This is a batman level threat to society

This is a batman level threat to society

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>>133079477There's a guy who carries a puppet around and directs his split personality into it as a mafia boss but he still somehow gets people working for him, there's also the Condiment King tooMost of Batman's rogue gallery is silly which is why most of them never got a modern update

>>133079477She only needed sum fuk (unironically)

>>133079477If the cops were better at their jobs Batman wouldn't have to occupy himself with every mental patient in Gotham.

>>133079477If she meet some nice guy "I'm a pedophile, not a monster", the life became much brighter for her

>>133079477Didn't she try to cause a meltdown at the local nuclear power plant because she wanted everyone in the world to die?>Croc: Wait, how do we profit from this?>Baby-Doll: We don't.

>>133079942How did you think she paid for the goons?

>>133079979How old does she look? I think she is 7 years old. It will be like you are fucking Hat Kid. It's toddlercon

>>133079689Condiment King is a joke though. As in, he was never intended to be a serious threat like Calendar Man or Polka Dot Man. Condiment King was invented for a comedic scene in BTAS

>>133079477I could have beat her by whipping my dick out

>>133080070>It's toddlerconThe forbidden fruit that surpasses all forbidden fruits....

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>>133079689His archenemy is an evil clown.

>>133080193Nah, used to know this guy who wanted to fuck babies like that was no tomorrow. He set up several google alerts about baby rapes and deaths to keep himself updated, used to harass families and even a few cops just for fun. It was pretty funny, god knows what happened to him, he used to invest on cripto since 2014 and vanished after the stuff getting big, probably is a billionaire now fucking actual babies. I should just have listened to him but is hard to take a motherfucker like that seriously.

>>133080208It really takes away from the moment knowing that's actually Robin in disguise and not the guy she was actually trying to kill.

>>133079689Condiment King wasn't a real criminal.

>>133080283>He set up several google alerts about baby rapeswat

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>>133079477This is a batman level threat to where we live.

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>>133080283Was it Sam Hyde by any chance?


>>133079689Condiment King was always supposed to be a gag joke.

>>133080208Wait wait wait, wouldn't that blast have killed her too? I don't remember her being suicidal.

>>133079477Unironically why didn't she just find some guy who's into midgets and settle down

>>133080324It's always kind of a bummer when something like that happens and you get kind of hyped that some normal person had their heroic moment. I remember getting the same feeling from YuYu Hakasho where some asshole takes a nurse hostage and she tells him to go fuck himself for thinking people are weak, but then it's just one of Yuske's stand user allies disguised as her.

>>133081898Because she isn't a midget. She looks like a child. Midget chasers (if that's the term for them) Most likely aren't into children. Because Midgets are little people They look like Adults but compressed.She'd have to find a Pedo and you can see why that's not desirable.

>>133079477>batman level threatBatman mostly deals with low level thugs and hoodlums.

>>133081968To be fair, she kind of screws herself over in that regard. I think she's kind of in a self defeating loop not only of being trapped in a childlike body but also tying her sitcom act to the only time she felt seen or loved. So she despises being seen as a child but then feels she needs to act that way to be loved, despite it turning off most people. I doubt Croc would have ever loved her, but the way she acted probably creeped him out all the more.

>>133081898>>133081968Her female right assistant despite to be a hot lady, has some good martial art skills.

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>>133082016>>133082038>>133082061I'm watching thru the show for the first time and just saw this episode. I of course got the biggest crush on her. Does she ever come back bros???

>>133082004I miss shows having evocative villains that bring these kinds of discussion to the table

>>133079477Having at least two stereotypical mafia goons flanking you makes you a Batman level threat to society.

>>133082004Given that her TNBA appearance doesn't use a child model, you could headcanon that she got on hormones after her first appearance only to be distraught they didn't actually fix any of her deeper problems, and began lowkey spiraling.

>>133081844Her being suicidal is like her only character trait.

>>133079628NOT ON MY WAAATCH

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>>133079689>Most of Batman's rogue gallery is silly which is why most of them never got a modern updateBatman comes from the pulp era tradition of The Shadow and Dick Tracy. His villains are larger-than-life cartoons, intentionally so. The best Batman writers understand this and work in that milieu, the rest make the mistake of trying to make them "realistic". That doesn't mean these villains can't have weight or pathos, but you have to understand where they come from to use them right.

>>133082004>>133081968Reminder that she didn't start out always acting like a toddler, after her sitcom she tried doing Shakespeare, and while she was a good actor her strange appearance and reputation meant people couldn't take her seriously. After she gets out of the insane asylum she really does try to be normal and she has a normal job and wears normal clothes. But she's so lonely she eventually gets fixated on Killer Kroc of all people because she thinks with him being so hideous and rejected they're kindred spirits. He despises her and she tries to commit murder suicide again.

In real life people like her doing suicidesFor example David Rappaport

I'd fuck he so hard

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I know this girl who was put on hormone blockers because she thought she was trans. She's 20, but looks 10-12 max. I'm considering taking advantage of her almost non-existent self-esteem.


>>133083218They can't put her through fake puberty?

>>133082061>>133082038what the hell was she aiming for with that jump kick? she clearly jumped over him

>>133083351She was trying to lead on him getting up, so Batman juked her.

>>133083313not him but judging by the detrans movement:nope cant redo puberty if you minimised/stopped its effects with hormone blockers, its permanent and undoable with serious potential harm

>>133079477She is an Extremely Attractive Shortstack And i unironically want her to come back in new batman stuff just so more art of her is made since there is such a small amounts of it (and even smaller amount that's actually good)and im two broke to pay for commissions

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>>133083389Fuck man, really? I've seen some trannies get relatively decent bodies out of it, and real girls can't?

>>133083408nope its why the detrans movement is so against it, it also castrates you permanently aswell apparently

>>133080193Ao3 alone has way worse stuff

>>133080283>He set up several google alerts about baby rapes

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Baby got back

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>>133079689I mean, Condiment King can totally work as a threatening villain, he is just horribly underequipped right now. Fuck the ketchup gun and sauce packets, have him spray one of those Ass-Destroyer Death Murder hot sauces, and make him aim for the eyes. Pepper spray, pepper ball guns. Have him torture people by force-feeding them salt. Or even better - fucking mustard gas.

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>>133083616That's the issue with trying to do a serious Condiment King, you wind up with either "hot sauce guy" or an assassin/killer with a vague food connection.

>>133084830What if he's black extremist who is waging a crusade against whites because they oppress his people and eat nothing but unseasoned chicken?

>>133079477If she tried hard enough she could probably get cast as her character's daughter in some reboot.

>>133084830I think at best you make the joke about how serious condiment king is. >Master assassin condiment king, studies his targets very thoroughly. Statistics say 1 in 6 people have allergies...that's faulty. Most everyone has an allergy. The trick is learning what it is, and the funniest part about it all is that the deadliest poison to someone in the world, is the sweetest spice to some else.Just make him an overly serious farce.


>>133083799Oh I'm imagining my dreams of starting a family together with her are shattered by her physique

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>>133081844she wanted to die with her "family"

>>133085084It's probably for the best. Imagine the mental trauma caused by watching her children aging.

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Why doesnt she just get a robot body. Not even cybernetic, just a shell she steps into. Like the big headed aliens from MiB.

>>133085222Same reason she doesn't get a gamer bf, it wouldn't feel authentic.

>>133085051Do we have any serious "Evil Chef" characters without cannibalism angle? Maybe some kind of elite assassin who uses his biochemical knowledge to concoct unconventional and untraceable poisons and perfectly mask their taste with his superior culinary skills, or tailoring his dishes to be deadly to the mark (taking advantage of allergies and medical conditions, contaminating them with deadly diseases and so on)?

>>133085222I mean she's a failed actress who spent most her life in a psyche ward, I don't think she has the cash or connections.

>>133085262You seen Little Mermaid?>HON HON HON HER HEE HEE

>>133081844She is, her whole character is to hate being a loli.

>>133085249>>133085300Okay, kidnap Cyborg's dad and force him to reverse engineer the nanomachines he sometimes has. I think that idea was last played around with during Coyborg's Rebirth title; that his body became advanced enough to appear completely indistinguishable from flesh. Get that tech, by force, and then progress from there.

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>>133083218Why would you do that...

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>>133085415I think that's a little out of her wheelhouse. I think maybe just get her on some apps, find some support groups for people with her condition, failing that I'm sure TLC would love a reality show about a washedup midget actress whose desperate to be loved but also fucking insane. >>133085431I don't know if she's cuter with or without the wig. I like Bobcuts and pixie cuts mostly the same.

>>133083218>taking advantageUnironically cringe.At east date seriously.


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>>133083067Just don't get too carried away, you might kill her for real.

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>>133080208I know that's Robin in that particular scene but I really like how they had Robbie Rist play a Cousin Oliver type character.

>>133082016Everybody always focuses on the flying kick but check out how she launches him with that second kick on the ground. Mariam's got one hell of a set of legs.

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It's a shame the era of Youtube stars trying to use that platform for earnest acting is over. You have people doing various types of content, and of course Twitch streamers leaning into all sorts of gimmicks, but it isn't the same. Imagine her getting into an internet fight with some poor Nostalgia Critic-tier asshole. Funny, if nothing else.

>>133085653All in high heels too. That shit must be painful.

>>133080283>it was pretty funnyuh what? youre making it sound like he was being precocious but its actually a fucked up problem. this situation seems like a dark comedy cartoon skit

>>133085653Remember when this Batman was actually grounded enough that normal people could actually pose a threat to him? Come TNBA, he's regularly dodging bullets and strangling crocodiles to death.

>>133083616>>133084830>>133085051>Reconceptualizing condiment king as a Guy Fieri-coop from megas XLR>Fat bastard foodie slob>Runs a network of mob front businesses>all restaurants with outlandish menus

>>133086442>His crimes start out as extreme advertising stunts but he gradually gets more fed up with superheroes hogging the spotlight when they interrupt his work that he starts getting serious and aggressive (as serious and aggressive as Condiment King can be)

>>133086354Those were the best times, Batwank did him dirty. If Batman were in his own universe without any of the supers to size up to, we'd still be able to enjoy street level batman.

>>133086615I think escalation is inevitable, because so long as Batman survives and continues to improve his skills and tech, you'd need to bring in greater threats for him to take on. Even if Batman doesn't get any stronger or more skilled, his tech's gonna continuously get better in response to the threats he faces. In the old days, Batman only had a shitty helicopter thing. Now he has a military-grade jet.

>>133086652One of the scene that I saw military-grade jet is when Batman was struggle against Red Claw who was hidden in his jet, Kinda weird that the jet hasn't rid of her when she gets in. Like, it's should have a defense security against anyone who's isn't Batman.

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>>133086442>mob guy runs a restaurant for money laundering >ends up being super successful, no longer needs to launder, starts a franchise with a partner >gets McDonald'd by his partner who digs up his mob past to get full control of the company and cheaps out on everything, fucking up the quality>reborn as Condiment King when he gets out of prison, trying to sabotage his former company and any other competitors >owns a tricked out food truck, food is still pretty good and employs some dorky teens who absolutely would help him commit crimes if he asked

So we know that Bruce has some programs in place to help rehabilitate former criminals and give them jobs after they serve their time, right? But we also know there there's just no end to criminal activity in Gotham. So the question is how effective are these programs? Are they inadequate? Or are they successful but it ends up not mattering because more criminals just show up from out of town to take advantage of the void left by the ones that go legit?

>>133087601I mean even not looking at the whole "literal demonic hellhole" parts, decades of crime and corruption aren't going to get washed out with some good charities. Like even if they're the best, they'd probably never be good enough to destroy all crime.

>>133087601>criminals just show up from out of town to take advantage of the void left by the ones that go legit?I always thought that was the answer. Batman would be effective if no there superheroes existed. Basically I think it goes like this. Imagine you're a thug in metropolis, then superman breaks into the scene and almost all normal crime is gone. Only superpowered or genius criminals can fight or hold off the man of steel for a get-away.Even the slums of metropolis have their own superhero Black lighting. So it's better to move to Gotham. Because batman's way less of a threat. Basically Gotham is where are the sorry losers of other heroes towns move to when they can't keep up.

>>133087839Metropolis does still have human criminals though. Superman has to deal with that shit on a regular basis.

>>133087839It's not that Gotham is where the sorry losers of other heroes go. It's where the slightly smarter ones go. The ones that stay in Metropolis and Star City are the crazy retards who legit think they can get away from Superman and the Flash and shit. A ridiculous number of criminal activity in Metropolis occurs in broad fucking daylight.The ones who head for Gotham are slightly smarter than those retards, but they fail to do their research properly and end up getting BTFO by Batman or, worse, one of the other, more experienced Gotham criminals.

>>133080283>He set up google alerts about baby rape and deaths>Harassed the families of the babieswhadda fuckin creep

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>>133087888I always thought that was dumb, Is the average person in metropolis really that fucking stupid? If normal crime still existed in metropolis it would be only when Superman's fighting larger threats. Oh, the Atomic skull and superman are duking it out at the docks? Now's the time to go rob a bank.

>>133088273Nah. A lot of the normal human criminals in Metropolis are either THAT dumb or severely overconfident in their abilities. A good number of the random criminals Superman apprehends are total raving loonies who somehow managed to get their hands on military-grade equipment and shit.

>>133088311>o somehow managed to get their hands on military-grade equipment and shit.Thought they bought it through Intergang. Which is the only real gang left in town because of their Dark side connection/ and savaging of alien tech.Either that or they built it.But even then most crooks couldn't afford laser guns. So only the established from before superman's time should be running around.

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>>133088372The thing about Superman is that you do kinda need to have him deal with "normal" criminals once in a while for image reasons. Foiling bank robberies and shit. This sorta thing is just as "Superman" as fighting aliens, robots and bald billionaire geniuses. It's usually just reserved for cold opens and shit nowadays, so I don't think the writers ever put much thought into where these retards actually come from.

>>133088372The difference with Batman is that he would probably break some bones and turn him to the cops, then Bruce Wayne would show up, offering the man a job at Wayne's tech, working from prison until he is out.

>>133085084imagine if you somehow did get dahl pregnantthe baby would be about as big as the rest of her body

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>>133088541I don't think Batman would rough up a frail old man like that unless he had no choice. Then again, there are times I feel that Batman's use of force can be sort of excessive at times.

It's my headcanon that she likes croc because he's kind of her parental stand in genuinely cares about her and he's kind of a huge fan. When in arkham and the others picked on her he protected her and she protected him from being taken advantage of.He grew up watching her show. Her show and her antics allowed him to escape the brutal abuse abandonment and depression he felt as a child teen etc.He respects her past but also sees her as Dahl the woman who saved his life.She's probably the only person on earth who can bring him back to normal when he's taken over by the green and goes savage.I'm thinking he's becoming more and more croc she recognizes the signs puts her hair in pigtails and. Calls him by his real name in her baby Dahl voice. He goes back to that place where he's happy. She's having a funk about her image and is in her dark depressed place. He treats her like a normal person and sympathizes with her then in the next second geeks out over some tidbit about her babydahl history and things she knew about other shows he loved and she likes being allowed to be Baby but respected as Mary Should it lean into sexual aspects though.I mean she's 3 foot 10 on her tip toes and his dick is probably a foot long and scaly.How would any of that work.Maybe he fucks the henchwomen and she doesn't care.

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>>133088798>I mean she's 3 foot 10 on her tip toes and his dick is probably a foot long and scaly.>how would any of that work.Hentai logic

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>>133086538>>133086909>>133086442>Enigmatically bad taste is the reframe Disgusting excess in all things. Obscene antistyle. Food truck built on an F650. Rolling coal of course, though at any given time half the exhaust comes from the 20ft smoker. Black plume can be seen from half a city away. Custom hydro dipped guns, food brand themed. Riced out to the extreme with muzzle brakes and pic rails and bubba gunsmith tinkering to the point they're near (and frequently) nonfunctional. Corpulent strongfat body ample real estate for trashy mismatched tattoos ranging from bady executed memorial pictures to advertisements for current/past failed food businesses to random Chinese characters he thinks mean cool shit like honor and glory. Subjects his enemies to culinary abominations that defy norms and taste (but strangely not taste) and makes a point of never letting someone die without a banger of a last meal. His tentplole restaurant (divested from, allegedly) has a live tracker of deaths on premises from heart failure and hypertension. Fat fucks eat free (and on Livestream) A character so novel and over the top one looks silly harboring any serious resentment of him. And one that keeps getting away with it because what crimes he ever gets charged with build his mythic status and Gotham has a pretty big jury nullification problem. Breaks the most inane of ordinance style laws flagrantly with trucks and pop up restaurants and etc. simply to draw eyes on the fact random shit is illegal in polite society of a city with an out of control murder rate. Has several times turned prison sentences into popular reality television. A villain even Batman pauses at facing >Because its not a good lookA flawless shield of antistyle. Batman breaking up a 2pm block party in broad daylight just because at the center of it the Condiment King happened to have gotten broken out of jail to hang with his homies and flash fry a whole cow?Pretty cringe Bman, frfr no cap.

>>133089261Something about this gives off a Biker Mice from Mars vibe to me.

>>133082244Damn, been meaning to do a pinup of her...

Cheesus crakers!

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>>133089385batman cum in loli and realizes not only did he do a crime but he also is paedo now

>>133089261Matty Matheson already exists in the real world, user, you gotta go push harder.

>>133080283>god knows what happened to himHopefully that depraved freak's long since dead, wtaf.

Lock-Up had the right idea


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>>133088372Superman could do more here if the guy wasn't a violent offender. The dude is gonna kill himself when his wife takes the kid

Why did she feel so compelled to be a dramatic/serious actress? Child actors are notoriously shit to work with. An adult with an actual child body and voice should have endless gigs. All the pedos in the film industry would really like to fuck her too, she would have been so rich and famous

>>133090084>An adult with an actual child body and voice should have endless gigsShe wasn't actually a good actress though..

>>133079477>This is a batman level threat to societyWho wasn't in those days?

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>>133090122In any case she should be able to follow stage direction infinitely better than whatever other actual infant. She'd also be allowed to work at night, and not require extra safety concern, among many other benefits

>>133090135Mary also pretty much had a "What am I even doing with my life?" mental breakdown that made her try and shift to dramatic roles and, from what her costars say after she's kidnapped them, was pretty difficult to work with. All that on top of her being super-associated with one role would have counted against her.