You guys did wish Trollface a happy birthday, right?

You guys did wish Trollface a happy birthday, right?

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are rage comics Holla Forums?

>>133080350It has comic right there in the name

>>133080350>are rage comics Holla Forums?>Holla Forums - Comics & Cartoons

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2008? Really? I was expecting to be a bit older than that.

>>133080350>are comics comics?

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>>133080326Who popularized the term "troll"?I can only think in Chris Chan

>>133080326Happy birthday bro

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Well this is the only context I'd realistically would be able to post rage comics.That's how I'll wish him happy birthday.

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>>133080467Troll is from folklore and used about the same way. An ugly inconvenience of a creature. The original internet usage had these green dudes before trollface and other low effort formats became meta in 2009-2010

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>>133080534Thank you for the glimpse into the past fren.

>>133080326It's called Coolface, you nitwit!

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>>133080572>>133080534Actually, the word trolling originally came from the fishing term. Intentionally acting stupid to start an argument was referred to as "trolling for replies" the same way a fisherman throws out bait to troll for fish.It later became associated with the mythological creature for obvious reasons.

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>>133080572It was another time. Rage comics were never actually popular here either, stoner comics were all the rage back then though and trollface was mostly used in single image captions at first.

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>>133080534WRONGtrolling comes from the fishing techniquefugg >>133080599 beat me to it

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>>133080326Happy birthday, Trollface! :)

>>133080599>>133080652He was asking about troll the noun, not trolling the verb. But they are one and the same now.

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>>133080665>He was asking about troll the noun, not trolling the verb.Don't be such a pedant

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>>133080686Where do you think we are right now?

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>>133080721The actual original comic. Nice.

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>>133080326>>133080534>>133080581>>133080634Happy birthday trollface.I guess it's only appropriate that EFG never did leave a lasting legacy like his peers did. But I'll post him for comfy nostalgia.

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>>133080774Oh my god...


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>>133080467holy shit kill yourself

>>133080599There should be a black and white version of this like >>133080652

>>133081008It's missing the pink wojak.

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>>133081226like this?

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Remember when we told people to not feed trolls?What happened to that?

>>133080741Get this fucking newfag zoomer reddit shit out of here.

>>133081400We realized it's pointless to say that because nobody ever listens. People love being upset about made-up nonsense more than they love using their brain.

Hi guys.

>>133082631Hiiii Steeeve.

>>133080326>CTRL+F>"problem?">0 resultsI fucking hate you newfags so goddamn much get off my lawn you damn noisy kids

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>>133080599I'll add to the conversation a bit here. Trolling while fishing is often considered the lazy fisherman's technique, and that feeling applied to the early internet use of the word. In case some people aren't aware, trolling is simply letting out your line and running the boat at a slow speed. This simulates the lifelike action of reeling your line in, without any of the effort of casting and reeling

since Trollface is a Rape Rodent rip offand Rape Rodent is a Mighty Mouse ripoffdo the owners of Mighty Mouse own trollface?

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>>133081008Well, this is a good example of the first use of the word 'meme', as the cultural equivalet of a gene.

>>133080350Taken over by the robot site a long time ago.

Happy birthday!

>Verification not required

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>>133081400Trolls feed each other

>>133082955this mean this all ties back to bakshi and papa john. we should have known

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>>133080350>are comics Holla Forums?

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>>133080326Of course Carlos is responsible for Trollface

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>>133080420I think that might have been from EFG as they started to put the troll face behind the mask when he took it off and I think EFG was way older

>>133081400We also used to tell people that were acting retarded and asking basic questions to lurk moar, the problem was that the site got completely overwhelmed by retards once using the internet on the phone became easy enough.

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>>133084102EFG is older yes

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>>133084102EFG is probably older than most people posting here nowadays. He also used to just have really big curly eyebrows and only put on the mask later.

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rage comics peaked with this image

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>>133080326TROLL IS SUCCESSFUL I miss /f/

i remember this being shitposted nonstop

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le new meme

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>>133080326So this made trolling ok?

>>133084175ahhh 2006when people would make posts on Holla Forums about cancer, i was 14, would come home from school and wet my noodle to stickam jai;lbait videos

>>133084175>was there for prime EFG postingRemember kids, it's not an exaggeration. You are here forever.

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>>133084395surprised to see that one before this one

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>>133084175>>133084175Its crazy to think about that but I was on here since about 2005/6 and I'm only 25 so it seems very likelyThanks big bro for ruining my life by showing me this place

>>133085510>I was on here since about 2005/6 and I'm only 25egads. imagine being an oldfag less than 8 years old

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>>133080326>Trollface was born on the day of the queens funeralI kneel


>>133086282>the queen's funeral was on trollface's birthdayFTFY. One preceded the other.


>>133080467The internet term "troll" has existed since the 90s.It certainly lasted longer than "flame war."

>>133080350Gave me a chuckle.

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>>133080350anon I...

>>133080326Happy birthday cunt.

I would've if the artist who made him wasn't such a shithead about copy right. Fuck him.