ITT: post your black waifu

ITT: post your black waifu

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>>133082887damn. what show is this?

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>>133082887Is she a Barbie character?

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>>133083153She’s hispanic tho

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...yeah, I love her

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>>133083468best girl

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>>133083837why's she so cute

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>>133083979perfect chocolate skina bit of sassfun fashion

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>>133083902Literally who?

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>>133084171No she's one of those off brand races

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>>133084156Claire from Motorcity

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>>133084156>This board has forgotten all about MotorCity and it's waifusi don't blame you,Disney is making a nice job to not let you know about this show...

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>>133082887She's so cute

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>>133083136Based Lex Luthor

she's not black, is she?

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>>133084193This show had so many bombshell beauties, in fact most girls were, granted most girls we saw were also hoes.

>>133084107>really pretty, soft-looking skin>strap on her shirt is constantly slipping down her shoulderI guess that's a good way to get more out of that design

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>>133083310My first love

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>>133084449>bites your mic

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>>133083136based based based

>>133084381have you... have you even watched her show, user?

>>133083126I still miss her solo title.

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>>133084691have you read the original comic?

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>>133084729Is this supposed to be a gotcha? You posted footage from the show itself, and Tom is in both source material

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>>133084723she's hispanic

I love Shana.

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>>133084834She's afro Latina.

>>133083037>>133083082>>133083153>>133084171>>133084396You guys had one job...

>>133084723Dolores is peak Afro-latina waifu material

brit black best black

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>>133085111She’s the only black Brit I like, and that’s because her accent is posh.Also she’s hot

>>133084704She should have more solo stories investigating crime in alien worlds.

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>>133083902Based. I love Claire and I’m sad her show didn’t get another season

>>133085373That is not black

>>133082973Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

There's something real funny about her name being "Black Heron"Like a woman being named "Black Female" or a spy going by "Secret Agent"

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>>133082887I like her character design.

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>>133083052Beanfaced dark-skinned Selina Kyle

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>>133083126Sayonara Wild Hearts looks goofy as hell in the DC universe.


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I'm incapable of choosing.

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>>133086648Majority of them aren't even black.Also no Holla Forums please.

>>133083979Who is this? Fropm what show?

>>133086688kek. combing that would be an eldritch tier horror

>>133086738Lego Friends

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>>133086147The suit in the superhero episode are her look good

>>133086714Brown of all shades should be cherished, and there's cartoon girls on there. I will not read your reply.

>>133086648based Shevachad

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>>133088984One of the finest bootys ever put on television.

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okay more like Caramel but i still like her.

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>>133086321NOW we're talkin'

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>>133083285Dominicans are black

>>133084381Do you believe in the one drop rule?

>>133088770You are fucking patrician.

>>133090207Mixed race people are black. Don't have to bring southern autism into it. Tom is a black man so his bi racial daughter is black it's that simple.

>>133090241So you're black too?

>>133090274Yes, i am user.

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>>133089110oh hey there's another thing in your folder, girls that slept with you

>>133082887>tranny waifu

>>133082887Does she count?

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