Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #60

Previous Thread: >>133068899Pastebin: zCXhuqLwAvTonight is a night of interesting things. We have some edge and abuse but before we get to that, let’s do a Sonic Boom comic that may seem familiar but is from another artist. Why is it always Sonic Boom? Anyway, this is The Big Boom!, last thread had an update for Darkness is Not All Black, Sonic Forces: Experiment, Turtle Power, The Start of Our Universe, The Heart of a Monster, and Clash of Two Worlds. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

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>boom>fetishbut why is this always the case

Big Sonic

>>133086206Okay, we know what this is about. Let's see if this comic can give us a good reason why this is happening.

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>>133086235>too darn fast and agileHow astute.>>133086224I don't know but as someone who likes Sonic Boom, this worries me.

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>>133086267And that's our setup.>>133086226Any bigger and we'll end up with another fetish.

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>>133086288Meh Burger, the real antagonist of these comics.

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>>133086304>can you fix me too?No Knuckles, you must continue the echidna bloodline.

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>>133086206This will be our third Boom!macro comic, despite there never being a macro episode in he actual show>>133086226He's a big guy, 4U

>>133086331Cue the obligatory action sequence.

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>>133086267If you people are gonna make gay narrator Sonic gay world comics at least make it ludacrously gay like JoJos Bizarre Adventure.

>>133086346Oh no, what a surprise. Nobody saw this coming.>>133086339If you had a nickel for each one then you'd have three nickels.

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>>133086369Sticks is giving that "I told you so" look.>>133086355>sonic says run-on sentences and using the word "gay" as many times in one sentence is way past cool!

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>>133086387Yeah Sonic, stop being big! You're ruining everything!

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>>133086355I hope you're not insulting "say yes to the dress", Sonic does an excellent job narrating that show

>>133086355Holy shit it's Sonic the Hedgehog

>>133086402Eh, I'm sure nobody's in those houses.

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>>133086425This isn't really defeating Sonic but rather annoying him. He is a liability though.

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>>133086267Understatement, Eggmnsn.

>>133086425He's a menace

>>133086437Sonic can't even walk around.>>133086434One day we might do a Sonic Boom comic with your fetish! Unless we already have.

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>>133086369>If you had a nickel for each one then you'd have three nickels.It's not a lot, but it's weird it's happened that many times>>133086437>becomes a giant>suddenly everything's his faultNot cool guys, not cool

>>133086458Can Tails fix this mess? Probably.

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>>133086304Dave does it on fucking purpose to fuck with people, I'm pretty sure.

>>133086472And away Sonic goes.>>133086446He's just figuring this stuff out. He's a genius for a reason!>>133086454He actually is.>>133086460And Eggman is left alone despite this. Sonic could've swatted him out of the sky.

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>>133086331Sticks is right, but nobody takes her seriously.>No Knuckles, you must continue the echidna bloodline.Shut up, Chris.

>>133086339>despite there never being a macro episode in he actual showI am confused and unnerved. If there was one Macro ep, it'd just be a matter of some kid's fetish being awakened by it. That it isn't suggests something sinister.

>>133086491>second panelWhat is that? Some kind of Sonic boom?>>133086474Well, he does want to be a villain.

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>>133086509It's not a Sonic Boom comic without calling out the writers.

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>>133086528Nobody saved her baby...

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>>133086546Thanks Tails, for not being as dumb as the people in Hedgehog Village.

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>>133086472Lots of mouth closeups for jumbo Sonic, really makes you think>>133086474He is a villain after all, just not a very good one>>133086491I hate to see him go, but love to see him walk away>And Eggman is left alone despite this. Sonic could've swatted him out of the sky.Maybe that's Eggman's reall issue, being taller than the rest of the cast means he gets treated as the villain>>133086505There must've been a show with macro themes airing before or after Boom and it's blead through

>>133086546Good, she has to learn to take care of her kid.

>>133086567Tails has found the solution and his machine is abusing physics for Sonic's convenience.

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>>133086546Perfect Boom writing.

>>133086583Time to bully Eggman

>>133086583>i've come for youThat just reminds me of the Fusion Reborn fight between Gogeta and

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>>133086609Eggman, unless you have a super shield, he can just smash your base. You have seen kaiju movies, right?

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>>133086583>his machine is abusing physics for Sonic's convenienceNow if only it were a comic where Tails' machine machine was abusing Sonic for my convenience!>>133086609>Fusion Reborn fight between Gogeta and JanembaNow you're just making up words

>>133086623>on eggman's island, the only thing that can be destroyed is his baseIt would've been funny if Sonic went straight there and Eggman watched his place get destroyed before he could go back to it.

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>>133086644Eggman seriously didn't consider that this would happen.

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>>133086304Someone needs to make a Meh Burger vs. Uncle Chuck's comic.


>>133086579>There must've been a show with macro themes airing before or after Boom and it's blead throughOr Boom was sending weird ass subliminal messages to our kids.

How long is this cringefest

>>133086660And that's the end of that. All just to satisfy the artist's fetish. Now on to something not as fun or fetishy.

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>>133086405I don't know about that.

>>133086660It would be very funny if Sonic just had enough and ate Eggman haha

>>133086680The ride ends

>>133086681Fallen Hero promises us a comic of a corrupted Sonic hurting his friends but it sadly stops before it gets to that. But it's still pretty

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>>133086708it was profitsized

>>133086712We have a brief prologue and some pages for the first chapter.

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>>133086671Either or! Maybe Sticks is on to something about TV and mind control. I could see a Boom/Totally Spies double feature causing it>>133086684He's clearly phoning it in, which is what makes it fun!>>133086712Hawt!

>>133086734>repent all my sinsThe fuck did you do, Sonic?

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>>133086734That tails>why am i even here bruh...

>>133086752What are the sins of Sonic?

>>133086752Amy is preggers! That's usually not a good thing.

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>>133086775Kind of a missed opportunity to not name the girl Sonia going off of this naming scheme by Sonic.

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>>133086206Boom Eggman is always inserting his fetishes into his schemes lmao

>>133086788When Sonic makes a promise. He will always keep it.

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>>133086752>sinsWhat>>133086775Oh I see, he had sex before marriage

>>133086752>The fuck did you do, Sonic?Maybe he's repenting for choosing a brown necktie instead of a red one. It's dull and it clashes with the rest of the outfit!>>133086755That Knuckles though!>>133086775This is already way weirder than the macro one.

>>133086804LOL>>133086755Just to suffer.>>133086772Sluttiness and gluttony.>>133086790He makes up relative harmless in another way.

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>>133086833He's fucking dead

>>133086833We have a cover and six pages of this.>>133086809>Oh I see, he had sex before marriageA sin many mobians have committed.>>133086813>Maybe he's repenting for choosing a brown necktie instead of a red one. It's dull and it clashes with the rest of the outfit!I knew something was wrong!

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>>133086878RIP Sonic


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I don't know if anyone reported it yet, but we got a new page on 9/11.

>>133086889Amy is sad and mad.>>133086891>we got a new page on 9/11Fitting.

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>>133086915Sonic had to be a menace and die.

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>>133086930>amy's the one to go crazy over sonic's deathIronic that Tails is telling us this.

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>>133086948>last page posted of this series>title dropBRAVO NOLANNow we will take our only 10 minute break for the night and when we come back we'll do a comic about OC abuse and shipping.

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>>133086962KINO INO

>>133086878Those fangs!>>133086891It's a pretty interesting story when it isn't focusing on rape>>133086930Another hot older Tails for the collection!>>133086962It truly was a Sonic adventure two

>>133086387BIG Sonic!

>>133086437They're such dicks to Sonic.

>>133086962Broken Spirit is what the artist calls a vent comic. Basically for them to work out their emotions but they have repeatedly said that they're fine. Sonar is their OC and shipped with Sonic. And despite Sally being here, she's not the enemy. Also, page quality varies from okay to barely

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>>133086472If Tails can't fix it, then Sonic would be kind of fucked.

>>133087148This is reboot Archie after all.

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>>133086509Fucking villagers deserve it for being cunts.

>>133087170Amy HISSSSSSSSS, no!

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>>133086546B-BUT, MY BABY!!

>>133087192The spirit of Thrash lives on.

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>>133086606Eggman bullying, huzzah!>>133086609>JanembaThat's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time...

>>133087218Typically level of evil for Archie Eggman.

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>>133087236Haha, time to respect women!

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>>133087070>It's a pretty interesting story when it isn't focusing on rapeIt's kind of fucked up that it's now trying to be a real story. Like, now we are doing a subplot about Eggman's operations? Where the fuck is the story going and how is it going to tie back into the rape?

>>133086623Boom Eggman only watches cheesey soap operas and old dramas.

>>133087252Time for the OC to prove herself!

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>>133087276Image quality may not be the best but the art is still good.

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>>133087276Mexican bat

>>133087295Damn, he's pretty resilient!

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>>133087148>OC>vent art>shipped with SonicOh boy!>is girlBoo!>>133087236So is Eggman selling these Shadow Androids, and are they programmable? And anatomically correct?>>133087269It's so weird, they could easily be two separate comics

>>133087317Ryonabros, where you at?>>133087304Yes.

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>>133087341More abuse! With plenty more to go.>>133087330>So is Eggman selling these Shadow Androids, and are they programmable? And anatomically correct?I'm sure he could make one to your specifications.

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>>133087366This Shadow is so much happier when he's holding that gun.

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>>133087384We get an abridged version of Sonar's life. Just like with most people, it sucked.

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>>133087330>So is Eggman selling these Shadow Androids, and are they programmable? And anatomically correct?

>>133087341>Ryonabros, where you at?It's no Kill La Kill, but I'm enjoying it all the same>>133087366>I'm sure he could make one to your specifications.tfw that's how Eggman can afford all those robots and space stations.>>133087399Bat twink!

>>133087341I love to respect women

>>133087399Think of it this way, later on you can tell people that the blood on your cheek isn't yours.

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>>133087423Arm's aren't supposed to bend that way!

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>>133087447This Shadow seems to be programmed to really like doing this.>>133087413>>133087418Got another helping for you.

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>>133087465Double shot!

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>>133087399Oh, and:>Ahora no, querido... Papá tiene trabajo que hacer.Not now, dear... Dad has work to do.>>133087412Highly recommend watching Metropolis, that actually was a key plot point!

>>133087489He sure is taking his time

>>133087489Would you do this to your OC?

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>>133087504That was easy. Too easy.

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>>133087518Is the next scene going to be a funeral?

>>133087518It's not rubbed in your face but it should be easy to tell who the artist doesn't particularly favor.

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>>133087489My guy really loves his misery porn. I'm surprised there's not some bit in her backstory about having her wings ripped off by her deadbeat dad or something.

>>133087218I don't who's boot it is, this mission wasn't approved by the council!!

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>>133087537Sounds like a mystery.>>133087497Thanks.>>133087503Just need sure she's nice and dead.

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>>133087565Everyone's worried but not as much as Sonic is.>>133087516Oh!>>133087530Not so fast!

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>>133087565>Just need sure she's nice and dead.She got wrecked and shot in the face, she better be death or that Shadow clone is going to be very embarrassed

>>133087587Sonic's panicking.>>133087551I wouldn't be surprised either.

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>>133087604:D:|:(>>133087598But she's a mobian. Surely she could handle a beating, broken arm, shot in the stomach twice, and shot in the head.

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>>133087565>Thanks.I just use Google translate>>133087587>foot shot of the forbidden tusked oneFlying close to the sun there!>>133087645She's still warm Sonic, stop being so fussy!

>>133087654She needs medical attention!

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>>133087670Go Sonic!

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>>133087683>dr. quackBut he's a preboot character!>>133087661>Flying close to the sun there!Of course you'd focus on that.

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>>133087670>She needs medical attention!She needs a priest, she's dead conductor

>>133087694Dr. Quack? More like Dr. Dick!>>133087701She's still alive!

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>>133087725Come clean, Sonic.

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>>133087742Sonic and Sonar sitting in a tree!

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>>133087754Look at these great memories. Nobody else is this important to Sonic.

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>>133087769Bad touch!

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>>133087785Sonic and his panic attacks.

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>>133087694>Of course you'd focus on that.Clearly the problem isn't me, it's those sluts dangling their sultry legs for all to see!>>133087715>Dr. Dick!>>133087785Ha!

>>133087754>Sally not the enemyAmazing

>>133087799>hi sorry, i'm dr. quack>>133087800Sonic would make for a great Dr. Dick.

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>>133087715That Shadow clone is just worthless, i would tell him to kill himself but he would probably miss that shot too

>>133087816Aw, they made up.>>133087815Rebooted into lesbianism. No need to worry about her now.

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>>133087832Eggman is pleased.>>133087829He would do it with a smile on his face.

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>>133087832>Rebooted into lesbianism.Wait, really? Is she with the hologram?

>>133087842We interrupted this suffering comic with a random page about Yugioh.

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>>133087816Handsome Dr Quack there>Sonic would make for a great Dr. Dick.It would make a great animation>>133087832>Rebooted into lesbianism. No need to worry about her now.Fair's fair! Sonic Future did the same to Amy>>133087861Man, these comics sure do love going in weird directions

>>133087861Orbot's going to win that bet.>>133087843Kind of. The reboot did away with Sonic and Sally's relationship or rather that they dated but stopped. And Ian later said he was thinking of putting Sally and Nicole together but never got the chance to.

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>>133087881Will Sonar die? What's Eggman's plans? Can the Shadow clone regain his honor after it's revealed he failed? We'll never know since this story stopped years ago. But...

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>>133087911Sonar's fine, got knocked up and is married to Sonic. No pesky pink hedgehogs or bisexual princesses will change that! Tomorrow at 9pm EST we'll do more comics.

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>>133087881>IanIs Ian in the same "Sonic isn't allowed to FUCK" camp that SEGA is or is he just doing what he's told?

>>133087929The former. Ian is a huge Sonally shipper. Sonic can't be with anyone, not even Amy. So Ian was thinking of setting his waifu up with the next best thing.

>>133087927Thanks konductor!

>>133087968>The former.I meant latter.

>>133086206Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 26 Page 8tailsgetstrolled.orgCoyote is regretting stealing a troll's soul.

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>>133086712Ah, more Schizonic. He has a pretty cool design too.

>>133087927She's brown? For some reason I expected her to be pinkish-maroon.

>>133086775>wholesome Sonamy in a corruption comicYOU'RE CROSSING THE STREAMS YAMEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRO

>>133086833Damn it Sonic!

>>133086878Sonic is fucking dead. Cute fangs though.

>>133086930Slutnic had it all and he fucked it up.

>>133086948>Amy went nuts, not TailsWow. Wasn't expecting that. And going as far as to have her suffer a goddamn miscarriage too? Fuck.

>>133087148Shipping an OC with Sonic in a comic with Sally? How does that work?>>133087170>reboot ArchieOh, that's how I guess.

>>133087236Archie Eggman being a total monster as always.

did that Supernova one ever return?

>>133087341Shadow Android respects women.

>>133088467No. The artist has since been drawing other stuff. Non-Sonic stuff.

>>133087968>>133087982It's funny how they don't allow Sonic to get with Amy, despite that literally being the ship that SoJ desperately wants to push. Their own incompetence means that even ships they want to make possible can't be done because they simultaneously want Sonic to be a free-spirited shounen protagonist who does whatever he wants whilst also having people he loves and cares for and a character to pine over him.

>>133088556>the ship that SoJ desperately wants to pushI don't know if I'd say they're desperate or even interested in doing it. At most it's a carrot to dangle over the heads of shippers. You'll get hints of it but the way they've treated Amy is pretty close to disrespectful as a love interest.

Attached: people_hedgehog_relations_by_jamesdonaldson_d2257aj.jpg (953x500, 498.05K)

>>133088596I'm fairly certain there are interviews where Iizuka and other major people who worked there said that the intent WAS for Sonic to get with Amy, but who the fuck knows now.>but the way they've treated Amy is pretty close to disrespectful as a love interest."Pretty close"? It IS disrespectful; and only damages the characterization of not only her, but Sonic in turn. You can be 'free' whilst still having a love life especially as two superpowered Mobians, you can live someone without being an unhinged stalker, etc. SoJ want Sonic to be a battle shonen-style hero, but only have the barest surface level understanding of what that actually MEANS, so all they end up doing is stringing people along whilst increasingly destroying the characters and identities of the cast.

>>133087465Eggman 100% programmed this level of sadism into his personality for exactly this reason.

>>133087645You were too slow, Sonic.

>>133087645>>133088968In all seriousness, the level of raw emotion on Sonic's face in those last two panels is really great. You can just FEEL how badly it hits him.

>>133087715>Shadow Android fucked up killing her THIS badlyEggman just isn't making them like he used to.

>>133088649It means Sally remains the only girl ever to have officially won the Sonicbowl, and I think that infuriates Amyfags and game purists more than anything.

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>>133089152I'm mostly a Sonamyfag (though not as much as I lean towards the gay ahips, and I persfinally don't care. I enjoy both Sonamy and Sonally as I recognize both have their roots in two vastly different continuities.

>>133089152The closest is Boom Amy but I don't really consider the joke about Amy "bothering" Sonic at night to mean anything since they can't even admit they like each other to each other.

>>133089237It's at least obvious what they were going for and it's clear that BOTH are totally head-over-heels for each other in that continuity. Reminder that Boom got away with a flagrant CWC expy in the show and raunchy jokes about spicy fanfiction - they almost certainly knew what they were doing when Boom Sonic said "he wasn't in the mood".

>>133089237>>133089456I doubt anyone who quotes that line has watched the episode. The point was that earlier in the ep Amy was having a yelling/nagging fest at him all day.

>>133088649>You can be 'free' whilst still having a love lifeNot in Japan. Marriage is death and loveless, or whatever the memes say.>but only have the barest surface level understanding of what that actually MEANS, so all they end up doing is stringing people along whilst increasingly destroying the characters and identities of the cast.But that's exactly why Dragonball and everything else that copied it is popular! Sonniku will become popular in Japan too if we keep ignoring that trend chasing doesn't work and every superstar is lightning in a bottle!

>>133089152>Amyfags and game puristsMaybe the gamefags are upset they never got a tomboy who's easy on the eyes and the Amy purists feel threatened by a girl who is better than them.I was going to post a probably unsafe in the eyes of the jannies Sally but then I saw the sidebar... I think two collections need to trade names.

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>>133088596I know we joke about it, but Sonic's not actually dead when Elise kisses him, it's made clear (by Elise even!) that he's unconscious and close to death.>>133089152There's also Madonna>>133089201>spoilerBased and canon>>133089456>BOTH are totally head-over-heels for each other in that continuity.Seeing them try and play it cool but spill their spaghetti anyway was one of the best parts of Boom>>133089836Sara's a cute tomboy too though

>>133089849>Sara's a cute tomboy too thoughThe internet, or one obsessed wiki contributor, disagrees.

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>>133089898Ah yes, proto-Elise.

These three retards.

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>>133089898I guess wiki editors really do have no taste. She likes playing video games, piloting mechs, driving the eggmobile, beating people up, and wears shorts instead of skirts. I agree about her being cute (but spoiled) though.>>133089919Ha! At least her storybook counterparts (Shahara and Merlina) were pretty cool

>>133089973Smugckles strikes again.

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>>133089974>ShaharaCuter than she has any right to be

>>133089978Their interactions were the best part of that game, one of the few times where in-level banter wasn't annoying. I'm more of a Merlina fan though, cute and evil! Not actually evil, but you probably get what I mean

>>133089974>She likes playing video games, piloting mechs, driving the eggmobile, beating people up, and wears shorts instead of skirts. I agree about her being cute (but spoiled) though.>and wears shorts instead of skirtsno offence but she wears a skirt, she has hearts on her gloves, she's near universally wearing girly girly girl clothes no matter the scene, she acts like any animu girl... etc etcI know this is a problem with the word tomboy since it's a bad meaningless wordyou could call Amy a tomboy for her hammertime but she's still a ditz, Bunnie has more makeup than her but you KNOW who is ""masculine"" and who is "I like rainbows and unicorns and long walks on the beach and boybands"

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>>133090289When I think of Sonic tomboys I think of Sally, Julie-Su, and Surge. Not sure if there are any others.

>>133088649If dragon ball is their ball, then they seem to be following it pretty well. Chichi has been written out, Goku doesn't even know what a kiss is, and the ones with a love life are either jobbers or pushed to the background.

>>133090289Huh, I guess I misremembered the yellow miniskirt as shorts. I can see how you wouldn't consider her a tomboy from her personality, it's too bad it wasn't made into a tv show since we didn't really get to see much of her. Her other outfit was picked by Robotnik though. I agree about Amy, she might swing a hammer and hang around boys, but her hobbies are all very feminine.>>133090400There's also Shade, but you already said Julie-Su. I guess Tangle counts until they confirm she's into the ladies. Maybe Marine?

I've found some very interesting comics.

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>>133090583What is this, Conductor

>>133090601A very interesting comic.

>>133090605I feel your definition of interesting is rather skewed. Given some other "interesting" (feet) comics, you've shown us.

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