Left or right?

Left or right?

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>>133080716They're both old.

Left looks like how an attractive girl would draw herself to look quirky, right looks like how a fat girl would draw herself to not lead on to the idea she is fat but still looks like her. So left.

Is this from Soul? God what ugly fucking art design the entire way around. Left has fatter tits and longer hair but right actually has eyelashes and femininity to her. Almost like she's accessorizing to make up for the fact she can't compete with someone who does the bare minimum but has a decent face and nice tits.

>>133080716Both are butter faces but left has a better body so her.

>>133080797Left is married with children to a successful African American.

>>133080845>Is this from Soul?Is from The Mitchells vs the machines

>>133080860How that's relevant to what I just said?

>>133080716Linda looks like that one African kid with the severe skull deformity. You know the one.

>>133080864Never heard of it. Left's tits and hair length on right's body is the correct answer.

>>133080845>Is this from Soul?god why are you even on this board

>>133080716Both then send the footage to their husbands

>>133080716Both at the same time.>>133080770You say that as if it is a bad thing.

>>133080855>left has a better body Not by my metrics she doesn't.

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>tfw sequel never everUgh

>>133081332I don't follow…

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>>133080845closet homo spotted

>>133080910Watch it user. You sure know someone with a Netflix account. It runs on Autism rather than the usual Netflix stuff. It's pretty good

>>133080912This movie is so shit that I'm happy that user never saw it

>>133081429>It runs on Autism rather than the usual Netflix stuff.>tranny robot>le quirky art school student who is more unique than (you)>le boomer and technology memesLike hell it does.

>>133081532>I can't relate to either spectrum of out of touch boomer or hip young kids trying to be differentMust be hard being this edgy all your life

>>133081399This. I swear Rianda was quoted saying he'd be open to making a Mitchells sequel, but the movie and characters just don't seem to have very much lasting power. It was forgotten pretty soon after its release, and the only time it's been relevant ever since was when animation was yet again disrespected as a medium during this year's Oscars. Not enough demand for a sequel, but I'd even settle for a bonus short in front of a different Sony movie.

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>>133080716I choose madness.

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>>133081379That’s a whole lotta woman.

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>>133080716Neither, so fucking ugly

>>133080716Of the two, I'd say left has the nicest boobsGotta go with left

>>133081532StillThe artsy, LGBT and boomer characters were autistic first and the other stuff second.Also>TransrobotWtf

>>133081791To each their own. Linda's a cutie and has major childbearing hips. I need her to sit on my face.

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>>133081930cute freckles are cute

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>>133082113>3d modeled side-nose while facing forwardI hate it when cartoons do it, it's infuriating when a 3d movie is lazy about it too.

>>133080931>>133081065Beyond Based

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>>133081399Thank god, i don’t need a sequel with these characters that feel like extreme market research, specially the main girl she was the worst she has no likeable qualities while she believes she is this super creative person just because she put a bunch of 2010 internet humor in video format

>>133083300>Katie gets called on during class to present her work to the class>She smugly gives an introduction to her work, with the knowledge it will be perfect>plays video>the class is silent>Even during the "comedic" parts, not even a chuckle>As Kaite awkwardly scans the room, she can see much cringing coming from her peers>Nyan cat theme plays>Person in the back laughs out of shock, as no one in our modern world could still find 2008 humor funny>she just stands there in awkward shock, while the class watches her trainwreck of a motion picture in disbelief.>video ends>"Well, uh, I liked the visuals!" the professor tells her, politely>Katie remains silent as she does the walk of shame back to her seat, with the other students awkwardly clap out of pitty.>As she slumps down into her Desk, the girl next to her quietly gags, and discretely covers her nose.>Kaite lays her head down on her desk>3 weeks later she drops out

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Neither, they both look like shit.

>>133083470I want to fuck the lesbian out of her.

>>133083485Couldn't disagree more

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Glamour vs. Comfort is a tough one. Do you want to be horny for your wife, or do you want legit emotional connection? Granted, I pose this question from the POV of a tremendously insecure man, but it shouldn't be that hard to relate for most anons

>>133083595 But what if I'm horny for legit emotional connection? Nothing sounds more lovely than waking up next to someone you both deeply care for and whose guts you want to defile for eternity.

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Does anybody have webm of the mom going berserk on robots with her purse?

>>133083986All you had to do was ask

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>>133080716how many cocks fit in that mouth

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what the fuck is wrong with their skulls

>>133084103She's a size queen

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>>133084037Absolute fucking Queen.

>>133084339I hope Rick still puts out

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>>133083111Their designs look so much better in 2D.

>>133085230Sometimes yeah. Makes me wonder what a fully 2D short would be like

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>>133085154Oh no doubt he does

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Linda's adorable

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>>133083470Katie's bound to get a rude awakening that first semester

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>>133086724She really needs some dick.

>>133080716Are you boob man or ass man is the question

>>133081405One of them has a single testicle. The other has a jumbo vagina

>>133083573>>133083470she'll struggle to find a gf who will sleep with her then end up losing her virginity to a guy at her uncle's gas station that she'll regret for the rest of her life.


>>133083470She really did come off like one of those kids who thought everything will be different in art school because she'll be surrounded by fellow tumblr users. They wouldn't make the harsh reality sequel that it's just a building full of debt ridden 20-somethings that dont give a damn about your "quirky" late 2000s memes. This movie does a great job telling that if they are a social fuck up in grade school, everything will be perfect in college

>>133081399>>133081588>sequel neverGood, lmao, rip in pepperoni, bozo hackfraud shit, this film was nothing like CitIzen Kane of animation

>>133087592Unironically, I think the best and most realistic college movie geared at kids is probably Monsters University.

>>133087678>Monsters University God-tier prequel. I'm actually bummed the same director went on to make something as forgettable as Onward when given free rein to pitch an original feature.

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>>133087678Yeah, most others just go the "highschool part 2: party edition" route. They give kids as false as an impression of post secondary as they do highschool dramas

>>133087154Being Katie is suffering

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>>133087831She'll always have her bro

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>>133080716I choose Hailey if only because you get to see her feet in the film.

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>>133088326You see Linda's feet for like two frames.


>>133088644That flashback where the family is naked.


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>>133089207Underwhelming, that barely counts. We were robbed.

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which ever one is the least ugly