Netflix casts 16 year old Vietnamese girl as Mai and 21 year old Han Chinese boy as Zuko in Avatar

Netflix casted 16 year old Vietnamese girl Thalia Tran as Mai and 21 year old Han Chinese boy Dallas James Liu as Zuko in the live action adaption of Avatar : The Last

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>>133086994This is the Han Chinese actor Dallas James Liu who will play

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>>^tfw [Open]

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>>133086994>>133087137>>133087157Thalia Tran

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>>^tfwExclusive: Thalia Tran has been cast as Mai in the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series!She is a 16-year-old newcomer actress best known for Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon (2021).

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>> Liu is Prince ZukoDallas Liu is Prince Zuko Avatar The Last AirbenderWhere you’ve seen him before: Played Ruihua in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and for Netflix appeared in The Who Was? Show and No Good Nick.Age: 20 (born in 2001)Who are they playing?: A skilled firebender and the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. He’s an exile and on an obsessive quest to capture the Avatar.Where you can follow him: Dallas is on Instagram Affiliation: Fire

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>> Zhang as SukiMaria Zhang as Suki netflixWhere you’ve seen her before: First major role outside shorts like Continuum, Dear Mom, and All I Ever Wanted.Who are they playing?: The intimidating leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, an elite female fighting force dedicated to protecting their community and upholding the ideals of their namesake, Avatar Kyoshi.Where you can follow: On Instagram Affiliation: I’m half Polish, half Chinese. My mom is Polish, my dad is Chinese, and I grew up in a house where my parents spoke Russian to each other (I spoke Polish to my mom and Chinese to my dad), so it was a whole jumble of languages and cultures. To me that just felt like the norm, but whenever I’d tell other people that, they’d be like, ”Oh my God, this is crazy.”

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>>133087312So this is the power of Polish

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>>133086994>tran the tranny looks like a trannyYou can't make this shit up. Why do people still watch Jewish cartoons? I despise all of you. If I get any solace from this the venom shot will kill all of you and your Gene's as you die begging you weren't vaxxed before you all die. The music to my ears is heaven


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Where are the white actors though? Why is it all asians?


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I mean, at least they’re the proper demographic this time and not whatever the fuck Shamalam was pulling.

>>133087357Sukichads we keep winning

>>133087383go woke get broke


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>>133087406Proper demographic? What are you talking about, they're NOT REAL dummy!

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>>133086994OK based?

>you shouldve been the actorHAH ofc ABSOLUTELY

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>>133086994Face is definitely not like Mai, but oh well, I hope she can act at least.

>>133087339>You can't make this shit up.You just did, because you are absolutely obsessed with trannies. She looks like a typical Asian girl.


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Here's your Ty Lee bros, she's 15

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>>133087471The eyes are, she has some chubby fucking cheeks though

>>133087471There's a Vietnamese named Mai Thị Thu Trang who looks exactly like Mai in the

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>>133087560wtf why does she look like the actress they got regardless

Great casting so far.

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>>133086994>boyHe's a man. Why did they do this?

>>133087595Can't wait to see who they get for Toph.

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>>133087339Come out of the fucking closet already you fucking egg/fag/whatever you are. Touch grass, work out, and get a goddamn life.

>>133087073The actress for Ty Lee is Momona Tamada who is Japanese.

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>>133087638You can stop

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>>133087073- - +One out of three, not bad for shitflix.


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>>133087602because he's a pretty boi


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>>133087339>>133087624>>133087476That post is obvious falseflag, faggots. You people are easy to bait.>>133086994>>133087001>>133087017>>133087073>>133087137>>133087157>>133087267>>133087312>>133087332Also this thread is all retarded and full of repeated posts. Is this robot spam? Or just autism? I got tired of quoting all the repeated posts

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>>133086994"Tran" has always been a funny name to me, because in my language it means cod liver oil. It's healthy, but disgusting and fuck and many kids grew up having to drink a spoon of it every morning.

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>no people of color, just lily white actorsIs diversity dead?

>>133087687Pretty sure this is a bot thread. This whole thread could literally be bots.

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>>133087614Oh shit, Ken Leung is going to be in it? That is actually neat.

Is Netflix seriously trying to astroturf fan support on 4chan of all fucking places? Half of Holla Forums will refuse to watch it since it's live action and the other half will hate it because Netflix made it.

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>>133087500Too old.

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>>133086994Get a life, deadbeat.

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>>133087339Fuck you for being so brain dead that a normal run of the mill last name triggers you

>>133087500Face-wise I think she is ok... unfortunately I doubt she will do Ty Lee justice where it matters... maybe in a few years?

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well good luck murica

>>133086994wow she looks just like her anons i feel so represented right now

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>>133087614I'm fucking relieved they're all Asian.

>>133087137>>133087157Go back faggot

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>>133087944You block head!

>>133086994thought y'all'd be more upset about a trans actor playing y'all's waifu

>>133087500But can she be as acrobatic as Ty Lee?

>>133088056Not greentext therefore you say that and look like that.

>>133086994Why they have a white guy as Sokka though?

>>133087442>Asians aren't real!My guy. Please.

>>133087999>they're all Asian.Not Sokka actor. He is a white guy from a white family that paid a Native America reservation to consider him an honorary Native America. Sort of like what Johnny Depp did.

>>133086994>castedThat's not a word.

>>133088594I cast a spell and make "casted" a real word. Got a 14 from a D20.


>>133088641The original Avatar: TLA was pretty overrated too.

>>133088675I don't agree but everything after it was worse so the point stands.

>>133088641I liked Korra.

>>133088641lmaoooooo stay mad

>>133087711also two words away from being an english slur

>>133088641i really liked the imbalance comic though, and the gurihiru comics were nice to look at at least

>>133087614>>133087001>casting asians to play white characters


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>>133088584He is from the Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky, it is federal unrecognized but acknowledged by the Kentucky state government.Apparently there enrollment standards are very loose and not recognized by other

>>133087312>>133087332>>133087357I guess I see the logic behind hiring a mixed-race actress, Suki has brown hair and pure East Asians would just have black hair, but then who is playing Ty Lee who has brown hair too

>>133087740No real girl wil be as cute as Aang in a wig

>>133087073>so we need to cast these three girls, Mai is the least popular of them >should we do something about it?>nah just cast the ugliest actress you can find, make the other two hot

>>133087614>random white dude and iroquois girl are supposed to be brother and sisterLmao

As long as they can act well and act in character, then it's probably gonna be fine.

>>133089739I've been saying since the 1990's that half Asians are basically anime characters.but only the white and Chinese/Japanese/Korean mixes.And they need to have a mix of a Japanese and German name.

>>133088546Asians can't control the elements you big silly!

>>133088641Reddit spacing, didn't read.

>>133090000white first name japanese last name, 99% of them have japanese dads

>>133087614Ian Ousley is the worst casting by far. Some white boy who claims he identifies as [insert long list of ethnicities] being cast as an Inuit inspired character despite not looking even remotely Inuit. What were they thinking?

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>>133087001He looks like he has less testosterone per capita then a castrated femboy. Why would you cast him as the main antagonist? Am i supposed to take this seriously?I know Zuko isn't the most masculine character but he looked intimidating, i'm just gonna laugh whenever i see this guy. This "Live Action" is going to be garbage

>>133087614Is Ian Ously there so that the Avatar writers can claim they don't hate white people?Zuko just genuinely doesn't work through, it's obvious Zuko has the facial phrenology of a European so it's just gonna look fucking weird


>>133090562What are you talking about. The fire nation is based on Japanese people and Earth Kingdom on Chinese. It's Sino-Japanese war. Also Air Nomads are Tibetan and Water Nation are Inuit (except for the ones in swamps which had like a weird cajun thing going on).