Transformers Earthspark

This will be the new Animated

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No, too ugly.

>>133082074Hope so. The first portion of Animated wasn’t that good, but once it went knee-deep into the war and expanded the cast it became top tier.

>>133082074Prime should always have a grill not a mouth, otherwise I have no opinion

>>133082074>3DI sleep

>>133082110But he is sexy

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>>133082124Oh no, it's him.

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>>133082124Something tells me they are going to have Prime without his "helmet" at some point.

>>133082074honestly i think its gonna be.

>>133082261That doesn’t make any sense though. Optimus died in the movie, was absent in the next season, then came back just to die again.And Bumblebee should be Gold Bug now.

>>133082261>I was at a talk that animator of this show did and he said that this show takes place in the same continuity as the original transformers show. I think he said that after the Transformers movie Optimus and the gang start living on earth and essentially become celebrities.This makes no sense, we only know the show takes place after the war and the Autobots won.

>>133082261>I was at a talk that ananimator of this show did and he said that this show takes place in the same continuity as the original transformers show

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>>133082074Steven Caple Jr (2023 Transformers Rise of the Beasts director) directed the first episode according to imdb

>>133082261Animated used G1 footage as war archive footage, never took it more than a callback

I'm happy to see Optimus trying to fit in. Like he's been a warrior for so long he gets awkward when it comes to socializing.

The best that came out on transformers is Prime and the second film by Michael Bay. I speak as a person who watched G1 as a child.

>>133082074Will Beast Wars characters show up as a tie in to RotB? Or perhaps Terrorcons?


>>133082261I think that guy reporting is retarded and this show actually happens in the Aligned continuity. Which makes sense given that Megatron is reformed.

Dad Prime is back>rescue bots writersKino

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>>133082350big if true


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>>133082760Buddy Prime

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>>133082722Rescue Bots Bros/RID15 ChadsWe are eating good tonight.

>>133082074Well it'll be newand it'll be animatedI can't fight you on those points

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>this made millenials cream their pants over and beg their parents to buy them

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>>133082261I'm sure it takes inspiration from previous continuities stories as part of the backstory, but it's not gonna be an actual sequel to the original.


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>>133082404>The best that came out on transformers is Prime and the second film by Michael Bay. I speak as a person who watched G1 as a child.I watched G1 as a kid too, and I say the best is pic related and Beast Wars.I don't hate the Bayformers (they're dumb fun to me) but they leave a lot to be desired, and 2 is one of the worst ones, 1 and 3 were the best. As for Prime, I think Prime was pretty good it just fumbled unfortunately, it had the tone I wanted for a show at the time but the execution could have been better.....Animated was also good.

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Thoughts on RotB?

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>>133083259Not enough info yet, but it'll probably be ass

>>133082074Hopefully they use some more movie characters instead of sticking to the G1 roster. That was something Cyberverse did great, it branch out and featured characters who hadn't had a role in years or giving new characters a chance in the limelight. Like, for example, I'm kinda bored with Starscream, I think it's Nitro Zeus' time to shine.

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Optimus combining with every autobot he has ever fused with? Pass.Autobots trying out new power link combinations. Pass.CGi niggers Okay.Still not the worst thing to come out of a Hasbro IP. Everything's gonna be juuuuuuust fine!

>>133082074The girl looks weird

>>133082124Elita, I...

>>133083242>and 2 is one of the worst onesBut Optimus combined with Jetfire. Why does everyone have bad taste but me? Inb4 robot balls. They were wrecking balls.


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>>133082074Since the Beast Wars Transformers are gonna be in a movie next year, what are the odds of us getting Beast Wars characters in either this show or some other future show?

>>133082923>this made genexers cream their pants over and beg their parents to buy them

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>>133083727They got so loose and rattly over time I can't imagine any of them are in good condition these days.

>>133083596The only movie-original Decepticon I recall showing up in other continuities is Barricade, are there any others?

>>133082124>Oh my Primus, IT'S LADY GaGA!

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>>133082330It kind of reminds me of how TFPrime was considered sort of like a loose continuation of the 07 movie/G1 season 1 reworked so the events featured the show's characters

>>133083727Still does.If I had the money I would buy the Gigasaurs right now.

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>>133083727>>133083884Surprised it took so long for them to get a Combiner.

>>133084042I hate them having a combiner, not every TF needs every gimmick. Dinibots have their own gimmick, being dinosaurs.

>>133083775Blackout gets a bit of mention every now and then

>>133084748He only really got that bit in Animated. Everything else is cameo tier

>>133082124>This is what Elita see's every night.

>>133084778The away Decepticon team consisting of Cyclonus, Blackout and other was so good that it’s upsetting they only got one real scene. That could’ve been a 10/10 main lineup.

>>133082308Optimus got better in 2035

>>133084804Now you get why I am so upset over Animated. They were dangling cooler characters over our heads and they amounted to just cameos.

>>133084778It's a distant second place but Blackout is still the silver medalist in the movie 'con popularity contest

>>133083775It is kind of weird how IDW will take the most obscure Transformers from old cartoons, Anime, Manga, other comics, etc, but the only movie-original character to show up was as you mentioned Barricade, and that's probably only because he showed up in other stuff beforehand.

>>133082124Someone needs to make a gigachad edit of Optimis

>>133084963they need to bring the funny bug back

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>>133084963It's simple, Hasbro doesn't bother selling more toys of those movie characters after their movie tie-in toyline ends, so they don't mandate their use. And since most IDW writers are traditional fans that probably aren't too keen on the Bayverse to begin with and they know that most of their readers aren't either, they don't feel like using movie OCs.

>>133084963On the subject of IDW, do we know who is gonna get the Transformers comic license next?

>>133084861You're hitting on something I'm struggling to put into words. Like it feels like everyone is more caught up in praising the what-ifs and AllSpark Almanacs of Animated rather than what it actually was.

>>133085102I am

>>133085130Robert Kirkman? Is that you?



>>133084861I absolutely agree with you, and it is my primary issue with Animated. So much of the show is crappy supervillain stuff and padding that when it finally gets to the good stuff, it feels like we didn’t get nearly enough of it. They showed us an entire universe of fascinating characters with cool powers and potential, yet we barely ever got to see it.

>>133085121>praising the what-ifs and AllSpark AlmanacsI can tell you with 90% certainty that most of the TF famdom would give a fuck of the background characters if it wasn't for that book.

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>>133082074How so?

>>133082074Hey, I doubt that.

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>>133082088That's what people said of Animated.>>133082722Don't forget Ciro Nieli, former TFA writer.

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>>133084042Dinobots were one of the few teams which did not combine and that made them unique. It put emphasis on dino modes making them virtually indestructible savage fighting machines capable of stopping or downright defeating a combiner by themselves. Their shared theme and very pleasant esthetics (those colors ale 10/10) made them stand out from the crowd as a whole and their unmistakable dino modes and extremely well utilized dino kibble allowed kids to easily tell them apart when in group. It made them individuals, not body parts. Allowing Dinobots to combine robs them of this.

>>133088827As someone who doesn't mind heavy stylization and never complained about how Animated looks - Earthspark is fucking ugly.