Kid Vs Kat

You're in charge of rebooting or remaking Kid Vs Kat. What do you change?

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A reboot IS a remake, god this world is full of stupid.

>>133076141Make it look less like a blatant copy of Invader Zim

>>133076141Kat is changed to be female and there is more explicit sexual/romantic tension between her and Coop.

>>133076175A remake can just focus on remaking the audio and visual aspect without changing the story, hence HD remake.

>>133076141Make Kat a hot sexy female anthro cat. Other than that, it pretty much stays the same.

>>133076216>games = moviesYou can recreate a game while basing it on the original, and choose to change nothing. There has never been a 1 to 1 remake of a movie or a show, with same lines, same delivery, and same looking actors.

>>133076141Keep Kat more grounded as a cat and less anthro. They started to turn him into a bipedal cartoon character as the episodes went on. He also exudes that sassy Pikachu energy a lot, so he could easily be turned into a girl.

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>>133076291More focus on his expressions.

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>>133076141Make Kat thiccer

>>133076175A remake is more along the lines of doing the exact same thing again, like GTA Definitive is a remake of the first three 3d era GTA games, a reboot restarts an entire series or franchise and doesn't necessarily need to be the same product as the original, like the latest Max steel series or the most recent mummy movie being a reboot ofor the entire franchise and not just being Brendan Frasers superior mummy movie all over again.

>>133076270They don't have to be carbon copies, Sanford and Son, The office, and Wilfred are examples of foreign remakes that aren't just the exact same original product

>>133076141I change it to Kid vs Skat, it’s about Coop fighting his scatological fetish urges

Put a bigger focus on the gay romantic relationship between the kid and the cat

>>133076141Humanity is all but destroyed. President Millie doomed civilization by allowing the evil alien Kats access to Earth as a gesture of peace, making their betrayal and surprise attack impossible to defend against. It looked as though all hope was lost, and that the evil Kat would kill president Millie in her office, when all of a sudden her brother Sergeant Coop stormed in and rescued her. Now the two siblings must lead a resistance known as the Kat Insurgency Defense, or KID, against the aliens who have conquered their world. This is... KID vs Kat.

>>133076141It's genuinely a normal cat and Coop is just schizophrenic.

Rewrite the sister to be less insufferable.

>tfw hetero>for some reason i remember this show>remember how strangely attractive mr. kat was>draw mr. kat as a twunk in with stretched arms in cape and crown around his neck It wasn't that bad of a cartoon

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The kid and the cat become friends because evil cats is a cliche.

Coop get iPad

bump for interest

>>133076270DBZ Kai

why do so many people want to bone the alien cat

>>133076192There really wasn’t that much in common gl start with.Kat is way smarter then Zim and can’t talk, Coop is way more ‘punch first and think later, the sister character is completely different, and Kid Vs Kat has a very looneytunes slapstick feel to it

>>133076702No, a reboot is a new telling of a story based on a separate work. (IE: Batman Begins was a reboot. It was based on the Batman Comics, but started over and didn’t continue from the 90s movies). Remake implies the first film was the original work and the new film is specifically based on the old one.

Everyone calsl the cat Mr Bingus now.

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>>133076141Cat always starts the conflict and he always loses. Coop still has to struggle, but the world isn't too unfair.

>>133076196>>133076219Dont fuck the cat

>>133076141I make the same show and create numerous versions of it.In one version it's a girl vs her boy cat and in the other version it's a boy vs his girl cat. Then in a version the cat talks without moving its lips and same for the boy/girl but sometimes she forgets and just yells out loud at the cat ... and in the other version the cat doesn't talk.I also add hidden sex scenes on my Patreon which I make you pay a decent amount of money for, I separate it in 10 second clips and loops that are part of a larger 4 minute clip and I have at least a sex clip per I don't give a shit about ages and will fuck with the censors. My human girl character will have a naked scene every episode and poke fun at the fact the cat is constantly naked. Little scummy purists , I'll give them censorship... I'll censor every cow udder in existence, you hear me? every single cow udder!!! censored with banana stickers and apples and sausages with eggs. The style will be interesting. I'll have 300 episodes, but only 52 episodes will be 20 minutes long while the other 248 will be 5 minutes each. And my soundtrack will also have different versions. Rock, techno, irish, pop, eurobeat,>lol bullshitSuch simplistic Flash designs are easy to modify, I'll just put my animator to remove the ponytail of the blonde kid and with Toonboom I can re-render every animation frame to turn the kid from blonde to redhead, brown haired, black haired.I'll also use multiple voice actors for the main the characters. I am sick and tired of squeaky boy voices, I want a manly manly deep voice for my 10 year old kid. Writing wise I'll remove the annoying baggage and just keep the violence and plot starters between the 2 main characters like Tom & JerryAlso I will have multiple endings, but my canon will be 50/50 for the cat and the kid. I'll do 90/10 in the kid's favor because there are cunts out there who will feel bad about the kid girl.

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>>133078744FUCK THE CAT, BOTH METAPHORICALLY AND LITERALLY. yeah about my show. I will require titles for each show and my own website like South Park has, as well as Youtube.There will be a show where the kid and the cat are friends (sorta, like Tutenstein and Fry+Bender), a show where it's like Spy Vs Spy and a show where it's still like Spy Vs Spy if it was 10 minutes per episode instead of 30 second shorts.Writing wise I will make fun of the baggage by having the cat and kid team up to throw out the trash. The family and neighbours should be much much much friendlier and sidelined instead of focusing on them ... oh and no annoying wimpy best friend, fuck that gay noise. I already have my Tom & Jerry shit going on here, I don't need a show called 1 cat vs 2 boys.

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>>133076141I'm taking requests for practice. Shitty art warning though.

>>133080782Fiona sitting on a throne or chair with Kat in her lap, they both look smug and evil at the viewer.

Come up with episode ideas. Personally I always wanted a Stephen King yandere Kat medic taking care of Coop by breaking his legs.

>>133076196This>>133076219Not this

>>133080782Phoebe dressed like a Ninja

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>>133080782Dr. K seduces Coop

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>>133076141Turn everyone into a tranny bipoc queerquenn cuckmonger. The cat needs to be a dog, because fuck the fanbase, every episode has a song now, for some reason.

>>133076141Well, it was a pretty bad show but it could be decent with some tweaks. Make the father and daughter actually likable people who all love each other including the main character. Have the family think he is weird for thinking something is wrong with the cat but they still love him. Have the cat be the leader of a cat army. See all the cats in the neighborhood have been replaced with Alian cats. They pretend to be our pets to collect information. Have the kid eas drop by one of their meetings and learn about the implications. Eventually, he and the cat army have an epic battle, and eventually, all the cats are rescued and everyone apologizes to the kid. I think that would be the most satisfying way to tell the story but if they want it to be a show that never ends like The Simpsons or something it would need further tweaking.Also, give the characters actual personalities outside of there base line roles in the cartoon.

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Who was the bigger mary sue, Coop or Fiona?

>>133076141I would cut the character of Millie entirely

>>133076141I add everybody's OCs

>>133081648sounds p. boring

>>133076141Kat is now black

>>133076175A reboot can continue the story, beavis and Butt-Head got two rebootsA remake gas to either follow the same story or change it


Bingus hates you unconditionally.

>>133076192its closer to lilo and stitch than it is to invader zim

>>133082751Okay, how about this? The kid is an actual psychopath/serial killer in the making. Him thinking the cat is an alien is all in his head and he keeps trying to kill the cat as it runs away and we cut from his imagination to what is really happening. Half the time the kid is successful in his murderous endeavors and half the time he fails. When he does actually kill the cat the dad just replaces it with an identical cat. The daughter never notices the difference. And the dad never reports his son's fucked up behavior because he is in denial and doesn't want to admit how much of a monster his kid is.

>>133080782Katify this

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>>133083559still boring, now with added edge

>>133083763Do you have any ideas? It's a really hard premise to make not boring.Maybe every episode the kid tries to accomplish some goal and the cat hates the kid for no reason and tries to stop him. And it's just a Tom And Jarry kind of show with very little talking.




>>133081648cute fan art

>>133076141Give it a proper non catshit ending.


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>>133081313And here. Please rate. Hope you guys like it.

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>>133088974Anon why does the head blend into the t-shirtIs the head made out of Tshirt or is the t-shirt made out of head?

>>133088998Fuck, I knew I forgot something lmao. Just imagine there's a V there.

>>133078431Who knows? Kat's just very pleasing to look at.

>>133077649If you keep the thread alive, i’ll post my iteration of this idea when I get home.