Nefcy confirmed Starco remains together

Also that Tom got together with JannaNo Steven Universe crossover shipping allowed

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>tfw Nefcy will never be your wife>tfw you will never see her start to sob when she smells another woman's perfume on your shirt

wtf is Nefcy working in on?

>>133083422Since 2020 two pilots at Nickelodeon but i bet they passed on both over two Spongebob spin-offs...>

>>133083772Makes sense

It's so weird to hear from nefcy after so long, like i feel she was dead or something

>>133084450She had a kid, so her life got busy in a different way after SVTFOE.

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>>133083354Aw, boo. I wanted Star/Tom/Marco OT3.

>>133084534let's hope she never does anything ever again then.

>>133083354Tom won, Jackie lost

>>133083354Who the fuck is that red guyIs that supposed to be todd?

>>133083354why are the clouds purple

>>133083354Marco/Janna fags btfo.

>>133083772At this point what is even the point to pitch shit to Nick? 80% if the stuff they make never sees the light of day and the other 19% gets cancelled when it doesn't do Sponge bob Numbers the first week.

>>133086081marco wouldve probably ended up with janna if star hadnt shown up just saying

>>133086081>>133086225To be fair, Janna said she's hitting up Marco after his divorce with Star. Star and the gang are probably late teens, early 20s here. Plenty of time for Marco to divorce Star and have a poly relationship with Tom and Janna.

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>>133086432That’s just being a cuck

Somehow Nefcy ended being less of a hack than Dana

So that's it, she won? After that genocide, after all the death magical creatures. She got a happy ending, fucking Injustice. Love doesn't excuse the trillions dead because of her.The world needs to know what she did.

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>>133086122>At this point what is even the point to pitch shit to Nick?Silly user.Nickelodeon will produce the pilot of the next big animated hit for Disney or Cartoon Network to buy it,without wasting the money from both companies, that's why!

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>>133086455Owl House 2B mogs every other cartoon. Name one issue

>>133086455Saying anyone is less of a hack than dana and the manlet is putting the bar very low


>>133086432>marco and star divorce>tom and janna divorce>marco gets with janna>tom gets with star>marco divorces jannarepeat ad infinitum

>>133086517Imagine being the exc of Nickelodeon who passed Magic Children Doing Things and you go to Disney Springs for a vacation and you see these mfs on a huge billboard by the parking lot.

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>>133086451Marco gets top from a cute Filipina and a hot demon guy. Seems like the opposite of being a cuck.

>>133087395Another guy cums inside his girlfriend

>>133086591>tom gets with starEvery time he gets out, she drags him back in again

>>133086534>one issueBad story, bad characters, terrible villains, lore thats made up on the fly and not planned at all, stupid redemption arcs, boring romance, time travel, boring magic system, writers not committing to original promises like Eda teaching Luz magic and viceversa, etc.It does nothing right besides lgbt representation.

>>133083354this makes no sense since Janna and Tom not only never showed ANY chemistry she was actively annoyed by him throughout their entire episode they spent together.

>>133086545Owl house. Very bad.

>>133087441It’s all executed perfectly with Luz’s story being incredibly compelling and Hunter’s arc well established

>>133087464> It’s all executed perfectly with Luz’s story being incredibly compelling and Hunter’s arc well establishedGood joke

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>>133087484What’s actually wrong with Luz.

>>133087441That time travel episode, my god what where they thinking? that's about when i stopped watching

>>133083772That haircut is not doing her any favors. Please tell me this was made during quarantine.

>>133087514Everything? She’s every generic mc out there with stupid motivations. She’s no better than Star or Steven.I love how you ask about Luz and not Hunter, as if you instinctively know he’s just shit

>>133087410but he cums inside that guys ass

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>>133087557How about you name actual issues regarding a character instead of saying everything like a child

>>133083354How would Tom get with Janna is magic is gone and there's no way to Earth?

She’s doing a livestream with the cast so We should ask her about how this happened until she says something

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>>133087635The Underworld is located in Mewni which merged with Earth




>>133087935damage has been done

>>133087609>how about you actually name a problem>said the one who has yet to name something as to why owlshit isn’t a waste of timeGoodbye owlfag

>>133087996Compelling cast, amazing visuals, story arcs with consequences and overall excellent conflict. You could truly feel the pain each character has gone through Try to be more specific than “everything” and name actual issues

>>133087456It's blatant fan-pandering and trying to clean her image. Manna is popular in Holla Forums but Jantom is huge in shitholes like twitter and tumblr, the same shitholes that modern cartoonists hang out

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>>133086802Not really. It’s a fine piece of a pilot, even though I’m not heavily invested into it because it didn’t really catch my interest at all, seeing any merch, even at large, is not fathomable and it doesn’t has that merch feel. Plus it’ll get railroaded by the Sponge.

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>>133088104>Manna is popular in Holla Forums but Jantom is huge in shitholes like twitter and tumblr, the same shitholes that modern cartoonists hang outThat’s not trying to clean the image, it’s allowing the actually popular pairing to be canon. This board is not as big as cartoon Twitter or cartoon tumblr

Unfortunately for Nefcy, that's not actually canon. What really happens is Marco goes off to college and dumps Star since any mystique she had is gone and now she's just an annoying, clingy blonde bitch. Star then realizes as she ages that she destroyed countless lives for a stupid childhood crush and some misguided notion that magic bad so she ends up killing herself.

>>133083354Did she really say this?

>>133088104This, Janna clearly had no interest in tom, at best she ended up considering him a friend and even in that department Janna showed more interest in being close friends with Marco than with TomI mean, she literally stopped her heart for Marco.For me this >>133083354 poster is just an attempt to finally recognize the only one that remains at her side, Boringfag, that moron even made a "short" Jantom comic a while ago and I'm sure daron was looking into "what do they few fans that remain and don't hate me like?"

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>>133088163or she ends up dating a better boy than Marco, one with an actual personality

>>133088168No, she didn't say anything related to the picture except that it is the poster she and VA are going to sign up.It could be REALLY cool if they printed like 10k and barely 200 are sold, given to fans.


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>>133088189Hey there stevenfag.Verification not requiered.

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>>133088209>>133088206I explicitly said no Steven Universe why would you bring it up

>>133088219I didn't bring it, I pointed out that the faggot saying Marco has no personality was probably the stevenfag and posted a star and ferg pict.

>>133088242So you brought it up

>>133083354>Star and Marco gets married.>Steven gets rejected by Connie.

>>133088292Please stop bringing this shit up

>>133088248After the faggot posted his "based" cringe.Rather than bringing it up I'd say I only pointed out the obvious troll in the thread.

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>>133088219fine, better ship anyway

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>>133088292He ends up with Spinel

>>133088308That’s just one member of Star’s harem

>>133083772I mean, Nick already said NO to Star & the forces of evil, right?Daron herself mentioned she tried to pitch her work to Nick and CN and both were not impressed.

>>133088324>>133088309>>133088308We are not doing this >>133088301But you brought it up

>>133088324can't have a harem if all the other members suddenly "disappear" one after the other

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It's been said before in other Star threads, but this whole Star Harem stuff really is a bad idea

>>133088407Harems are nice. Star deserves all the love. She’s a sweetheart

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>>133088453seething Marcofag

>>133083354>Not Janna x Marco x star Way to fuck it up nefcy

>>133088491See, even jumping to accussing others of being Marcofags, like clockwork

>>133088455>country girls make do

>>133088517Because you’re the same person every time

>>133088189You see what you’ve caused?

>>133083354Didn't Nefcy say that she left an open ending for fans to fill it as they want to?

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>>133088517always weird how people are seething at Star having a harem but no one ever cared about Marco literally fucking every female teenage character to ever existjust makes you look like a misogynistic hypocrite

>>133083354>Jackie is still a lesbianI won't accept this. Death of the author motherfuckers

>133088567You're the one seething over Marco, you stupid faggot.

>>133088603You always complain about Star having a harem though

>>133088603Star gets fucked in every hole at once, cry about it Marcofag

>>133088571But Jackie was into girls in canon too?

>>133088622She was but also why not give her a gf from someone in the show, not some random French chick? Like even Brittney would be a better choice.

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>>133088622It was a side-effect of the Blood Moon Curse.

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>>133083354Once the stream happens, someone please ask her questions we've been waiting 3 years to ask

>>133088682>someone please ask her questions we've been waiting 3 years to askIf she's actually into loli guro hentai?

>>133088676No it wasn’t

>>133088741Death of the author. It just makes sense

>>133084534I guess Starco really did win in the end.

>>133084534I hate what Nefcy did with SVTFOE and how it ended but I'm happy for her. She really wanted a baby

Damn, I kinda miss Nefcy, hope she learnt from her mistakes and improves on with her new shows.

>>133088851Rule #1: Don't hire Cotugno

>>133087646 Still suprising that really got on Disney. To what happend with the later seasons

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>>133087568And then he puts on lingerie, gets on all four and that same guy breeds his latin asshole

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>>133086468I'm afraid I cannot let you do that, user

>>133086432Tomco cucks ruined Star VS r34 with all the faggot shit.