Amphibia Pixelatl Attendees Thread

For those who met Matt Braly at Pixelatl. How was your experience, what did you think of it? Did you ask Jim any questions? Sound off here.

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>>133077838I meant him

>>133077838All I want is Blue Newt's name

His laugh was really obnoxious, I asked him not to laugh so loudly because that was making me uncomfortable and he was like "what's your problem dude?" and laughed even louder.

>>133077838made for corruption

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>>133077838everyone in the room started crying because of his stinky his lunch was

>>133078144Quit it.

The endgame was beautiful brothers he is the nicest guy ever, it makes you mad you can't be that autistic and balanced it with a nice personality like he does. He loves Anne so much. She is like a daughter to him, his eyes sparkled every time someone praised her

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>>133078187Wholesome and perfect

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Sashanne is cute and canon.

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>>133078142Did he really?

>>133078187Anne and Sprig are completely alone on this grassy plain. In the previous shot they were surrounded by frogs.

>>133078360Is this what bothers you and not Sprig somehow being able to talk in space?


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>>133077838Not OP, but also I want to know if the artist who worked with him and GF too exposed or shared some advices in creating bakgrounds like he did in both shows.

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>>133078380He was running on the power of love

>>133078144how's your mother doing?

>>133078551why is Sasha such a loser here? I love it

>>133078625Sasha is a loser

>>133078551>shippers really need to keep adding angst to the trio separation

>>133078580Thai pussy is that good

>>133077838I’m surprised there wasn’t much video for any of the panels this year.

>>133078360there's a literal god introduced out of nowhere and you complain about an animation error?

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Reminder that Marcy is ugly and autistic

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>>133080298I don't recall Sasha being black, ew that's not Sasha.

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>mods deleted the other threads

>Maggie still gets art>Still shipped with AnneThe fact that this was from this month says she still won, even after everything.

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>>133080156Me too.

>>133078551I don't get itWhy was Sasha surprised to see Anne?

Happy Marcy Monday!

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>>133078142Autist BTFO

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Don't lose your time Anne likes them fun sized and pink

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I'm a bit out of the loop, who's actively doing art

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>>133080561No, but (You) are.

Any Pixelatl attendees here?

>>133078743correction, Sasha is a jobber

>>133081761Oh good the art's in this thread too.Sauce plz good sir.

>>133081881Maggie is

>>133081929>Strength is a jobber>Wit is a retard>Heart is a sociopath

>>133082031what did he mean by this

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>>133082056>>133082031Matt inside you are two wolves Braly

>>133078142>"p-pwease don't laugh so lowdly...">laughs even harderFucking based.

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>>133082270>Flip for your king plebian!

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>>133083287matt's mistake was trying to base the ending on his real world friendships instead of something that made sense for the characters


>>133083312I mean he also based it on Pepper Ann's ending but that was a full timeskip episode that gave us character development and made sense of the situation and explained the drifting apart rather than 2 minute voiceover segment at the end where the three girls don't even all exchange dialogue

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>>133083501Amphibians are scum. Ten thousand years of pure evil and the very first human to set foot in their world becomes Jesus

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>>133083563Olms are cool and gary was doing what his nature dictated him, Marcy and sasha deserve what they got for being treacherous cunts

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>>133083312Matt mistake was writing the beats and not changing it once the the story developed in a different direction from where he originally envisioned.

>>133083563Anne is a white savior, only thai.

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>>133077838I guess the shocking part was to know that one concept the fandom had about Anne was crushed.I've seen both fics and arts believing blindly that Anne was some super thai saiyan that could and would eat everything spicy, while in reality whenever she ate something new she would run to the restroom and probably bleed for some days.Wonder if that was also based on his own real life experiences, did he have problems with his mom's food and more importantly, would he eat in the school's bathroom for insta-shits? fecal incontinence

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>>133083441>Pepper Ann's timeskip to our time has hovercars>Amphibia's timeskip to 2030 still has regular cars and everything else Soul vs soulless

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>>133083934Anne canonically has IBS

>>133083948Except we don't have fucking hovercars. So Pepper Ann teaches kids to have unrealistic expectations while Amphibia prepares them for life.

>>133083835Wew, what a troll

>>133083955So that’s why she was so eager to die

Why didn't they just ask terri to build a new portal to amphibia

>>133084046probably monitored by government now

>>133083955Yeah I know, and that's why I wondered if he had to eat his mom's food sitting on the bathroom, you know, as a joke.But seriously, women with IBS are one of the worst cases for the woman in question, Matt said that it was meant to be a gag that Anne would try something new and then run to the bathroom, that means she DID have a really troublesome digestive system and probably had that "eat, run, diarrhea, repeat" thing.

>>133083955At this point I think everybody working for Disney is a scatfag

Gay, gay, homosexual, gay.

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>>133078360The shot is in thier POV. They are so in love they blocked everyone else out of their mind.

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What's your favorite episode?

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>>133084932Battle of the Bands.

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>>133081076>>133081709She is best girl after all so im not too surprised

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>>133084932The Sleepover To End All Sleepovers

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>>133078360>>133084864It's meant to be cinematographic, a final moment only for Anne and Sprig. Something to show the sheer importance of their relationship of how much they meant to each other in a way words couldn't possibly describe. Hence the music, the animation. Is just natural that only them are featured in the shot.

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>>133085181>a final moment only for Anne and Sprig. Something to show the sheer importance of their relationship of how much they meant to each other in a way words couldn't possibly describe.They did get one of those earlier in the episode but then Frobo was there as a sort of awkward third wheel

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>>133083934>I've seen both fics and arts believing blindly that Anne was some super thai saiyan that could and would eat everything spicyWasn't there an entire episode in the show disproving this?

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>>133084932Any Sashanne episode especially The Beginning of the End

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>>133084083Imagine IBS Anne trying to use the Fwagon bathroom.

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>>133083934>Wonder if that was also based on his own real life experiences, did he have problems with his mom's food and more importantly, would he eat in the school's bathroom for insta-shits? fecal incontinenceI recall Matt saying he nearly died from dysentery during his first trip to Thailand when he was a child.

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fun fact: Anne crapped herself each and every time her gem powers activated


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>>133084932The one where Anne HATES Sasha

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>>133085350Based brain-damaged schizo

This thread is for yuri posting.

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>>133085305Do you think Sasha made Anne leave the stall door open whenever she had an IBS attack?

Look at this tiny, weak marshmallow. She's so lucky to have Anne and Sasha by her side.

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>>133085412>Sasha madeAnne beat her thrice. Three times. Sasha lost against Anne every time. She can't make Anne do anything.

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>>133085420I hate that the show made Marcy into a damsel to be rescued, actually

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>>133085401Oh my Cell Arc, that's SEXY as fuck!

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>>133085442Now, before they went to Amphibia

Does the clone also have IBS?


>>133085525Chron’s, actually

>so traumatized by yuri he starts posting dragon ballI don't even know the logic there. Kek. More yuri! Post more yuri!

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>>133085525Of course, she wouldn't be Anne without it

>>133085469But just look at her. She's too sweet.

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>>133085590Question, why was Dragon Ball Super so bad? Is Akira Toriyama just a hack fraud?

>>133085617I don't care how cute she is, shoving her into a pickle jar and spending the rest of the season in mind jail was a mistake

Based DBscholars


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Great, a new schizo, is not enough that we have to deal with the yuritrany schizo spammer now here its this what ever is called schizo

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>>133085619It wasn't, you just like trash

>>133085670Fine. But I still like Marcy being saved by Anne and Sasha.

>>133085779Oh no I forgot to attach my image. Oops.

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>>133085617Marcy HATES Anne

>>133085752Even GT was better and that show sucked

god i miss the sporefag days

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>>133085922That evolved into the clone discussions

>>133085865You only think GT sucked because you like garbage, in reality GT was better than what you're wasting your life on. Just like Super is. Tell me how many box office records Amphibia or THO broke.

>>133083633That would be a Thai savior then

>>133085938it spores

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You guys suck

>>133085938>>133086019In the end everyone became sporefag

None of the girls have a Koikatsu card :(

>>133086136Anne had one but she ended up using it as toilet paper

>>133085859Marcy LOVES Anne.

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>>133086187>but she ended up using it as toilet paperThat's the real reason she brought Marcy's journal to Earth

>>133085234There where like 5 or 6 if you count the alternative end credits, but the thing is that one is special, because they say nothing at all, they just know.

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Yuri time.

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>>133086306>>133085234It is kind of funny that the final episode has both the touching final goodbye everybody was expecting and also for whatever reason a far more tragic touching final goodbye less than ten minutes earlier that has nothing to do with the other one.

>>133086366you don't understand user, anne had to die because of the checklist

>>133084932The Dinner. One of the few times we get to see all three girls just low-stakes interact with each other. Plus the episode was just really funny.

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This thread requires more yuri.

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Lots more.

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>>133083625That it was. But I'm okay with that.

>>133085525Same Soul, Different Body is my stance. The answer you're question though the new Body definitely would although it would be funny if as a unintended side effect of the resurrection in said body she now can handle some spices.

>>133085938Well the finale being Ambiguous as to whether or not she's a full on Cooy didn't help.

>>133086555>>133086575Nobody asked

>>133086589I'm just pointing it out that the discussion came from the Ambiguouity of that sequence.

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>>133086366>he final episode has both the touching final goodbye everybody was expecting and also for whatever reason a far more tragic touching final goodbye less than ten minutes earlierWhat your reasoning behind thinking the fakeout death or the space goodbye are more touching than the final one? The space one comes close but as they say earlier, frobo is just there like awkwardly watching the whole thing and then it feels a but rushed because Anne is literally cracking her body by holding gods power, now had we got the animatic version things may have been different.

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>>133086384Yeah, Sasha and Marcy had their respective near death scenes in the previous finales so it was expected that Anne would have one too.

>>133086747I meant that they’re both touching final goodbyes but that the first one is a lot more tragic because, of course, she’s actively dying as it’s happening.

>>133086747The best part of the animatic is Sprig accidentally breaking Anne’s arm

>>133086480Frankly I'm ok too, but hanging here for too long rubs the disappointment of other into me.


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>>133086749And they had to keep escalating them which meant Anne had to actually die

>>133086851I guess for me is more tragic that in the end they have to let go willingly, firmly believing that some day they might see each other again but not knowing for sure.

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>Likes the Amity art.>Doesn't like the Hunter version of this art.Why does Matt love Amity so much?

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>>133086747What's different in the animatic?

>>133087112He’s blinded by his friendship with that hack enough to support her lesbian mascot, but not blind enough to pretend Hunter is anything more than worthless garbage

>>133087060>in the end they have to let go willingly, firmly believing that some day they might see each other again but not knowing for sure.That part makes it more bittersweet, and they'll both know they'll be okay even if they might not be able to see each other again, whereas having an eleven year-old orphan beg his surrogate big sister not to essentially kill herself and then try to convince himself that she'll be okay while she's dying in his arms because he can't bear to lose anybody else is pretty much just really really sad.

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>>133081929So she’s just one of those losers who goes to college parties even though she doesn’t attend? Or is she a townie?

>>133087112Everyone loves Amity dude

>>133087425It was pretty sad but in the end everyone and its dog knew anne was going to come back, mind you still made cry. But when they say goodbye for the last time, then you KNOW that this time the show is not bluffing. They are really not going to see each other ever again. At that point, that realization broke me, i was a sobbing mess.

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I'm okay with the ending since the 10 year timeskip isn't canon anywayEventually the girls will wind up in Amphibia again for more adventures

>>133087900And Anne will have more IBS incidents.

>>133087691>but in the end everyone and its dog knew anne was going to come backWhich is why they brought up that stupid shit about cloning that most of the people watching refused to acknowledge anyway.

>>133086747The fake out death was so rushed and telegraph that I felt nothing. It felt less "Oh no Anne sacrificed herself!" And more "well, this is the obligatory sad moment before we cute to comercials"

>>133088005They really milk the hell out of it too, the whole sequence takes up a solid chunk of the entire finale and it ends up just not mattering at all as soon as it's over

>>133088005I like how in the initial airing Anne dying was immediately followed by Cricket and Tilly prank calling a pizza place

>>133087112What happened to Cyan's Marcanne story?

>>133087932To the point Same Soul Different Body should just be confirmed canon


>>133088240Because that's the consensus much of the Fandom has either settled on or leans towards. Plus Anne discovering the differences in her new body could make for decent Fanfics.

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>>133087932>>133088005>>133088032The clone thing was effective then since most people are still arguing to this day whether Anne is still dead or not.

>>133088364literally only here because Holla Forums is full of huge autists

>>133088364I don't know why you quoted me, I wasn't talking about it

>>133088364For some people yes, for others is just a more convoluted way to revive the character. Rick and Morty do it all the time.

>>133088270>Plus Anne discovering the differences in her new body could make for decent Fanfics.By that logic, the clone thing has plenty of potential for that.

>>133088089Yeah, that modo whiplash was pretty funny.

>>133088420I think the difference between this time and other instances of "the character technically dies but is replaced with an identical duplicate" is first that it's the aftermath of a lengthy death scene that's played dead seriously instead of as a throwaway joke, and that it happens at the very end of the series so there's just one consistent iteration of the character the whole time who is now dead instead of it happening midway through. I think that's the reason this sticks out more than it does in other shows.

What does Catholic theology say about clones, though?

I said it before and i say it again, i support the clone theory because i want Original Anne's ghost angst and shenanigans.

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>>133088032It's basically a Ganiax Ending.

>>133088465"This is my commandment, that you love Sashannarcy as I have loved you."-John 15:12

>>133088504Why do you want that?

>>133088295Did he really do it though?

>>133088504*cue 'The Ghost and Molly McGee' theme song*

>>133088270>Plus Anne discovering the differences in her new body could make for decent FanficsAre there any fics at all that explore the clone shit, beyond just line one or two lines I mean?

>>133088560That show also has a main character people argue is in a different state of living than initially stated

>>133088586I've seen a handful with her angsting about being a clone and only one or two where her and the original Anne are unambiguously different entities

>>133088608>where her and the original Anne are unambiguously different entitiesHow? Do they somehow exist simultaneously due to shenanigans?

>>133088504I just like the idea of Anne peacefully relaxing in heaven and looking forward to several incredibly awkward reunions with her loved ones later down the line.

>>133088705As in it takes place from the point of view of the original Anne who's a ghost or a spirit or something like that.

>>133088552Because having the OG anne being canonically dead while her spirit is trapped till the clone dies or something is an interesting concept.

>>133088739its a stupid concept


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>>133083955What type of credit card is that?>No really, what's that?

Marcy's parent really don't give a shit about her, letting her dress like a whore. She is just asking for trouble.

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>>133088425True but her being a clone in spirit and body makes the Discussion with the Deity unncessary and kinda pointless.

>>133088916>makes the Discussion with the Deity unncessary and kinda pointless.Why's that?

>>133088458Exactly, it's fine for a show like Rick and Morty, but for shows like Amphibia it's sticks put and not in a good way.

>>133088504I don't because it's just unncessary.

I will now bless this thread with more Sashanne LOVE

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Attached: FcvVNvzXgAQI2KK.jpg (1063x902, 91.39K)

Attached: FclqBmzaQAMDATy.jpg (1917x1255, 407.92K)

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>>133088924Because it's barely addressed afterwards. And considering the Deity is speaking to the one who wants to replace it. Wouldn't it be more efficient if Her spirit was inserted into or pasted on the copy body. Or something akin to either inserting an old hard drive into something or layering a photo online.

>>133088542I am asking a serious question.

>>133088916>the Discussion with the Deity unncessary and kinda pointless.It basically already is

Fryfags i know the reason you hate the deity so much is that you feel robbed of marcy and sasha screen time. But ask yourselves this. Do you really think Matt would have spend more time with them instead of with the plantars and Anne? Come on, you know the man, you know the answer.

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>>133089106killing anne wasn't necessary if she was just going to come right back, I know its an established trope but its a shit established tropeI don't care about clonefags pretending there's some sort of consequence, so don't bother replying

>>133088706>in heavenAnne is Buddhist, she'll reincarnate into a frog.

>>133089106Deity was a dumb concept but the tiny cozy cottage made of your fondest memories was pretty neat

>>133089106That's not my reason at all.

>>133089168But user, it made the other characters kinda sad for a bit before it was undone and they could safely forget it ever happened. That’s totally worth using up a third of the very last episode

>>133089168I never got why these types of shows and movies are so obsessed with briefly pretending they have the balls to kill off a major character. It never genuinely fools anyone

>>133089106>defending a deus ex machina played 100% straight (to the point where they literally have god from a machine)Wew


>>133081915There were 1 or 2 threads with some content related. Not sure how deep was the topic.

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>>133089168There were consquences. Her Orginal body is completely gone.

>>133089265Could you please post links to those threads?

>>133089347Who gives a shit? Her body is completely identical to her original one


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>>133089256/lit/ here, that's what i love about it. Returning to the classic tales of old where the hero is tested and favored by a literal god. Just like my Abrahamic and Hellenic texts.

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It's all Sasha's fault. If she hadn't been such an emo drama queen her friends would've never been targeted by The Checklist.

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>>133089426this all started with anne's arm getting injured honestly

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>>133089426>Ouch, that hurts.>Why are you doing this to me?>Please, let me die.

>>133089347Anne's new body is blessed by Godmino's power.

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>>133089359Not exactly

>>133089168There really doesn't need to be some sort of consquence.

>>133089426Sasha got off so ridiculously easy with that fall

>>133089563The moral is to get things out of the way early on

>>133089563true, but it lead to one of grime's best scenesis there a webm of this?

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Maggie is making out with Anne on her break right now

Full musical episode: yay or nay?


>>133089654Battle of the Bands was enough.


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>>133089445Remember when everybody thought she was going to lose an arm?

>>133087112That's a lot of Amitys

*ting* *ting* *ting*Ahem.May I have your attention, please?FUCK YURI AND FUCK THE SPAMMER

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>>133088796I have IBS, basically can't eat anything lol also known as eventual diarrhea

>>133090172Does the hunting dance work with humans?

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