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The white bitch is back edition

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>>133079434Preview. They're gonna fight.

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What's her name again

Not this shit again.

>>133079434This is starting to get funny, it's like a Looney tunes cartoon. You just know the white cat is going to show up to mess up the grey cats day

She's aiming way too low

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>>133079434god in christ why. Why couldn't mike just have a nice chapter of hanging out with the track team without drama? We all know nothing good can come of this.

>>133079598Be real. It's all that 90% of the readership wants to see.

>>133079434>Suddenly LucyMan can't we just stick to bro time?

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>>133079434What the absolute fuck Taeshi. This woman does not know how to set up anything, she just throws shit into the pot on a whim and gives some flimsy post-hoc excuse.

>>133079516Finally, someone that understands!

i hope the pistol magically turns real and she shoots herself with it also wasn't there that one user who promised if she showed up they'd edit her out? yeah do that please

>LucyFuck off with this shit

>>133079606Pretty sure 90% of the readership still wants Mike to fuck off and die.


>>133079434go back to the gay shit

>>133079649>i hope the pistol magically turns real and she shoots herself with itNo, Mike deserves to be the one finishing her off.


>>133079434God fucking damn it.And to think I was so insistent these previous two threads we're not going to see Lucy and this is going to be about Mike figuring out what a good relationship looks like.I've earned being ridiculed fair and square.

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The worst part about this shit is that the plot will not progress at all. Every time there is a sensible route for stuff to actually happen, the 180s in the opposite direction. So more drama for drama's sake, ad infinitum

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>>133079434ENDLESS.SUFFERING.She just can't resist can she? She just can't fucking help getting off to her victim complex with her shitty fursona mary sue.

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>>133079820It's not your fault, user. Lucy spawned into the arcade just to make shit worse, with zero build-up. Mike is a survivor and Taeshi is his own personal Left 4 Dead director.

>>133079785>>133079761A good 69 would fix this

>>133079434>>133079492I like the coloring here. It's not amazing but it's nice when Tae actually experiments with lighting.

Not even Taeshi seems to buy her own bullshit

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>>133079434but why? Just let Lucy be happy with Augustus and Mike happy with his new friend group.

>>133079916Oh fucking hell, she's trying to art it up which means this is supposed to be a Very Important Scene. The last time this happened was that total shitshow Eternal Flame.

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I knew it. I knew there was no way she'd be able to hold off shitting on Mike for too long. Not like some sort of misguided attempt that makes him look dumb but actually setting up to put him into some bullshit with Lucy.I know it won't happen but it'd be nice if an actual curveball was thrown where whatever shit starts from this actually has Mike come out better and on top at the end.

>>133079971>yfw the boys back him up

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Sadly not surprising in the slightest. The audience and Mike aren't allowed to have nice things.So, what's going to happen? Is Lucy going to yaasss queen all over him with the whole "I don't fucking like you anymore" attitude? Or is she going to lose her shit and make a big scene about him following her or something just as stupid?

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>>133079925>Lucy>happyShe has a mental breakdown every time her tank runs out of copium and, brother, this cat gets very few miles to the gallon


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>>133079971>>133079983Lucy's not going to respond once she sees he's with other people. At most she's going to go into deadeye mode when James volunteers Mike to compete with her and she'll say "ok", let Mike win and then leave.

>>133079946I'm sure it will be.>James confronts Lucy>Lucy notices Mike>Cue her being aloof and/or saying some bitchy passive aggressive remark.>Mike gets mad too OR ignores her>Lucy begins autistically screeching about how horrible he is.>New friends have shocked pikachu.jpg face>Lucy runs off shitting and pissing in a tsundere blowout>Mike "I.. I can explain guys!">They stare with hatred, ask him to resign from the track-team>Last panel, James sadly walks up to Mike "I thought you were cool man.">Mike falls to the ground, world shattered. >Sandy calls.>Mike begins autistically screeching.The End.Taeshi: OMG what a rollercoaster of a chapter that was LOLOLOL you thought Mike was gonna have friends or the plot was gonna progress? Fuck you guys!1 haha next chapter will be less serious ^^;;Then just rinse and repeat.

>>133080000Quads of truth>>133080006It would be a lot funnier if Lucy would start shitting on Mike until his new harem starts calling her out and defending him.

i hope upon all hopes she just walks away for the love of god

>>133079983That would be excellent, which is why it's not going to happen.My money is on Lucy positively interacting with r63 Daisy, spotting Mike, putting on her bitch face and going away.There will be no Mike explaining the situation, no encouraging him, it will be yet another chapter about Mike being frumpy and Lucy ignoring him.If this chapter doesn't go something like that I might just buy a hat so I can eat it.

>>133079565Doesn't matter, she never put a coin in. She's just pretending to hit everything in the game footage that plays during the attract mode.I wonder how much Taeshi knows about Time Crisis anyways...

>>133080053>That would be excellent, which is why it's not going to happenlel

>>133079998>The audience and Mike aren't allowed to have nice things. The audience in these threads or the Audience on her discord and site because I'm sure her supporters would love to see Lucy "Girlboss" all over Mike's good time.>So, what's going to happen? Is Lucy going to yaasss queen all over him with the whole "I don't fucking like you anymore" attitude? Or is she going to lose her shit and make a big scene about him following her or something just as stupid?She's going to start with the former and end with the latter if Mike competes and beats her at the game.>>133080039>It would be a lot funnier if Lucy would start shitting on Mike until his new harem starts calling her out and defending him.Lucy being caught off guard because she's not used to Mike having people defend him from her, let alone actual friends outside of the table group, would actually be funny.

>>133080053Track Team meets Lucy, they all fall in love, want to replace Mike with her for no inexplicable reason.All the while he seethes and she just gives him shit-eating grins.Until he or she explode on one another then leave to mald alone or with their respective security blanket until the next shitshow.That too is up Taeshi's bag of shitty plotpoints. So I could see it going that way as well.

Just reboot this fucking comic Tae

>>133080077seeing Lucy actually shocked and not having the hoard of hormonal teenagers on her side would be delicious, which is also why it's not gonna happen

>>133079983Lucy's black hole of a Mary Sue aura will convert them all into Lucy simps. Not even James' homosexuality can escape her pull. Lucy's tears will melt away the pedestal he's set Mike upon. Her screeching will bring his gay boner down harder than the walls of Jericho. His disillusion with Mike will be total, and of course gray cat will blame no one but himself. Lucy will girlboss walk off and then cry in private because boo hoo she never wanted Mike to suffer.

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>>133080098You're putting far too much faith in this comic.Back in the day it might happen, that's the sort of childish, over-the-top drama-porn that got me hooked on it to begin with.She mellowed out hard after her angsty and unbalanced young adult period (you know, relatively, and good for her btw) and ever since her story mellowed out too.It's going to be avoiding one another with Lucy putting on a bitchy face and Mike looking sad and uncomfortable.Mike losing his new friends to Lucy would be interesting, so it's not going to happen.

>Mike hides>James asks Lucy if he can play the machine she's using>she goes to find another game>gay squad asks why he hid>last Lucy appearance in the chapter

>>133080006Given that Mike has promised not to interact with Lucy, there is no point in her being here but to cause him personal suffering. He doesn't want to play with her, she doesn't want to play with him, wow what a fantastic situation. I cannot wait for the next waste of time while Taeshi jacks off her hate boner

>>133080000it's crazy just how much better it looks

Last three panels are basically what's going to happen. Wonder if she's going to try to seduce Augustus again.

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>>133080000I cant help but imagine the mario sound when you shrink when I see these edits. They're great

>>133080136>Mike losing his new friends to Lucy would be interesting

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>>133080000Taeshi needs her inbox flooded with these edits

>>133080203quads speak the truth

>>133080190What? it would be, it would at least be drama.Silly teenager drama, sure, but that's what hooked me on this webcomic to begin with.There isn't REALLY much drama anymore, other than things which are either resolved or ignored within the chapter or references to old drama, ie Lucy's attempt to an hero.I would be quite happy if the drama went outrageously childish because it would at least be a little exciting.That's the biggest problem with the comic these last few years, nothing REALLY happens, the last really big, interesting thing that happened was Lucy coming back, and since then it's sort of a big fat pile of nothing.I'm honestly having trouble remembering what happened between Lucy returning and now.

>>133080136>She mellowed out hard after her angsty and unbalanced young adult period (you know, relatively, and good for her btw) and ever since her story mellowed out too.You fuckin high or what nigga? Cuz this shit just happened a few chapters ago.

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Gangbang her

>>133080136BCB is a "mellow" story with no over the top drama or angst, because Taeshi is a VERY mature and naunced writer who isn't mentally unstable in the LEAST!

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>>133080136>Mike losing his new friends to Lucy would be interestingHe already lost his old group to her. Paulo was ready to throw the guy under the bus the moment Lucy so much as insinuated it while leading him on.If he lost this group to her bullshit too he may as well just find a way to fucking leave. That way with him gone she'll fucking implode on everyone else and she'll be their problem now.

>>133080022I fear that, to maximize the suffering, Taeshi will do the following:>force Mike and Lucy to play together because lawl xd happy go lucky gay kid>ignore that angry turbo bitch mode Lucy has zero problem telling others to fuck right off and then stomp away>or asspull that James was Lucy's gay bestie back at private school WHICH THEY JUST SO HAPPENED TO ATTEND TOGETHER WOW WHAT ARE THE CHANCES so she can't say no>adhd James fucks off for a bit and leaves the two alone for a while>awkwardness ensues>turns to enjoyment as they get competitive because omg remember how happy they got back in December?>Augustus and the diversity squad come in looking for Lucy>see her and Mike>everything that can go wrong does go wrong

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>>133080272>>133080314Arguments like that aren't really that dramatic.There's a word I'm desperately trying to come up with and I can't.It's the perfect adjective to "drama" when applied to this comic (or past versions of it anyway) and I used to remember it.It's like when you portray something so over the top and unreasonably negative that it satisfies a certain schadenfreude in you despite having no resemblance to real life.Like these blind girl comics where everyone was a terrible sadist towards her.Or when people draw cute things being tortured to a stupid degree because it tickles their willy.It's like misery porn, or drama porn.FUCK there was a PERFECT word for it and I might no be able to go to sleep unless I remember that.If someone knows what I'm talking about please remind me.I got of point, point is BCB used to be about drama, it was ridiculous but really gratifying.>>133080364>He already lost his old group to her.Eh, not REALLY, Marco Polo promises to ditch him for her but other than that people still talk to him and are concerned about him.I really feel like the payoff to Mike's big parasite speech should be them ACTUALLY leaving him, or cutting contact, or just giving him the cold shoulder while celebrating Lucy, or something.It's a low hanging fruit, Mike promises everyone will abandon her and BAM, it comes back in his face like an ACME missile.Other than Paulo no one is really leaving him at all.Now if it had happened with THAT group it would be a sort of payoff, but it won't, I'm afraid this chapter will just be another nothing burger.

>>133079925Speaking of Augustus, think he'll show up and tell Mike to fuck off?

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>>133080232Lucy styling all over Mike while he suffers is not fresh new innovative or the least bit engaging. It's old stale dreck that made up most of the previous volume. Lucy wins everything, Mike loses, we get it. WE GET IT.All that would happen is that Mike's back at the same old table with the same old friends. Wow. Amazing. Glad Taeshi nipped that new development in the bud before the comic's formula had to get changed up.

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>>133080404If he does the track team will step in for Mike. It'll be a stare down until Lucy tells Augustus to just leave it be and they leave.

Taeshit instantly destroys the only good chapter in YEARS by shoehorning in the self-insert where she doesn't belong. This wasn't your chapter, lucy. This was the maishul gay chapter. This was the one where he was supposed to be happy for one moment. It was the one where we were supposed to see a michael who doesn't get shat on page after page after page.All ruined. Just like that.BCB runs another lap. Another loop of the cycle. It never ends. The cat doesn't catch the mouse, and the mouse never gets to the ever-escaping cheese.My bliss barely lasted for a few pages.She did not let us have this one.The faggots lost again, fuck your virtue signaling tae. This isn't the first time you do this, I now un-forgive you for carson.Why can't you let us have a single, good, mainstay gay rep. This was the moment for michael to go "hey i dont think i like sandy and actually i think i like boys better because i UNDERSTAND THEM."He has chemistry with james even if you didnt intend for it to be the endgame. It should have been.I am angry.You win. Fuck you.

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>>133079434Fuck me, i was SURE this chapter wouldn't have Lucy in it, or at least not so soon.Oh well, at least it could be interesting, and lead to either some drama or funny moments.

>>133080276She belongs to Mike and nobody else. They get to watch and hold her down if necessary, nothing more.

>>133080000Dude, it looks so much better. Why can't Tae do this? I legit think everyone HATED the 'new' art style. It's not like it's that much harder to do, kep the same art art style and just draw the heads smaller, or hell, just do like user did and shrink them later to better fit their bodies.In short, gj user, looks great.

Quads and Veronica kills herself.


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>>133080431The diversity squad could also be at the mall with Augustus and Lucy, and if that's the case they'd definetly move to support them (especially Jordan) if a stare down occured. It'd also be really entertaining and dramatic if a fight broke out between them and the Track Team. Like Madison or Jessica slap Mike, which leads to a brawl in the arcade.

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>>133080670>Madison being beat upnvm best chapter


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>>133080661Our man deserves some release after all the years of bullying he had to endure. He should've snapped when he was alone with her in his room all the way back in December.

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>>133080569also track team are too gay to want to do shit

>>133080733Brown cat eats Mike's ass while he goes to town on Lucy. They can be gay AND join in!

>>133080712>Madison slaps Mike>Lucy slaps Madison in return on her tsundere shit.Lord the chaos

And once again, Lucy presence ruins a good thing

>>133080763>>133080670I want to see a catfight between in the cat comic, there's never been a legit one as far as i remember

>>133079492Don't be discouraged, guys. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

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>>133080828i love this image thank you it gives me hope

>>133080712I can see it now>Madison slaps Mike when he tries to defend himself when questioned about Lucy>James immediately decks her in the face>Jessica moves in to protect her girlfriend and swing back>The Track Team supports James forcing Matt and Augustus to get involved>While Jordan takes the chance to finally pay Mike back for all the pain he caused Lucy

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>>133080828If the next page were about Lucy thinking Mike's with the twink now it would make up for a lot, it would honestly be outstanding.I mean, it won't, but it would be great if it did.

>>133080763>>133080869if only this would happen i would be overjoyed

>>133080869>While Jordan takes the chance to finally pay Mike back for all the pain he caused LucyAnd still gets his shit slapped because he's not lucy or his serial killer looking brother

>>133080733>>133080758Is it bad I like to imagine James (and the track team) being gay because they just hate women?

>>133080908Why would they hate women? Pretty cringe desu.

>>133080449Kinda jumping the gun user, it's James' time to shine to defend his love.Shipping chart, 10 lines max.

>>133080933Forgot image.

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>>133080933James is gonna slap lucy with the force of someone who's been bear back fucked atleast 5 times

>>133080919>Why would they hate women?Why wouldn't they? Every femoid in BCB is a manipulative bitch

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>>133080962Allow me to amend my previous chart since the last thread.

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>>133080962Shit chart

You're now enteringL U C Y S P A C Eevery point of interest and character development is now under the influence of drama, the laws of action and consequences do not apply anymore

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>>133081028>Likes Paulo x Daisy

>>133080933That would be the only way to redeem bringing lucy into this.I just wanted a wholesome faggy cat chapter, i guess i should've expected this since its bcb

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>>133081077>mf hasn't added Madison x Paulo

>>133081073I don't have to like it, I just call em like I see em.

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>>133081077i too wanted a faggy chapter:(

>>133080962Harem ending

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>>133080108A horror story from Mike's point of view about Lucy being able to change reality in order to fit her own narrative despite everything he holds for truth would be really fucking good

>>133081137best ending

>>133081137>No (You)xMikeDROPPED

>/bcb/ dropping the pretense they hate Lucy for anything other than being a female

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>>133080869>Madison getting a hard punch to the stomach

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>>133081329She's a fucking radioactive dumpster, there is nothing more to her than that.Taeshi should go play in fucking traffic for creating such a horrible abomination.

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>>133079434Welp, that user last thread was right. Lucy spawned in.That arcade is pretty crowded, I wonder how she got over telefragging someone in time to start playing light-gun.

>>133081396I don't know why but Madison being battered and bruised, brings about a very appealing mental image. Especially if Jessica is there in a similar state comforting her.

>>133081442Do not harm Jessica. She's tolerable and admitted being wrong.Let her be disinterested in Madison's pitiful state to rub it in.

>>133081329No because Holla Forums would hate every other female if that was truePeople hate Lucy because she’s a bipolar cunt to everyone

>>133081329Wrong. Lucy is simply an abusive bipolar psycho bitch.

>>133081473Bonus if she was the one who done it

>>133080869>Madison slaps Mike>James immediately decks her in the faceOh man, I already like James. But if that happened I would fall in love with an imaginary character for the first time in my life.

>>133080908James seemed fine with Daisy so that would make no sense

>>133081577Daisy is huge and has no tits. She can be mistaken for a burly guy with a bad hair day easily.

>>133079953Hey, that was my captcha.>>133079925>Let Lucy and Mike be happy and seperateThat could have happened when Lucy left Roseville, or after she came back and started sabotaging all her old friendships. Lucy and Mike are not allowed to be happy, have friends they trust, or get over each other. Mike and Lucy MUST continue to undermine each other, so that it will be more dramatic when they kiss again at the first chance they get. Getting together with your obsession/abuser after having both burnt all other bridges is the definition of romance, user.

>>133081329Speaking of warping reality around one's own self to fit some preferred personal narrative....You do understand that Holla Forums is not a hivemind, right? And that Lucy gives girls everywhere a bad name? And thus deserves no support?

>>133081609Daisy clearly has boobs, they're just somehow smaller than Lucy's despite her weight.

>>133079434Can you please stop posting this motherfucking thing, please? I don't think I can even filter this shit...

>>133081661Sounds like a skill issue to be honest

>>133081473>>133081537>Bonus if she was the one who done itAt that point Jessica x Madison would just be your stereotypical lesbian relationship


>>133079434Mike is the undisputed main character of this comic and i have no idea why Taeshi wants it like this

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>>133080000With non-absurd headsizes Lucy is borderline a midget.Cabinets are usually six feet with their controlls being at three and she's fucking chin level with it.

>>133080449>the only good chapter in YEARSThey are literally just going to the arcade, Jesus christ you guys are beyond alienated you are her prisoners...

Imagine if James introduces himself to Lucy as Mike’s new boyfriend under the pretense they are having a date soon


>>133081750Because she wants Mike to be her combination teddy bear-punching bag while Lucy remains her mysterious aloof girlboss Mary Sue fursona.

>>133079434No...WHY?!We were having such a good time...

>>133081792>while Lucy remains her mysterious aloof girlboss Mary Sue fursona.Well she failed, she's a love interest, a side character

>>133081773You forgot to scale relative ranking according to expectable quality.

>>133081788>Mike escapes the Lucy black hole because she thinks he is actually gay

>>133081809It doesn't matter so long as Taeshi can believe Lucy is the key to all this. The comic she imagines in her head has never matched up with the one she actually writes.

>>133081833She will get offended he chose a boy over herself. Consider how shook Lucy got over being the silver medal. Now imagine how badly she'd sperg after losing second place to a twink.

I had a dream where i was school friends with taeshi and 2 anons. We were on a train back home and for some reason taeshi started livestreaming the trip. Hours went by and the train never stopped. It kept going and taeshi kept streaming. Then i started reading the streamchat and one user said "wake up" and so i did.Weird dream

>>133080399>There's a word I'm desperately trying to come up with and I can't.Melodrama? Narm? Cruel?>Eh, not REALLY, Marco Polo promises to ditch him for her but other than that people still talk to him and are concerned about him.Not for lack of trying. Both Mike and Lucy were portrayed as actively hateful towards the table, dismissing or blowing off every attempt to connect with them. Mike told Sue and Daisy to fuck off, and hurt Paulo worse than Abbey ever did, yet they're still his friends. Lucy ripped out Paulo's heart three times, and told Sue and Daisy they suck, and they're all still HER friends.It's the weirdest thing, because there's no reason why Mike or Lucy couldn't move on, find themselves new friend groups, and never talk, but they're not allowed.

>>133081788>Mike would rather cheat on Sandy with another boy than date LucyKek, she'd be fucking destroyed

>>133081912She'd be worse off if he cheated on Sandy once and never brought it up again. Just a one-off, quick night before completely ghosting her; enough to know the feeling of his loving caress she's been craving since the day she met him, but then to never get the chance again. She should know what she's missing out on before being forced to watch Mike and James make out in the classroom every day.

>>133081912fucking amazing

>>133082037>She'd be worse off if he cheated on Sandy once and never brought it up again. Just a one-off, quick night before completely ghosting her; enough to know the feeling of his loving caress she's been craving since the day she met him, but then to never get the chance againYou're literally describing Fork in The Road

>>133080962No Stacy?

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>>133082203>Mike n RachelHuh

>>133081902To be fair, Mike should have ditched the friend group years ago. They are pretty crap and will actually tell him to fuck off whereas Lucy's spergouts just inspire them to suck her ass all the harder.

>>133079434Remember last thread we said ,since Teashit can't write for shit, that she was gonna make Mike bump into Lucu to create some cheapo drama ?Fuck this gay ass comic

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>>133081137I know Paulo's been a bit shit to him, but it's Lucy's psychic field that made Paulo so quick to turn. With her eliminated, Paulo and Mike can thrive!

>>133082399Paulo and James taking turns with both ends of Mike when?

>>133082339It'd be a good learning experience for the Korat, he'd learn what it means to be treated well, and how a lady dog's body feels.

>>133082361It's remarkable how the woman keeps finding ways to disappoint.


I love James!

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>>133081773finally someone said it, there's been a lot of dick sucking for taeshi lately

Who knew a single panel featuring Lucy could make the thread go much faster

Next page: Lucy hears someone behind her and turns around to look. Desperate to hide himself, Mike grabs James and starts making out with him, using his fluffiness to obscure her view. Lucy rolls her eyes and goes back to her game, while Mike grabs James' hand (as he's in a love-induced stupor) and dashes out of the arcade with him.

>>133081773thirsty for a crumb of good things happening to mike


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>>133079434Why do people read this comic? The gray cat and white cat are the worst.

>>133079434Something about this does not look right, maybe it's the perspective but the guy in the back looks way taller than he should be

>>133082817I don't know and I can't stop! Help me!!

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>>133081609Despite having no tits, Daisy makes up for it by having wide hips and a huge ass. That's my head canon anyways.

>>133080000God damn

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>>133082933it's scary how much better the comic looks when you change the head size

>>133082770>Lucy not sperging the hell out at getting cucked by male DaisyLol. Lmao, even

>>133082817Paulo is worse than Mike and Madison is worse than both of them combined.

The way I see it is the people here self-insert the gray cat while the other audience self-inserts as the white cat. >>133083072What has Madison done? Isn't she just an insecure shittalker?

>>133080022>Lucy runs off shitting and pissing in a tsundere blowoutThe mental image of this is amazing

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>>133083072paulo could fix her

>>133083117thats kinda all Madisons ever done and it's kind of annoying

>>133083117Madison just was Lucy with no redeeming qualities before Lucy came back into the comic and made her truly redundant.

>>133083135She also stalked Lucy through the school halls, shrieking like a banshee in front of the entire student body.

>>133081329Lucy has been nothing but bad since she came back to the comic. No clear reason for coming back, no motivation for most of her actions that aren't petty spite and sperging

>>133082920She has a strong stature, bottom of the cheerleader pyramid build>>133083143>Implying Lucy has redeeming qualities

Attached: wide hips.png (1080x2053, 318.85K)

>>133083237there was hope for her in december where she realized she fucked up on her end of her and mike's friendship.She apparently forgot that bit not long after

>>133083237Hnnng fluffy and breedable

>>133083166Jesus fucking christ she's even more annoying now that you mention it

>>133083055Next next page:

Attached: reach.jpg (890x612, 245.78K)

>>133083403Wouldn't it have been easier to edit her putting the gun in her mouth?

>>133083117Tae set her up as a joke character and hasn't done anything to show the idea that she's just a replacement for Lucy for Jessica ISN'T true.

>>133083440I was thinking the same thing lmao

>>133079492Hahahaha. I can smell his fear. It's intoxicating.

Welp time to launch SDT and face fuck Lucy

>>133083440>gun in her mouthWhat, and give her even less of a chance to survive and be a vegetable forever? No thanks!

>>133083475Which one?

Attached: file.png (473x94, 6.55K)

>>133083512All 3

>>133083475SDT? Google isn't giving me any decent results

>>133083561Super Deep Throat. Coomer flash game. There's a mod for it to add BCB characters

>>133080000Fucking checked.God damn, this woman has no sense of depth. How can the dude farthest away have the biggest head?

>>133083403Trust no one, not even your bipolar self

>>133083499By putting the gun in her mouth Lucy has a chance to simply blow her face off and live the rest of her life horribly disfigured.

>>133083336>No user! I have to complete my studies and become a well respected doctor!

Attached: no preg only breed.png (891x1439, 310.14K)

>>133083571like who? yeah this is a coomer question but i'm curious

>>133083644A few.

Attached: file.png (130x654, 8.38K)

>>133083603Since Daisy is a half-breed (half Selkirk Rex, half ragamuffin), wouldn't any children she have be mongrels? Let's say she had a child with Mike, it'd be half Korat, a quarter Selkirk, and another quarter Ragamuffin.

>>133083715cool cool thanks user

>>133083715Someone made Daisy (Mike) for that library kiss scene


>>133083603Would sabotage her birth control


Attached: cheelaugh.jpg (585x591, 96.97K)

>>133083755CLEAN IT UP

>>133083864I am in a state of shock

>>133083833I can see Daisy doing that herself. She wouldn't just tell her partner she's ready for a child, she'd poke holes in the condoms or "forget" her birth control pills. So later she can dramatically show the pregnancy test, and emotionally manipulate them into never leaving.

>>133080962To be clear, I took this to mean my opinion on the ships, not their status or viability.

Attached: BittersweetShipping.jpg (2078x1080, 538.83K)

>>133083864You'd think people could wait till the next trash thread, but nope! No self control whatsoever!

>>133081329I don't hate Lucy, I hate how she's written and what her return did to the overarching story. If anything I pity Lucy for being at the mercy of a creator who thinks obsession and emotional baggage is romantic.I would have enjoyed focus chapters on her time away, showing her healing physically and emotionally. I did not enjoy her girlbossing all her old friends into submission.

BCB will be the death of us all.

Attached: loopy.jpg (930x800, 171.56K)

>>133083991This. December era Lucy was the best Lucy and no her ketchup slam retardation is apocryphal so far as I am concerned.

>>133082356I would have preferred him continuing to drift away after Lucy left, until someone (probably Daisy or Sue) reaches out and asks why he's been so distant. Then Mike could have honestly broached the topic of how the table dismisses his feelings, and things could have been patched up.Instead everyone's still friends despite everything that should make them hate each other, or at least not consider themselves friends anymore.

>>133080962This chart is a fucking mess, wouldn't a ring have been more appropriate?Paulo was a great character. Volume 3 and 4 and the Paulo show were peak BCB. Character growth! Forming and breaking of relationships! And what happens when Lucy comes back? It's back to fucking volume 2.That I spend more than 10 mins a day thinking about this comic is a mistake.>>133084065Pic related, me.

Attached: Ships.png (2078x1080, 1022.59K)

>>133079434>>133079492This is gonna be the catalyst for them to start talking again isn't it? Because they really can't just exist and not have anything to do with each other can they? Like the story could be any other way.Feels almost as I'd the universe is pushing them together....

>>133079923>Taeshi: Mike and Lucy are just so similar right???In what fucking world are these two similar? They're are two very different people from the comic that I've been reading. Are they so alike just because they both like video games and the arcade? The sad part is that I just know that this would(will) be Taeshi actual justification for forcing them together. "Look everybody, despite their gender they are basically the same person. They have so much in common that they couldn't be destined for anybody else. I know, trust me. That's how I wrote it."If that's all the effort it takes, then fuck, I can do this: they both Eat, drink, sleep, pee, poop, and breath in and out as well. That's like six more unique things they have in common only with each other.

>>133083403The life of Lucy

Attached: lucy-loop.webm (780x636, 314.12K)

>>133084169>This is gonna be the catalyst for them to start talking again isn't it?I wouldn't count on it. There are 18 pages left to go, Lucy is not allowed to do anything on her own for very long, Augustus and the Diversity Crew are known to haunt the mall, and neither Mike nor Lucy want to interact. Oh, and don't forget Taeshi is allergic to plot progression but absolutely loves to sniff Lucy's farts and piss all over Mike. So expect more Eternal Flameout in which Mike and Lucy start warming up again then get shoved back apart.

>>133084343If I were Lucy I wouldn't trust Lucy, that bitch tried to kill me once already.

>>133084340Taeshi lives in her own little world when it comes to these characters. What seems so obvious to her can be pure nonsense to a sane reader. The atmosphere of her isolated safe space is almost pure copium so no wonder she can talk herself into accepting even then most ass backwards pseudo logic.

>>133084340They had co-dependence in common too. Mike as a security blanket and Lucy as a vent.>>133084480>absolutely loves to piss all over MikeRetcon'd to puke, there is no piss in Ba Sing Bowl.

>>133083933Are you gonna share Sue with Abbey?

>>133079434I forgot today was Monday cause it's a holiday for me...Anyways, I said if Taeshi pulled that shit I would edit Lucy right out of the fucking page, and I will.

Attached: YouHaveBeenStopped.jpg (1600x2210, 3.41M)

>>133084976Fantastic work, user!

Attached: 9283749578239.jpg (800x533, 52.61K)

>>133084340>In what fucking world are these two similar?They both have a persecution complex brought on by their friends being indifferent to their feelings. Both elevate the idea of love to the total idolization of a perfect "One True Love" who will solve all their problems and love them unconditionally. Both ping-pong between violent anger and "I never meant it" self-pity.Both continue to be part of The Table despite having numerous reasons to leave and find new friends.Both continue to be part of The Table despite having numerous reasons to get kicked out by the people they were jerks to.They really are pretty similar, it's just that all the similarities are awful.

>>133084568>Lucy as a ventSince when? That retcon b'awwwfest where she heard out his sobbing over Sandy once in their lives?

>>133084976I hope she enjoys a fun game of time crisis 3.

>>133084657Naw, AbbeyXSue is the OTP, I just like Sue a lot.Though I was a violently rigid absolutist as a teenager, so it works on multiple levels.

>>133084976That edit looks like a teenager version the Mike x Daisy kitten

>>133085210How do you suppose she'll tie into the BCB time travel multiverse?

Attached: punishedmike.png (519x325, 126.09K)

>>133084976Side note, I'm gonna use this name for future edits cause I think it's funny.

>>133085210She traveled back in time to see her parents get together, starting the time crisis arc. Next she'll have to start competing with the MikeXLucy and PauloXDaisy kittens, who team up. Then MikeXDaisy kitten will receive backup from the PauloXLucy kitten, and a third party consisting of two Augustus kittens will interfere, engaging in mysterious shadow-conflicts amongst themselves to try and wrest Augustus towards Daisy or Lucy.Then the Sandy kittens will come back to ensure project ROSEVILLE succeeds, only to run afoul of Punished Mike, who returned to avert the Psychic Wars, and subsequent apocalypse. They'll be shocked to realize that there is no project ROSEVILLE in this timeline, but remain suspicious of possible naturally-occurring psychic phenomena.

>>133079434I hate this comic so much bros

Attached: 1643866355586.gif (498x275, 2.53M)

>>133085292To make matters worse all these kittens come from particularly foul timelines. For example this Mike x Daisy kitten was born because Lucy and Paulo were dead in her timeline, and her parents latched onto eachother for comfort and security. And she's taking steps to ensure that happens again.

>>133085445Someday we'll be free.

Attached: missile-alert.png (1487x1680, 964.91K)

>>133085247We really need to pin down some major storylines/ideas first, or we risk everything becoming to scattered and incomprehensible. Like Punished Mike wandering the nuclear wastes, and him fighting in the psychic wars before the bombs fell. That was a pretty great idea made from brainstorming, and we should focus on adding more to it. Instead of thinking up new ideas, at least at the moment.

>>133083571Oh shit, people still play SDT, based!. I've coomed so may times while facefucking PPGZ Buttercup>>133083715Come to think of it Haley would give me the same vibes as Buttercup... where can I get these mods?

Attached: IMG_20220307_164241.jpg (960x720, 111.62K)

>>133085247Is nice and supportive enough that her dad's current sadsack teenage self is convinced to chad the fuck up for her sake. He isn't hardcore like Punished Mike but has someone to protect, which activates his latent anime powers.

>>133084976fuck if Mike had thought he saw Lucy and then it turned out not to be her that would actually be a better way to develop the idea that he misses hanging out with her despite everything. Cannot believe spite edits are better at subtly telling a story than taeshi even when they don't intend to.

>>133085735bcbnsfw dot space slash sdt slash sdt-sc.zip

>>133084343should be alternating headsizes

>>133079434Wait is Lucy playing the game that Mike and Sandy tried to play in the chapter "Model Girlfriend"?

Attached: maggot_mania.png (570x440, 300.34K)


Attached: Punished mike vs My mike.png (1500x500, 327.53K)

>>133084539She's like the guild navigators in Dune, except with her head stuck so far up her own ass that it's her own farts she's inhaling.

>>133085772Just added a new one, this URL but with sdt-sue.zip at the end instead of sdt-sc.zip

Attached: S&N.png (269x140, 16.61K)

>>133084340In the first half of volume 1 they were very similar, but Taeshi retconned that very quickly and made Mike a boring good guy with no personality who is constantly annoyed at everything Lucy did/enjoyed doing, Taeshi's view of the character dynamics are still stuck back to what they were when she was a kid

Attached: 1.png (320x4986, 674.44K)

>>133086561Ah yes, good ol' pottery.

>>133086860>you're a bully!Bro she literally didn't do anything

>>133086991Mike's gonna play that game with Lucy and have a great time, compared to when had no fun at all playing with Sandy huh.

>>133087024Is the immeasurably gracious and magnanimous Lucy going to pretend that she doesn't know Mike, so as not to embarrass him in front of James, and put on a happy face in spite of all the undeserved troubles weighing on her?

Attached: lucy-if-she-anime.jpg (350x490, 40.86K)

>>133087007doesn't matter, taeshi writing mike and lucy last 14 years is just some set of contrived situations for mike to be a pissy little bitch, it all comes back to her sabotaging mike and lucy's relationship so she could ship her with paulofuck you taeshi, your messed up story is what you deserve

>>133087274If Lucy did that and just left afterwards without saying anything, it might just her more sympathetic and likeable.

>>133087374It's exactly the sort of thoughtful, kindhearted thing she would do! Of course, that heartless son of a bitch Mike will have to track her down afterwards, so that he can scream at her for it. But Lucy is strong enough not to sink to his level, so she'll just calmly brush him off and walk away.

Attached: what-a-twist.jpg (300x390, 17.9K)

>>133087563I'd rather just have Mike resume hanging out with James and his track buds after Lucy leaves, that'd be the best case scenario. It'd show that he still cares about her, while at the same time keeping his promise to Augustus

Would've been more effective to have Mike go through the arcade hoping he'll "accidentally" run into Lucy and being sad she's not there, since meeting by chance would be the only time they really could interact at this point

Lucy is so perfect you guys. Mike better not ruin her day, ooh that would just tick me off.

Attached: simping out.png (640x214, 175.51K)

Christ this shit is contrived.

Attached: 1446304156878.png (400x455, 96.53K)

I'm not sure to be happy or sad that the thread's gotten over 250 replies in a day

>>133079434>Arcades>QuartersWhat time period is this comic set in?

>>133088744Late 2000s, the year the webcomics currently set in is 2009 though.

>>133079516Last thread people were adamant as fuck it was never going to happen tho

>>133087925If I didn't know about the cult I'd say this was sarcasm

>Mike and Lucy lock eyes and the battles on like pokemon>she storms off and Mike's all butthurt>explains his tragic backstory to James who notices somethings up>James doesn't care about how big a meanie he was in the past and just keeps playing vidya with him >Mike calms downJust do it Taeshi please let one of Mike's friendships not revolve around Lucy just steal this post its okay i won't tell

>>133086860They were pretty similar throughout. Mike still liked the same stuff as Lucy but toward the end started getting tired of her bullshit.>>133087007She stood around laughing at the kid instead of intervening to help him.

>>133087274I wouldn't be shocked, given the patreon comment. Lucy trying to be nice could work if doing so wasn't portrayed as the effortless whim of a goddess despite the fact that Lucy will whirl around and bite someone's head off the moment shit doesn't go her way. It's so insincere.

>>133088776pre-christmas 2008

>>133089381When Christmas finally does role around it's going to be a nightmare isn't? With Mike and Lucy having gifts planned for eachother, with said gifts having a whole heap of melodrama attached.

>>133089498I expect Christmas to coincide with Mike's lowest point, when his whole world comes crashing down on top of him for maximum pain.

>>133089521What're they gonna do to make that happen? Have all his friends and family die so he's stuck with Lucy?

Would you guys be mad if the comic actually restarted? I think things would somehow be even worse if it did...

>>133089584Yes because we'd be stuck here for another decade

>>133089575A combination of social rejection and self-blame. He'd still have his family but they'd feel disgusted toward him.>>133089584I would feel zero investment and know Taeshi's awful writing would never present me with a reason to change that.

>>133089584Man even when she was just prettying up the early volumes, she couldn't help but stuff her modern bcb bullshit in, making Mike look worse among other things. Giving her an entirely blank slate would have an even worse result.

>>133089584Given that shit's either been dumbed down, sanitized, flanderized or just turned into low effort clichés since chibishit.Take a wild guess...

>>133089746Oh shit, forgot to mention her tendencies for putting characters on the proverbial bus and then inserting new ones into the story instead of doing shit with the existing ones.

>>133089658>He'd still have his family but they'd feel disgusted toward him.I don't see Mike's family becoming disgusted with him unless he does something degenerate or morally reprehensible in their eyes. Like let's say they find out he's been cheating on Sandy.

>>133079434Goddamit Taeshi

Attached: 1639026089585.jpg (600x600, 28.77K)

>>133080022Next chapter is gonna be "Gay Paulo and Daisy"

>>133083403I didn't know Lucy was secretly Plastic Man.