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The last 30+ issues of IDW's TMNT comic have been contentious to say the least. The pacing, slice-of-life plotlines, and new characters are hit or miss for a lot of people, and the tone is all over the place.If you were given the chance to re-do the whole thing, while still keeping the overall plot of Old Hob mutating a few thousand people, how would you fix it?

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My 2 cents>Mutant Town is a side book. Sophie Campbell is in charge of that, Tom Waltz retains control of the main storyline.>The turtles need to stay focused on protecting the whole city, dealing with the Utroms and Triceratons, the Foot, the Rat King, Stockman, etc>They can still show up to help in Mutant Town but they are side characters and guest stars, not characters who keep themselves busy with smalltown politics. Let Jennika have that.>Have April get mutated so we can finally cut off the tiresome plot of her trying to keep Stockman under control when she's clearly failed to stop him from being an evil dickbag. >Cut out the stuff about Casey and Jennika dating and make the drama about April becoming a mutant and then being forced apart from Casey>No fucking timeskip. Going from Mutagen bomb to "now there's a 50ft concrete wall locking off this mutant ghetto from the rest of the city" is dumb. If the story is going to be slice of life anyways, focus on that transition and rebuilding. As it stands now, it seems like the city was a fucking mess and no one did anything for six months until the Turtles showed up and fixed everything and then it just became a fun post-apoc playground where everyone just goes about their lives like they aren't completely locked off from normal society>Jennika, Alopex, April, and some other characters can be the face of the new "Splinter Clan" with Casey helping and also grieving about his Dad (also make it clearer that Hun actually died). Some mutated members of the Purple Dragons can become their own characters and help keep Mutant Town safe.>Figure out what the fuck Old Hob actually wants. The fact that the Mutanimals become a group of aimless goons and Hob started trafficking baby mutants was fucked up and dumb, especially because he was getting the supplies everyone needed, but wasn't spreading them around.

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>>133080118>Have Hob become a Mutant Messiah gaining power by freely spreading much needed food and supplies. Mutants think he's great because he gave them new lives, healed them of their illnesses, gave them new strength, etc. have a subplot where Hob is luring more humans into his following and offering them the chance to become mutants too for helping him. >Lead that into Hob testing new mutagen stuff for an even bigger Bomb to cover the whole city or half the country or something. He's still a deranged bad guy, but his plan is to amass a powerful following of loyal mutants so he can establish himself as a great leader after he mutates the state/country/world.>Now the foreshadowing about the all mutant future makes more sense if they want to actually commit to that (which many TMNT series have in one way or another)>Bebop, Rocksteady, Koya, and Bludgeon can be involved. Mainlin books can show that they've mellowed a lot and the Mutant Town side book can show that they've been having somewhat more peaceful adventures in Mutant Town living like actual people instead of weapons of Ninja Gang Warfare.>Now the Battle of the Bands/Time Travel arc can matter a little more and do something with all those dangling threads about Bebop and Rocksteady talking about giving up being thugs and starting a band like they wanted to.>Also, have the main books address the fact that every Mobster in the city was murdered by Karai and also that there's a giant fucking dragon corpse that got dropped on the city. That seems like kind of a big deal and it's treated like a footnote to the climax of a bunch of big story arcs.

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>>133079891Mutant town sucks baby dick, lmao, the IDW comics need to die rn

>>133079891I am a absolutely fucking disappointed with the writing.The Turtles KNOW an apocalypse is coming and that most remaining humans will be mutated... and they didn't give a shit.The writer is too fucking pleased with using mutation as a LGBT allegory to realize it totally isn't.

>>133080366hmmm.. Very insightful dubs. >>133080473They pre-empted any hard confirmation on that future by handwaving it with the usual time travel stuff they've used before: Nothing is set in stone/that might be a separate timeline/it might be inevitable anyways/etcI don't know if I buy the Legbutt allegory, though. They definitely had Mona spouting some retarded SJW stuff, but every time she did that whole>OLD HOB DID A HECCIN VIOLENCE ON US>MUH RIGHTS>MUH JUSTICE>MUH PROTESTEvery other character told her to shut the fuck up because more important things were happening and they didn't have time for her hysteric tantrums.Although, having Jennika go gay for pork felt awkward because they wasted a bunch of issues harping on her and Casey, only to then retcon her as Prison Gay.

>>133079891I'm pretty burnt out on TMNT having so many plots about the entire world ending or psycho villains who obsessively want to murder just the TMNT specifically. The all mutant apocalypse sounds interesting to me. Wish they'd build up to that instead of this Pantheon bullshit.

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>>133081000Goddamn now I want Joe Mad doing a Trutles mini

If I storytime every TMNT comic ever made will people read along?

>>133081345Every comic? There's a few hundred issue in the IDW run if you count all the side stories (which you have to, because they're all canon)

>>133081353Yes. I've been slowly compiling them all. From Mirage to IDW.

I stopped after shreeder died, How is the series after that?

>>133081376Everything leading up to issue 100 is alright, but you can tell that they're struggling. Some plotlines get ignored for years. Others take up way too much time. They get into a really bad habit of patching plotholes and other issues in TMNT universe and a ton of mini-series that are all pretty okay, but the reading order for the series is fucking obnoxious. After issue 100, the Sophie Campbell became the lead writer and artist, which slowed and delayed issue releases a lot. They started switching up artists last year and the shift in art style can be really jarring because some of the guys they brought in to cover for Campbell and Nishijima aren't very good. Most of Campbell's stuff has been about Mutant Town and that only stopped in the past couple months because they're finally diving fully into the Rat King/Pantheon stuff with an Armageddon game event.

>>133079891So is the IDW series worth it or not?Things I like: the fantasy of the 2003 series like the mystics foot ninja and hun being a dickThings I dislike: the scifi stuff like the spaceships and dinosaur dudesIs the City at War arc better than the Mirage one?

What's this character called?

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>>133081611That's Bludgeon. Karai's hammerhead shark mutant. He went blind, but awoke his third eye and is now some sort of chilled out mystic who can see in Aura-Lidar vision.

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>>133081753Thanks. He looks really hot when they draw him with a belly, but google mostly gets me results where he has a six-pack, so that's sad

>>133081775He's barely in the story lately, except for showing up at the last second in the weird as fuck Venus storyline for one page, looking fat as fuck, just for you.

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>>133082078Stockman is equal parts ultimate keikaku genius and bumbling jackass getting lucky enough to avoid any serious consequences for his actions because the story forgets about him. Both him and Hob should have been murdered by another character by this point, but they just decided that he's not evil enough to warrant that, but just incompetent enough to not ever get what he wants.>>133082178They also had him beating the shit out of Stockman and destroying a bunch of his mutant eel eggs in the pre-game comics, but it's still pretty painful how much he was wasted in the Mutant Town story when that should have been his big arc. Instead we got incompetence, child trafficking, and then being betrayed and escaping with the final resolution being>hey Hob really cares about those mutant weasels he was going to sell to the Foot before Karai just gave up and decided she didn't want them after all>...and also now he's all paternal to them and all he cares about is taking care of his kids>......but he's totally got some crazy plot cooking with his chinese slave girl who he keeps locked up in a secret lab in the sewers.

>>133082258What the fuck was with Hob just being able to walk out of prison anyways? He even roamed around Mutant town for a bit. Did they just post no guards and do nothing to watch after the guys who fucked everything up?>>133082321The worst offense was Slash. Poor dude spent more comics as a braindead slave weapon controlled by a midget in a mech suit and when they finally free him, he dies the very next issue. The ONLY time they even acknowledge that's a problem is when they first find out and say>Well at least he's alive for nowand then they go and do a ton of other shit for the next several years.

>>133081550First 100 issues and tie-ins except Jennika and April & Casey range from good to great. Quit after that.

>>133079891>TMNT>5 turtles

>>133082456They had a couple scenes out of the entire run where Slash had a personality, but everything they tried to build up was just cut off when they left him as Bishop's puppet for the majority of the comic. >>133082483In hindsight, I'm finding it harder to disagree. Waltz was definitely better, but all the people acting like Campbell ruined the comic are being willfully blind to the many rushed and poorly executed plotlines, like waiting 100 issues for Raph's rage to be a problem and the worst he does is crack the glass on Bishop's suit.

Ah, user got nuked. Wonder what he did?

People don't care about the main TMNT when they had the roninverse

>>133082618Roninverse is edgy goyslop for normalniggers who think>Duuuude what if this cartoon from your childhood was EDGYis masterful storytelling... and it conveniently ignores that TMNT was edgy to begin with.

>>133080118I like some of it. April has nothing to do and throwing her into Mutant Town would give her some actual character shit to go through albeit Sheena and Jennika have already tread a lot of that ground in the actual book. One of the things I found most alienating about the mutant town arc though was how flippant the turtles are about a lot of big shit going down. It's almost too small and personal- ghetto camp for mutants is a huge deal, but nobody is concerned about helping the people within in a meaningful sense. Jennika's comic briefly touches on the fact that the average person doesn't mind mutants and isn't really comfortable with the border wall, but it never ever actually comes up.I guess I'm worried we're going in a similar direction to X-Men.People really like to justify Krakoa being this weird segregationist ethno-utopia by saying that humans in marvel treated mutants like shit and were given far too many chances, which is true, but it's less because that was an overt and cohesive story direction that made sense in their setting, and more because X-Men is a story about radical oppression and paramilitary action people wanted to write that+mutants hanging out with mutants and basically never touch on the idea that integration could slowly happen or that ideas about mutants are becoming more progressive generally speaking over time.You can't have a bunch of US citizens undergo a traumatic transformation and displacement and get shuffled behind a border wall where they live in squalor and zero supervision and then not ever touch on what the people outside of the wall actually think about this or the message you're giving, whether you intend that or not, is "nobody cares, nothing will EVER improve and mutants have to rely solely on themselves." And I think that's an incredibly shitty and dangerous narrative to end up conveying.

>>133083094I do like getting to see the Turtles living life outside of being soldiers in a never ending street war that also happens to involve aliens and demigods and the spirit world. It kinda riffs on all those storylines where it's halloween or a costume party and they get to wander around in the open for once and be "normal" because being forced to hide in a sewer and treated like monsters kinda sucks (which is something else they could have had Hob emphasize)... But Campbell oversold it and went too far into some bizarre coffee shot AU/"small town banding together" combo storyline.I guess I like the concept of having the TMNT shifting gears after a giant event and maturing and finding new purpose besides beating up ninjas on rooftops at night. However, in the context of the larger story they're trying to tell with all the other shit that's still going on (Null hasn't been revealed as even half the threat she truly is), it just doesn't fit. The concept alone has enough potential material to fill another 100 books just for dealing with all the implications and consequences. It almost needs to just be it's own story divorced from everything else. Not even a side story. Maybe not even a TMNT comic. Like you said, the chaos and drama of walling away several thousand people in a lawless ghetto (which also happens to be partially destroyed due to the massively undersold Triceraton War a few weeks ago) without basic supplies or utilities is fucked up. Flipping through those early issues, Stockman is even saying stuff about relocating and ID'ing mutants, and offering supplies and that the EPF is in control of the area, only you never see them inside Mutant Town and it's not clear how anyone is getting food since they establish that Hob isn't distributing any of the supplies he's slave trading for.This is really schisming my 'tism and making me want to write an alternate take on the whole idea.

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>>133083553Mutant Town works as a chance for the turtles to experience some normalcy and offers a lot of chances for conflict about how people adapt to being mutated. It just feels like they went a really fucking weird direction with it.

I think it's an interesting arc, honestly, it still grabs my attention. It's just very slow

>>133080118The more important question. As far as canon, are you team terrapin tits, or pushed-in plastron?

>>133082454>TMNT>Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesYes, and?

>>133079891Why not handle it the same way Archie TMNT handled the Mutanimals? Limit them to a story every now and then, say once per 10 regular TMNT stories. And also a mini-series once every few years. That would be a good balance>White band floating turtle>Pink band archer turtle>Another pink band turtle in a hood and capeWho the hell are these guys?

>>133083844>white band floating turtleVenus. Can tell because of the braid and the fact that she's with the shark. >Bowno idea lol>hooded lizard ladyno idea lolI think a lot of this was just campbell throwing things she likes at the wall, so

>>133083686Having the turtles deal with Splinter's death, depression, and the fallout of City at War makes a lot of sense... but having 3 out of 4 of the Turtles not go to the walled off ghetto full of suffering mutants and allowing the Mutanimals to run wild for at least six months, maybe more, was a bad call. Having the Rat King and Krang still lurking around doing shady shit like that was going to be an immediate concern and then ignoring them for 30 or so issues was a mistake. >>133083747Turtle Tits, but I'm a pervert.>>133083844All the pink-themed mutants in there are Sophie Campbell's still largely non-canon fan characters. >top left (white) - Venus>top left (pink) - Kirby, I think, named after an unused 5th turtle from the live action movies>next to Kirby - Jinx>Bottom Left, Right, and Middle - Zink, Zanna, and Mushroom>Bottom Middle - Lita>Top right - Doro, Newt mutant

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>>133083976Here we go. Had to dig this off twitter. Archer turtle is Artemisia, I guess. The weasels and Lita are canon, so far, but the rest of this is just supposed to be more of a fun "What If?" possible future. Some of these characters may never come to be, or we might not see them for another 5 years while they try to figure out where the fuck this story is actually going.

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>>133084113Pepperoni is canon now too, sorta. And Jinx is supposed to be a non-copyrighted Horridus IIRC.

>>133084188Well, Mutant Pepperoni has been hinted at a couple times, at least.

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>>133084254Anchovy is a lucky mutant

Mutant town isn't a conceptually bad idea, it's just lousy, decompressed and poorly written execution that sinks it.

>>133084113>Wendy O.Koopa?

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>>133084335Fully agreed. I don't have any issue with the idea because this is some core TMNT stuff. People getting mutated from ooze exposure has been a thing for decades. Having a villain purposefully mutate as many people as possible is a neat twist, but Goddamn was the execution lacking.>>133084341Something about most of them being named after musicians instead of painters. Wendy O Koopa is also named after Wendy O. Williams, lead singer of the Plasmatics.

>>133084113I wonder what Artie is going to be like considering it seems like Lita's kind of taken a lot of her territory as the emotional sensitive little sister turtle

>>133084417I got briefly excited to see Groundchuck and Dirtbag but then they were killed off in 3 issues and the soap opera stuff just keeps going. Fuck me.

>>133084615The whole Punk Frogs/Barlow/Venus arc was a fucking trainwreck. Just kind of makes Mutant Town a little worse of a concept that one guy can spend months capturing, torturing, and sticthing mutants together into braindead monstrosities and no one fucking noticed.

>>133084335The thing that killed it was it was a bunch of humans gaining their fursona which makes it trash. And an actual fursona made it into the comic, that rainbow colored rat by a furry who actually recently died in real life so Campbell? He decided to honor the dead furfag.And yes, calling Campbell a He. He is a man. His actual name is Ross Campbell. Though I think we should call him Gross Campbell. And here's hoping he kills himself soon and decides to pull a murder suicide killing Waltz as well. Waltz is also shit.

post deletion when

>>133085281Hob hating human-borne Mutants never made much sense to me. It would make sense if he hated Bebop and Rocksteady because they chose to be mutants so they could be bigger shitheads (which is exactly why they did it) because that exposes the evils of humanity. Two jackasses turned themselves into monsters just so they could more effectively harm everyone around them.I could also see them rationalizing Hob's plan as an attempt to make humans suffer the way he did, and that's almost what happened. Mutant Town was deprived of all the niceties of human society and they were left to suffer for months... But they never really delved into that. Instead it turned out that Hob was "doing what had to be done" for the sake of all mutants, except for delivering the supplies he was selling children for to the mutants he apparently wanted to help this whole time by... deputizing a bunch of violent jackasses and letting them roam the city unchecked to harass other mutants?And then he vanishes from the story after having a falling out with Ray because he was happy that the Mutants were "gaining power for mutants" or whatever like there was some kind of plan all along. Which I could almost get if there was some kind of cultural awakening within Mutant Town? Like if the attitude inside the walls was that Mutants should only trust other Mutants and that humanity is the real evil and Mutants have the chance to rise above all the faults and evils that Humans have perpetrated for so long, or really just ANYTHING that leads to some sort of story beyond having this kitschy little furry mini city that's run by one lady, her pidgeon friend, and a handful of turtles beating up purse snatchers in their free time.

>>133085410The home invasion thing was at least the most "ninja" they'd been in a while. Using traps, hidden passageways, smoke bombs, sleeping powder, etc. There was an attempt by Campbell to inject the "ninja" back into the Ninja Turtles, but they go right back to being fairly competent street brawlers who still get their shit kicked in by untrained goons from time to time.For a little while it almost seemed like the story was trending towards the Turtles becoming much more competent and skilled fighters. They've been doing it all their lives. Enemies like the Punk Frogs shouldn't have been any issue. They're a bunch of dumbasses with no fight experience. You'd think they'd stop making such obvious mistakes or that they'd do things they've done before... like how the Church lair was full of surveillance and security equipment, because being found and ambushed was actually a huge deal and they needed to avoid that. Them having a public dojo is fine, but the fact that the dojo doubles as their house, orphanage, and local community center is the kind of mistake you'd expect them to make at the start of the story before they learn how dangerous it is to have all of their eggs in one basket.... And not 200+ issues into a long, sequential story.

>>133085547>Hob's hatred of humans is shit.It's not helped by the fact that Hob is a violent psychopath who manipulated and abused all of his allies, lied to them, kept secrets from them, and... y'know... committed a massive act of bio-terrorism on thousands of people who likely didn't even know mutants existed, let alone have the chance to mistreat them. But for some reason, the story is "Hob is a complex villain with his own complex baggage" and not that Hob is an irredeemable villain who deserves decapitation like Shredder did, because he crossed too many lines. Manipulating Raph into helping him get the stuff for the Mutagen Bomb is kinda right up there with Shredder brainwashing Leo.And Mutant Town *COULD* have been the story to really develop Hob and show that he'd changed as a character and had more complex motives, but instead it was him griping that Slash, the mutant who didn't even agree with Hob on most things, got killed by a psycho midget in a mech suit, so therefore all humans deserve to suffer, and also Hob loves the children he wanted to sell, and also all he really wanted was for there to be an election or whatever. Too late now. Enjoy some ice cream everyone!

Mutant Town > Armageddon GameArmageddon Game is doing what Waltz is sadly starting to do best: squandering nifty concepts and characters at an accelerated pace. Of course Mutant Town was too slow, I'm not saying it was EXPONENTIALLY better, but Armageddon Game is already feeling like the worst of the stupid Marvel/DC events, like Countdown. Here's a dozen characters and plotlines that could make for great stories if they were given room. Now let's shove them all into the same story, so none of them can breathe.

>>133085712Alopex had her entire character tossed in the trash anyways. Most of what she's done for the past few years is stand near Raph and look cute.She's another fully trained, very skilled martial artist whose entire life was combat, and I can get how her and Jennika can bond over rediscovering their humanity (or whatever foxes have), but Alopex just stopped fighting after mutant town? Again, would have been something to see that happen to the character instead of having a big timeskip where she just decided to start a soup kitchen and support group instead of doing anything about Hob and the Mutanimals. Why the fuck was Mona the one stealing food for the shelter when Alopex is a goddamned ninja and so is Jennika, for that matter? Where the fuck is Angel in her stealth tech battle suit? Why are so many of these characters so fucking aimless and inactive in their own stories?

>>133085833You could already see Waltz tripping over his own feet early on when he accidentally set up Krang, the technodrome, the Neutrinos, Kitsune and Rat King, Hun & the Purple Dragons, Bebop and Rocksteady, Bludgeon and Koya, and Metalhead all happening in the same jumbled fucking mess of a story that needed to shout at itself about whether the Turtles should focus on Shredder or focus on stopping the Technodrome.

>>133085944Actually just remembered one character worse than Hob: Honeycut. The guy who refused to kill or stop any of the villains he had the chance to and led to the completely pointless trial for Krang, who deserved the death penalty, but we got that moronic drivel about how Krang was just trying to keep his people from dying out because of all the wars they started.

The fuck is going on with all these deleted posts?

>>133085833The official Armageddon Game series hasn't started yet and the Mutant Town shit already has 30+ issues under it's belt. What the fuck are you even talking about saying shit like that already?

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>>133086249Musta been that guy who always whines about the turtles not killing.

>>133086617First Moves looks like the first pebbles moving in an avalanche of shit. We're going to have the Utroms vs the Triceratons going on (which will incorporate Leatherhead being merged to Krang as well as what's going on with Ch'rell, and Seri'll be in there too), along with Null's faction, and the Turnstone stuff (along with Cherubae and Cudley), along with Alpha Flight (or whatever that Elite Alien Squad is called). And that's just the extraterrestrial side of things.I'll eat my hat if this ends up doing a good job with half the storylines being smooshed into one event.

>>133086740Pretty much. Every Armageddon game issue so far has been tapping in every remaining character that hasn't done anything in 30 or more issues, plus bringing in every extended continuity characters, including a ton of Dimension X alien weirdos, space witches, flying cow-head ships, and other nonsense. So not only are we going to have a massive Pantheon clusterfuck, but we're going to forcibly introduce a bunch of Literally Who? characters from the Archie comics into a story that has been struggling to figure itself out for the past 32 issues, if not longer than that.

>>133083553>This is really schisming my 'tism and making me want to write an alternate take on the whole idea.Does anyone care if I do this, or am I wasting my time?

>>133087583I'd be kinda interested I guess

>>133087617Combining a bunch of ideas from this thread, I think we'd need to completely rewrite a bunch of events starts from City at War. Raph not helping the Mutanimals, for one. Put him out on the street with Casey fighting out of control Foot goons and gang members.Old Hob still uses the chaos to hit Null's labs and steal data and research, but also some tech and some of Null's trucks.Rest of the story goes down more or less the same. Splinter sacrifices his life, maybe with a little more clarity that Shredder has redeemed himself and split his soul from the Dragon so he's no longer a megalomaniacal dickbag. The turtles grieve, but they don't have time to mope at the farmhouse. Karai murdered a ton of mobsters and Kitsune dropped a dragon corpse on the city. The Foot are trying to reestablish themselves after switching masters again, new gangs are trying to swoop in, all sorts of weirdos are interested in the dragon, the EPF is going nuts now that Bishop is dead. Stockman is now mayor and he's trying to use his tech to bring peace to the city, but everyone is freaked out about the mayor deploying an army of robots to control the city.The Turtles are doing their best, but with the EPF and Stockman's robots all over the city and morale at an all time low after burying Splinter and Hun, meaning Casey is also emotionally compromised, and April is trying to help him through it. Jennika wants to help, but the entire team is at their lowest and forced to sit back, because they won't be able to do anything if they get captured.

>>133087922In between, we see what Hob and the Mutanimals have been up to. They're defending their neighborhood and fighting off any gangs encroaching on their territory, but they're more concerned with keeping the EPF off their case. They're still working on the Mutagen bomb, but they've got a different angle to it.Hob stages a false flag on Null. Using the truck they stole and other stolen gear, Hob makes it look like some EPF "Peacekeeping" caused collateral damage to a passing Null truck that careens out of control and crashes into a nearby park. The truck is busted open so nearby onlookers can see it full of spooky green ooze and dangerous looking technology with Null logos all over it, of course.The truck explodes and releases the mutagenic gas through the area. People immediately start mutating into furries, like before. Chaos ensues as the cloud blows through the city, mutating humans and animals. Hob doesn't show up to make any grand speeches yet. As an added bit of strangeness, the tree that the Null truck crashed into grows massive. Multiple stories tall, big enough to be a visible part of the skyline. This was all part of Hob's plan. He couldn't do enough damage with one bomb and the cloud of gas would subside, so he needed something more long-term. The tree produces a light mutagenic pollen. Any human in the area for too long will mutate.

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>>133088068Also going to add in that the tree is a Cherry Tree, so you can have that nice weeby image of a giant pink cherry blossom tree towering over part of Manhattan, roots ripping up concrete and destroying buildings. The chaos gets worse as thousands of people become mutants over the next few days. The EPF and Stockman are in full damage control mode, trying to evacuate as many people as possible while trying to contain the mutants. The best they can do is form a perimeter and try to remove and quarantine any humans escaping the zone, while forcing mutants to stay in. But the EPF is stretched thin. They can only barely control the situation, but they can't be everywhere. Hob makes his move by circulating a video online connecting Null industries to the mutagen bomb and going a step further to expose Null's plan to create a slave race of mutant workers, while also showing the connections between Null and Stockman. This turns the city against Stockman and leads to people vandalizing and destroying his robots.The Turtles are now able to breath more freely and deal with their enemies, patrol the streets, and do some good, but now there's tons of new mutant villains on the move too.

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>>133080246This is way more better then what we got although the concept of Retro Mutagen should also be explored as well, especially since the Utroms created the Mutagen.

>>133081478I really hope the Rat King/Pantheon stuff ends up causing the beginning of the end for Mutant Town.

>>133088172Old Hob and the Mutanimals move in to establish themselves as the protectors of Mutant Town. It's not a walled off ghetto, but it is in rough shape and most people are afraid of mutants, for the time being. Everyone assumes they're infectious or that the giant tree might start shedding mutagenic clouds again soon, so the surrounding area has been evacuated, leaving the mutants to fend for themselves, much like the actual comics.All the new mutants have nowhere else to go, anyways. A normal life is impossible. They have no jobs. Their non-mutant families abandoned them. Everyone treats them like monsters just for existing. Hob makes sure everyone knows he was an experiment created by Stockman's research and that the way scientists treat mutants is nightmareish, to say the least. Maybe he even lies and claims that's how he lost his eye.This is where we see the start of Hob become the defacto leader. He positions himself as a protector and provider. He is sympathetic to mutants and shuns the humans who would mistreat them. His Mutanimals are out there risking their lives to acquire and bring supplies into Mutant Town. He's making their lives better, but it's eerily cult-like. Not everyone trusts him, but what choice do they have but to play nice with Hob's little mutant commune?Hob takes a perverse pleasure in seeing all these ex-humans becoming dependent on him, swallowing their pride, and so on.. But he also actually believes this is for the best. It's almost like a baptism that removes the original sin of humanity and Hob sees himself as the one with the divine gift to free them from being contemptible, inferior creatures. At minimum, he aims to make humanity accept mutants, and if his plans work out, he intends to mutate all of humanity.

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>>133082298Stockman should have had a much bigger role in the Mutant Town Arc.

>>133083686It does but the conflict about how people adapt at being forcibly mutated is treated as seriously as it should.

>>133084417That it was and also the villain doesn't get what he deserves which is Exceution.

>>133085641The Story doesn't get what Hobb makes him a monster who deserves decapitation.

>>133079891Goldern rule for me is NEVER introduce a 5th member of the team. Female or not, just dont do it.Temporary members are fine, as long as the main core team is still 4 eventually.

>>133088356Would you introduce Retro Mutagen?

>>133088356For the Turtles, Mutant Town is morally gray place for them to be involved in. Hob's story is fishy, but there's no changing what's already happened. Jennika and Alopex insist that it's better to help where they can. Both of them being ex-assassins means they both feels an intense guilt that drives them to offer a helping hand to all the mutants whose entire lives were derailed by the larger conflict of evil corporations and ninjas and mutants that they are all part of.The Turtles get their first taste of semi-normalcy by involving themselves with Mutant Town. It's a place that doesn't need ninjas, just more helping hands. A place where their Turtles various other talents are more useful than their ninja skills. Donnie helps repair the power grid. Leo offers meditation and Splinter-esque advice. Mikey brings some levity and laughter. Raph finds himself putting in some hard work building rooftop gardens (so we can have a callback to Raph just wanting to be a farmer).Jennika can still have her battle of the bands storyline and her gay romance. Let her have a side series for those things. Lita can be there too, but she doesn't have to be part of some time-travel plot. If that's going to be intergrated, maybe some mystic shenanigans from the Dragon corpse leads Donnie to having a glimpse of the future and we see an Albino Turtle Ninja and several other pink-mask mutants. That glimpse of the future doesn't go in unless total Mutant Apocalypse is locked in, and even still, Future Lita doesn't get to visit and tell everyone exactly what to do to save the future.Either way, Jennika and Alopex can stay and run their support group and soup kitchen, giving the Turtles plenty of reason to stop in and visit regularly. If the story needs extra drama, toss in that bit about April being mutated. Maybe her new apartment is in the area where the Mutagen Tree blooms, and in her rage from being mutated, she offers evidence to help Hob pin things on Stockman and Null.

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>>133088509Probably not. The way I see it, no one in the setting is working on it. Maybe Stockman would if he got mutated, but Null and TCRI have zero reason to un-mutate people. If there's going to be an All Mutant Future down the line, it seems kinda pointless to dangle the idea of fixing things.

>>133088570The way I figure it someone should be talking about wanting to fix it. If you want some drama, have there be a bit of a schism from one of the main characters like "hey, i want my life/more than three fingers/smooth skin/a body i am actually comfortable in back" only for one of the turtles or someone else to basically just brush them off entirely.I mean jesus, when confronted with the thought of "everyone is a mutant in NYC's future" The only reaction we get is Mikey going "cool!" shit is fucked UP

>>133088601You're not wrong. Some of the mutations are inherently horrifying. Like turning into some kind of giant insect person or a fish that doesn't even get fingers. Would make sense that some people would not be happy at all and they'd probably turn themselves over to the EPF begging for a cure.By the time any sort of retromutagen could be formulated, Old Hob would already have a strong following of people who are happier being mutants, people who want to be mutants, and people who have nothing to go back to.The giant Mutagen Tree also serves as a source of more mutagenic materials, leading to the creation of smaller dose mutagen street drugs, or some sort of refined sap that could be used for Hob to perform some big showy baptism to his followers when humans come to him to swear loyalty to his mutant crusade to "fix" humanity.

>>133088678imagine being someone who just likes playing games and suddenly you go from ten fingers to six giant ones, and all of them are bigger than any keyboard or controller you can find

>>133088484Dumb rule. Makes zero sense. They always team up with people

>>133088720Imagine any form with mandibles.Maybe it's just my personal aversion to that level of body horror, but I feel like anything non-mammalian or non-reptilian/amphibian shouldn't be on the table. The whole gimmick of the mutagen is that it combines human and animal traits in a fairly ideal way. Insects and many fish are simply too biologically different from humans to be compatible with that process. Maybe Hob was extra clever and programmed his mutagen bomb to be specifically loaded with animal DNA that would be mostly seen as tolerable and less of a nightmare than turning people into invalid worm mutants or mindless dung beetle abominations.Incidentally, looking back at the mutagen bomb pages... What the fuck is that guy on the left turning into? Looks like a left4dead Boomer.

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>>133088601You'd think there'd be a Schism in the IDW and while there is nothing is really done with it And yeah Mikeys response was insanely tone deaf and shows Sophie Campbell cannot write.

>>133088818I mean, Mikey being kind of emotionally oblivious sometimes isn't exactly new to him. He's the turtle who always flirts with April, and remember 2012? Remember when the planet blew up and they were in space and he was like "sick"

>>133088818Finding out that your entire family and all your friends will survive the apocalypse is good news, though... But yeah, they should have stopped the story right there and maybe say something about the fact that New York being reduced to a decaying wasteland and everyone being mutants dressed like cavemen... except for all the humans that conveniently weren't for inexplicable reasons.

>>133088570Sure but the future is not set in stone. Besides by the time it's formulated Hob would have gained quite a strong following ready to do his every bidding.

I'm legitmately surprised no Bomb victims has either turned themselves over to either the EPF or stockman. Or became a spy for them.Realsticly someone would have sold out Mutant Town long ago.

>>133088869I suppose if the Retromutagen is on the table, it could be something in very limited supply, so there's a lot of fighting over who gets the first dose or if they should use it before doing something about Hob's Mutagen Tree which will continue to mutate people and supply him with the means to turn more people into mutants anyways. With Mutant Town creating a new status quo, it also creates the issue of de-mutating people against their will when they may have been happier staying as a mutant.I think there's also potential for people wanting to be mutated as a cure to any lingering conditions or diseases. Mutants have a slight healing factor and mutagen has been used to cure April's dad of his stroke. That's more just worldbuilding kind of stuff, though.>>133088893What's there to spy on?>Mr Stockman, sir, I'm here to report that the Turtles did another self-defense class today, the orange turtle did his podcast, and then they went to see a rock music concert.Most mutants just seem to be going about their lives. The only reason Stockman or the EPF would care is to experiment on them.

>>133088966These are fantastic world building ideas.

>>133088524I'm almost out of ideas at this point.I think for the Turtles, discovering that untapped part of themselves that can help people in other ways gets them out of their funk. Splinter would be proud of them, and Shredder tells them as much. With the EPF and Stockman scrambling, Null forced to retreat and reduce a lot of her operations, the Turtles have a much easier time bringing some peace to the city.If we follow the other big plot beats, the turtles can leverage a truce with the Foot and Hob's Mutant Town. This also gives the Foot Mutants a reason to visit Mutant Town and also get a taste of normalcy and peace. Koya and Bludgeon can go on an awkward date. Bebop and Rocksteady can talk about starting a band.Old Hob starts training young mutants. He gives them black masks like Slash's. Insert joke about Hob telling the turtles that Black is a better color for ninjas anyways. If you want the Weasel triplets in the story, they can be added here. Hob is actually very paternal to his group of orphan kids and despite his grand ambitions and plans for revenge, he actually does care about them. The turtles worry about Hob training a child army, but Hob retorts with pointing out that they were doing the same thing with those orphans and the Foot clan. He just wants to make sure they have enough education and training to survive and then when they're older, they can decide what they want to do.This would be the point in the story where everything seems happy and good. Would be an ideal time to remind the audience that there was a glimpse of a post-apoc future. Donnie has been doing research and trying to figure out what might lead to such a thing, but no leads yet.We can toss in Shredder continuing the Turtle's training around here. He feels they've matured and grown and proven themselves as ninjas, but their training is incomplete. If there's whispers of an apocalyptic future, then they need to be ready. Insert more ninja training.

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>>133089264Beyond this point, I guess there either needs to be a wrap up for the Pantheon stuff or the "Armageddon game" is more literal and Rat King orchestrates some grand scheme that goes awry. Maybe he tries to manipulate Stockman into doing something foolish as revenge on Hob, but it's turned on him at the last second and BOOM, apocalypse. Eat shit Rat King. Now you can't win your game because the world is ruined.

>>133089284Got a real hothead here.

>>133089284rude, delete-sama

>>133089348This thread is fucking weird. Is that 3 or 4 times we've seen someone's posts nuked?

>>133089409it's just a guy who's been in TMNT threads for awhile. very rude and aggro, then delete. ignore it

>>133089411Well, at any rate, it's been fun brainstorming ideas. There's nothing that I can really use these for, but it was fun to stretch some creative muscles.

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>>133089423I appreciated the ideas. I liked some of 'em actually. I wasn't sure if Hob would become an out and out cult leader, he seems a bit too much of a mess for that, but stuff like the big mutagen tree despite being a bit crazy sounded fun and I liked the hypothesizing of how Hob would go about trying to mutate as many people as possible. Oh, I was gonna ask, what were you gonna do with April?

>>133089438There's not too much I can think to do with her. Probably have her be a mutant cat of some kind as a nod to some toy stuff. She can hang around Alopex and Jennika doing community service and spreading awareness about mutants to the outside world through digital journalism.April is kind of tapped out as a character in the IDW comics. She's smart, but not so smart that she can invent stuff and concoct retromutagen. Her relationship with Casey was nixed a while back, too. All she had left was trying to keep Stockman on a short leash, but that gimmick was played out years ago. So what's really left for her? I figure turn her into a mutant and let her be the nice, helpful girl she is anyways. She can help Mutant Town while keeping an eye on Old Hob, since the Turtles should generally be out fighting crime and keeping things in check around the city, especially since there's now tons of new mutants causing trouble.Otherwise, all you've got is some sappy drama, maybe? Casey wants to get back together with her, but he can't really hang around Mutant Town to be with her and she can't really leave. Casey doesn't want to be a mutant either, especially because there's always that change that he turns into something awful. That's about all I got.

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>>133089516Yeah, it's funny how hard it is to utilize one of the staple characters of the series. They keep trying to do everything but a reporter but it seems like that's really the best way to keep her relevant by default, somehow. Making her a scientist has her obsoleted by donnie and making her anything else is just like "why are you here?"making her a cat or yet another turtle and having her have to genuinely try hard to find a new purpose for herself could be something. Sheena was already a musician. Jenny went through a lot of shit but she was already a ninja assassin and she can mostly just keep doing that. Having her really have to reinvent herself could be a fun arc and maybe even a little meta play on how trying to find something for her to do is a struggle. One thing I kind of want to keep is Casey human. Even if he ends up being the last human on earth I think Casey being just a fucking dude is such a huge part of his charm that I can't bring myself to give him the furry treatment.

>>133089573The IDW comics waited until the last possible second to bring up the idea of April being a reporter and then started up the Armageddon Game plotline, so it will probably be a few years before we see anything about that.As for Casey, maybe he's the catalyst for the retromutagen. Set up some big dramatic scene where it seems like he's guaranteed to get mutated and then... Nothing. Turns out he's immune. On top of being a naturally tough as fuck dude, years of hanging around the turtles have made him immune to mutagen, or whatever. Someone figures out how to reverse engineer that immunity into retromutagen, or something close to it.Some bits of humanity will survive, even if Hob gets his way and mutates the whole planet.

>>133089663The idea of Casey just naturally being immune to the mutagen for literally no reason is incredibly funny to me, so I'm down.

>>133089666It's been a pleasure. Keep the thread alive for me, Satan. I'm going to bed.

>>133089682That's fucked up because I'm going to bed too. It's over.

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>>133089690May you have sweet dreams full of Turtle Tits, bro.

>>133089516>>133089573>>133089663Mutating April is always a dumb idea. What would it add to her character other than furry spank fuel?

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>>133086249There's a guy that deletes his posts that keeps showing up in TMNT threads. He also spends a lot of time kvetching about how the turtles should kill their enemies. I suspect he deletes his posts because he really likes talking about TMNT (despite all evidence to the contrary), so he deletes some older posts in the hopes the thread'll last longer. Which is odd because we rarely reach 500 posts, but whatever.