This is legit the single worst comicbook I've ever read in my life

this is legit the single worst comicbook I've ever read in my life

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>>133086291It is bad. But Man-Eaters was worse to me.

>>133086291Pray tell OP, what is the premise?

I thought so too but it kept to its premise and didn't endure long enough to add to the dumpster fire like new characters, plotlines, and exploring the point any further than we saw.Saga has clearly surpassed it as the worst simply by existing long enough to get truly repugnant and lost.

>>133086291i'm disgusted

>>133086640Aliens come over and disguise themselves as womenMen are abducted for reproduction purposesA bear is kicked in the balls

>>133087033So it's basically Species?

What was so bad about it?

>>133087045It's basically Species except we get to see the women turn on the men for not being able to keep their dick in their pants. And the men of course cannot keep their dick in their pants. And the endless reproduction doesn't lead to the death of everyone but it just fires a new "ship" into space presumably to find another civilization to have sex with. Kinda like Dead Space.It's like if you combined Species with the ending to Dead Space 3 with none of the apocalyptic consequences of the aliens winning. I suppose a small town of like 100 people in the middle of nowhere falls apart from distrust and the revelation of some sociopaths among them.Man, now that I think about it, the ending was way way more shitty than I originally thought. Like it doesn't follow any natural survival sense at all, it's as if the whole point (and this was the point of the story by the way) of the aliens was to reveal that men are shit.

>>133086291>The Luna BrothersAs in Josh Luna? And his brother that he seethes about?

>>133086291Yes but the girls are hot and all the problems could have been solved by just fucking them anally.

>>133087220>except we get to see the women turn on the men for not being able to keep their dick in their pantsBut don't the aliens want their cum? And on a Doylist level, isn't fucking a gross nasty alien karmic punishment enough for being a pervert?

>>133087611There's the women, the men, and the aliens are homogeneous sexy women, which I just defaulted to referring to as "the aliens". The women are human women, who get angry at the men.Like, we compare it to Species but the aliens don't have a "weird" form, they remain identical sexy women, and apparently biologically identical to regular women aside from their weird magic trick that produces chair-sized eggs that spawn more of themselves.It's a dumb story with men as the punching bag. If you really wanted to shit on men you'd take something useful like an evolutionary biology class. This kind of fiction is about as useful as a comic book bashing on a sports team you don't like.

>>133087779Stop posting man. This is just a Holla Forums bait thread. Nobody gives a shit about the comic they just care that the author is a nutcase and want people here to do their criticism for them.

>>133087817Nobody is talking about the author.

It was bad, but not the worst thing I've ever read. It was a pretty fun Story Time on Holla Forums like a fucking decade and a half ago.

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>>133086291would hot alien chicks without cataclysmic consequences

>>133087220>And the men of course cannot keep their dick in their pantsThe human women are all objectively terrible. The aliens literally do nothing but keep their yaps shut and the men instantly fall in love because they've been henpecked half to death by their chatterbox battleax wives.

>>133086291Are you surprised

>>133086291Part of the unholy trinity for a reason.

>>133086291But you HAVE read it.

>>133086291Huh? But this isn't Saga.

Man I wished we got a reprint of the absolute I fucked up not getting them when they were in print

>>133088128>henpecked half to death by their chatterbox battleax wives.

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>>133086291It’s fun to read in a story time of pain, but yeah, it’s fucking shit.

>>133088709What is happening here? Why is the dying guy desperate to protect the women while everyone else seems ready to let them rot? Are the women in this comic really that bad?


>>133088709>You expect a woman to fight for you?!Isn't he married though? Isn't that part of the deal?

>>133088814In a way, that's impressive. Who's view point does it seem like the writer wanted the viewer to sympathize with? By those few pages it seems like the men are the sympathetic party but I kind of doubt that is intentionally the case.

>>133086291It has its momentsLike when the battered husband runs ogg and impregnates 20 aliens

>>133088842They're meant to be portrayed as pathetic because they cannot help themselves to sleep with a younger alien woman despite them multiplying that way.

>>133087501Reminder that based Luna abused his brother, took 70% of all profits and then kicked him off the industry

>>133088777The women are basically cowed by the bitchiest cunt once she gets a shotgun and shoots one of the men.

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>>133088842Also the setting is called Pennystown if it wasn't already cheesy enough.

>>133088842Everybody in the comic sucks.

>>133088888Confirmed five times over.

>>133088867Yeah, that's what I figured. Thought it doesn't really seem like sleeping with them is their only reason for siding with the alien women. Seems like they just want a respite from the shit women in their own lives and are desperate enough to go to dangerous alien women for it. I'm not sure if I can entirely call that pathetic considering the ridiculous shit that comes with divorce.

>>133088888Yeah, that makes a lot of sense and is probably the best answer.


Everybody wants a little strange, knowhatimsayin?

>>133088888The alien girls just want to fuck. If the men had the women hunker down in a basement, they could have easily rounded up the girls, kept a continually renewing harem.

>>133088842If I remember correctly this is after the women grab a gay man, cut his dick and then he bleeds to death

>>133088925The alien women or the human women? Either way, that's really out there. Why would they tear off his dick?

>>133088925No, the gay man got eaten by the alien girls because pheromones or some shit.

>>133088945The alien women just want to fuck and abduct human women>>133088947Oh rightThey do cut someone's dick and he does tho

>>133088925Didn't remember the gay fella, but do remember the Human women castrating one the guys with a hatchet or something and the alien women killing him because he could no longer reproduce with them.


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>>133086291It has its moments but yes its shit

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>>133088973Yeah it was at that moment that I went, you know what I'm fine with every single woman in this comic dying

Poor guy

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>>133088888Quintuples prove it.

>>133086291>the luna brothersAh, makes sense

>>133089251Wait is that the same Josh Luna who does the Vietnamese comics?

>>133088826Yes but in modern times that's seldom explored, marriage is viewed as a much more "giving yourself in service to a woman" sort of union than a mutual effort to better one another these days.

The only good characters were the old guy that just wanted to fuck aliens and the Bear.

>>133086291I really wish someone would do a straight utopian style story with this concept. It'd be a blessing if subservient and perfect alien women displaced real human ones.

>>133089273It is the very same, and this was his big hit.

>>133089424Seriously? That is hilarious.

It's not the absolute worst I've ever read solely because it was something resembling a plot, characters, and actual themes, but it's definitely in my bottom 5