What would do with a Catwoman comic, Holla Forums...

What would do with a Catwoman comic, Holla Forums?I'd turn her into a pulpy Doc Savage/Indiana Jones/Lara Croft esque thief adventurer. Not just robbing museums but also collecting ancient artifacts and stuff from dig sites

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Back to purple, but she has costume changes as neededLots of disguises and gadgetsShe's rarely in Gotham, going for bigger and bigger targetsShe'll protect people if they're unjustly picked on in her way, but she doesn't go out of her way to look over people. She doesn't care about the East end or whateverShe loves being selfish and hedonistic, parties hard between heists, plays people against each otherBasically like Fujiko Mine

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>>133082628Something on the line of When in Rome or Ed Brubaker run.

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>>133082969I never want to see that suit again, It was a mistake.

>>133083000Shit taste, I was the best costume she had. This is why elements of it still are present in the newer ones.

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>>133083112It's boring, Plus they made her into prude.

>>133083112>Elements It isn't the same one?

>>133082969>Cooke making rules for a Hooker.

>>133083125>Plus they made her into prude.I don't know what you find "prude" in skin-tight latex or leather,

>>133083112They basically have to change the point of it by making is really tight or showing off her breasts, lol. I wish I could've asked Cooke what he thought of how Jim Lee drew it in Hush.

Both Catwoman & She-Hulk got Hijacked in the early 00s.

>>133083132My image? yeah, I was talking about the goggles, black as her main color, and short hair. Stuff like it seems to not go away or reaper constantly.

>>133083155Attitude wise.

>>133083208Thanks Cooke...

>>133083211Unless you are talking about making cat puns or meowing, I don't see the real difference.

>>133083208Yeah, I said Elements because I can't see any actual changes. It seems to be the exact same, but it's more or less formfitting depending on artist.

20 years of this shit.Back to Purple!

>>13308327590s Catwoman is shit.

>>133083299Purple was her color for 50 years.

>>133083299At least it's not larping as a 40's pastiche with Selena drowning the reader in her self-doubts.

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>>133083332And Batman was blue, who cares?

>>133083352Besides you, I don't even remember somebody who talks about the 90s run.

>>133083416I do.

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>>133083211Honestly, they just made her sex appeal more contemporary. Same with the costume. 90s Catwoman today looks like a halloween costume and her femme fatale persona back then felt incredibly campy and fake. It's not like you can't have different interpretations of Catwoman but just like Bruce went from super-heroic caped crusader to damaged stoic basket case, Catwoman can go from a hammy femme fatale dressed in a skintight purple unitard that shows her nipples to a sly noir antiheroine with a padded leather suit, and it's fine.

>>133083437Thats a bad take because most people don't talk about old solo runs in general. Hell, no one really talks about her 2000's book either.

>>133083645usually whenever people talk about catwoman in a positive sense it's one of the only things that comes up. Brubaker's first few arcs, When in Rome, Selina's Big Score. Because they're actually good, fun stories that stand up pretty well.


Putting Catwoman in a latex costume was genius. Taking away the visibility of the big green eyes and putting her in combat boots instead of combat heels was a mistake.Gulacy mostly corrected that in his run and the costume has endured because it puts Selina in the fetish costume she was always meant to wear>>133082753>>133083000

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>>133082628A lot of very suggestive run-ins with underage boys

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>>133083744It's leather, I think. I think the goggles are incredibly striking when you go for severe lighting with hard shadows and junk and they're glowing green or red on her silhouette, but if you ever don't like them you can always just like, flip 'em up.I like how the boots look in the context of the leather suit, with the "cuffs" being noticeably pronounced and big looking at her legs, but I'm not entirely opposed to making the heels taller considering it's Catwoman.

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>>133083663>Brubaker's first few arcs,And that's it, the book stalls after that and never recovers. When in Rome uses Tim Sale's design, and Big Score barely has her int he suit.

No dyke hair or doc martens

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>>133083878>short hair>dyke hairshut the fuck up also fix your weird-ass anatomy

>>133083744>>133083819Thighboots over a leather/pvc/latex/vinyl/whatever catsuit are an absolute must purely because it's my fetish.Also, what do you guys think about the armpit windows?

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>>133083962This outfit is really cute and stylish, and I'm glad it got rid of the stupid goggles. Giving her the ear goggles motif over the eared cowl was redundant, and selina's eyes should already be catlike anyway.

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>>133083988I'm just addicted to hellboyish artstyles with hard shadows and giving her big glowing cat eyes when she's in the shadows (which she should be, she's a thief, a cat burglar, not a femme fatale running around toting an AK) is the best to me- and it makes more sense with goggles

>>133084036She used to do the big glowing eyes thing in older comics without the goggles, too(same as Babsgirl)

>>133083744The combat boots are ok, and the goggles give her a unique element for her design and can always be put on her forehead if you want a more expressive face. What sells it is the skin-tight black leather with the zipper to her hips. It gives her a sexy femme fatale with a noir feel, instead of the crazy hooker with a cat costume.

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>>133084054but then they can't sometimes be red, which I also like

>>133083878That's a terrible mash-up of the 90s and 2000s era.

>>133084068>Look out kids it's the Flying Fox!

>>133084054yeah but the goggles give her a more stylish form to the eyes area.

>>133084116Must... Resist... Digimon... Joke...

>>133083819I actually like the goggles too, I just think the eyes should be visible when she wears themA good median for me would be a classic Catwoman mask with goggles that fit over them like the Fernando Blanco op image

>>133083962armpit windows are greatthey should give her ankle and belly button windows too

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>>133083962Mixed feelings, I love a clean silhouette. I kinda want to see a Catwoman with the Brubaker suit but with a mask over the exposed part of her face just to see what it'd look like.But I don't hate it or anything.

>>133084420>brubaker suitcooke suit, mb

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I don't know about you all, but I much prefer Catwoman's origin as like an amnesiac flight attendant or a manic secretary gone bad than having her play this ridiculous role as a mob princess who gets adopted and molested has an invalid sister and yadayadayada

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>nine issue mini-series>chronicles the life and times of Selina Kyle, showcasing her evolution as a character while loosely mirroring the trends in her publication history>each issue is basically a self-contained story from various eras of her life, from her early days as a thieving street urchin, to her varied career as a super villainess, to her dubious status as a reformed anti-villain>the throughlines of these stories emphasize how she's clawed herself out of the throes of chronic poverty with a misanthropic "survival of the fittest" philosophy that's colored her perspective of the world, how her pride starkly clashed with Batman's rigid principles throughout all the years they spent as enemies in spite of their mutual attraction, and how his influence eventually moved her to change for the better>the last issue ends however, from the POV of some lowlife animal abuser being terrorized by Catwoman who fatally underestimated the ire of a crazy cat lady>a "Cats of Ulthar" esque ending implied for him, calling into question just how "tamed" she really isI don't know, winging it with some of these ideas. It'll probably be some noncanon shit but I personally prefer a more villainously inclined Catwoman than some prostitute with a heart of gold or something.

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>>133082628She looks a lot like Nastassja Kinski here.

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>>133084561>Nastassja Kinskino idea who nastyass kanker sore is but damn if she doesn't look the part

>>133084678You should check the movie (Cat People, 1982).

>>133084366Good taste, user. Altho a bare midriff might interrupt that sleek catsuit look she's got goin on

>>133085018I think they could make a little belly button window in the shape of her cat-belt insignia

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>>133085162I like the battle damaged bellybutton stuff

>>133085704who doesn't

>>133082628I'd go with a more Robin Hood like approach honestly. Globe trotting Selina is cool (esp When in Rome), but it should always be in service of her catburglaring modus operandi

>>133086620she likes stealing shiny things thoughlike you'd never see her robbing a bank

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>>133086603People with shit taste.

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>>133087974>B..but HeRoEs DoN't Do ThAt

>>133084366no they're retarded and fucking trigger my ocdfucking stop with the holes

>>133088028Batman and Catwoman practically been married since the 50simagine believing those quasi geriatrics don't get it on like donkey kong

>>133088047my bad bro, she should have toe and ass windows as well as the armpit, ankle and belly button windows

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I had a really fucking retarded out there catwoman idea while feverishly tired awhile ago>Catwoman elseworlds with an alternate Selina in an advanced magitek fantasy setting>Dishonored with some art deco might be a good comparison (also everyone is cat people, but that's not important)>She's still a thief, but usually rather than a thrill seeker works as a fixer, cleaning up crime scenes under the noses of investigators, doing frame-ups, dirty political work- but it pays the bills, and the government here is actually incredibly stable and competent, so it brings some thrills, on top>She's still friendly and empathetic (especially towards the local gutter trash,) but she's a little more cynical and ruthless- especially when it comes to her work>Story follows her following a plot at the behest of her usual client, a powerful city councilman- when she begins to experience strange sensations. Deja vu when meeting people evocative of rogues, a sense of wrongness in her career, and strangest, a sort of phantom limb sensation- tail feels like it isn't there>Eventually comes to light as the main plot progresses that This is the main universe Catwoman- she's been abducted and had her identity completely rewritten to seamlessly fit into this universe>The idea, here, was to utilize a quality she unknowingly has as a cape heroine- their universe is more like ours in that outcomes are usually the obvious ones, but Selina just straight up stretches causality around her to produce more entertaining and exciting outcomes>Dude who planned this wanted to use Selina to force some meaningful change (in his favor) on a world that's been stagnant for generations, but it begins backfiring when the stakes keep rising and new plots and twists begin popping up to comic extremes, and the city begins to look and feel more and more like Gotham>Selina's presence is degenerating the setting into noir capeshitr8 my schizodream

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>>133088283bretty gud elseworld concept, far better than most hypercrisis shitSelina's not in Gotham anymorehow would she get back home again?click her heels?

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>>133088602I'm not sure I thought as far as a solid ending Selina's goal of "break up a political plot against her boss and make good money doing it" would pretty drastically and immediately shift as soon as she has adequate reason to suspect that there's something going on with her identity and she's not who she thinks she is. She'd start looking into it more and more, but grow a little conflicted as she's started making genuine friendships with her fellow co-workers and lowlives in cat-people land.One ending that comes to mind is Selina storming in on her kidnapper only to find he's already set up the ritual to throw her back where she belongs as her normal self. At first she's outraged that he'd basically just go "fuck off" after everything he did and they go at it with her having the intent to, if not kill him, definitely thoroughly fuck him up. But everything has been getting steadily worse to the point that all of the coinciding plotlines and crazy narrative arcs are becoming impossible to keep track of. Everything is falling into overdramatic, hackneyed chaos- and eventually, one of Selina's friends interrupts the beatdown and convinces her, as much as she's grown to care for this place, as much as she wants to see things right herself with every bone of her body, she just has to get the fuck out while she still can and leave someone else to finish the "story" and fix things. So she does. Either that, or while things are degenerating she manages to find an out on her own, and she leaves without any fanfare or strong resolutoin after making the same realization on her own that going any further or seeking any closure would just make things worse.

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>>133085264These faces are nightmare fuel.

>>133088812Kind of a Catwoman meets Pynchon vibe which is pretty cool.Would it be safe to call your world more steampunk or cyberpunk?

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>>133082628So...Carmen Sandiego?

>>133088077No pusi window?

>>133089178you sick fuck

>>133088283Not quite my style but I dig it. It would have to be done with a neon noir aesthetic tho


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>>133089039Dieselpunk-ish more than anything, so closer to steampunk. Something like a very dense and vertically-built 1930s-era city with a loving helping of art deco wherever you look. You've got your dingy and shady parts of town particularly around street level and in wealthier and more important parts of town you get these impressive and ornate concrete buildings almost built more like fortresses.Their society uses something like magic pretty casually in their tech, but the form that tech takes varies from something like a gas meter to more strange, ritualistic devices it'd be hard to discern the purpose of at a glance. I'm coming to the thought that I might have just mashed a bunch of stealth game settings together without realizing, but that's fine.

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>>133082753This guy gets it. If you're going to make Selina her own person outside of a love interest, get her the hell away from Gotham and actually have her interact with the larger universe. It always amazes me that as much as people praise Brubaker's run for streamlining her character, they ignore how reductive it was in that regard.>>133088283>>133088812>>133089592Sounds like a higher concept version of Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Universe. I'd definitely read it.

I would write her as a kleptomaniac nymph, and she would speak in cat puns.

>>133088077at that point just have her naked or wearing a bikinior some leotardjust no fucking holes