Alright Holla Forums, now you must select your favourite Rick and Morty episode of all time...

Alright Holla Forums, now you must select your favourite Rick and Morty episode of all time. My number 1 is Total Rickall.

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the one where morty's incertitude divides reality

Rick Potion #9Rick fucks up, can't solve everything, amazing (and novel at the time) ending, and just good ol' classic first season repeating words and stuttering.

>>133085962My favorite is the one wish total pee on you all

>>133085987>good ol' classic first season repeating words and stuttering.What happened to this? It’s like Roiland changed his vocal delivery. Is the show’s dialogue just more scripted now?

The one with Krombopulos Michael, so many heavy hitting lines, moments, concepts, and scenes in that one

my number 1 is I want to kill myself

>>133085962The one where He had to lick his balls.

>>133085962auto erotic assimilation

>>133085962Best side story: SnufflesBest episode: Love potion #9Peak: Ricks prison escape and death of the Rick council

>>133085962I think my favourite episode is still the Tales from the Citadel episode.

Rickternal Friendship of the Spotless MortI wanna see Memory Rick again. I wanna see Beth getting the hots for him and Rick going "don't you fucking dare"

>>133085962Rick Potion #9, Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind or Meseeks and Destroy for me. I think all of those had a great A and B plot.

My favorite episode was when they did 9-11, but had the good taste not to do Alex Jones.

>>133086015>Krombopulos Michael>Roy>Jerry Daycare>Goodbye MoonmanIt was a banger. I think it's S-tier but I'm not sure if it's my favorite

>>133085962Bushworld Adventures

the one with the dragon and snakes. season one is still my fav btw

>>133085962The Ricklantis Mixup definitely. And no not because of "muh ebin evil Morty" crap, although it was a fine callback. The Rickshank Redemption was also a very good episode and still the best season opener this show has had

>>133085962>My number 1 is Total’s literally the only good rick and morty episode

>>133085962The first episode, it was so fucking funny

>>133085962The car battery episode

Jessica episodes, Planetina.

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>>133085962The snake time travel one was the first to come to mind.

>>133085962Bushworld Adventures.

Alright so I looked up who wrote the latest awkward excuse for an episode. Turns out it's Anne Lane, the same person who wrote the season 4 finale and the Hellraiser parody.So basically, she is responsible for the weakest season finale and the worst episode of season 5.

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>>133085987Seconding this. No meta commentary. Rick is just immoral and reckless rather than the cope of "worse, you are smart".

>>133085962Lawnmower Dog

>>133087115She probably just pitches weird sex shit to Dan Harmon and he can’t help himself.

>>133085987>>133086008>>133087197Fucking sucks how they completely threw out the entire impact of that episode into a 1 lined joke in the Season 6 premiere.The only reason Rick and Morty stood out from other shows at the time was because it could make a permanent change, and that was one of them. Even if the family dynamic stayed the same for most of the first 2 seasons, there is still that permanent impact of the titular characters fucking up the entire world, and the idea of multiverses and meta shit like that.Now its all done to death and not even the creators can come up with something that unique.Rick and Morty's best season was season 1. It was a bit rough around the edges, but felt the most like an Adult Swim produced show, and every episode was good. Season 2 might have been better from most angles, it didn't have that AS feel to it anymore and the finale being a cliffhanger fucked up the entire show.Something like the ending to M. Night Shaym-Aliens! will never happen

>>133087677... Does Harmon not have access to porn or something? Because, personally, I don't mind seeing clone sex if it's just porn but it's the sort of thing that should stay in the realm of porn, not bleed into non-pornographic entertainment. It's kind of like how I can enjoy watching both Evil Dead and Disney's Beauty and the Beast but I wouldn't really think the latter would be improved by Belle shopping off her own hand with a chainsaw, some concepts probably shouldn't mix.

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>>133087820Agree.And Harmon ruins the series because of this

>more incest bullshitI pity everyone still sticking with this show that didn't jump ship after Season 3.

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>>133087933As the years have gone by, the show has only become more Harmon-y and less Roiland-y.

>>133086547The bureaucrats line sold me on the whole show


>>133085962Tales from the citadel

>>133087820This is an open exploration of Beth being a dyke and leaving her hubby. With Jerry being put somewhat in a neg light.They try to have a last second change to fix this and claim Jerry won by watch bulkdyke Beth plow lipstick dyke Beth with her newly attached dolphin dick and mort....Jerry watching snd waiting for his get gucked with said dolphin dick. This is played up as Jerry winning and being alpha and all of that.Literally everyone who isn't a paid shill or queer says it's trash. The post credit faggotry seems to be tacked on as well I'm my opinion space Beth is back only and I mean only for this crappy dyke storyline that no one at all is surprised or entertained by.The Gay agenda demands its propaganda.

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>>133085962Mort Dinner Rick Andre

>>133085962The Ricks Must Be Crazy

>>133089061I like the Morty-Jessica plot with the time door, Mr. Nimbus I could do without.

>>133085962Someone already mentioned The Ricklantis Mixup so my #2 pick would be Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind.>Perfect balance of one-off silly comedy and lore.>On the lore side you have a fantastic introduction to the citadel and the Evil Morty twist worked both as a joke and as a way to set up story arcs down the road.>On the adventure side, the A-plot just seems to flow nicely from the citadel, to the duo on the run, and then coming across the Morty dome.>Great jokes (Doofus Rick, the other Ricks pranking Jerry, Rick digging himself deeper by mentioning that he could do what Evil Rick did with "five Mortys and a jumper cable", and the whole "This guy... super weird.")>B-plot was great for combining Jerry and Rick's alternate selves instead having marriage drama.

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>>133089527>instead having marriage drama.No kidding. They have hammered on this idea WAY too many times. Yes Harmon, we know you got a divorce. Shut the fuck up already.

>>133085962The pilot, honestly. I remember when it leaked about a week or two before it aired on Adult Swim. It was such a breath of fresh air at the time and I genuinely believed it would be one of those shows that would get cancelled after 2 seasons and become a cult classic. I can't believe I still watch this shit, its been going downhill and steadily getting worse for so long already.

>>133089527>Great jokesForgot about Evil Rick pointing out that the lobster creature's laugh was just a noise it made after every ten seconds. Man what a good episode.

The one with the parasites that created new members of the cast and the Love Potion episode. I gave up on Rick and Morty a while back but I still genuinely love those episodes.

>>133085962Beth's ABC...I'm a pedo :(

its a tie between the simulation one with the zigerians and the microverse battery one.

>>133086476>The Rickshank Redemption was also a very good episode and still the best season opener this show has hadNah. It resolves things in the quickest way possible.

>>133085962detox morty episode, mostly for this brief argument we see between rick and jessica.>wish we could've gotten more of this, but then season 4 begins with her metaphorical departure.>still nice to imagine what could've been>Jacqueline was so fucking hot though

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>>133089950shit, i mean season 5, my mistake


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>>133089950I assume we’ll get more Jessica stuff this season. Or maybe they’re just done with her.


The Memory Parasite one. Good ol' random fun adventure stuff.

>>133090092Hopefully they are done with her, she was never interesting and Morty doesn't actually like her, he just wants to fuck her. Remember, he wanted to mind-control her into falling in love with him. He "falls in love" with every pretty Girl he sees.Speaking of which, I hope we don't get any more of lovesick/coom-brain Morty anymore. It's just gotten annoying at this point.

A Rickconvenient Mort was my favourite of the recent seasons. I think it just struck the right balance.

>>133086008Alcoholism has started taking a toll on Rick's mind and body so he started doing science shit to mitigate its effects, thus appearing more sober when he talks now?

>>133086008He used to method act by actually getting drunk in the studio but after season 3-ish he cut down on the alcohol and started relaxing his voice due to the vocal strain from Rick's raspy tone which is why he sounds different

>>133090243Too depressing. I’m not even really sure why, to be honest.

>>133086476S3 has some of the best episodes, I don't know why it gets shat on so much. In my opinion it is more or less on par with the first two and a lot better than S4.


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>>133090496That dog said nigger so he deserved it