It’s my birthday for another couple of hours. Let’s have a Raven thread perhaps?

It’s my birthday for another couple of hours. Let’s have a Raven thread perhaps?

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>>133077742How about instead of a Raven porn thread we have a Raven discussion thread for a change.

>>133077742>Raven will never make you have dream sex with her

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What's the best Raven comic?

>>133077760OP is the birthday boy, ask if that's what he wants.

>>133077742Happy birthday

>>133077742shit taste, unhappy birthday to you, I hope nothing good happens to you all year

>>133077742It's important to ask whether you're a fan of her being paired with Beast Boy

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>>133077761Is Raven a sucubus?>Rocking body>Demon girl>Enters peoples dreams

>>133077885nah shes demon/chaos spawn

>>133077742/co/ seems to really like this picture despite being made by someone they hate. Also post the "smug" version

Happy Birthday OP

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>>133077885In the comics she was described as an empath, she could alter peoples emotion and state of mind by touch and also take things like worry away from others by absorbing it.>>133077915I dont hate Shad

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>>133077742Only because it's your birthday

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Raven and Starfire is the best pairing of the Teen Titans.

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>>133077958>In the comics she was described as an empath, she could alter peoples emotion and state of mind by touch and also take things like worry away from others by absorbing it.So yes?

>>133077742Post original

More Raven.


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Starfire and Raven really should become a canon couple in DC.

>>133079271This, I'm amazed it hasn't even come close to happening outside of a rape scene

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>>133079271>more dyke shitNo, begone.

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>>133079271Please fuck off and never come back

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>>133078077No, sucubus feed on that.


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>>133078077Sucubus feed on life force. Think of vampires, Raven just takes worries and bad thoughts away but doesn't change anything else


>>133079471>Complains about lesbians>Posts ridiculous ugly ass artTypical

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>>133079622But she enters other peoples dreams to fuck people, and once she made someone think they where in love with her because she had feelins for him, that is very sucubi-esque.

>>133079682>dyke obsessed faggot>posts some cringe tumblr shitTypical.

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>>133079271kill yourself nigger

>>133079471>>133079528Robin and Beast Boy deserve to get cucked.

>>133079732The only person Raven should date is (you)

>>133079682and do it asap

>>133077878no, i find him obnoxious. unless its the hunky version

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>>133079702Porn addict

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>>133077742I hope you fucking die soon

>>133077760It's is possible to add proper words to a post of a smut picture.Don't let your memes be dreams!

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>>133079699emotionally manipulative, but the point is that she doesn't kill, or hurt anyone

>>133077742Post the superior bulge version coward

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>>133079271Raven and Jinx**

>>133077742>YWN Screw an off-model Raven cosplayer by pushing the leotard out of the way and railing her in a smelly conference center bathroom.


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Remind me again why did they have to butch the teen titans like that?If they just ended seadon 6, nobody would care

>>133077878>>133079773Sibling who was kid when the show came out thought Raven and Cyborg should be together. The fact they both have issues with their dads, not quite fully human and their exterior makes that apparent, usage of mind and muscle (Raven metaphorically being a heavy hitter in terms of demonic power), Cybog having more maturity and closer in age to Raven. Beast Boy struck her as 14 to Raven being 16-17 and Cyborg about 18. Personally, they come across as college student age in appearance and the way they act.

>>133080982I'm not a flagrant homosexual who wants massive girl dicks.

Why is Raven so popular?

>>133083698Cute goth girl with an aggressive energy about her.

>>133083711For me, it's the soft side that she hides underneath 10 tons of snark and sarcasm. Makes getting it all the sweeter.

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>>133077760I'd like to discuss how I'd fuck her.

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>>133079566>>133079622>feeds of bad vibesso shes satan from devil is a part timer

>>133082787Sure, but Jinx's attitude here is more entertaining.

>>133078809>>133080526>>133080729Cute Raven is the best, I love her so much bros...She is not for lewding


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>>133078809Even if TTGO is shit, that stylistic choice for Raven with the hood up is pretty neat. Even if it's just an excuse to not draw her face

>>133080729>What if Raven was an anime

>>133083479>Not wanting a girl with a massive dick

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What does Raven smell like?

>>133077742Raven couldn't even beat Fang. Your waifu a shit

>>133083479And I'm not a vegan cannibal.

>>133087144old books, blueberries, and beast semen.

>>133077878Beast boy should be shipped into the sun>>133083462Pale girls do not belong with black men.

>>133087144coffee breath, cheap incense, girl musk, old books, cloves and victoria secret body spray she stole from starfire

remember when people complained about how sexualized the new52 version was?remember, she's more covered up than the cartoon

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>>133077878I feel like that ship is done for the sake of necessity and it doesn't bother me on that end. Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans. The leader of a superhero group is more often than not paired up the hot chick/girly girl of the team which frees up another girl teammate to be shipped with one of the two remaining guys. Cyborg has what like 10% of what identified him as human left? He probably doesn't have any working bits downstairs. Easier to imagine robot characters have no sex drive or longing for intimacy so BBxRaven it is. But aside from typically pining for a girlfriend as a teenage boy might I never saw the two having a relationship that could beyond, you know? Then Terra happened and BB was all fucking over her so, hell. Frees up Raven for another Boy Wonder.

>>133089062Dobson is such a faggot. It's cape comics. This is the genre. This is how men and women are going to be presented. These people run around and save the world and look badass and cool and hot while doing it. You emphasize their features because at the end of the day you're trying to sell pieces of paper that carry no other value. You have to get these things off the shelves. Men are motivated by testosterone and big titties so boom that's superhero genre on it's nose. Sure there's layers once you start reading but the SPARK that gets you there is in how much of an effect the character design and art has. Point blank period. I dislike Dobson so much. Good thing he fucked off from the internet forever.


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>>133089601and this one

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>>133084022>>133083949>>133082787i'm horny

>>133079622>>133079566Morrigan Aensland feeds on emotions and excitement and she's a succubus by any measure.

>>133089870read the 2 images above you