Diane Foxington <3

Diane Foxington

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This is basically official fanart. The artist has been hired to work at Dreamworks around the time this was drawn.

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How can you make anthro characters distinctive without putting ugly furry wigs on them? For example if you tell me that the OP pic is a new version of Lady Mariam I would believe it.

>>133077949Are you autistic?

>>133077949That shit be subjective. Also, horses and certain breeds of doge have head hair.

>>133077856 Is she in the original bad guys book series?

>>133077996Yes, and she also has her own 'The Bad Guys' friend group too. Later in the book series, the ten of them work together to stop a giant alien from destroying planet Earth.

>>133077856Miles DF just posted pretty good art of her, can't post directly because it's kindof saucy check out his pixiv


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>>133077856wof n snek

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>>133079032Mediocre, and her boobs are about 7 times the normal size (typical).


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>>133079654How does this motherfucker get to charge $5k per commission when his work isn't even that impressive, is it just normies falling for "muh rendering"?

>>133077949Give her big boobs

>>133079573Ya, not a bad one either.

>>133080100this artist is female btw

Is the Bad Guys artbook scanned yet

>>133080100Because the concept artist is not the writer. And for all the relatively few truly awful moments, Carmelita's writing is both consistent with what came before, and actually pretty good.

>FoxingtonDon't care for that name.


>>133080918Yes, very much so.

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>>133081071U fuker.

>>133077856Furries overhype this movie so much, it kinda sucks ass

What makes her design so appealing? If you step back and look at it honestly, she's extremely generic. She's just a normal looking fox. But maybe people go hard for that stuff because they love Maid Marian so much and she's just a normal looking fox. Diane doesn't have any major defining characteristics unlike a character like Porsha in Sing 2, who has way more style but less substance.

>>133077856Yiff in hell, fursuiter.


>>133081608>FursuiterGiven the vast majority of furfags don't own a fursuit your insult makes no sense unless you know them personally or are that person.

>>133081657He IS that person.

>>133077856When can we expect a Bad Guys sequel? The only upcoming DreamWorks films we currently know of are all sequels, so I know they're not above revisiting such popular characters.

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>>133081599All ingenious is simple, complexity is overrated by retards who want to look smart.


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>>133082193Arthur Conan Doyle is sweating in his grave. Can skeletons sweat?

>>133078040I’m sorry is this series on crack?


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>>133079647I appreciate you posting this

>>133081568It's really mediocre

Would you boop it? Would you boop the snoot?

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>>133081071Where the fuck does her tail go though

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>>133084173Pocket dimension. Diane's tail only reveals itself in opportunities when Mr. Wolf needs something to tug on as he hits it from the back.

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>>133084173Down the pants leg. It's not complicated.

>>133077949Subtle face changes like jaw shape, eyes, snout length, ears, etc.

>>133081703>Zootopua 2 is crossover>Nick has to catch the bad guys

>>133085387>moral: they're not bad, they're just drawn that way

>>133086096It exists, it's called Lupin the 3rd, go and pick your favourite iteration of such.

>>133085387Weren't the Bad Guys reformed by the end?

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>>133086383Again with that anime. You fucks never saw the Oceans movies?

She's perfect.I mean she's a goddamn mary sue who got away with everything

>>133088211If you are going to deny Lupin not only came first, but directly inspired Bad Guys, you can fuck right off.

>>133082266People confuse "complex" with "convoluted", and even then, good complex stories are simple to follow.

>>133088325She was nearly perfect at being a master thief. Not only she got a teeny tiny bit worse with age, but also keep in mind Mariah Sues can do everything else perfectly, as well as being liked by everyone who isn't evil, and never facing any real hardship. Being hyper competent in few select areas isn't it. And yes, I am being serious instead of trying to "own" anyone.

>>133088392Convoluted can be pulled of well too, it's just a rare achievement and only FUCKING NERDS are into that sort of fiction.

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>>133078040can you post a pic of this group please?

>>133088390Hey, I watched Lupin anime nothing really look inspired of it. By the way Ocean 11 came 1960

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>>133077949You don't. The only individualism anthro's need are their scents. Anything else is spitting in the face of God.

>>133081599She's cute. For real though, her design isn't crazy sparkledog unique but I think the film's overall animation style is enough to sell it. The black lips and dark outlines around her eyes make for a noticeable contrast, her ears are very large and expressive, she looks professional and composed but the eyebrow piercing adds just a hint of spice. She also got a bunch of different outifts in the movie: a suit, a formal & casual dress, and a tight form-fitting catsuit. Maybe I'm just enough of a raging furfag that I can tell anthro characters apart through more subtle design choices.

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>>133080664I don't believe so, no.

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>>133080664Why not buy it user?Anyway I'm posting my husband.

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Would you?

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>>133089495Why wouldn't I?

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>>133089676>>133089495if he was hitting on me yeah 100%his flirting style is the kind that makes you feel like the hottest piece of ass in the club and I'm so romantically starved I'd stop being straight to get it

>>133081568it fucking blowsbut my cock also blows, semen into the air reading these threadsso it comes out to a 5/10

>>133089803people like it cause of the artstyle and how expressive it is.I could watch characters talk about anything just the way they emote is fucking sex for the eyeshonestly as an animator I'm in awe

>>133089731>I'm so romantically starved I'd stop being straight to get ittell me about it anonI literally send ass picks on grindr to hear about how badly fags want to worship itI'm straight and won't ever meet up with any of them

>>133088211>Again with that animeGee I wonder why the western animators made a Lupin movie and people think it's a lupin movie.

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>>133090011pretty sure the concept artists also literally said the lupin anime was a direct inspiration on his twitter too

>>133090018The influences are pretty clear, Oceans 11 did come first but there are what 4 Oceans movies and 50 Lupin movies/tv specials, 5 or so seasons of anime totalling several hundred episodes and oh yeah, every western animation student has a boner for Ghibli and Castle of Cagliostro is the proto Ghibli movie and Miyazaki directed a bunch of Lupin anime.

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>>133077856made for BHC


>>133090134you go 28 years with no sexual or romantic experiences and we'll see how you feel

>>133090211I'm 40 and dont give a shit, step up my game

>>133090230>step up my gameum I don't know if I can do that user I think that's up to you

>>133088553>her ears are very large and expressiveAnd I want to rub them so bad.

>>133090211>>133090230>>133090265Is this shit thread even about cartoons anymore? The thread is furry shit, but now it's blatantly off topic. Trash thread.

>>133090287>be normal!!111Go back to facebook.