Do people really enjoy Rick and Morty still? Seems like “fans” are just clapping when told to these days

Do people really enjoy Rick and Morty still? Seems like “fans” are just clapping when told to these days

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>>133078755I used to watch it for best girl but shes gone and its over

>>133078755I can't tell whether it's actually bad or just annoying

Seen all episodes so far. I genuinelly enjoy this season. Far better than season 4 or 3 shit and I'm liking the fact that dan harmon stopped worrying about appealing to cynical depressives and are just making episodes he feels are meaningful or entertaining via worldbuilding. Its all I ever wanted out of rick and mortyWhat exactly did you want?

>>133078955I miss Planetina too, user.

>>133079164I dint mean planetina but we all lost someone we loved for le selfsect and summer smith plots

>>133078755I watched the first two seasons and got a clear idea there wasn't anywhere to go from there that hadn't already been mined. Same reason I ditched Archer once the coma seasons began. It's okay to let go of things, OP

>>133078755Ever since season 4, Rick and Morty has felt like it was written by people who don't communicate with others through conversation, but with rants on social media instead. This episode was more of the same, except it distracted people with fan service.I wish these characters talked to each other again, rather than talking at each other.

>>133078755I think it’s unnatural for men to be with two women, even if they clones/the same woman

>>133079302>distracted people with fan serviceAnd in the art style of reheated family guy.

>>133079380Run it by us again after you’ve been with 1 woman, champ.

>>133079380Why did you specify only two women and not more than two participants in general you filthy whore?

>>133078755Sex Master Jerry was pretty funny.

>>133079136>What exactly did you want?Not OP but at this point I get the distinct impression that people just never got over season 3 fumbling the ball. The show is largely unchanged from its original formulas, but season 3 was distinctly and publicly more corporate and studio controlled and that stigma never really went away. I think people here (that is to say people who complain) just have this craving for the imagined purity of seasons 1&2 before any big mistakes were made and when the character dynamics were more simple.

>>133078755No, I genuinely thought this was the funniest episode in years.

>>133078755You take the show far too seriously. Its just a comedy you retarded faggot. None of it matters as much as you think it does.

>>133081012S3 was fine though

>>133081206This, I enjoyed it as much as the first two. S4 is where the show started to falter for me.

>>133079302>who don't communicate with others through conversation, but with rants on social media instead.maybe these episodes were written during the lockdown

>>133079248FYI Archer got out of the coma so you can just skip the coma seasons now if you want

>>133078755Space Beth aggressively taking Beth in front of Jerry was hot desu

>>133081012The show has changed. Summer is more prominent, rick is less alcoholic and more overpowered, pacing is even more hyperactive with more action, there's generally a bigger sense of smugness etc.There's a ton of things that are different and because they're small, some people don't notice them but they do add up.

>>133078755i liked the first two episodes of the new seasonlast episode was trashi still hope that the rest of the season is decent and the finally deliverys some kino

>>133078755I really liked this episode although I have my dick in my hand the whole time so maybe Im biased. I guess I vould rewatched after being drained but fuck it, I love it when cartoons have implicit sex scenes.

>>133078755Anyone got the MEGA?Didn't catch a thread when it came out.

>>133081012I basically agree but I don't think season 3 was that bad either. It's the most flawed season, but it's still full of kino; Tales From The Citadel could easily and reasonably be described as the peak of the show, and it alone would redeem an otherwise-bad season, but even without Tales From The Citadel, I don't think season 3 could reasonably be described as bad.>>133079481People who think this have awful taste.

>>133081255S4 was fine though

>>133078755Poor Morty, couldn't enjoy the lesbians.

I have pretty high tolerance for crap concepts getting pushed in stuff, but Space Beth just plain fucking sucks, dude.

>>133081012Season 3 was the best season. It had its lows but its highs were mich higher than any other season>>133082696Season 4 was okay, but the show was definitely trending downwards from this season on

>>133078755>Seems like “fans” are just clapping when told to these daysHow did you think this show got so popular in the first place?

They need to keep this selfcest thing up. If there's anyone who DESERVES to be cucked it's Jerry

>>133081483All the continuity is fucking things up. Like if Rick moved in with a very specific Morty and family, swapping dimensions means he's moving in with a Beth who wasn't simply abandoned by Rick Prime, she was abandoned by another Rick and now he's just hanging out because he feels like it.Also, if Portal Travelers can be reset, half the family is going to get Mr Frundled the next time it happens. Its basically an issue of the fact that the more unique shit that happens to Rick, the less moving to a new reality makes any god damn sense because it means there are infinite Ricks hunting an infinite Rick Prime until one of them inexplicably dies to make room for another to move in and bury them in the back yard.

Since in this episode they acknowledged having multiple thanksgivings, I wonder if they'll eventually do an episode with overly complicated joke explaining why time goes by but they never age.

Made a shitty collage of some of the main thread yesterday.Feel free to add any posts I missed from other threads or to reformat. Baby's first image collage.

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>>133084061Reminds me of this one gag anime called The Disastrous Life of Saiki K where it's explained that every year the main character has to use his psyhic powers to reset time in order to prevent a volcano from blowing up Japan, thus forcing him to go through the same year of high school over and over, but other people still remember past events even though their brain gets confused if they try and think too hard about what year it happened in.

>>133078755Haven't watched it since season 3. Tried watching season 4, but got bored. Feels like Rick is a different character.

I thought it was funny.

>>133078755>cheating on your husband and lying to your family about it is empowering lesbian feminism!I can't with this shit

>>133084894It was literally masturbation, whats the big deal.

>>133084956Masterbation is solo.She was cheating on her husband with a butch lesbian who has a dolphin dick installed

>>133084956That's just a joke.

>>133079136>meaningful or entertaining via worldbuilding>clonecest cucking

>>133084894that isn't what the episode said fucktard, she was called out for it

this is just further proof that what was left of the well completely dried up after season 5.

>>133078755>imagine caring what other ppl watchWhat the fuck do you care?Get a life you vindictive loser.Grow a pair and go get your dick wet, bitch.

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>>133085067no she wasn't you cuck faggot, she got her way in the end

>>133081453Didn't the finale of his waking up season imply he was still in a coma?

What is Holla Forums‘s favourite Rick and Morty episode ever?

>>133085823I have seen all, and I gotta say the toxic episode was probably the best written of them all without a doubt, "If I ever gave you the wheel we would be dead in 5 minutes"

>>133085823The devil one was pretty alright.

>>133079380* with only two womenFIFY.

>>133081206>>133081255You both have literal poop for tastebuds

>>133084956Clones being masturbation is the most retarded opinion even as a joke. A clone is a unique individual, it's like saying fucking your identical twin isn't incest.

>>133078755I like certain episodes.Rick and Morty has a retarded identity crisis where the writers can't decide if they want to be stupid family melodrama nobody cares about or focus on the actual duo people care about and what they do. I hope those two factions team up and kick out the fetishfags who made that stinker of an episode with the sperm and probably this one too

>>133086026Okay but I'm not joking and think you're retarded.

>>133079164Morty should have a 3some with planetina and jessica

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>>133086104>think you're retardedYour opinion doesn't matter considering you're a confirmed retard who thinks identical twins are the same person.

>>133084135Well this made me want to pick up that show despite glossing over it for years

>>133086143I never brought up twins

>>133086157You didn't even challenge the valid comparison between a clone and a twin because you're a moron.

>jerry got the best superpowerI wish i could turn into a pillbug when life was too hard

>>133086153watch it, it’s funny

>>133081012Season 3 had pretty good highs but some bad lows. Season 4 was garbage. Season 5 was passable

>>133078755I LOVED seasons 1 and 2. It was a steady decline from there.My last attachment to the series was severed at the end of last season when they actually tried to take a plot point seriously. Honestly every plot episode of the show is shit

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This show have a hard identity crisis>Make the train episode to laugh at fans who want serious plot>Make Facist Morty an allegory of fans wanting classic Rick and Morty adventure>Still do episodes like the whole galatic federation, bringing back bird person, evil morty in the citadel and rickthe fuck you faggots wants? you wnat Rick and Morry to be a sci fi drama or to be whacky adventures?

>>133086126No then you have these threads where Morty is the cucked one.

>>133078755Why? Just because of the lesbian?

>>133086026>A clone is a unique individualYada yada yada it's still her at the end of the day

The latest episode had its moments but eh, I'm just watching to see the plot develop. kinda funny how the plot heavy episodes are always the best but the writers constantly shit on them.

>>133086519Planetina and Jessica are only there to please morty because morty is le based self insert.

>>133078755>Seems like “fans” are just clapping when told to these daysThat is every show nowadays.


>>133081330That's not a fucking excuse. During the "quarantine", people still interacted.

>>133078755>show gives you a cloned wife threesome episode>Holla Forums says is bad because... its bad, ok?Holla Forumsntrarians are fucking pathetic.

>>133081482Finally, someone here with good taste. The episode was great if only for the lesbian clone sex alone, I cant believe there are anons stupid enough to think this was about muh women empowerment, bunch of faggots.

>>133079136>or 3 shit3 is the last good season though.

>>133080777>>133081019Based objective observations.

mega for s6 episode 2?

>>133087684It's about shilling dykes and faggots to normie white people.

>>133087591>>Holla Forums says is bad because... its bad, ok?It's bad because it didn't show any actual sex or nudity.God, what the fuck is it with white dudes not understanding the ACTUAL fucking appeal of lesbians?The IDEA of two women being lesbians isn't the appeal unless you're some kind of closeted fucking tranny who wishes he was a woman and self-inserts as a woman, the hot part is SEEING the girls going at it in the nude, rubbing their tits together while they make out.Amazing how anime has understood this shit for 50 fucking years yet cartoons suddenly forgot it after Drawn Together went off the air and white people decided to be lame as fuck.

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>>133081069You absolute buffoon eating your own shit and thumbing your ass for half an hour isn't good TV just cuzz the guy periodically rolls his eyes and says he's gonna kill himself


>>133087802Dyke user.Lesbian sex is the least profitable type of maintream porn. Actually lesbusn sex is inferior to straight girls playing dyke as foreplay. That's just reality.

>>133086466>the fuck you faggots wants? you wnat Rick and Morry to be a sci fi drama or to be whacky adventures?Rick and Morty is the Super Smash Bros of western animation in that nothing it does will never not piss people off.>One-off comedies? Rick and Morty is supposed to be done with this, where's the lore?>Lore? The fuck is this melodramatic shit? What happened to the one-off comedies?>Rick is an unstoppable god? What's with Dan Harmon and making Rick into his self-insert power fantasy?>Rick loses? What the fuck is with the inconsistency? Rick should have had no trouble with that!>Episode/joke doesn't involve sex? Fucking anti-sex, prudish trannie/women writers!>Episode/jokes involves sex? God, this shit is so weird and uncomfortable, can we please dial it back?>Show doesn't utilize past characters/locations? Jesus Christ what wasted opportunity, don't the writers care about the setting/lore?>Show utilizes past characters/locations? I CLAPPED! I CLAPPED WHEN I GOT THAT REFERENCE! AHH THE NOSTALGIA IS TOO MUCH! SAVE ME NIGGERMAN!Hell, comedy fags and lore fags even bitch at each other just like roster fags do.

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>>133088024I'm not that into it, but it's popular in the west, but anons here CONSISTENTLY misunderstand WHY it's popular, they have this baffling fucking idea in their head that the dudes who watch lesbian porn do it because the idea of lesbians is just so insanely hot to them and not just because it's two pairs of naked tits rubbing on each other while the girls they're attached to moan and make out before rubbing clits.The dudes into lesbian porn aren't into two fucking clothed women being in love and growing old together, only fucking yurifags (most of whom are trannies or trannies-in-denial nowadays) want to see lesbian romance, and they pretend that that's what fucking normal dudes want to see, which, again, is fucking baffling.

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>>133088057good comparision actually

>>133081012For me I just hate all the constant namedropping of social media and current things>wow you really got in on that game of thrones fever>you know when you pretended not to know who iron man is?>a husband wanting to be looped in isn't exactly handmaid's tale-ing it>are you doing a die hard? die hard? die hard. die hard. die hard! DIE HARD. DIE HARD. DIE HARD DIE HARD DIE HARD DIE HARD DIE HARD DIE HARD LOL GEDDIT FUCKING DIE HARD. DO YOU LOVE DIE HARD? EVERYONE LOVES DIE HARD. DIE HARD DIE HARD DIE HARD HA HA HA.

>>133078755Anyone got the mega?

>>133084894They weren't lying, they just hadn't put labels on it yet. It had been a few hours.Seriously, why do you guys always try to punish female characters for just existing?

I enjoy it but its a lot more of a different direction than it was initially. Went way too meta and lore driven rather than the wacky scifi satire episodic humor if the early seasons. It's not going to appeal to everyone as much

>>133088080The gay agenda want to use straight girls snogging for male entertainment as a way to push lesbianism and lgbtqa as normal. This along with the gay gene and born this way lie are used yo shield open obvious grooming, gaslighting, and brainwashing from scrutiny. Grr4ja

>>133088856you're so completely wrong, what a dumb fucking opinion you have

>>133088623that's just roiland, I have the same problem with Solar Opposites when they just namedrop a thing but without a single hint of a punchline. At least R&M have a gag or a quip with the pop culture reference, SO didn't even do that and yet it pretended it was immediately funny.

>>133088679just get an adblock and go to kimcartoon

I don't want to be one of those people who say that the women ruined everything but its just that changing the writing staff in season 3 and bringing them all in just because of articles and people saying you have no women was a mistake. There was a close knit group of friends working on this show for the first 2 seasons and the drama from the third season ruined it. Luckily we got many highs that season but it was all downhill 4 and onwards.

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>>133078755I loved the episode dont get why people have a problem with it

>>133085823decoy family because they let the show be a funny anthology instead of trying to be serious/emotional and failing

The fact “nobody ever quits twitter” is a serious joke because the writers believe it shows how far gone they are.They don’t write for audiences. They write for retweets

>>133080777I will allow your trips.

>>133086466The same people aren't making those complaints. It's two different camps. Hell I outright think the writers room is factionalized over it considering we have contradictory episodes like Story Train and Galactic Federation back to back.

>>133089155>The fact “nobody ever quits twitter” is a serious joke because the writers believe it shows how far gone they are.I thought it was mocking the "fans" who religiously watch every episode multiple times and then bitterly complain about each episode on the internet. Even if the show were terrible (it isn't), these people are still being entertained and spending more time thinking about it than their real lives. Every week it's "I've had enough of this shit, I'm never watching this again, the show hasn't been good since Season X" and then the next week they are here again flatulating the same smog.

>>133089155People talk about Twitter like it has this magical hold over them.

>>133089910Exactly.Propoganda to mindfuck them into subconsciously believing it.