Dan Slott appreciation thread

despite all the criticism he gets, you have to admit that Slott (along with Bendis) pretty much created modern Spider-Man.

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>>133074635Choke on a dog you retarded shit lord.


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You're right, Slott and Bendis are largely responsible for the dire state of modern Spider-Man.

>>133074651why do people think that Slott posts here

>>133074651Why so bitter?


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Stop making this thread faggot, nobody likes dan slott. He's a fat piece of shit who hates his own audience, ruined an entire generation of spiderman comics, and has dedicated his career to simping for heather antos. Also I haven't checked his early life yet but my ((Them)) senses are tingling.

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>>133076277UPDATE: 1. I cant find anything about his early life or family which is a big red flag right there 2. In this article apparently dan slott once tols Christians to go to christ land and went on a big rant when someone told him to go to jew land 3. Dan slott never addressed any questions got out of the argument quickly and the article mentions he is "very protective" of his faith and ancestry>Tl;DR 9/10 chance dan slott's a kike

>>133076371Forgot to post link:douglasernst.blog/2014/07/01/marvels-dan-slott-stretches-his-bigotry-muscles-tells-christians-to-build-companies-in-christ-land/

>>133075492Who else would possibly keep making pro-Slott posts?

>>133074635go back to bed RAMOS no one wants more shitty spider-man art.

>>133075492let me share this

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>>133076657Holy shit, I was right. Thanks for confirming my suspicions, fren.

>>133074635P.s. Hey Op (Dan), It doesn't matter how many characters or books you make for her. She is NEVER gonna fuck you.

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>>133076996you are cringe

>>133074635I appreciate how Bendis ruined Jon Kent. He was such a great Superboy before him. His Miles is trash and he needed the Lego movie people to make his shit tier character appealing.

>>133077032Lol, hi dan.

someone post the webm

>>133077032Danny Boi!

>>133076996Who is in the picture?

>>133077208Heather Antos. The girl Dan slott and like 90% of current marvel writers simp for.

>>133077241Tara Strong?

>>133075492It's called Slottposting and it's a fine art.

>>133074635I like Big Time and (most of) Superior

someone post that webm of dan slott walking up on stage and he is waddling like a munchkin

>>133074635Fat cunt doesn't deserve any appreciation, what other the user said, ruined a generation of spider-man comics

>>133075492That's exactly something Slott would say.

>>133076669WTF, I love this fat cunt now, but his writing is still shit.Still hope he gets cancer

>>133074635That's not the compliment you think it is.

>>133074635>despite all the criticism he gets, you have to admit that Slott (along with Bendis) pretty much raped modern Spider-Man till his gaping asshole swallowed him hole.There, corrected it for you. Fuck Slott, I bet he fucks kids.


>>133074635He's the one who turned Spider-Man comcis into a shitty sitcom ?

>>133074635Stop yourself, and realize they ruined a lot of lore to create modern spider-man.

>>133074651I actually liked Slott's Spider-man run, maybe 'cause it's the one that was going on when I got into comics, but I've read previous runs (thanks to a torrent) and I still prefer Dan Slott's run.

>>133076371>I cant find anything about his early life or familyYeah, because it's none of your business.

>>133074635Who is worse Slott or Bendis?

>>133076669that pic is just alot of claims with no proofs >>133076277>>133076371> antisemitism

>>133076277I like Slott, he's better than most Big 2 writers of the past 2 decades

Big time was good


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>>133076277the fact that Dan Slott always writes off fan criticism as haters is so fucking immature. He totally ignores fan outcry because he fucking hates the fans. Dan Slott should go die like Elvis.

He's the reason why She-Hulk is shit.

>>133074635>Slott (along with Bendis) pretty much created modern Spider-Man.Is that supposed to be a good thing? Why is that a badge of honor, to say you dragged Spider-Man into arguably the worst era of his franchise?Slott effectively made shock value the primary tenant of Spider stories, which will forever ruin the quality of Spider comics. On top of that, no one else before him regurgitated the same ideas done better (or terrible ideas that should never have returned) on his level.

>>133076277How old is Dan Slott?

>>133074635>pretty much created modern Spider-Man.And you dare ask why we hate him?

Bendis is why we have the cancer known as Miles

My major problems with slott were>No MJ>Silk weird introduction>All volume 4 >Issue 700 and Superior being too long>Peter berely act like an adult>Spiderverse having a sequel>Ock and Goblin spam>His clone arcAnd still ,Slott run was better than Wells , Spencer and maybe Chip run.That tell you how low is the bar and why they brough him back >>133074723Yeah , add JMS and the three made 21 century Peter like Micheline did it in the 90s Peter and Defalco&DeMatteis&David in the 80s

>>133074635Neither of them added a single good thing to the Spiderman mythos.Okay mcu twink Spiderman is literally miles in whiteface with hot cougar auntmay from ultimate.

>>133082820>Slott’s slopp>better than anything Now, this is shilling.

>>133076371>Go to Jew land

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>>133082885Sorry that you couldn't retcon OMD, Spencer, but your run was even more dogshit than Slob

>>133074635and modern spider-man is shit

>>133082927Neither Spencer nor Wells had their self-insert rape Peter, Dan.

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>>133082977Spider-Man gets raped a lot now that I think about it.

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>>133082977And still is less bad than Spencer and the misery porn with actual cucked Parker made by Wells, kek.The kraven ending was hilarous bad, it felt something from zombiesimpson(lile the cat episode)

>>133083068If this isn't confirmation that fat kike posts here, I don't know what is.

>>133082977kek only a Jew could write that comic holy shit

>>133082977Okay, he really went further than Gobbo.

>>133083096Nigga , are you dumb?.Is not even a 'Which is better' debate., I'm only saying that spiderman comic is so bad right now that a dogshit author that is Micheliene/Mackay tier is not even the worse run in the last 10 years. And that the hero is in so bad state that only Slob and Wells want to write stories about it.Maybe if you stopped sucking Spencer cock for a second you would understand

Slott is the best Marvel writer of the 21st century

>>133083209Norman just wants Peter to be his son or die in agony. Otto... I don't know what the hell that was.

>>133082977Goblin man received the corrective rape he deserved. Nick is officially the best writer post OMD.

>>133083250No, your statement was ‘Otto raping Peter with the latter accepting Spock after that and not even trying to tear his limbs from sockets is better than mediocre drag we have now’.

>>133084354Is there any porn of that yet?

>>133084692There's a Mysterio edit of Gwen getting fucked by Norman.

>>133084724That's disappointing. Fujos dropped the ball this time.

Normquin is the superior gay ship. Everyone else go home.

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>>133084849>Using Superior during ship discourse.Octoborn is obviously superior and your subconscious betrays you user.

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>>133080122Slott is like Bendis-lite. His older works is good, but not as Bendis-good. Now Slott is shit, but Bendis is shittier.

>>133084998>His older works is goodNone of his works are good.

>>133085024Slott's Amazing fantasy 1000 story was both cute and funny

>His older stuff is good!Fuck off, He just rips-off pop-culture.He never once was clever or funny & he writes females like he's getting revenge for high school.

>>133085048No it wasn't.

>>133085070I see... user doesn't recognize cute couple writing. Too distracted by a raging hatred boner.

>>133085192It was phony & saccharine.

There is no God.Dan Slott is still alive & Kentaro Miura is dead.

>>133085208So user says. It was cute and perhaps one day user might recognize that.

>>133085242God favors Jewish people. You're going to have to live with that.

>>133085254Just keep saying it was good & cute without actually explaining it.IT GOOD!

>>133085266Why do they look like goblins in manskin?

Slott triggers trannies that's why he gets so much hate online

>>133085296Goblins are cute user.

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Blessing this thread.

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>>133074635Superior Spider-Man was just Kraven’s Last Hunt but padded to death and stupid.

>>133085283Anon didn't describe his opinion. Why would I need to explain my opinion? >>133085709Lol.

>>133074635As stupid as it was at times, Superior Spider-Man was fun, and gave Spider-Man the technology, and career upgrade that he desperately needed.Also, Dan Slott is by far the best Hank Pym writer in decades, and would probably be good at adapting Doctor Who for an American audience.

>>133085709>>133085808I'd like to add my vote to the cute poll. It was nice to see Peter and MJ as an older married couple.

>>133084987Otto is free to make as many claims of the word superior. It won't ever stick. Not like gobbo's dick in Quentin's ass.

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>>133085945....Spiderman literally has warehouses full of tech confiscated from street thugs mad scientists and alien demigods who are smarter than Otto will ever be His tech upgrades were shitty tentacles and spider themed drones. All of which he's done already a d with not even a tenth of ottos resources. Spock was terrible.

>>133087651Why is Peter struggling against Otto and Norman or any of his rogues again? It makes no sense that they're a threat. Just make stronger villains and kill the old ones.

>>133076669marywhokecklets still can't comprehend a lot of people hate her and would rather Peter stay with Felicia/Gwen

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>>133087766Fuck off gwendyslutcuck nobody is fooled by your cosplaying.

>>133077543So do I but that accounts for less than half of his Spidey work

>>133085024Spider-Man/Human Torch is in fact good

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>>133087870Thing is taller than he should be. He's only two inches taller than Peter.Spider-man 5'10The thing 6'0

>>133087870No, He makes She-Hulk feel like shit in that, Plus that is now ruined because of his FF run.

>>133087936Slott's too lazy look-up character's height & weights.

>>133087939Why would I care about what happens to She Hulk in a Spider-Man/Human Torch book

>>133082977Why so homophobic?

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>>133087870The Thing is 5'10

>>133087936Do any of the artists stick to accurate height depictions?

>>133087954Cuz I'm a She-Hulk fan, He just uses her as a punching at every given opportunity.

>>133087870You liked a Slott book you more problems then me bub.

>>133087936Ben is shorter than Reed, but you expect modern artists to have read Kirby?

>>133085578>Gwen stacy becomes Goblin Stylite.

There are too many nuts in this snack mix bag.

>>133089086You say that like it's a bad thing.

>>133085945You're Slott, aren't you

>Slott wrote a shitty Norman>Spencer wrote a shitty Norman>Wells is writing a shitty Norman>Somehow, Bendis managed to write a good Normanhonestly embarrassing. Imagine being outdone by a interracial cuckold fantasy "writer"

>>133089900Normanfags think Norman wasn't abusive before villaining it up. Everyone should ignore Normanfags.

>Normanhaters think there is only one type of abusehmm

>>133089900Bendis wrote a parody, which is all he can do.

>>133084440>MediocreKek you aren't even tryingSpencer was the biggest trainwreck since the clone saga and Wells is crap. And that doesn't made Slott good, it made Spiderman editor bad

>>133089980Do goblin supporters have that opinion? I can buy it from villain woobiers, but it's not difficult to acknowledge child abusers make effective villains.>>133090316There are seven different types of abuse, and Norman has engaged in almost every single one of them.

>didn't change the status quo>wrote mid storiesSpider manhas always been the best selling book ever since it was first published, they made controversy to increase the number of sales, and that number was helped by spider man movies, games and animation.

are you excited?

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