The fact that these corporately created 80s plastic commercials and franchises are viewed as some type of cultural...

The fact that these corporately created 80s plastic commercials and franchises are viewed as some type of cultural achievement and fond memory is fucking embarrassing. Americans truly have no culture and are simply fed these vehicles of consumerism in lieu of an actual culture or history. I shit on American corpately created "Culture".

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Your IQ is low.


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>>133079270Ghostbusters started off as just Dan Aykroyd's passion project

>>133079530So did TMNT with Eastman and Laird

>>133079270TMNT is the only one on that list that iterated on itself for the better over many years and ended up with multiple versions of itself that are infinitely better than the original cheesy toy commercial that kicked off their pop culture explosion.Ghostbusters has some decent comics and some okay cartoons, but every attempt to bring it back as a pillar of nerdy pop culture, it fizzles out.

Using an image grabbed almost at random off GIS should be grounds for receiving a range ban. When they take you away in the middle of the night, remember, OP, this is how you chose to live.

>>133079559It was a pop culture pillar for 80s kids due to the cartoon and a pop culture pillar for 80s adults due to the SNL cast, and the cartoon had a life expectancy and they kept dicking around with each other too long to make a proper third movie while the iron was hot

These projects were created in a time where "executive meddling" was non existent past "make sure we can make a toy of it" and allowed for some truly fun stuff though this was also along some truly hot garbage. As times have gone on executives have come in with more heavy handed ideas in search of some magic golden buzz word market appeal, so good projects are smothered in the crib more and more.>>133079507But also what this guy said

>>133079650Creator driven cartoons are better.


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>>133079507The thing is, Japan did it in the form of a downward spiral. When you look back at the work of Eiji Tsuburaya, the man was all about passion and having fun with it, stuff like Godzilla and Ultraman had barely any merchandise until the 1970s when it all started going downhill

>>133079270The only people who claim that this era of animation was better are grasping at straws trying to dunk on contemporary cartoons. It's mostly the people who cry about "muh calarts! muh nepotism!" and other bs that somehow remember these crappy shows with rose colored glasses.

>>133079624Both of the Ghostbusters cartoons were decent and to this day you still have the fans who make proton packs and pretend to be local chapters of the ghostbusters who do charity events and conventions and whatever. It had it's moment, but now it's just trapped as blatant nostalgiashit. At least TMNT and even He-Man have tried to reinvent themselves (the CGI He-Man toy commercial show is better than Kevin Smith's edgy subversion lmao)Can't think of a single time than someone has acted like Inspector Gadget or MASK were some kind of iconic, culture-defining moment in American history though... But OP is also a fag because culture isn't inherently positive or admirable. Culture just is what it is.

>>133079270It's called nostalgia, OP. Why would you watch a child's cartoon if not out of nostalgia of some kind?

>>133079270Everything exists to push merchandise. Everything is a commercial. The only difference between M.A.S.K. and the ugly crap you watch on Cartoon Network is that at least M.A.S.K. was upfront and honest about it.

>>133079861The bad thing is when some fucking moron spends the entire rest of his life complaining that it's not like his childhood. He sits there, obsessing over his toys and the commercials for them because he simply believes the future holds nothing for him. Lots of young people are utterly obsessed with nostalgia, and they're "like 20 bro." These same people aren't doing anything with themselves that'd make them happier to live in the present and they end up like fucking manchildren whose entire creative ability amounts to slapping cartoon characters they already know into some postmodern deconstruction of a fucking comedy that was deliberately designed to be wacky and unrealistic. Before this, these manchildren were 90s kids who had similar poor mental development as the result of obsessing over their childhood games and cartoons, who based their entire personalities around these games and cartoons and refused to do anything else with themselves, turning into bitter, hollow shells.Nowadays this kind of nostalgia is commoditized, sold, pop culture is a shadow of its former self so the only thing that big companies can do is go back to that 'former self' and attempt to wring money out of you using that vague connection you might've had to one of their old "properties". The majority of popular shit over the last decade has been this sort of thing, Marvel movies and the massive amount of Disney remakes are a fantastic example. Your emotions get held hostage by uncreative faggot advertisers who want to sell you a product.Don't let yourself get held by pitiful nostalgia. If you get nostalgic over something, make it personal accomplishments, not the time you pitifully wasted on the Internet browsing garbage that got peddled to you with dead eyes, that time you played some mass marketed videogame on saturday, or that time you watched a shitty TV commercial.

Only two of those fit your description, dude.

>>133079906There's a difference between a creator driven show getting a merch deal and a toy company specifically commissioning a cartoon to sell their toys and restricting creator freedom.

>>133079941I ain't reading all that.

>>133079973There actually isn't. Both exist for the exact same reason, period.

>>133080008Yes, there is actually. Toy created cartoons are cynical corporately made products while actual creator driven cartoons are subject to a lot less restrictions and actually allow an artistic voice to be heard. The 80s was one of the absolute worst times to be an animator.

>>133079941You're not as smart as you think you are. Everyone goes through the same overly-cynical period you're going thorough when they hit their early 20s. You'll work yourself out of it and be happier in the end, I promise.

>>133080047"creator driven cartoons"Even the creators of these creator driven cartoons laugh at this term.

>> are tons of industry animators that decry the 80s as the worst time for animation.Jerry Beck, animation historian for many decades & industry vet: “By the ’70s and ’80s, animators were beaten down. Animation was at its worst period.”Vanessa Coffey, VP of Animation, Nickelodeon:“Everything in the ’80s was toy-driven…I didn’t want to do animation anymore because it was basically toy-driven properties, and that’s not what I wanted to do…Hasbro shows and Turtles…had such shitty, lazy writing”Respected animation historian Thad Komorowski - "Suffice to say, by the 1980s, it was highly improbable that an artistic voice could be heard within the bowels of the barbaric television cartoon"Industry veteran Tom Minton interviewed in Sick Little Monkeys re: the 1987 Mighty Mouse: “My generation spent a decade or so working on absolute garbage."

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>>133080050You have no idea what you're talking about and I can only assume you're one of those manchildren that gets offended when people tell him not to constantly be absorbed by his nostalgia. Nostalgia has now more than ever become a way to abuse people's emotions, and as we're coming up on the 2020s that nostalgia abuse is going to target people who grew up in the 2000s.You can continue lamenting over dumb shit like your favorite series getting some dumb live action remake, anyone who wants to be happy will ignore the obvious nostalgiabait and engage in new things instead of adopting a pessimistic attitude over fucking everything.

>>133080127I know that you're a sad person. Be more happy, OP. Life isn't that complicated.

>>133080095>Respected animation historian Thad Komorowskilol. He's just a crumudgeony millennial who posts on Holla Forums and has an obsession with John K. and stuff John K. likes.

>>133079804I think the fans and DIY proton packs (etc) are more of a result of the original live action movie than it is the animated show. Even if people cos-play as characters from the animated series, it's riding off the success of the movie, not the show itself. TMNT at least started off as an undedrground comic with a dedicated fan base before it became a toy shilling series. The seed of the idea was focused on story over toy sales even if the initial series discarded the former in support of the latter. You're right, they've since found some redemption with subsequent iterations. Inspector Gadget and MASK are 100% backed by nostalgia-tards. MASK was an elaborate toy commercial, but I don't recall an awful lot of Inspector Gadget merchandise being pushed back in the day. I think McDonalds had some toys with their happy meals when the live action film with Ferris Bueller came out and that's about it. They're still awful shows and as fun as they may be to remember, they're nearly unwatchable now. Say what you will about the art style or endings of shows like Gravity Falls or Star Vs (or steven universe or adventure time), but they actually have rewatchable merit.

>>133080127Just sounds to me like you're a young person sick of seeing things aimed at people older than you. Don't blame 40-somethings that the stuff you had as a kid wasn't as cool as the stuff we had as kids. At least you have Pokemon.

>>133080247>but I don't recall an awful lot of Inspector Gadget merchandise being pushed back in the dayNot until years after it ended. Gadget is just the retooled scraps of a cancelled Lupin cartoon.

>>133080095>Animation was at it's worst time periodPeople who say shit like this are conveniently ignoring the 60s and 70s when Hanna Barbara and other studios were cranking out completely unwatchable garbage so quickly that most of it didn't survive long enough to archive it because they were just throwing it out to make room for the next assembly line cartoon they were shitting out for the next broadcast.

>>133079507That is only partially true.Gundam was an anti-war movie with giant robots masquerading as a childrens toy commercial.

>>133079270You should probably put that passion into something that isn't railing against 30-year old children's cartoons. It's kind of a weird thing to whine about tb h

>>133080287People think that 80s cartoons are stuff like Transformers and Thundercats and not the millions of other unwatchable cartoons that defined the broader trends of the decade.

>>133079270Does it make you seethe that American toy commercials are more widely loved than anything your country has ever produced?

>>133079650>These projects were created in a time where "executive meddling" was non existent past "make sure we can make a toy of it" and allowed for some truly funThis is total bullshit; Ghostbusters alone got torn up halfway through because they thought Janine's glasses were scary. Ask Mark evanier about Dungeons and dragons and how execs wanted it to teach kids how anyone who had a different opinion was wrong.

>>133080321There's zero chance OP isn't American.

Nothing in America exists for any reason other than to shove commercials in your face to get you to buy more shit and watch more commercials. It was true then, and it's far, far, far more true now.

>REEEE Americans!He-Man was so popular in Europe and Brazil that the UK, Germany, Italy and Brazil produced their own comics.

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>>133080317Exactly. Transformers and Thundercats were, at their time massively improved from the likes of even He-Man, which had some hysterically janky and cheap animation in every episode, while still being leagues better than the era that gave us the Flintstones and Jetsons.

>>133079270>Americans truly have no cultureTwo points to your misconception. Most of the "corporate dictated products are our culture" shit was boomers and millenials and younger have rejected it. No one thinks that way about those shows, they just fall for the trap of nostalgia. But millenial nostalgia has been done to death and everyone is tired of it.The other point is that American culture has been so successful in dominating the world that it becomes the background color against which other cultures are contrasted. You can only see a culture relative to other cultures, seeing what is different and what is unique. So a culture that is successfully dominant will be the ubiquitous one by which all other cultures are outlined. You can't describe any culture without comparing it to American culture and what is different.

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>>133080419Personally, I'd put The Flintstones and Jetsons over He-Man. But those shows were above par compared to most early 60s crap. But yes, things did start improving in the US starting in 1983 thanks go newer animation studios getting into the game.

>>133080425>The other point is that American culture has been so successful in dominating the world that it becomes the background color against which other cultures are contrasted.People who have never been outside America think America has no culture and exists in an artistic limbo, while people who have seen other parts of the world can tell you that every other country in the world has been impacted by American culture and has been made their own version of American culture in many weird and fascinating ways.

>>133079708>Ultraman had barely any merchandise until the 1970s when it all started going downhill>Literally had toys the year it debuted.

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>>133079270>cultural achievement literally nobody thinks this>fond memoryyou like what you grew up with. that's how nostalgia works. the plastic shit you grew up with sucks too.

>>133079270Yes Zoomzoom, everything is bad.

>>133079270So sorry if She-Ra and the Princess of Power couldn't make the cut in today's culture.

>>133080517People still worship Star Wars as a monolith of cultural and artistic achievement when it's a middling at best Sci Fi series.

>Industryfag now seething about 80s toy cartoons, because people stopped falling for his Monkie Kid bait threadsGo jerk off to your brown lesbo dramas, autist.

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>>133080587They like Star Wars because they liked it as a child. It's just a dopey kids movie. The people who think it's a "monolith of cultural and artistic achievement" are people who suffer from asperger's. It's not Star Wars you're angry with, it's emotionally stunted 50-year olds on forums.

>>133080285right. the merchandise coincided with the live action movie which came out well over a decade after the animated show ended. The parallels to Lupin are interesting. I never would have connected the two on my own. Good call!

>>133080624>There's not an entire epidemic of people worshipping Star Wars. user... you cannot sincerely think this.

>>133080680More like 1993 or 4, I think. I remember getting a few. The movie was 1999.

>>133080682yes and those people suffer from mental problems, as I said. You seem to struggling with the idea that people can like a thing, or be a 'fan' of a thing, and not necessarily leap to considering the thing their religion or meaning of existence. Those types of people do exist, yes. But as mentioned before, they're the mentally unstable type.Personally, I like the film 'Star Wars'. I'm indifferent about the others because I didn't watch them as a child. But they're fine as far as disposable entertainment goes. But that's the thing about it, liking a thing is fine as long as you don't obsess over it to the point that it becomes harmful.

>>133080682There really isn’t considering how the sequels went over like a lead balloon and the prequels were the butt of internet jokes for decades

There was definitely lots of Inspector Gadget merch. In the 80s they had a pretty cool action figure that came with tons of accessories. Thy also had the usual array of lunch boxes, coloring books, mini figs, and soundtrack albums. The show also got a second life in 1992 when they produced video games, a whole line of action figures and vehicles, and happy meal tie-ins.

>>133080739>>133080753There's literally entire terms of these people called "Disney adults." There's a massive epidemic of people worshipping corporate properties and the entities themselves. This an entire phenomenon.

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>>133079270I've watched The Real Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget, TMNT, and He-Man but I have no fucking clue what Mask is

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>>133080833Yep. Mentally ill people exist. A lot of them post here, too.

>>133080853It's a DiC cartoon from '85-ish that kind of blends elements from Transformers and GI Joe. The best thing about it is its catchy opening theme by Shuki Levy.

>>133080739You watched the first one as a kid, but didn't watch ESB and ROTJ until you were an adult?

>>133080874>by Shuki LevyMost likely ghostwritten by others then

>>133080853You missed nothing.

>>133080853Kenner's answer to G.I. Joe. Ironically Kenner got absorbed into Hasbro

>>133080898Yep. The Disney Channel played the first Star Wars a LOT. I was born in '79 and just missed out on the whole Star Wars craze. For me, it was all about Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Batman, and TMNT.

>>133079861>tfw kids will get nostalgic for 2020s cartoons when they grow up

>>133080970What cartoons?

>>133080587>Actively ignore Star Wars' influence and impact.Speaks volumes.

>>133080095I would say "compared to what"? As others have said a lot of the shows before the '80s were Hanna-Barbera crap. The '80s was basically when action cartoons began. I mean there was some superhero stuff before then but it was like "thing ring do your thing" or "wonder twins powers activate". So yeah you have good older silly cartoons like Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (made for theater), Mickey Mouse, etc., but if you're looking for action cartoons where the focus is more on sci-fi/fantasy worlds and heroism and where the characters are semi-realistic in terms of anatomy as opposed to rubber armed silliness it basically all started in the '80s. They were still a bit silly but again as I said it's all relative. Calling those shitty cartoons is like calling the Ford Model T a shitty car or calling Pong a shitty video game. We are standing on their shoulders bragging about being taller than them. Everything is SUPPOSED to get better; if action cartoons are better nowadays that's no reason to brag, in fact if things aren't much better than then we should be very worried.

>>133081355>if action cartoons are better nowadaysWe don't have action cartoons anymore. They cost too much money.

>>133081383See>if things aren't much better than then we should be very worried.

>>133081404I was worried in 2001. I don't even care anymore.

>>133081383We don't have actions Cartoons because nobody is buying the toys.

>>133081420And nobody is buying the toys because the cartoons are shit. Which causes the toys to become shittier, which causes the shows to become shitter, etc etc until we have no more shows or toys.

I would rather a show push toys than push agendas.

>>133081433>And nobody is buying the toys because the cartoons are shit.Then explain the good action shows from 10 years that got canned do to low toy sells like generator Rex.

>>133081420Maybe they should make better toys, then.

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>>133079270>real CultureFuck off poser

>>133081463Guess it must not have been that good. I've never heard of it, but a quick look shows that the cartoon and toys both look pretty lame. I wouldn't have played with those if I were a kid. Weak, skinny looking generic characters and lame kid protagonists. Looks like exactly the kind of cartoon corporations thinks kids would like but actually don't.

>>133080300No it was a toy commercial masquerading as an anti war show, slapping on some cheap obvious message doesn't make some toy commercial magically some great work of art.

>>133081481>Macross Draken ChogokinNiche Collectors stuff worth 200 bucks can't keep a show afloat. That's like saying hot toy/Iconiq Studios figures are the real moneymakers of the MCU.

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>RARRRR CAPITALISM....BADNo capitalism, no cartoons. Deal with it.

>>133080425>and millenials and younger have rejected itLMAOOO

>>133080773huh, I guess I wasn't paying attention? I only remember the happy meal toys from the 90s. Out of all the shitty reboots/sequels/prequels, I would actually watch a reimagining of Inspector Gadget that focused more on Penny. Caveat...I'd prefer that there was no love interest whatsoever (unnecessary) and I'd still want it set in the 80's. Show me Penny hacking computers and technology war games style.

>>133079270You shit on it despite the fact that every other country still attempts to emulate it and will not shut up about its movies.Japan is 100% corporate created culture.

>>133081355not helping matters was that Superfriends left a stained image of the JL, especially Aquaman.However there were a couple of trendbreakers back in the '

>>133080874>>133080853Just wait until he finds out about Silverhawks. The best part was also the theme song, although the toys were pretty rad too.

>>133079507The only difference is that the story came first.But that's not a real difference in the end

>>133080935wait, what? I thought Disney only recently acquired Star Wars. How were they presenting the movie on their channel?

>>133081633I remember the toys. They came out after the show was already off the air in my area, lol. I was like, gee where were these a year ago when I was watching this crap after school?

>>133081672The Disney Channel played whatever they wanted, not just Disney stuff. Actually, they very rarely played their own animated films, but they would play stuff like 'The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie' or 'Felix the Cat: The Movie' constantly. They played the Superman films a lot, too.

>>133080300It's hilarious that you believe that.

>>133081561>Niche Collectors stuff worth 200 bucks can't keep a show afloat.Not alone, no. But the trick is that you don't make JUST that, you make the expensive collectors stuff for your adult audience that cares about quality alongside generating cheap trash for kids. This is neither complex nor impossible. Gundam always makes more money back in model kits than it spends on making the shows, the franchise basically prints money. Gunpla sales mean that making a new Gundam show is always, always a good investment for them. If it works for them, it can work for us. We just need to be willing to make higher quality merch instead of only ever imagining selling stuff in the toy aisle at walmart to 7 year olds begging their beleaguered moms.

>>133080247>I think the fans and DIY proton packs (etc) are more of a result of the original live action movie than it is the animated show.Probably the other way around since the cartoon lasted so long and was aimed at kids.

>>133081690This must have been when they were still a paid access channel. I was young enough that I don't specifically recall what they did and did not play, but I definitely remember when they switched to a basic cable channel and they started having advertisements. Their programming got noticeably shittier

I remember someone on Holla Forums mentioning that Inspector Gadget was french one time.Any truth to that?

>>133081812I doubt it. The cartoon lasted a long time but the movie STILL gets re-released and has a dedicated fan base. I haven't seen much hullabaloo over the animated series aside from the odd gif of slimer doing something retarded or the odd trivia fact about Lorenzo Music.


>>133081690Godzilla movies too. Where I first saw them.

>>133080300please do not perpetuated this maximum-pseud mega retard dumb fuck take on gundam.

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>>133081858The movie was in theaters in 1984 and has a lot of humor children won't understand. The cartoon ran1986-91, and that's not even mentioning reruns.

>>133081742>you make the expensive collectors stuff for your adult audience that cares about quality alongside generating cheap trash for kids.user we do just that. In my post I mentioned two companies that make similar quality stuff to Gundam model kits. For western properties.Hot toys have been making high quality stuff like this for marvel for 20 years now.The problem with your idea is that these shows must gain a large enough fan base for companies to invest in stuff like this. Because it's a huge gamble.

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>>133081877It's just Inspecteur Gadget. Penny is called Sophie instead.

>>133081920So it IS French, then?

>>133081829Yeah, I was watching The Disney Channel in the '80s when it was fairly new. You had to pay for it up until the mid '90s, by which point I was too told for it anyway.

It used to be illegal to market to kids. Ronald Reagan decided to get rid of those restrictions and ultimately plunged us into the modern hellscape of obesity, advertising, and toyetic programming which we currently reside in. I honestly wonder what the country would like, especially pop culture wise, if he hadn't sold the US to the capitalists.

>>133081954DiC was a French company, yes. Though Inspector Gadget was developed in the United States. The show was arguably more popular in France, though, they definitely got more merch than we did over here.

>>133081954I mean, it was originally Lupin, and DiC was French...

>>133081989>sold the US to the capitalists.Dumbest thing I have heard all day

Thundarr the Barbarian is awesome and no one can convince me otherwise.

>>133081561More of a problem of American manufacturing being a majority outsourced, so when they make toys they need to be cheap and mass produced, and then they need to make them in a big enough bulk order to ship them all over the country and world to make the initial production investment worth it... So here we are in this retarded cycle>make show>show needs to be profitable>invest most of the budget in merchandise>need to sell the merchandise>demand the underpaid 20-somethings making your cartoon (and send 90% of the production to Worst Korea) put the toys in enough episodes to advertise the merch>veto tons of episode scripts for not being toyetic enough>show ends up kinda boring and formulaic, with fans latching onto the few good parts that aren't the toys anyways>blame the cartoon for bad toy sales>cancel after one season>Fund new show banking on nostalgia>repeat process

>>133081989>used to be illegal to market to

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>>133081901>The movie was in theaters in 1984 and has a lot of humor children won't understand.That describes a ton of movies from that era. I was born right before it came out and remember watching and rewatching it on VHS as a little kid. The fact that it's a comedy was something I didn't really get until I came back to it as an adult but I watched it a ton as a kid anyway. I thought it was a movie about good guys fighting ghosts. My brother and I both got proton packs when we were in grade school and it was 100% because of the movie, not the cartoon. When the second ghostbusters movie came out I was in grade school. It was heavily marketed to kids with special plastic happy meal boxes that looked like ghosts and branded keychains that had buttons to make various "ghost busting" sounds. I'm sure there are people who were super into the cartoon, but everyone I knew as a kid in the 80's was really into the movies. The cartoon was mostly forgettable.

>>133081989>>133082132yeah, this is patently false. There were toy magazines for kids and ads in comic books. There are TV commercials we can see from at least the 1950's marketing to kids as well as radio commercials that played during children's programs telling kids to ask their parents to buy them . There were also tons of mascots and other "fun" representatives that were aimed at children. Who was the Oscar Weiner Truck and Twinkie the Kid for? Adults? Ronald Reagan is a fucking asshole for a ton of reasons, but you just made that little factoid up.


>>133082341It is true that before he came along marketing to kids was severely restricted


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>>133082549That's me. That's what I look like when I'm watching Thundarr the Barbarian.

>>133080970What cartoons? Kids watch YouTube now

>>133082433>We'll counter it with edutainment!Well, no wonder you lost.

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>>133079507Gundam was saved because the mothers watched the show with her kids.The moms got horny with the males and the kid loved the robots so they release the toys and the Char film

>>133082656And tokusatsu, especially the main ones (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider) have pretty much always been toy commercials. The props in newer shows are literally just toys.

>>133081383Ben 10 says

>>133080425An example would be blue jeans which would be considered American folk wear but it's so ingrained as universal fashion nobody really sees the distinction anymore.

>>133080285>Gadget is just the retooled scraps of a cancelled Lupin cartoon.That explains a lot. I was aware of the Gadget/Zenigata resemblance on an unconscious level but never made the connection until now.

>>133079941People lean on nostalgia hard these days because the world's an awful, shitty place. More so than ever. And judging from your pessimistic attitude, you would probably agree with that. Maybe you could use a little nostalgia to brighten up that miserable outlook you carry around. You should probably focus on that instead of shitting on the stuff that makes other people happy. Just a thought.

What I found with 80's cartoons is that sometimes the need to sell toys sometimes created some great moments. Like Transformers the movie. Despite how killing Optimus in the long run was a bad idea, it made for such a, in hindsight, great emotional scene. The greatest 80's cartoons seem to be the ones that stuck in the public's conscious enough to get future adaptations.


outside of feature length productions and family flims at that cartoons have to be made at a loss because they don't have the artistic appel live action has with known and recognisable actors bringing in their own audience with themyou have to supplement that loss in merchandise and good merch at that shit doesn't need you to see the show frist if anything it should make you watch the showhow many people didn't see invader zim but still got themselves gir t-shirts the merch has to grow you're audience not lecch off itlike who the fuck would buy a toy of fat purple bitchif you don't know steven universemeanwhile tank that's a robotman doesn't need transformers to tell little jimbo why he's cool

>>133079270Sorry your shitty country hasn't done anything since before the world war, you really shouldn't get a chip on your shoulder over that shit, live in the moment.

>>133079270They aren't just loved in America and you know nothingYour culture is just as bad if not worse and the fact that you didn't disclose it is proof that you know that already but need to try and hide it. Pathetic

>>133079270>He-Man>Plastic commercialYou do understand that there was a massive amount of episodes that featured characters and concepts/weapons that were never even considered for toy production, right? The show was ahead of its time in focusing on the characters and their interactions over only the toy aspect.In fact, there’s a short documentary that talked about how a major aspect of He-Man was about providing strong and positive morals to kids, complete with a consultant who would review the scripts and implement positive


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>>133079270I wonder what soviet animation cartoons looked like around that time

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>>133079270Shitting is all you are capable of doing

>>133079708Also to add, Eiji got his funding mostly from his toy(s) sales at the time. So user we don't really get what you're saying here.

>>133079270I find that 80s toy cartoons have more reboot potential than they have merit of their own. The 2012 Ninja Turtles is great, but the 80s cartoon is indistinguishable from its knock-offs. Beast Wars, Animated, and Prime are phenomenal, but the original 1980s Transformers was pretty much just a toy commercial and nothing else. I've heard good things about the CGI He-Man, but I can't take the original remotely seriously with its flat animation and goofy gimmick-based characters. There are exceptions, though. Ghostbusters was good from the getgo, but executive meddling ruined the cartoon, and the modern reboots range from okay to awful. MASK from what I've seen isn't so much regarded as a classic, so much as derided for being a cheap Transformers/G.I. Joe knock-off, and both its reboots failed miserably. Inspector Gadget... did that even have toys? Anyway, Inspector Gadget was just a dumb little comedy, and nobody cares about any of its reboots.

>>133080624>The people who think it's a "monolith of cultural and artistic achievement" are people who suffer from asperger's.Star Wars is 13 on the AFI’s Top 100 movies list

>>133081579I mean, you can, but the average taxpayer isn’t going to be receptive to the idea of their money going to some rando’s art project.

>>133079507Japan made it into a massive 40 year long anti-war slogan that actually worked and kept the peace in the nation among 3 generations. what the fuck has Transformers done for anyone?

>>133079559Ghostbusters is the brainchild of several major 80s era comedians and will pretty much die with them. No one else can really make the same event happen twice.

>>133079530>>133086737ThisGhostbusters cannot really be made by anyone else and be good just as much as no one else can make a Dumb and Dumber or Austin Powers and actually manage to do well with it. It's the work of a specific person(s) and no one else could do the same with it.

>>133086713>anti-war slogan that actually worked and kept the peace in the nation among 3 generations.You can't seriously believe this

>>133079270Why do the eternally miserable fucks always have to turn shit into some huge nonsensical thing about "Culture" anyway? No fucking shit it contributes little to culture, it a goddamn tv show that was on for a year or two then done.What the fuck is wrong with just liking a fun thing that is fun? Why does it always have to turn into screeching about capitalism and culture over and over and over again?

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>>133079650>this was also along some truly hot garbagePeople seriously don't realize this. There were SHITLOADS of toy based cartoon series that failed in the first 3 or so months throughout the entire decade. Lots and lots and lots of them.The big 4-5 we see all the damn time are just the amazing success stories, the 1%. Not many people remember Insectoids, Battlebeasts, Food fighters, Army Antz, Barnyard Commandos, Sky Commandos, COPS, or Brave Starr.

>>133086799Tell me how many wars has Japan gotten itself into over the last 40 years?

>>133086928Dude if you seriously believe that's due to Gundam you are unironically the dumbest person on 4chan

>>133085044>because the world's an awful, shitty place. More so than ever.It's been worse, but it seems worse right now because the internet allows us to see and hear all of it the moment it happens. In the previous century there were people setting fire to baby animals, putting kids in ovens, and literal world wars with human experimentation and millions of deaths (mostly Russian). We are so pampered now that the concept of a world war seems fun and exciting to us. Let that sink in. We have it too good and have grown fat on complacency and our media.

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>>133079270What do you mean by it?

>>133086819This is correct. Nothing wrong with enjoying things even if they're simple entertainment.

Tmnt is about ninjas and brother hood. Find me a show that does thus better and i’ll stop liking tmnt.

>>133088234Exactly. TMNT is about busting fools, having fun with your bros, and eating pizza. Nothing captures that better.

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>>133079270>Much of the popular culture of your time is lowbrow and done for profitMy dude, Shakespeare worked for money too. And was not above doing political hatchet jobs if it got him a good gig. It's damn hard to escape a money-motivation.

>>133086928Japan doesn't have a militaryThey legally can't make one

>>133079270>Americans truly have no culture and are simply fed these vehicles of consumerism in lieu of an actual culture or history. I shit on American corpately created "Culture".In the end, just like everyone else who thinks like you, you'll still somehow be a bigger loser than the dumbest American.

80schads, where you at?

>>133079507Gundam is fujo-animation, not toy-animation

>>133079270Unless you have the balls to post something you like, your opinion is not valid