How did this happen?

How did this happen?

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What happened?

>>133078251You're LUCKY the 2022 example looks even as good as it does, OP.

>>133078251They're both pretty fuckable


>>133078251I liked seeing some of the 2D animation on the background characters in the Rescue Rangers movie. Especially on Darkwing at the very end. Are there other examples of this 2D animation of this quality being made after Princess and the Frog/Winnie the Pooh?

>>133078251Left is a the main character of a major 2d theatrical filmRight is a 2 second cameo in a direct to dvd/streaming film that mostly uses cgi

>>133078251It's called "we have the right to This Characterâ„¢ and therefore can use him in any way in any work we produce". Creators do not own their work. And you helped build such world.

>>133078476If Disney got Roger's rights why didn't they used him in Bonkers?

>>133078506At the time it was too difficult (takes time) and too expensive. Now it is quicker and easier.

>>133078251One was animated by god-like animator, Richard Williams, the other was just a quick gag probably animated by a literal who.


>>133078251I've always disliked that soft, glowing, digital airbrush aesthetic in the original Roger Rabbit and Space Jam. It ruins the better linework. Call me a heathen, but I'd choose right any day.

>>133078593It makes them look less flat when put in a live-action background.

>>133078622>It makes them look less flatDoesn't matter to me. I don't need it to look less flat or blend better with backgrounds. That's an arbitrary artistic decision. I'm okay with people who like it, but it's not a requirement.

>>133078251This transform is a metaphor for Robert Zemeckis becoming a ringwraith


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>>133078664Ask me how I know you are autist.

>>133078437Left was done when it was as prohibitively expensive as possible to even have practical props in a scene, let alone editing film more than absolutely neccesary.Right was done when "decent" cgi is easier to make than ever.

>>133078251The Fact that they made multiple frames cells of Rodger to simulate real Light and shadowing from hitting him is all you need to

>>133078251Chapek wants his paycheck. So budget cuts for his pocket.

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>>133078251They needed something to sell the film with and filled it with cameos.The retarded consumers dont give a shit about animation quality, just the fact that they see a familiar character-

>>133080107>60fps interpolationBarf



>>133078251Richard Williams died, and his studio (probably the ONLY master draughtsmen remaining in the entire Western world) wasn't invited to work on the 2022 product.

>>133080868Actually, the animator who did Roger in this movie was someone who worked on the original film. Apparently.


>>133080897Color me shocked. I know it wasn't Rich because he died in 2019. Looking through IMDB I couldn't find any WFRR animators involved in Chip and Dale, though there was an animator from Breadwinner and one from Princess and the Frog


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>>133080967Yeah the same was (again, apparently) true of the Darkwing and Scrooge cameos, they dug up some old 2D animators familiar with those cahracters to animate their appearances.


>>133078251Left was funded by gay mafia club and Silver Screen Partners which had a lot of politicians including George W. Bush.Right was funded by passive aggressive trust fund kids who are puppeteering the corpse of a dying company by doing whatever the fuck they want and knowing nothing about how to make it.

>>133081296Meds, now.

>>133078593Surely there's a compromise between the two?

>>133081306No you fucking cretin, go take a shower.

>>133081472I had just taken a shower before writing that comment.

>>133078251Companies don't want to spend money but they want to make money.

>>133078689Namefags get the rope

>>133078251Left was a passion project with talented individuals backingRight was a cheap nostalgia-baiting cash grab made by hacks


>>133083519Other way around

27 years of the companies believing that 2D animation is a waste of time and money. Didn't Gendy have to literally teach all the "animators" on the first Hotel Transylvania how to be animators because all they knew was "move object to place"?

>>133080868Thanks. You know I've always wondered exactly who framed Roger Rabbit

>>133078593Awful take

>>133086022Any source on this?


>>133078304It looks like shit, get some standards you little piece shit zoomer

>>133086923It literally looks fineYou'd probably prefer Calarts though

>>133086975>muh calarts meme

>>133086923I'd imagine the fact that it looks like shit was part of his point

soulless computers trying to do what masters spent their lifetimes perfecting with their hands

the left is a product of a time when no easier alternative animation methods were availablehand-drawing such complicated characters and fluid movements just isn't necessary in the modern age, it is the worst kind of mind-deadening busyworkthe right is a product of pure greed devoid of passion and creativity. the tools of the modern age are not made full use of, instead the bare minimum is pumped out in order to make a movie as cheaply as humanly possible.

>>133087023ok zoomer

>>133087372>hand-drawing such complicated characters and fluid movements just isn't necessary in the modern age, it is the worst kind of mind-deadening busyworkspoken like someone who can't value the fruit of a hard day's work or the worth of an immortal piece of art

>>133078251I like him

>>133078437The fact that people gave any other reply show's just how retarded Holla Forums is.

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>>133078506>>133078514If I remember right there were plans to do a RR sequel (the original author even made another book, Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit?) but Spielberg was insisting he instead wanted Roger to join the army or some shit. Lots of infighting, no action, eventually Amblin gives up.

>>133089364>Spielberg was insisting he instead wanted Roger to join the army or some shit.Hahaha what the actual fuck?

>>133089405Actually I made a mistake, they were going to do an army film and Spielberg backed out because Nazis were going to be part of the plot.Here:

How did this happen???

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>>133078251that my friend is what you call cutting corners all over the place