I thought she was Lebanese. Why the fuck did they portray them like Africans?

I thought she was Lebanese. Why the fuck did they portray them like Africans?

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>>133076546Same reason the white guy get literally dragged to hell even though he essentially has the same quest as episode 1 spear.

>>133076546what?theyre made up factions inspired by real factions they show 3 different cultures and shades of brown and black in the collaseaus episodes

>>133076619Nah nigger. Celts were unmistakeably Celtics. Vikings were based on fictional Vikings. They show Englishmen in primal theory implying they’re taking real world people and plopping them into this fictional setting. Even the Egyptians were unmistakably Egyptian despite being a little brown. There was nothing resembling Levantines in mira’s people. Every the landscape seemed more African than Levantine. Why even make her speak Arabic?

>>133076597Episode 1 spear did not pledge himself to surtr for superpowers tho, also he abandoned seeking revenge before the red dinos ate up fangs babies

>>133076652>primal theory i forgot that episode existedits clearly a fictional world inspired by factions as i just said, neanderthals where not riding dinosaurs while vikings where basically in america

So, was he Spear?

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>>133076680>>133076661>>133076652>>133076619>>133076597>>133076546>Doesnt know the NubiansGo to /his/ more

>>133076696whats a nubian ?

>>133076689He's Torch

>>133076546It was the lighting man we were all duped.

The Egyptians had the best drip, but they were not a technologically innovative people. They lasted thousands of years as a result of a largely stable environment and formidable geographic barriers. Aside from a few key inventions, like papyrus, most new technology was imported. The fact that crackers want to claim that shit for their own is hilarious.

>>133076706>>133076817Nubians are the original black people of the Sudan and southern Egypt ever since antiquity - the Nubians even conquered Egypt and ruled it for one dynasty. Like the Copts, they also got intermixed with the invading Arabs during the rise of Islam.Today, like Copts, there are still Nubians out there, but most of the descendants of ancient Nubians are just Arabized.

>>133076817Think Egyptian neighbors, super black but spoke Arabic

>>133076871im not reading all that i know who they fucking where it was a joke from chasing amy


>>133076879>>133076871Wtf does this have to do with Mira speaking Lebanese Arabic?


>>133076886You have a cute smile.

>>133076546>Not even Primal is safe from racial autism

>>133077135>discussing different cultures and history through the ages >NUHHH RACISMSgrow up you fucking sped

>>133077112no u

>>133077197I don't smile, never learned how. Or laugh for that matter, the best I can muster is vociferous growling from the back of my throat that sounds more like a cry for help from a wild beast than actual laughter. But I like yours, it's cute.

>>133077055Show me how. Visualize the ending of Primal and how it confused and enraged you.

>>133077187>dragging real world politics and racial distinctions into a fantasy settingHow about you get a life and don't turn everything into a platform for racist whining.

>>133077403>racist whining youre clearly talking to someone else retard, all anyone is talking about is where the cultures are from you absolute twat YOU are literally turning this into a race debate about debating race and race debate

>>133076706They wuz literally kangz and sheeit. Ancient Nubia was almost as old as ancient Egypt. They were more or less peer civilizations. There was even a Nubian dynasty that ruled Egypt for a bit.

>>133077446black rage

>>133076706Immigrrants living in egypt, basically chicano of egypt

>>133077038Best I can think of is that her actress was lebanese

>>133076706What’s a nubian, shit you almost made me laugh

>>133076706Harry Potter's broom

>>133076546She was voiced by a French-Lebanese actress but I've never seen her as Lebanese. It would be like saying Spear is a Frenchman because his VA is.The Lebanese women I've fucked are short and stout; less than 5'0, very voluptuous with rounded facial features. Mira is very tall and slim, which had always pointed her towards being North African.

>>133077403Where is the racism, faggot? It is indeed odd that she and her father:1 - doesn't look like the rest of her people, being weirdly tall, light skinned next to them, long faced and with different lips2 - speak an Arabic language (and not any form of Arab, one from middle east), rather than an African dialect, when all other people on the show spoke their equivalent in real life.Mira looks straight up like an outsider, and wouldn't be surprised if they changed it later in production for season 2. Noticing these things has nothing to do with racism, you gringos are just obsessed and try to not notice things out of fear.

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>>133078293>I’m not a racist>you fucking gringosKek

What schizo timeline does this take place in for homo sapiens to still be africanish in appearance?

>>133077038Mira is from an African culture that's located around Egypt. Also, my linguist friend who specializes in Semitic languages says that she speaks standard Arabic.

>>133076689Discovers fireSpear dies by fire

Stop saying faction when you mean culture

>>133078378>What schizo timeline does this take place in for homo sapiens to still be africanish in appearance?It’s an African country

>>133076546What was that whistle attach to a string that sounded when spin around from?

>>133078293>Mucho textoIf only Africa and the Arabian peninsula were connected in some way and humans had some way of travelling through land or sea....

>>133079056It's called a Bullroarer. In modern day it's used by Australian Aboriginals for ceremonial purposes, but these artifacts have been found on every continent since the Paleolithic era.


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>>133078293You’re probably right. The entire season was reworked, Genndy has said this outright. It’s clear Mira was meant to be from a more Egyptian style culture which is where Spear would end up finding her. But Genndy suddenly got scared his pulp throwback was too derivative of things like 10,000 BC, so he turned the slavers with their desert scorpion themed sigil into Vikings. He then segmented the evil slaver empire into the Colloseaus which was essentially 10,000 BC on a boat anyway but since Mira was now unrelated he obviously just chose to do an African style tribe so the only blacks people in the show wouldn’t literally all just be half naked slaves. He made a mistake in trying to inject real world cultures into the show, all it did was muddy the fantasy of the Dinosaur world and turn these threads into racebait arguments.

>>133076546I did not think they would round the final quarter grand prix like that

>>133076546It's entirely possible they're Numidians or Punics, somewhere that would be in the sphere of both Phoenician and native African cultural mixture.

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>>133076546LebAnon here. Do me a favour and don't call that niggerspeak Lebanese Arabic, it sounds like a Lebanese person trying to do some fucked up Sudani accent instead. >>133078824Tell your friend that standard arabic doesn't replace the "th" sound with 'z', and it emphasizes accented glottal stops.

>>133081964The actress has a Lebanese mom and a French dad, if I had to guess that's where the accent fuckery comes from

>>133081975So she's not even Lebanese at all. Fucking wonderful, makes sense this shit country gets shit representation. Reminder to everyone that the only thing keeping your politicians from sucking your souls out is the fact that they think they'll get more money off you if they let you keep it, and that those shitheads at the top should be annually culled with nothing but violence.

>>133082058Christ is there anything more annoying than a fucking Holla Forums schizo. You fucking troglodytes pollute every primal thread with your shit bait. I wanted to give you retards the benefit of the doubt on this thread but there it is, a fucking schizo caught predictably in a thread like this >inb4 TAKE MEDS IM GONNA REPLY WITH THE MOST Holla Forums UNHINGED RANT ON A FUCKING CARTOON BOARD WHILST CALLING YOU A SCHIZO FOR ASSUMING CORRECTLY THAT I CRAWLED OUT FROM THAT SHITHOLE

>>133076689no, different personality.

>>133076696They are actually probably closer to horn Africans then nubians. Nubians are the blackest of the blacks, only nilotics beat then there, they make African Americans look like Europeans by comparison

>>133076765Underrated answer

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>>133079506Making a character that is sub-sahaarian black speaking Arab, is like making it speaking English. It doesn't fit with the pattern of the show.It's not a big deal, but it is weird, and probably a retcon.

>>133082170Okay schizo.

>>133081624Punnics looked like Berbers and moors (pic related), not sub-sahaarian. North Africa is closer to Mediterranean DNA, and Egyptians are genetically closer to Europeans.

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>>133082458No.Punics, the people of Qarthadasht, originated as a colonial population of Tyrian Phoenicians. They would be pretty close to the other Levantine Semitic peoples ethnographically, such as the Canaanites and Arameans. The Numidians were the native population in the area, and based on what we know of their language and writing are the direct ancestors of the modern Amazigh/Berber peoples.

>>133076706Discount Egypt who lived south of Egypt and would come up and visit when Egypt was in the shitter

>>133082058what does this have to do with a cartoon about a caveman and dinosaurs

>>133082702The severly autistic and racially obsessed tend to become jr. anthropologists as a hobby.

>>133082603Language =/= genetics Berbers like the Tuareg, who live in the southern parts of North Africa, carry high percentages of Sub Saharan MTDNA but do not fully look the part.Light skin Berbers of North Africa who are more common than those are NOT Europeans or Arabs in origin no matter what Afrocentric idiots claim. They are a mix of ancient INDIGENOUS North Africans and later Middle Eastern Farmers with very little European or Arab DNA.

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>>133082730It's way better to be interested in anthropology and genetics, than to rant about things being problematic or racist/sexist/whatverist.It's fun

>>133076546She spoke aramaic.

>>133082818None of this matters for this cartoon, they are all R.E. Howard-esque proto civilizations from a fictional Earth.


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>>133076765i keked

>>133076546There are areas in Sub-Saharan Africa whith arabic speakimg populations

>>133076546>>133080353>>133081624en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogon_people>The Dogon use bullroarers to announce the beginning of ceremonies conducted during the Sigui festival held every sixty years over a seven-year period. The sound has been identified as the voice of an ancestor from whom all Dogon are descended.>Awa (in Dogon),is an African mask and initiatory society of the Dogon people of Mali which is made up of circumcised men, and whose role is both ritual and political within Dogon society. The Awa Society takes an important role in Dogon religious affairs, and regularly preside over funereally rites and the dama ceremony—>a ritual ceremony that marks the end of bereavement in Dogon country >Cliffside settlementShe's Dogon or Tellem, the proto-Dogon. Never mind that the Dogon are relatively recent as a historical culture, it's clearly what her culture is based on.

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>>133076689>Dexter's Lab featured a character who was burned to death and raped, both on screenBros...

>>133083181>Never mind that the Dogon are relatively recent as a historical cultureSo are crusaders, and Spear fought those.

>>133083181There are clear Dogon elements, but at the same time they speak Arabic despite the Dogon language being alive and well and Mira is a dedicated moon-worshipper in spite of the primary Dogon deity not having anything in particular to do with the moon. There's a lot of inspiration there, but all things considered I wouldn't be surprised if the Dogon were picked as a primary reference simply for virtue of being a Sahelian/North-Central African culture with relatively intact pre-Islamic religious practices.

>>133076546Spear's adoption of moon worship earlier on should've warned you as to where the series was headed

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>>133083379I don't think society is ready for a Spear who accepts Jesus Christ as his personal lord and savior and is divinely uplifted into a modern europoid Homo Sapiens. Not that I wouldn't watch the fuck out of that.

>>133076597Friendly reminder that the Chieftain fucking won.

>>133080471What's baffling is how you have bronze age civs fighting medieval knights, that's like romans fighting a modern day army. Just too much of a time clash

>>133076706Ligma balls

>>133083605>loses his slaves>loses his village>loses his sons and wife>gets humiliated>dies>has to make a deal with the devil to cheat code his revenge>loses his soul in the processYeah, a real winner

>>133083792Still, he did get an actual payout from his Faustian bargain, that's better than most in his boat.

>>133083836do you even know the definition of Pyrrhic Victory?


>>133084003Do you? It's got "victory" right there in the name.

Are we getting a season 3? I just finished season 2. Not sure how I feel about the execution of that pity fuck.

>>133084372We will get a season 3 after Genndy finishes other projects but it will be an anthology with new and different settings.


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>>133082355burgers truly are fucking retarded holy shit.Put down your mcdonalds for 5 seconds and pick up a world map book.

>>133076696Why would Nubians speak Arabic?


>>133078293Mira and her father being different is not strange. Spear and his father look more human than the rest of their tribe, and Spear looks more human than his father. We are supposed to see a world where many different genetic lines are mixing together. You know, like what really happened.

>>133076652>CelticsThey'd be picts judging by the blue body paint

>>133076706Nice reference bro

>>133078918Country? Isnt this the fucking stone age?

You know what I think happened. In season 1 Mira was probably just designed to be a generic brown slave lady, and when they hired the voice actress because she could speak Arabic they just made Mira speak Arabic because it sounds Bronze Age. Then in season 2 they decided to give her a proper background but since she already spoke Arabic they couldn’t change that.

>>133076886are you racistly portraying a nigger?

>>133076706egypto-kushitic* mutts, basically.4000 years ago they were one of the competing regions vying for power in pre-egyptian lands, got overshadowed by upper (southern) egypt.2500ish years ago they became part of a sort of polity lording over a bunch of sub-saharan african farming & cattle villages (they were south enough that you can live 10 meters away from the nile without dying) and eventually they formed a kingdom and got completely assimilated by the sub-saharans.then they spent 1500 years warring with egypt till they finally conquered them... only for persians to fuck the whole area six ways to sundayThey are the guys that made those funky pyramids that the italian explorer blew up in a fit of retardation.* kushitics were an ancient black ethnic group that no longer exists in pureblooded form, they are like, 1/3rd of the genetic makeup of the sudanese nile and the horn of africa

>>133083288...when did that happen in dexters lab

>>133085320>They are the guys that made those funky pyramids that the italian explorer blew up in a fit of retardation.Hold up, what?Fucking Eurocucks, always ruining everything.

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>>133076546if you were in spear's place would you still have it in you to have an erection and coom with 3rd degree burns over 80-90% of your body?


>>133085885Considering my dick is mutilated and I feel pain every time I jerk off but I’m still somehow addicted, yes, I think I could coom with 3rd degree burns.

it's a cartoon dipshits

>>133083560society has been getting brainwashed into that for 2000 years. How much longer until they are "ready" for jewsus?

>>133077038Because most languages from that era are forgotten. Take Egyptian for example. We can translate it thanks to the Rosetta stone, but we'll never know how Ancient Egyptian actually SOUNDED like.The modern answer is either having them speak either English or English with a sorta African/Arabian accent, or just have them speak Egyptian Arabic because that's the best we can really do.

>>133084087Holy cow! A genuine wild idiot!

>>133086033She’s speaking Lebanese Arabic not Egyptian. Also if >>133083181 is right about her being dogon why didn’t they use that language?

>>133085320That was a genuinely interesting read. Thanks user

>>133086107That’s her accent at work

>>133086110It's only surface level, the demographic analysis of egypt-sudan-horn area is the biggest clusterfuck on the planet.Even ethiopians have no idea what they are supposed to be, thankfully archeogenetics and mtdna analysis is slowly lifting the veil.

>>133085747pls don't bully 1800s anthropologists, they tried their best.

>>133086107>She’s speaking Lebanese Arabic not Egyptian.I know, I was just using Egyptian as an example to answer your question.

>>133086317anon they ate a lot of mummies, they deserve the bullying

>>133085747>Modern Archeologists: Ok I'm going to use my tine pick and broom to very very carefully get this ancient skull out of the dirt without breaking off a single fragment of it.>19th Century Archeologists: DARBY! I SAY DARBY MY WONDERFUL 10 YEAR OLD LABOROR! BE A JOLLY GOOD CHAP AND PACK IN AS MUCH DYYYYYYNAMITE AS YOU CAN, AND YOU'LL EAT SOME LUKEWARM FOOD TONIGHT! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

>>133086465>NOOOO You can't just EAT that, it's ancient history!>haha, dusty jerky mmmm

>>133078330gringo isn't a racist term

>>133078330calla gringo

>>133085336He meant that happened to Spear.

>>133076546This ending was very weak for such a stellar series.

>>133087378It was okayish but mira’s village was lame and the chief killing spear should’ve been its own episode and primal theory should’ve been cut. Also Mira should’ve birthed twins.

>>133086465That was a late medieval to early modern thing I think. Funny how everything bad or silly the early moderns did gets blamed on the Middle Ages and the Victorians

>>133087659Okayish is not what I expect from Primal at this point, it's a big dissatisfaction, basically a slap in the face to end so mediocre.Twins would have been nice, also noncharred corpse sex.

>>133084869>like what really happenedJust kys. You do realize we have tribes of people alive today that refuse to mix at all with the outside world and kill anyone that comes near them, Different races only exist because people are tribal and choose to self-segregate. If they didn't self segregate then there really would only be one race, one language, and one culture.

>>133076546Do chicks really dig the horribly disfigured 3rd degree burns aesthetic?

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>>133088704I think it became abundantly clear that Mira owed her entire continued existence to Spear. It started off as a mutual partnership but when a Caveman left his whole worldview behind, built a raft, killed countless civilizations and cultures that were being enslaved and rampaged thru by a tyrannical Egyptian Empire I think Mira knew "yeah he is absolutely down to smash."I thought they were gonna end this with Mira having a lover. They bait and switch this by addressing she "had" a love and well Spear was so committed to her how could she resistYou can only imagine the weight one must feel being saved not once but several times over.

>>133088749>>133088704Can’t believe needed cave paintings to realise spear wanted to smash

>>133077769The fuck's a chicano?

>>133084598Lmao cry more nigger

>>133088704The way I see it, she saw that Spear had no blood legacy to leave behind and chose to give him one.It was weird, though, yeah. Maybe he was trying to show that circumstances are rarely ideal, but I can't really defend it.By the way, anyone have an hd rip of the mural Spear made?

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>>133089088I liked it. Before his burns they could’ve slowly developed a relationship but seeing him dying and his previous family on the wall pushed her to push through the grotesqueness of the situation to pay him back for all he did for her.

>>133076546Now normally I'd object to sticking my dick in a black bitch. HOWEVER, that thicc bitch got me actin unwise

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