pancakes or something, but it was definitely mentioned at least few times.

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>>133087727the turkeys said her name at one point as well

>>133087300It's questionable if there is indeed any content

>>133087545>mention marine biologist>suddenly remember Ellen, Natasha and so many more I can't remember the name or face ofWhere did the time go? I want to go back bros...

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>>133087814NUH UH

Marten stumbling across some old nudes of Claire in the house and sneaking off to the bathroom to jerk off to them, only to realize afterwards that Claire still looked like Clinton at that age, and they were actually pics of Aurelia

>you will now remember time when Hanners was a cute

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>>133087981It was different time...

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>>133087990Also they used to be a band in this webcomic about a band, isn't that crazy or what?

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>>133088002What's this band you speak of?

>>133088025Slayer and Pig Destroyer. Both good bands.

>>133087249This sums up my reaction to everything that happens in this comic.

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This comic has NEVER been funny intentionally, has not improved in 10 years and has NOT been a meme that has survived through the years.Burn it and it's creator on the cross.

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>>13308820310? Buddy it's been 19.

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>>133088002When was the last time any of them even touched a musical instrument?

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>>133087708I thought she was always Aurelia. Post proof of Amelia.

>>133088478This is a weird flavor of oyakodon.I'm not sure I like it. It tastes funny.

>>133088478fight the good fight my man

>>133087545Really? I guess it makes about as much sense as any other backstory, but that still seems so weird. I assumed she was a retiree and that her former career just didn’t need to be mentioned.

>>133088478Don't do this to me, man.

>>133088322It was improving until 10 years ago.

>>133088480I mean, let's be clear, we'd all happily inseminate Hanners in the dead of night.

>>133088480I have an anxiety problem, and I’ll admit there have been times when I’ve wondered if it’d be safer to be on birth control or to get my tubes tied just in case I get Night of the Midwich Cuckooed like she’s worried about here.

>>133088755As someone who also has chronic paranoia, facts sometimes don't help. It's probably a good idea to get shit locked down just because life is a fucker and if you don't want kids you don't want kids, but if your brain chemistry decides it thinks there's a chance that the right half-dozen things went wrong and the worst case scenario is happening, you'll still be along for the ride.


>>133088781You realize "Amelia" there refers to the turkey in the last panel, not Claire's mom, right?

>>13308802Marten's band was called Death Mole... the same name as ol' Geffphy's one-man "band"

>>133088717only when she was in her first form

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>>133089204I can speak from experience when I say that sex with a bipolar girl on the wrong medication isn't worth it

>>133089214Maybe you're just weak

>>133089204In another world Martin and Hanners got together

>>133087396is a loss of words

>>133087249Moray Eels are named after a person though.

>>133090080No they aren't. And even if they were, that person would obviously be long dead and the name isn't currently used for people, so it's not weird that it evokes reference to the eels instead of a person.

>>133089356Which would be the best timeline: current, one where Dora didn't break up with him, one where things worked out with Padma, one where he hooked up with Emily, one where he hooked up with Hanners, or one where he got with Faye?

>>133090119Doesn't matter. None of those characters are in the comic anymore regardless.

>>133090107Moray is an actual name though, primarily a place name though it has been used for people. It means, "sea eel," unsurprisingly.