What the fuck were they thinking with this episode?

What the fuck were they thinking with this episode?

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>>133073524They let a writer write their fetish for an episode

BASED Jerry outsmarting both Beths at the same time for a threeway.

>>133073524I didnt hate it

We want more female representation, so we're going to MAKE it happen

>>133073524They literally tell you what they were thinking after the credits, dumbass.


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>>133073524Was the 5 minute mutual foot worship scene necessary? It's a 23 minute show.

>>133073598Did he have a threeway? I assumed by the dialogue he just watched.

>>133073524That the reactions would be funny...and they are.

>>133073524אני אוהב לקדם ניוון של לא-יהודים תוך שימוש בשליטה כמעט מוחלטת שלנו בתקשורת

>>133073635He watched Beth fuck Beth while Beth degraded him with some weird D/s abuse play. Jerry became like his cuck father, only this time he would get called mean names and spit on.

>>133073524It's more original than another "what if we were inside a simulation" episode, I think most people have entertained the idea of fucking a clone of themselves, it was a decent premise to explore and some of it was interesting.I guess the problem is, Beth is a really annoying, nothing character and should legitimately be written off the show.

>>133073738While morty and summer cry eating their dinner. Is that part of the kink?

This episode just left me like pic related. Honestly I've asked the question but this was shouting it into a megaphone at the library. Jesus fuck.

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>>133073524Where did you lose all hope for Rick & Morty being good again, Holla Forums?For me it was after they decided to answer the clone question. Shit like Pickle Rick is acceptable to me as just a one-off wankfest for a specific woman on staff, and while I hated it, I didn't think it was a death knell for future quality. The clone thing was just an abject failure on the part of the writers, because they set up something which should've been left ambiguous and then answered it immediately. At least wait for a bit. If you're gonna be a pseudointellectual hack, at least commit to it.>inb4 rick potion 9>inb4 "again?"

>>133073778They haven't confirmed who is the clone don't let YouTubers that didn't pay enough attention tell you otherwise

>>133073524>"I've heard of touching yourself but this is ridiculous.

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>>133073778Huh? Which one's the clone then? What are you babbling about, schizo?

This feels rather narcissistic

>>133073524Isn't incest Holla Forums's specialty?

>>133073828Being weird fetishists is Holla Forums's speciality

Seriously I could even hear come all ye faithful. Now I know how Stewie felt

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>>133073524Goated ep.

Why are you all bitching about this? You knew it was happening. Everyone already knew.

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>>133073942Surprise they didn't just casually get up one by one to go have Thanksgiving with the president

>>133073778that facehugger episode that starts with a 10/10 rick and morty concept and then somehow goes to a 0/10 before the intro jingle even starts

>>133073958Well Rick just finished embarrassing him for the nth year in a row so probably not possible.

>>133073958Why are the Thanksgiving episodes so garbage? Also what is the end point for this show? It clearly has canon and an overarching story but how is this all going to wrap up. What does it matter if morty and the family have character development if they'll be perpetually the same age forever.

>>133073942I liked that Rick tried to distract Summer and Morty even if it was a really half-assed attempt.>>133073958That would've been a great ending. He's my favourite recurring character desu, the turkey episode in underrated.

>>133073992>Also what is the end point for this show?When HBO Max cancels them after they hit episode 101. They're on episode 54 currently.We're not even halfway through the series.

>>133074014So should get you get invested in the characters or just accept it as a robot chicken style show where it's just stupid fun.

>>133073738>>133073635He sounded pretty active and with that part of just giggling and moaning I think he did more than just listen.

>>133074019I swear I lose my fucking mind over these threads. They literally talk about doing simple adventures every season since S3, like they did in S1. Every once in a while they add some lore. What's so hard to get in that?

>>133074019>So should get you get invested in the characters or just accept it as a robot chicken style show where it's just stupid fun.The Story Train episode was where I accepted the show had become the latter but then in the season 4 finale they tried a super serious canon episode. The show is bipolar as fuck.

>>133073524Warming up the audience for the Summer/Morty Incest episode

>>133074045So, like TWD, the only episodes where they try are the premire and season finales. Everything else can fluctuate from good to shit because people will watch it anyways.

>>133074052I think big fans of the show feel it has a good balance of plot and wacky adventures but for me, it just feels inconsistent as hell. Different stokes and all.

>>133074068No, not like walking dead. This is intentional, everyone always tries to make it seem like it's an accident so they can act like they're smarter than the show writers. They literally made an ep making fun of "fans" like you bringing up this point, it's the infinity train episode. One of my favourites because it's quite clearly a fuck you to you obsessive fans.

>>133073738Jerry wormed his way in to a three way sounds like a jerry move.Being a human dildo is degrading…

>>133073524If they're going to do weird fetish shit I'll take this over gay faggot dragons or brother-sister incest.

>>133074067More like Summer x Rick>Got her a nickname >Preferred over Morty sometimes >"She's my granddaughter. She reminds me of you"Plus she's a redhead. Remember what he filled that stadium with


>>133074118>gonna need you to cum for me sum sum

>>133074099I think you're the obsessive one, I don't care either way over the show. If it got cancelled tomorrow I wouldn't give a fuck but I think you'd be upset over the lose ends it has. It's pretty reasonable to notice the inconsistent writing between episodes because it's really in your face. If you can't see that then I'm glad you enjoy it.

Probably " Let's make something weird yet funny." And honestly no irony they did it bros. Rick and morty is back

>>133074133Yes this was clearly an argument about who's the more obsessive fan. It also required a winner, well I guess I lost. Darn.Dumb R&M faggot thinks him analysing every episode of the "high IQ" show makes him smart.

>>133074151There isn't a "winner", just different tastes and discussing media. It wasn't a facetious statement to say I'm glad you enjoy the show the way it is.

>>133073524They were thinking it's time to get incest to be mainstream already.

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>>133074194There are many shit episodes, S3 was a blunder imo. I just think, objectively, saying the show is inconsistent because it has some "episodic" releases and the odd lore episode every other season is a dumb argument that gets brought up every thread.It's dumb because they literally say they want simple adventures, the "lore EPs" are like 5% of the show. Really it's just my autism that spazzes out when I see this argument being raised, it's meaningless because to say that the show is inconsistent for this reason is just wrong, they literally made an ep making fun of this very argument.Say that it's inconsistent in its quality of writing, and I'd agree with you 100% and S4 especially was guilty of that, S3 meanwhile was just bad. That's a reasonable argument I'm sure you all would like to form a circlejerk over every single R&M thread.

>>133074245Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for THAT blunder.

>more edgy shock "look how weird and gross we can be" adult animation i think its even more apparent just how fucking awful animation has become since adult swim started airing their old stuff again compared to rick and morty. this shit feels like all the series has going for it still

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>>133073918we were joking user, we didn't actually expect it to happen

>>133073778I think I gave up at about the 4th character that derives it's humor from "I'm Mister (Weird Name)!"

>>133073958Yea, but that would've represented all the cuck shit as cringy, which was not the point. The whole episode is written by someone with a cuck fetish for someone with a cuck fetish, so of course that they'll go as far as possible to make it cucky while still keeping it pg-13. The point was to sit there and take it without interfering, just like a cuck. You don't get to say "fuck this shit I'm out" in this scenario.

>>133074140There is nothing humorous in this episode. It was about as inspired as the plot of a porno, because that's what it essentially was.

>>133073778I don't think we know who's the clone and who's the original yet, but I don't see that mattering anymore.The point of no return for me was the dragon episode. It's the moment I realised seasons would follow the formula of "decent premiere/ending with all episodes in between being nothing but terrible white noise" forever and ever.

what an ugly cartoonand I dont mean how it looks

>>133074052I can't get invested in any form of canon given the "Science" is so soft that I refuse to believe that Rick can't just asspull some unique technological wonder whenever the story wants for one.The portal system alone demands an explanation akin to an operating manual for the gun and a material page for the fluid, complete with a general troubleshooting guide. It seems like the "Hard Reset" is obviously there to make it so that the writers don't have to try and deal with the current system, and tone down the scale.>>133074742I was under the impression that it was fairly obvious that Space Beth was the original. Given that the main reason Rick offered the clone option was to keep the family intact should Beth leave, If the original had chosen to stay home, then there would be no reason to make a clone that decided to go to space instead, and open up unnecessary risk to the family.

>>133073524I'm thinking my cock's pretty hard right now, that's what I'm fukken thinking. Anyone that can't get behind selfcest lesbian milf cuckoldry being performed right in front of their own kids is lacking something.

I remember when user's where saying they'd never go there and that people were reading WAY too much into that "Nice outfit" line and calling them autists for it.

>>133074814>I was under the impression that it was fairly obvious that Space Beth was the originalI think so too for unrelated reasons but wasn't the entire point of the S4 finale to show that rick was too much of a coward to make the decision and ultimately left it to pure chance to decide who would be the space adventurer and who would be the housewife? We know one is a clone and one is the original but even if it seems pretty obvious which one is which the entire thing is built upon the idea that regardless of what might seem obvious, it is still a raw 50-50 and the writers can go either way depending on what they think will subvert your expectations more.The problem I feel is that it doesn't matter in the slightest. So say space beth discovers without a shadow of a doubt that she's the clone, it's not like she'd have a mental breakdown since spage life has made her hard and jaded. Say domestic beth discovers she's the clone instead, she still loves her family so it's not like she'd kill herself or anything. Both characters can interact with each other andgo in and out of the house and the adventures and the A plots and B plots, this is not a doppelganger or time traveler deal where if you see or touch your other self it'd cause you to die, they're essentially different characters and the clone question only matters to rick, not even the audience.

>>133073635>>133073738Incorrect. The offscreen dialogue made it clear that he was participating."I know what you like".He won.

>>133074881Lacking a mental illness? Why, thank you.

>>133073524I usually like selfcest but this episode made me not. I think it was the constant focus on the kids knowing when their parents are fucking

>>133073524Like you wouldn't fuck your clone. I would.

REMINDER to play the enhanced edition of the best WEG in development right now:>30 Hours of content>150+ sexual encounters with main cast and popular side girls>Anti-Patreon mode preapplied (canon ages and incest toggleable)>Highest density of sexual content of any porn parody>Unlocked Gallery mode at default>No grinding bullshit>Rewritten script (from the original) with a stronger focus on characters/jokes/dynamics>Ongoing and regularly updatedLink: mega.nz/file/CjwSgKIZ#4WdIwk1KnLQKSWAxrtb_-sCDITccPlc1lNPeSZ9u9ZE=Feedback thread:f95zone.to/threads/rick-and-morty-another-way-home-r3-6-night-mirror.79138/

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>>133074912I mean it seems like just doing a roulette spin as the show depicts seems like a very bad way of removing the guilt of deciding who.Again, the softness of Rick's scientific capability refuses to let me believe that rick couldn't, for example, swap out half of the cells in each Beth with the other, so that they'd be in some weird superposition of being a clone and not being a clone.>"Rick (...) ultimately left it to pure chance to decide who would be the space adventurer and who would be the housewife."That feels really off-putting to me, but since Rick can erase memories easily, It's reasonable, though it doesn't seem like "Pure" chance in the proper sense of the word.

>>133075025I mean if we get into rick's scientific background we could even go as far as to assume the roulette was meaningless to him as a randomizing mechanism because it never changes directions or speed, so based simply on the original position of the tubes, the speed at which they're shuffled and the time that passes, the smartest man in the universe should have absolutely no way of NOT knowing where the original ended up even if he turned around and got drunk.It's still dumb, but rick is smart in the same way sherlock is smart in that greentext post I always forget to save, indistinguishable from a wizard and only applied when it's convenient to the writers, otherwise there would never be conflict.

>>133074676It's literally an ep written to shill dykery and play cuckery up as alpha and manly to shill dykery.

>>133075107Cope. Jerry won.


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>>133075115Won what exactly?What did he win.>>133075125Yes it is. It's all layered and its horribly fucked up.

>>133075157Got a hot space wife and infinite threeways with no drama.Unequivocal Jerry win.

>>133075157Retard-kun, if both people are your literal wife, and even have a threeway with you, how are you being a cuck just because they fucked earlier.

>>133075162Their ball busting, narc, middle aged used up dykes. One is a tatted to hell side cut having bull dyke. Thats not hot. He can literally buy 20 year olds who'll fight to sick his dick and ride the dick first.That's not a win. That's putting a nice vase in the corner of a shit filled torture dungeon.

>>133075218Ahhhh cope and seethe. I'll allow it.

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>>133075201Well have fun convincing normies and former fans.

>>133075223Normalfags can jack off over pickle rick for all I care. In fact, I'm HAPPY you all got filtered. Get the fuck off my website you prude weirdos.

>>133074067?? That already happened. Though it was via artificial processes. This very episode even referred to it.

Hilarious, and disgusts redditorsThis season is a return to form

Who's dick did Beth's VA suck to get 2 regular occurring role jobs?

>>133075218>narcWhy do people keep saying this? Did Beth snitch on someone in an episode I'm forgetting?

>>133075488>peopleIt's Holla Forums. It's also an incredibly specific insult. That means it's one schizo.

>>133073524>thinkingthey didn't. That's the main issue with the writers staff since 3th season,they don't think. They just execute the idea without asking themselves if said idea is cringe,off-putting,disturbing or whatever

>>133073778>Where did you lose all hope for Rick & Morty being good again, Holla Forums?Season 4 finale when I fully realized that the writers really think that Beth and Jerry are interesting characters worth writing multiple episodes a season about.

>>133073778Season 6 has been the best season since season 2 so far. The new status quo being established fixes most of the problems of 3-5.

>>133073524Literally why do you fags find selfcest fucked up when there's literally an anime that broadcasted in Japan about two sisters fucking each other and was never once banned or seen as controversial?

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>>133075606probably those girls are likeable. Beth is always loatheful

>>133075615So, Rick and Morty is interesting to follow because ever since the S3 opener, the entire show has had an identity crisis. Season 1 and 2 were a very specific thing, and the finale was leading to the promise of delivering on character growth and a larger reliance on the non-Rick family, possibly a rescue mission where Rick isn’t in charge and we get to flesh out Beth and Jerry (who at the time were just “struggling marriage plots”) and Summer (who was almost a nobody). Instead the show made a hard turn, and I along with many people think it was Harmon wanting to channel his divorce into the story, so they quickly tied up what the entire show was leading to and did that instead. The way they had to resolve the lingering S1 and S2 lead-up necessitated turning Rick from wacky science grandpa into a demigod. Ultimately, I believe this was a mistake, but untethering the show from one cohesive arc has created an interesting game of catchup where the writers try a new take on the formula, receive feedback and genuinely try to course correct (they pretend that they eye roll at their criticisms but they do legitimately try to address them every time).After Season 3 was the most polarizing season, their course correction for S4 was a larger focus on goofy adventures and science fiction, because I think what they got out of people not liking S3 was that it was getting too dramatic and we needed some goofy fun. The problem is, they overcorrected and while kind of fun (and funny) it felt like the characters were spinning their wheels and getting worse. Beth and Jerry got out of their recycled “marriage on the rocks” plots, but were kind of left without much in its place. Summer becomes the unofficial third member of Rick and Morty, and that’s cool, but she’s still kind of unlikable as a person so she only works in small doses.1/?

>>133075654Rickwank got really obnoxious but their solution was to be schizo about it and have Rick switch from demigod mode to being shit on/being retarded and he ultimately felt inconsistent. My biggest issue with the characters is Morty is the soul of the show. He is the audience, not Rick. Morty is the fish out of water who is fearful/gazing in wonder at the weird things we find, but the writers thought that he should develop too, unfortunately a lot of that development was just making him a mini Rick. In fact all of the characters slowly become more Rick-like, because Rick is the most popular character. Which basically just ends up making the whole show feel like one big Rick. Cynical, meta, unphased and lacking stakes.Season 5 was an iteration on Season 4. They tried to show Rick’s flaws a bit more while still keeping him as le based demigod. Morty was given more of a backbone which does some nice things for his character but it still sort of feels off the mark with how jaded he was getting. Unfortunately the goofy adventure episodes are at their worst here, some of them being JUST toilet humor and that’s it. They knew they had an ace up their sleeve by paying off on Evil Morty and Rick’s backstory, and they cashed that check pretty well, but ultimately the rot of the characters and decline of the adventure stories was really beginning to take its toll.Now we’re here, Season 6. Taking inventory of the post-S2 show, the most appreciated episodes have almost all been plot heavy, with some liked high concept (vat of acid) shows as well. The fans are tired of the show hating itself, and they were getting sick of Rick and Morty growing apart from eachother. In addition, the elephant in the room of figuring out what to give Beth/Jerry/Summer, and the fact that the biggest lingering plotline in Evil Morty being resolved, lead to the writers having a lot to reposition if the show is to “get on course”.2/?

>>133075663So three episodes in, what is season 6 doing right?>First, and least relevant but still notable, the production quality of these episodes is really really good. If you disagree with me on everything else, at least the rig work, backgrounds and designs are consistently great so far. Would go off further on this but this is already too long.>Morty has readjusted to be more like himself. He’s a good person at heart, he’s just got a terrible influence in the broken person that is Rick. They laid the groundwork for this in S5, but now so far I really like what they’re doing with the show’s most important character.>With the cat out of the bag, what they do with Rick is VERY dangerous, and I think they’re doing a great job. Instead of his demigod/buttmonkey schizo dynamic, he now feels more like a person, with a real goal, real flaws and ties to his family again. Rick is a tough character to fix after what’s been done to him, but so far they’ve really introduced humanity back into the man. He’s no longer “bugs bunny” he’s a person.>In addition, these two characters now feel stronger together. Moreso in episode 1, but even in episode 2, I really felt like they were a duo again, and I really like their dynamic. This might be bold to say, but if they can keep it up, it might even be better than their original dynamic.>The show has finally decided to deliver on the promise of the end of S2, and has fully committed to the rest of the family being main characters. This will have growing pains, but it’s the right call in my opinion. I also really felt like the end of episode 1 is a promise to the audience that this family, while dysfunctional, is going to feel like a family again.3/?

>>133075677>Jerry has always been a big missed opportunity. He represents something the show has always needed, an antithesis to Rick as a philosophy. He’s basically the Anti-Rick, needing very little to be happy, fine with his small place in the world, etc. Unfortunately, the show has rarely cashed in on that, choosing instead to make him almost exclusively the buttmonkey (with just glimmers of this aspect). The ending of S6E1 feels like a promise that Jerry is getting his due. He’s still a goober, but he isn’t just something to be pointed and laughed at. He was given the most dignity he’s had in a long time. The alt-family seems to imply that the “shut the fuck up Dad you’re a loser” stuff is going to significantly decrease. Episode 3 even implied that the Rick/Jerry dynamic is getting a much needed improvement, and getting two hot wives was an unequivocal win for him.>Beth hasn't been the strongest, but they have their one idea they’ve had for her that they are cashing in on. Her Space counterpart being around will allow both sides of her to be explored in more interesting ways. I hope her relationship with her father is more directly addressed, and perhaps her upbringing and how she was like as a kid (froopyland). Space Beth gives me hope for her, fingers crossed.4/?

>>133075687>High concept ideas. Before I cared about any of these people or any story, this was the appeal of Rick and Morty. As time has gone on, the ideas have become increasingly goofy and less interesting (S4/S5) not for every episode, but more than it should. That said, I’d give Season 6 a 3 for 3 so far. The portal reset, the black hole gateway and creatures, Rick’s torture device and his home world/the repeating endless day causing pain to everyone around him, Mr. Frundles, the new and interesting place to take the concept of Roy (so glad it wasn’t just fucking around in Roy world for half an hour). The video game console with weird games, the implications of self-cest, I even thought the idea that every civilization comes up with their own “Die Hard” myth, like it’s an archetypical story that is ingrained in intelligent beings, was cute.>The new villain is, honestly, way more interesting to me than Evil Morty. He’s less mysterious, and he hasn’t had a GREAT episode like Tales from the Citadel, but he’s personal to Rick and Morty, and he feels more dangerous. The show had a vacuum without the federation or Evil Morty, and Rick Prime seems like a perfect fit. The villain of the show is the externalized dark side of Rick made manifest, very cool.Alright, i’ve sucked off the show for multiple posts. So what is S6 not doing/doing poorly?>Summer, the odd one out. I DESPERATELY want Summer to be better, but in my opinion she’s still the worst of the family, and unfortunately her Die Hard B-plot didn’t do much to fix that. Honestly, she has a good role in the family, the one who buys Rick’s BS the most and just wants to bro out and have sick adventures, but AS A PERSON she isn’t likable. She’s the one most missing a puzzle piece, something to make the audience care about her. I’m pulling for her.5/?

>>133075692>The humor. This is weird, because even during rough patches the show has been at least pretty funny. For some reason, S6 has had the least amount of laughs from me so far. Hoping that this is just the result of E1 being focused on plot and E2’s Die Hard B-plot just being a dud. The show needs to be more consistently funnier than this (but NOT at the expense of character, stakes and adventure! Don’t lose that you’re doing well!)>Meta humor. This gets the “most improved” award for being way better, but it’s still too much. I’m glad that the characters don’t feel like they don’t want to be in their own shows anymore, but they’re still way too aware of their own tropes and it sucks you out of the story “Sorry for the sitcom fight”. I think this can be dialed down a bit more and instead humor should be derived from in universe.>Reference humor. Great artists steal, yadda yadda. Movie parodies and pop culture references take away from the interesting world that this show has. Please, by all means, feel free to “do a die hard” but you don’t have to make the fact that “we’re doing die hard” BE the joke. Same goes for the Endgame reference. Or the Wolverine claws. The show is at its best when it does it’s own spin on ideas, not just taking them wholesale and giving them to the characters. The show should honestly be above a straight movie parody.I have suspicions for other issues, but it’s too early to tell. All in all, I still like Rick and Morty (obviously) and it’s been fascinating to watch the writers wrestle over the soul of the show, and honestly I haven’t felt better about the direction the show is going since the finale of S2. I’m rooting for the team and hoping that this season continues to improve the aspects I’ve talked about. I’m sad to see the show is so hated now on 4chan when it really feels like it’s in an upswing, at least to me.*End of autistic rant.*

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>>133073524What happened i didn’t watch it?

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>>133076002Space Beth and Beth start fucking.Jerry finds out and goes into a cocoonThey are about to erase their memories but Jerry returns and says he'll pack his bagsDomestic Beth wants him to stayJerry turns it into a threewayThe parents are now a throupleThe kids don't know how to handle it

>>133076017Sound very cuckedIm out

>>133076056If you call getting your own harem cucked, then sure.

>>133076056You were always out, faggotThat's why you're here asking other people about it

>>133073524Imagine getting filtered by selfcest out of all things? The show could’ve done better potraying it, imo.

>>133076073Selfcest is one of those things where it's cool in porn or non mainstream material. When played unironically it's just awkward. It's about taboo.

>>133075700>>133075692>>133075687>>133075677>>133075663>>133075654Holy fuck when I asked you to elaborate I didn't expect this. Well, thank you

>>133076345Don't mention it.

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At this point the Rick n Morty comic books have better stories and better writing than the show and it's funny how back in the day we said they were softly flanderised ... the comics were released before season 2 even aired ... imagine the same people now.

>>133073740>>133073524saw a fucking reply to "what would be the worst episode of rick and morty">another Beth centered episodeLooks like they werent wrong...

>>133076435But this is far from the worst episode of the show, unless you're genuinely retarded

>>133076444There is a small section of neo-puritanical schizos that browse this board and think anything remotely sexual is evil. It's an unholy combination of far right and far left autism put into one.>You can't have two wives! That's sexist!>You can't have two wives! That's cuckoldry!

>>133074517>we didn't actually expect it to happenIt was in the title.

>>133073738Classic mistake.

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>>133076494no one ever mentioned any titles in the entire week from the previous episodes to this one. They all focused on that one single space-beths line about cute outfit or whatever

>>133076444if hating beth narcissism more than a pointless rick and morty adventure that has 20 minutes of literally no substance and a fucking incest baby then im literally retard incarnate

>>133075606> about two sisters fucking each other?

>>133073524It was a great episode.

>>133073537>Search who wrote the episode>writer @RickandMorty and Tuca & Bertie, UCB (Outside Dog), total creepshow, she/herYeah, probably she wrote her fetishes

>>133075606>Literally why do you fags find selfcest fucked up when there's literally an anim-Don't care, weeboid

>>133074934>I know what you likeYes, being degraded. He's a cuck like his father and this episode was one of the worst, just like the incest baby, or the weird dragon shit

>>133077425Read it and weep:>Space Beth: Am I permitted to do this?>Jerry: Until further notice.>Domestic Beth: I love it~>Jerry: Then it's permitted from now on.>Space Beth: Oh because you like whatever she likes because you're a WORM.>Jerry: I will ALLOW that assessment.>Space Beth: I don't care what you allow. What do you allow?>Domestic Beth: I allow this.>Space Beth: Well then it's required.>Jerry: I approve the requirement.>Space Beth: You get over there.>Jerry: Good idea.>Domestic Beth: Oh! Wow... O-kay~ uh... honey?>Jerry: I'm fine if... you are?>Space Beth: You're never fine, shut up.>Jerry: Okay! But OH! O-kay~? Unf~ wow...>Domestic Beth: This is not how I pictured this but...>Jerry: I have zero complaints so far!>Space Beth: Cause I know what you WANT.>Jerry: I do not disagree with that~>Domestic Beth: Can I make a pitch? What if we...>*Scraping noise*>Space Beth: Are you serious?>Jerry: Hey is... this making fun of me?>Space Beth: Wha- is that bad?>Jerry: I'll... allow it.>*Jerry moans in pleasure*>*Sexual laughter from both Beths*>Space Beth: Okay... how bout them apples?>*Domestic Beth laughs*>Jerry: Eh? Eh? We could do this?>*Both Beths laughing*>Space Beth: So pathetic!>*Jerry laughs as if he's in on the joke*>Space Beth: GET OFF FROM BEHIND ME JERRY!>Jerry: Sorry Sorry!>*The three laugh*>*Domestic Beth lets out a final laugh/squeal*>Jerry: Sorry Sorry is this? Woo! (Sounds orgasm or post orgasm)

>The wine is actually a love potion made by Rick to keikkaku Jerry to kill himselfWhat the fuck are redditors thinking. That's fucking retarded.

>>133073778>Where did you lose all hope for Rick & Morty being good again, Holla Forums?Season 4 was the lowest point for me but it seems to be returning to form now, in my opinion.>For me it was after they decided to answer the clone question.Except they didn't.

>>133074912>I think so too for unrelated reasonsWhat are your unrelated reasons?

>>133075606because everyone suddenly becomes a devout religious saint when they need to criticize something they don't like

>>133077464Is this not what the ending with him hiding the bottle implies tho?

>>133077464The episode explicitly hints towards the opposite. Rick broing out with Jerry enough offscreen to get a tattoo with the guy tells me that he did him a solid and wrapped up his clone mess in one fell swoop.There's also the other interpretation where the wine isn't a love potion and this is Rick realizing that his alcoholism causes more trouble for his family than its worth.

>>133075577For real, why did they go in this direction? It should be Rick and Morty just like Doc and Marty, not le wacky nihilist space family.>>133073918Beth selfcest was such an obvious thing to do I would have expected them to make a joke about it then drop it. Not dedicate a whole episode to it that was half-empty of jokes.

>>133074151>I lostAll I needed to read. Concession accepted.

Somehow I know this episode was written by a woman.

How did Jerry get to the Jerryboree on his own with no portal gun?

>>133077595It was.youtube.com/watch?v=L94RFeNFKcg

>>133077613The retard writing it doesn't understand the lore.For an in-universe explanation, I just assume that post-credits clip takes place before the portal gun breakage and is between different Jerries to ours i.e. that the Jerry we see in the clip didn't get the idea from seeing his wives selfcest, but from some other source.

(you) knew this shit was happening since Space Beth introduction

>>133077674Just didn't think they'd be based enough to pull it off.

>>133073778The sperm episodeDropped it there and I've never looked back

>>133077613Could be a flashforward to when interdimensional travel is restored.But this reminds me, how did Space Beth rescue Rick and Morty from the remains of the Citadel? How come the Citadel was in the same universe as where "our" Rick resided during S2-5?

>>133077613Its not our Jerry

>>133077696>How come the Citadel was in the same universe as where "our" Rick resided during S2-5?didn't Rick teleport it there to destroy the homebase of his version of the galactic goverment in the first episode of season 3

>>133073778I still enjoy the show, but to me the first sign that it wasn't invincible was the heist episode. Happens to all shows eventually. I had the same experience with Bob's Burgers when season 5 had a few hiccups like that pony convention thing. Then the nosedive in quality in season 6 where Tina goes to a horse riding camp and the episode ends with her pretending to ride on a horse.

>>133075488>>133075515Im guessing he’s retarded and using narc as an abbreviation for narcissist

>>133073524>if you had your own alternate self, would you fuck it?didn't expect any less from the smartest show ever

>>133073778I think it was the story train episode. Not because of the episode itself, but the attitude of the writers - they clearly hate the fans. I don't give a shit about the gay overarching plot but the majority of the fanbase does. They spent a lot of time just shitting on their viewers for wanting to see more of the story that they themselves (the writers) set up and teased.No show written by people who hate their audience can ever turn out good.

Funniest part of the whole episode was Jerry kissing himself, and I merely heh'd.

>>133077696>>133077613>>133077658>This is a totally unregistered cross-temporal asteroid. Here they can romp and play with other Jerries, it couldn't be saferI’m assuming the cross-temporal asteroid is accessible regardless of portal fluid

>>133073778Rick & Morty was never good.

>>133073524lesbian incest space milfs

>>133077728I didn't think about that, why would the Ricks of the Citadel want to remain in that universe though after the rebuilding though?>>133077809Why wouldn't Rick just do that in the season opener instead of doing the whole thing with the beacon and rift again?

>>133073942>>133073992Do they address why we’re getting a Thanksgiving episode in fucking September in the commentary? Are we getting episodes out of order or did they just have to tell the Beth on Beth story this early in the season and could only set it up with Thanksgiving? It’s fucking weird.

I just remembered they had a threesome with pic related.I realised that the reason why jerry was angry was because he would've allowed it (and enjoyed it) he already had someone else fuck beth so its not like its new to him and its probably better if it is a clone of her.

Attached: image_2022-09-19_100403206.png (1200x740, 766.43K)

>>133076630nta but someone mentioned the german title or something

>>133073524This makes the Primal's finale sex/death scene look positively normal by comparison.

Attached: Spear_and_Mira_make_Spira.png (1920x852, 893.56K)

why didn't they drink the bottle with the tiny morty?is that where evil morty ended up?

where the fuck can i watch this anyways? Yesmovies has jack shit.


>>133078046thanks bro

>>133078033Do zoomers not know what a fucking torrent is anymore?

>>133075606I still want to know which anime you mean

>>133078079why would you want r&m on your device?

>>133078092Blowing by the stupidity of “I want to watch the show but not in a way that means I’d actually have to download it”. I’ve got a 16tb Plex server. Keeping episodes of Rick and Morty means basically nothing in terms of storage and I get to watch on my actual TV.

>>133078133sounds like a lot of work and digital hoarding just to watch 22,5 min of r&m once

>>133078092To raise my IQ

>>133078149>zoomers think downloading a torrent is a lot of workYou sure showed me dude.

>>133078079Not too long ago I saw people here refuse to click on a fucking MEGA link because they thought it would give them a virus. File sharing is a dying art on this retarded board

I love how many normalfags got filtered by this one

>>133073828Yea but the fun in that is corrupting good shit to trigger normalfags, not when it's shoehorned into actual canon. That leaves no room for us to have fun.

>>133077884Why wouldn't they keep it in a universe where the federation was wiped out?

>>133073524decent ep

>>133078645filtered in what way? are you supposed to take the episode as a commentary on narcissism/healthy self-love? it's not that compelling a commentary.

>>133077425whose kid did jerry's father raise, exactly?

Let them be happy

Attached: FdCfXiaXwAQ-rUp.jpg (680x482, 39.73K)

>>133073524I don't know what they were thinking, but I liked it. More please.

You know the sad part? There are quality positive secondary family characters out there in numerous shows, but it's just shows like Dan Vs, Family Guy, Rick & Morty which have awful awful awful people you do not want to hang out with neither learn anything about them and you wish they'd fuck off into outer space for all eternity.There are quality secondary characters in other shows, just not Rick and Morty.

>>133074814>If the original had chosen to stay home, then there would be no reason to make a clone that decided to go to space instead, and open up unnecessary risk to the family.What Beth did was make a clone and then got brain wiped so she would avoid culpability for abandoning her family. That's why space Beth doesn't know either. When neither know its neither fault, but season 4's finale showed how shitty Rick was as a dad that even he didn't knowI think space Beth is real Beth just based on season 3s finale, because that ep plays out as if she has something in her DNA to want to be reciprocal to Jerry. She remembers disliking their first date but still deeply loves him

>>133074557Are you fucking kidding me? That ship is PEAK Rick and Morty, those characters literally always drive the story in some way. Plus, it always comes back at least once. You KNOW we're gonna see Mr frundles again.

>>133073524>Beth is given the chance to follow her dreams and do wathever she wants>Still doesn't become a humans doctor which was established to be her dream in season one>Becomes Rick 2.0 insteadWhat a massive fuck up, it would take ten clones to get it right

>>133073778Episode 1.

>>133077495That user stated in-universe, story-related reasons why he thinks it's obvious space beth is the original. I just think the same because I feel the writers would take that route, because it's obvious, because it's easy. There's no lore reason for me to believe it, it's just a hunch based on how these writers manage things, so it's kind of unrelated to what we were discussing at the time, since I already agreed with him that space beth seems the most likely to be the original, the reasons why don't matter.

>>133073738Nah bro he kinda did a weird double dom thing with space beth they both fucked beth and tried to one up each other. An by the end space beth did exactly what he wanted and he got to be in control for once and get a threewayJerry da goat>also deadass technically space beth wanted to bitch jerry but instead based off the sound and noises he made both beth and space beth his bitches lol>jerry has become a chad

>>133073524>Episode about beth fucking beth>Beth wants to run away with beth>Makes a point to show in a flashback he was never good enough for her>Ends up confirming that beth is in fact attracted to Jerry and wants himI did not expect thatI thought it was going to end in Jerry being so pathetic beth chose himIt's actually kind of wholesome

>>133077434So is he getting fucked?

>>133077515He wasn't hiding the bottle from everyone else, he was hiding it from himself because he was disgusted by the whole thing. That's why he ground up the key to his secret subspace liquor stash. Besides, remember that Rick can't make a love potion without fucking up.

>>133081827In hindsight, my wording was unclear. He was disgusted by the Bethcest (and had no part in it) but had to hold it together while he was the only responsible person with Morty and Summer, so throwing the bottle into his stash and smashing the key was his silent tantrum to get a relic of Space Beth out of his sight.

>>133073688There are grammar mistakes in that.

>>133081935This.Imagine being such an irresponsible degenerate that even RICK is disgusted by you.

>>133081935>>133081827I thought it meant he was giving up drinking.

>>133073524this episode really just emphasized how narcissistic Beth is kek

Attached: 531203549987485452162.jpg (317x267, 21.84K)

>>133082019At least this specific brand of alcohol.

>>133075312>tfw we almost had Alison Brie voicing Beth and Space Beth>>133073840

>>133073738So he sub/dom'd his wife at the same time.

>>133073524Harmon is being more and more overt about his cuck fetish.No one is surprised.

>>133076356Have a screencap

Attached: epic rick morty season 6.jpg (1278x1652, 2.45M)

>>133075700thanks for spreading some positivity user, see you in future threads

>>133073524>What the fuck were they thinking with this episode?"Finally, my own clone!"

>>133073524REEEEE. people having sex with everyone but meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jerry for Mr. Holla Forums!

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>>133077973fucking a corpse isnt all that normal

>>133082888>literal cuckoldYes. Yes he would make the perfect Mr Holla Forums

>>133082916Well, Ms. Holla Forums was a rigging furryfest, is this worse?

>>133073524This has literally hit rock bottom. It's literally just the writer's fetish.

I don't understand how anybody had any high hopes after the dumpster fire that was S5. I stopped paying any attention to the show after it. Is this just sunk cost fallacy at this point for people?

I feel like killing off C-137 Jerry was a missed opportunity.This episode just examplifies it.

>>133083031It's perfectly fitting for Holla Forums.

>>133073524Jerry fucking wins.

>>133082888I allow it.

Attached: Ideal_jerry.png (645x948, 443.94K)

>>133073524>ThinkingThey weren't

>>133077434They DPed Mom Beth before Jerry tried to fuck Space Beth at the end?

>>133073524the only thing that made me chuckle was the credit gag. this was so fucking bad besides that.

>>133073524a guy probably directed this episode. The only emmy award winning ones have been done by women. Really makes you think

>>133083333Digits confirm. We need to replace the entire staff with women. Including the voices

>>133073778When they started bringing back preevious concepts like the meeseeks or the roy gameShowed the limits of their creativity.

Why is he saying small penis? Didn't Dan or Justin confirm that Jerry is hung?

>>133078079I backed off torrents once news started breaking that more were deliberately being uploaded with malware as a form of protest against piracy. Although that might've been a scare tactic.

>>133083377>protest against piracylolseriously?lmao

>>133073524>so what did you you think of the new rick and morty episode?>shit>exactlyyoutube.com/watch?v=4FZ5IbnbJ98

Attached: 23.png (1211x922, 1.57M)

>>133080886Yes please.They wake up Jerry is gone and so us space dyke Beth's ship. Occasionally shows up as buck Roger's type bounty hunter and a new group of whores.

>>133083465I didn't look to far into it, but there's always that one fucker who makes a crusade.

>>133083344digits confirm the confirmation of digits

>>133073606I didn't hate it exactly but I felt like her kids did the whole episode, it was extremely awkward.

>>133081642This just exposes that Beth is a loser narc sociopath like her father and a dyke.It also screams that Jerry is a victim of baby trapping, narc abuse, and Rick literally manipulated Jerry to give his loser cunt daughter a Marty who would make her semi normal and happy. This screams that Jerry would be better off if he never met the Sanchezs and that Beth was damned to he a lezbo loser with a shit life who's pine for a guy who she went on a single bad date with as a child and end up stalking and probably raling then killing him and his wife and normal kids. I can see the rickest Rick putting the idea that Jerry's lifevwas ruined by Beth and reveal that she purposely babytrapped him to keep him around. The hatred if her and open resentment of his children, children who hold him in utter contempt, would be nice and collapse Rick's family around him

>>133075125This. Goofy motherfuckers in this thread.

>>133083377Oh God yes please be true.The only reason this unfunny toxic faggotry is even a thing is that it whores itself constantly in social media advertisements and actually good media that people were drawn too organically.If you can't pirate this shit then people wouldn't watch, and find GOOD FREE MEDIA TO WATCH.

>>133083602>This screams that Jerry would be better off if he never met the Sanchezs and that Beth was damned to he a lezbo loser with a shit life who's pine for a guy who she went on a single bad date with as a child and end up stalking and probably raling then killing him and his wife and normal kids. They had that one episode where Beth and Jerry spied on universes where they'd never met each other and ended up surgeons and movie stars and whatnot.

>>133083709That was within the confines of the the Rick curve. In pretty sure that in nearly every universe Beth would be a loser and Jerry normal.

>>133083375Because he's a sub and he wants to be told he's got a weird, small, dick, which is why he can't resist bringing it up while he steers the Beths towards the threesome.

>>133074035he was jacking off while watching

>>133083568>it was extremely awkwardthink that was the point, considering how the rest reacted

>>133073524I giggled at the post-credits gag.

>>133083602If the Citadel of Rick's was forcing Beths and Jerrys together, how was it baby trapping?

This entire thread is full of Wimp-Lo's.youtube.com/watch?v=d696t3yALAY

>>133083749Based jerry mind games. He may be a cuck but he still got what he wanted.

>>133084076>what he wanted.To be cucked...?

>>133075606Probably because that anime has a sexy artstyle while R&M characters look like bobbleheads and thus should rely on being funny instead of just being awkward and failing at being sexy.

>>133077973Just how bad was the scene?

>>133084177People can debate the meaning but the presentation wasn't bad or tasteless. It was just her mounting him and moving to make it clear they were having sex without seeing anything explicit. It was like five seconds.Beth having sex with herself and Jerry being down for it has no meaning. If we just sat down and thought about their relationship and how everything has to do with sex, it just validates how fucking useless these writers are and how everything they know to write comes from sitcoms. There's no fucking storyboarded chart in the Rick and Morty offices that plots some grand arc of Beth's relationship with Jerry, the writers are just doing shit because it sounds cool, it's basically fanfiction at this point. It's so unmoving that I don't think any rational viewer is moved by the emotional trauma suffered by Morty and Summer because we've seen it happen just way too often and it has never had any impact.Morty has buried himself for the second time this season and between this time and the previous time has personally murdered dozens if not hundreds of himself and indirectly murdered millions of himself. There's just no stakes or bite anymore just like how Beth and Jerry's one-note fuck-the-pain-away relationship has no stakes or bite.

>>133073524The show is written by edgelords for edgelordsThe only thing that matters is figuring out how best to "shock" people And by that I mean what would gross out 80 year old grandmas while being up its own ass about it

>>133073524Summer peed in the ocean with her pants on last season

>>133084325I don't know, is mild to moderate disgust a form of "shock?"

It doesn't matter who the clone is.

>>133075606It just wasn't that sexy in this. Just kissing and off screen sex. Imagine getting your MA rated episode for once a season and still dropping the ball. It all came off as awkward more than anything.

>>133084076Everyone forgets that as much as life shits on Jerry, he uses that pathetic nature a lot to take advantage of the empathy of others.

Made a shitty image collage for the original thread when the episode aired.Feel free to add any posts I missed or to include other threads.

Attached: the day rick and morty went woke.png (2692x8011, 2.23M)

>>133077507Nigger there's a time and place for this shit.I want my cable television to be cable television and my porn to be my porn. Why do I have to see porn while watching cable televisionWhy does every little fucking thing in social media have to be about fucking porn I can't look anywhere without people talking about fetishes and I don't browse anywhere explicit

>>133084422That's the sad part, they think it's more shocking than it is

>>133084541>Why do I have to see porn while watching cable televisionMy dude you haven't watched cable after you turned eleven, shut the fuck up

Jerry we probably waiting for that moment at the end ever since he found out about space Beth.


Attached: 1660926577066751.jpg (1284x872, 81.68K)

>>133073524My only problem with the episode is Venusian is just French. Lazy.

>>133084454It just feels like all the writers just don't know anything about science fiction. They're just taking relationship stories and applying whatever science fiction they can Google and steal all the surface-level aspects. The Mad Max episode was about fucking, the Dragon episode was about fucking, the Captain Planet episode was about fucking, there was an entire episode with sperm monsters that resulted in an incest baby; a Rick-centric episode usually involves one of Rick's past or present sexual excursions.Last season felt like something straight out of a writer who grew up in the fucking 80s and 90s. Voltron, Godfather, Captain Planet, anime jokes that ridicule anime as it was in the fucking 90s when it was introduced into mainstream America. I'm not saying these references are bad, it's just the fact that their understanding of that shit when they grew up with it was as children as surface-level as how they portrayed it in the show.This entire fucking episode was about Beth and Jerry's relationship. Space Beth has seen all manner of strange and her inclination to show Family Beth the wonders of her freedom somehow ends up on some fucking Atlantic-coast boardwalk.>>133084541>cable television to be cable television and my porn to be my pornYunno, I always wanted relationships in stories to be more explicit with language and visuals thinking that it would add realism to them but given how fucking bad people are at writing that shit there's just no desire to see it at all anymore. Now, I agree with you, if you aren't going to make porn then fucking don't spend 90% of your time talking about it. Shit like that should remain private because we clearly lack the maturity to talk about it in public.

>>133075006>Rewritten script (from the original) with a stronger focus on characters/jokes/dynamicsIs it funny? Is it worth it just for that? Because I don't really care about the rest... But I really want these characters done right, which the show fails at.

>>133084739The problem is that earnest discussion of sexuality is banned because a lot of evil people use sexual ignorance as a way to control manipulate and harm people.Like this episode

>>133073524I would have sex with a female version of myself.

>>133084902You don't want earnest discussion on sexuality. The true nature of it is far more chaotic than people want to believe. If we let nature drive it completely you'd be seeing mass rape, zoo/necrophilia etc. People don't like to talk about the dark side of sex.

>>133075006Wtf is this

>>133077595No, you didn't.

>>133084981Princess, laws are enforced by the fact that they work.There is and has never at any point been a society where mass rapes and necrophia is the normThe mere fact that things can happen doesn't mean they do.It doesn't take a magic religion or big daddy gubment for humanity as a whole to prevent and punish essentially destructive "evil" action you retarded cunt.There is a place for open earnest discussion about human sexuality and enforcement of well thought out and historically enforced hard black and white lines to never cross.The problem is that the devil lies in the details snd grey is where manipulators and monsters to not trust exist.Ignorance and claiming the moral highground as well as taboo is how people who would use sexuality and superior knowledge to manipulate others to their own oft ...evil, for lack of a better word,ends.

>>133084463I need more art of this

Attached: D4393B85-6CA4-4812-A2B4-232ABBE4AB8F.jpg (1378x1663, 188.17K)

>You call that a dick?>look at you rubbing and touching it while I lick your wife’s sweet honeypot.>I didn’t say stop!>Haha! Look at him go! It’s so pathetic in a cute kinda way!>Let’s move closer so he can see me run my tongue through your taco!>don’t you dare cum yet or I’ll bend you over your wife’s lap and give you a spanking with your own belt! Pervert!>yeahhh, that’s more like it. Pace yourself, you sicko…

>>133073524>wouldn't it be funny if Beth cheated on Jerry with herself?

Attached: Get out.png (422x286, 101.46K)

I didn't laugh, I didn't have a think, and I was disgusted. They should have made the AI Dungeon game an improv A plot and Beth and Jerry need to be permanently relegated to B plot detail.

Attached: fridge.gif (220x293, 405.43K)

>>133085216Fuck off, Doug.

>>133085167You'd be appalled at how common zoophilia is.

>>133085167>There is and has never at any point been a society where mass rapes and necrophia is the normSomeone hasn't looked at sweden lately

Attached: 1630961632646.gif (220x221, 488.12K)

>>133085167anon, mass rape is a result of war, every single war, yes, even that one

>>133085167>There is and has never at any point been a society where mass rapes and necrophia is the normStay away from history books, user

Attached: batlaugh.jpg (486x409, 44.66K)

>>133085167Rape of Nanjing

>>133085333>>133085341War and evil is in our nature not our essential nature. Do we live in a world where War is seen as good and sought by everyone.

>>133085377>Do we live in a world where War is seen as good and sought by everyone.

Attached: yeah.gif (245x275, 827.4K)

>>133085377>Do we live in a world where War is seen as good and sought by everyone.Yes.If you think otherwise it's because you're extremely fucking sheltered.All of society functions on the expectation of violence, what the fuck do you think happens when you break society's laws? Do you think the police exist to help little girls cross the street and help senior citizens when they've fallen over?

>>133085377>in our nature>not our essential natureWho dictates essential?

>>133085377Economically war does give purpose to mercenaries, militaries, carpenters, merchants, prostitutes, and a multitude of other professions given the tearing down and building up aspect. Bonus is technology boosts trickling down to the civilian front.

>>133085450In a way it also brings together given conquest and the melding of cultures and preferences, allowing those who wouldn't otherwise be able to be exposed to diversity or new ideals.

>>133085377>Do we live in a world where War is seen as good and sought by everyone.Ask Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, etc.

>>133077613Also all the Jerrys should have been sent back to their realities when Rick reset the portal fluid in ep 1.

>>133085245Name a society that sees it as good or the norm>>133085275>>133085233>>133085245>>133085275>>133085307>>133085333>>133085341War and moments of bad shit happening means that we can't openly discuss human sexuality....Stop using whataboutism to handwaive bullshit>>133085385>>133085408Is the world a battle ground. Do you carry weapons knives bukket proof armor?Where do you live. You think the fucking cops are enough to stop the population that decides murder death kill is good and goes full rip and tear.I argue the very real reality of violence and death and horror.You argue the potential of it that you've never experienced and magical cops mere existence preventing the world from blowing up.Your a sheltered twat and don't realize it.

>>133085377>>133085167This is bait, right?

Attached: shit.jpg (1280x960, 718.72K)

>>133085233Cry, coomer.

>>133085486>You think the fucking cops are enough to stop the population that decides murder death kill is good and goes full rip and tear.The exact opposite actually.What really happens in that scenario is that the cops and various pockets of the citizenry just go to war, as we're currently seeing in countries like Mexico, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, and half of Africa.

>>133085471War profiteers existing g means that mass rapes are a daily occurrence all over the world Why I was just in a mass rape this morning!HOW CAN YOU PEIPKE BELIEVE INTHE IDEA OF HEROES AND THINK THIS POORLY SBOUT HUMANITYThis is why comics are shitOur cartoons smug spineless trash

>>133085475Well, also, why did main rick get sent back to his home universe? His original body was destroyed seasons ago. His consciousness is in the body of a different random rick from the citadel.

>>133085487Why are you still alive then.

>>133085486>Name a society that sees it as good or the normU.S.A, Israel, USSR

>>133085515That does not disprove anything and the fact that you bring this up shows you don't understand what's being discussed

>>133085377>Do we live in a world where War is seen as good and sought by everyone.The only motive why this isn't the case now its because of nukes and even then you can see in things like ukraine that war is considered good if its against your geopolitical enemy.Anyway without nukes the various governments would have again the ultimate tool to quell social unrest and gain infinite renown, war, and you would see war everywhere.

>>133073524in this one episode they pretty much confirmed Summer x Morty exist. Hell Rick x Morty exists. Infinite universes.

>>133085377>Do we live in a world where War is seen as good and sought by everyone.Unfortunately yes.

>>133075654>>133075663>>133075677>>133075687>>133075692>>133075700>effort posting

Attached: 1498524185407.jpg (1033x679, 168.19K)

>>133085607I think the Ukrainians would much rather not have to fight a war on their own doorstep but they got invaded. It’s like saying that someone that defends themselves from a mugger or rapist just looooooves fighting to the death because “See? They are fighting so strongly!”. Come on now.

>>133085624Why aren't you in the army or foreign legion or a copin Chicago.I mean you love war

>>133085607You fucking believe we aren't in a constant state if world War right now because of nukes?.Are you retarded?

>the joke is that it's extremely uncomfortable to watch, particularly knowing that worm-men are masturbating to it right nowOK, Harmon. Ok.

>>133085585Then why aren't they embroiled in constant civil war.

>>133077892>Do they address why we’re getting a Thanksgiving episode in fucking September in the commentary?Did the previous thanksgiving episodes actually air around thanksgiving? I can't image they actually know the date each episode is going to air when they're writing them so long before.

>>133085694Israel is, U.S doesn't shit in its own backyard, and USSR is dead.

>>133073524I thought it was funny and entertaining

>>133085654i know but technically its in the best interests of the US to make it last as long as possible with Ukraine winning but in the very long term

>>133085694Anon, have you seen what Israel gets up to?

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>>133085675>You fucking believe we aren't in a constant state if world War right now because of nukes?.Yes, we would have been in war worlds three times already since world war 2, actually its pretty retarded to think that aren't nukes keeping the peace between great powers, just look at Armenia and Azerbaijan in the last few years to see what a world without nukes could be like.

>>133085764Have you ever heard of fourth generation warfare? Or proxy wars?

>>133075606Which one?

>>133085637>effort postingMore like "way too much time on their hands, don't know how to pick their battles" posting.

>>133085764>>133085793Not even 3rd or 4th at this point.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generations_of_warfare

>>133085793Ok, so what? proxy wars exists from the roman times but never stopped conflicts between great powers, the nukes effectively stopped direct fighting between them, if it wasn't for nukes proxy wars would just be a pause between major conflicts, anyway i'm an idiot to think to discuss serious geopolitics on Holla Forums

It was funnier when jerry did selfcest

>>133085549Maybe it just goes by consciousness then, not body. Also, do we thing Evil Morty got sent back to his reality or did the reset not go beyond the central finite curve?

>>133085862>Goes to Jerry Jubilee to touch a Jerry>Goes to a sleazy alley>Kisses self>"Okay, bye."It got a fucking chuckle out of me.

>>133077520there is a very weird part of this episode where Rick gets more and more upset by the events going on, but never really says anything against it.its as if he knows something about this is really fucked, but he can't vocalize it because he'd be a huge hypocrite, by the end he almsot seems silently furious.

>>133086516Finally, he's a grandparent at thanksgiving.

>>133086516>its as if he knows something about this is really fucked, but he can't vocalize it because he'd be a huge hypocrite, by the end he almsot seems silently furious.congrats on having functioning eyes

>>133085408>All of society functions on the expectation of violence, what the fuck do you think happens when you break society's laws?Good thing we live in the most peaceful era.

>>133076056It's not cucked if you are fucking both ladies. If you are sitting and jerking off, then yeah, cucked, but not if you are the meat in that sandwhich.

>You don't even know which one is your real wife, if it's me have you been cheating with a clone?>I'm not a clone but she has a pointDoes she? Isn't one of the first things Space Beth asks when she returns to Earth is why Earth Beth is back with Jerry, Space Beth left Jerry. Jerry is free to fuck anyone no harm no foul, even a clone of Beth

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>>133086516Ep is faggot agenda gaslightung and grooming for stupid white people. He can't say shit because they'd literally cast him from the mountain top they placed him on.

>>133073618They coulda just brought back Poneta.

>>133087110He's watching them fuck, getting dommed by them, snd pegged.There is no win. Ruck says fuck all because you can't say anything against open obvious narratives like this or risk getting nuked.

>>133087198They had a Ponyta?

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Alright so I looked up who wrote the latest awkward excuse for an episode. Turns out it's Anne Lane, the same person who wrote the season 4 finale and the Hellraiser parody.So basically, she is responsible for the weakest season finale and the worst episode of season 5.>>133087136No, you are correct, she does not. The entire point of the Clone in the first place is that Rick would be the only one who knew about it and that the Space version could just swoop back in unnoticed. Now, Rick did fuck up by (for some bizarre reason) deciding to make a clone and randomly sending one of them into space without knowing which, but the basic idea remained the same until Space Beth went nuts upon finding out that Rick tried to deceive her, Jerry wasn't meant to know and even after deciding it didn't matter still went on with this arrangement. And of course the Beths are total hypocrites about the Clone thing in the first place, if they were going to honor the idea that allowed it to happen in the first place, then they would accept that one of them is expendable. If either of them went to the dentist and found out they weren't the real one, I doubt they would still consider their co-existence tolerable.

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>>133087342>season 4 finale and the Hellraiser parody.Ah, yes, two of some of the weakest Rick and Morty episodes. Because they were primary Bethisodes. Because Beth is always on the fucking edge of being the worse character in the show.

>Holla Forums is so mindbroken that they literally cannot understand comedy anymore if it involves a tittyyou love to see it

>>133087397here's your pity (you)

>>133087342>(for some bizarre reason)Imagine writing a post this large desperately trying to assert so many feelings and invalidating it all in a single line

>>133087373Not sure if it's really because of that.In the case of the season 4 finale, it basically just feels like an attempt to resolve two lingering plot points, only one of which was pressing (and I'll give you this, it sure as hell wasn't the one about Beth, the season 3 finale pretty much resolved it anyway). That and it felt a bit forced to begin with, like they didn't even want to make that one a big thing.And the Hellraiser one, it's just built on stupid logic and the kids trying to impress some lame douche while the car tries to get freaky. It's just not well thought out.

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>>133087415you will never be a woman

>>133087508Thank God.

>>133087434>200 words is longI pity you.Anyway, by all means, explain why it made sense to make the clone, erase your own memories and send one into space without knowing which is which? Please, tell why he didn't just send one into space knowing which is the real one? Tell why he didn't just make two clones while keeping the real one frozen in the basement instead? Or why not ignore the concept entirely because she's already the second or third replacement anyway? Or at the very least put the offer on the back burner until she may have said yes? By all means, please explain why a character we are expected to think is smart would make the dumbest choice in this situation? Because from where I'm sitting, all it looks like is a contrivance to keep the concept alive while also avoiding to have lose the audience's investment in it.

>>133087633>By all means, please explain why a character we are expected to think is smart would make the dumbest choice in this situation? Rick has absurdly high intelligence but isn't always wise.

>>133087633Why wouldn't he? Why does the "real" Beth matter so much to you?How is it dumb to want to care about your daughter?

>>133087737... You literally don't understand what I tried to convey. What he did would only worsen his relationship with his daughter and it did in the worst possible way.

>>133087847Fuck what she thinks, he didn't want to risk knowing which one was the fake one, they're both equally his daughter

>>133073524Sperm episode writers leaking again. Can't wait for the plotchads, and silly adventurechads to kick the retarded family drama chuds out of the writers room along with the fetishfags who are obviously pushing this shit

>>133087926The fetishfags can do whatever they want as long as it's funny

>>133087926>Sperm episode writers leaking again.What are they leaking this time?

>>133073524Selfcest is hot

>>133075654>>133075663>>133075677>>133075687>>133075692>>133075700This is genuinely one of the best, most articulate sum-ups on this show I've seen. Appreciate the effort bud. Would watch your 30k subscriber cartoon essay channel

>>133073524they keep trying to push the boundaries of edginess and philosophical questions of the multiverse concepts

>>133085486have you considered that human sexuality is what caused those wars?

>>133074742>The point of no return for me was the dragon episode. It's the moment I realised seasons would follow the formula of "decent premiere/ending with all episodes in between being nothing but terrible white noise" forever and ever.I didn't think the dragon episode was that bad, but your general point is correct.

>>133073918>Why are you all bitching about this? You knew it was happening. Everyone already knew.I thought it was a ridiculous masturbatory idea entertained only by the most shameless coomers. I was right, but it turns out that the writers are among the most shameless coomers.

>>133086082if the reset goes beyond the CFC then there's probably interdimensional travelers outside the CFC who would be extremely interested in finding the origin of that reset. Anyone who can would want to destroy or subdue anyone with such power. Maybe less of a problem since the origin earth got frundled but they'd be checking adjacent universes.

>>133074052>The Story Train episode was where I accepted the show had become the latterYou got tricked. The Story Train episode foreshadowed the showdown with Phoenix-person and Tammy, the return to the Citadel and battle with Evil Morty, and even the artificial Morty cloning program.

>>133089160>I didn't think the dragon episode was that badThe dragon episode was about exploring your sex kink. With dragons. You could replace the dragons with fucking anything else and instead they just burned the fiction parody space occupied by dragons on a fucking sex allegory. Just like Predator was wasted on Jerry fucking a hotter more exotic woman.It was one of the worst fucking episodes ever. It was identical to the Mad Max episode, which was the same fucking thing except it was about rebelling while your parents are fighting which involved, fucking some dude nobody would approve of. Again, it wasn't about making fun of a post-apocalyptic setting and wasted the parody opportunity.They have to stop wasting these premium satire subjects on their stupid fucking horseshit sitcom bullshit.

>>133089282They did also make fun of those things, it just took a back seat

>>133089306Then tell me, what was the joke about dragons pertaining specifically to dragons.

>>133089331the "collecting that which your kind finds most valuable" bit. come on.

>>133089331I haven't seen the episode since it came out so my memory isn't exact, but I remember the treasure pile scene where the dragon had a bunch of dumb shit from the 80's

>>133085818shut up you weak, loser faggot

>>133073537Incest, Piss, Boobs, Butt, Mindcontrol. Age Changing, Giantess, They’ve all gotten like 2 full episodes each.As a fatfag, I demand we get an episode! We have more degenerates on our side then any other kink, and we need our Fatverse episode.(Oh and the foot people too, I guess)

>>133075692>>133075700thank you for this analysis. shows can be goofy and fun, but have an overarching story, like Gravity Falls, and Rick & Morty is at its best when Rick and Morty feel like real humans and the situations they are put in are high concept, fun subversions of sci fi tropes. Thats the heart of the show, and I'm hopeful S6 will stick close to that, episodes 1 and 2 got it absolutely right so far, not so much 3. And for the love of god, no more meta stuff, I want to watch a show for the world, characters and situations, not for some convoluted way to frame some kind of message.

Incessssst tastes good

>>133087136She doesn’t behave a point, it doesn’t matter which of them is the clone and Jerry isn’t even the Jerry that they married anyway so it’s definitely adultery either way. Wait, that’s the same point but better.

>>133073524They literally let Beth go fuck herself.

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>>133073598>Jerry outsmarting both BethsOkay, Jerryfag. Whatever you say.

>>133087926> the fetishfags who are obviously pushing this shitThat includes both Harmon and Roiland, you know. They are both creepy incest freaks.

>>133089651He did, thoughHe did something they didn't expect that got them to do something they were previously so against that they were willing to erase their own memories before even considering talking to him about it

>>133084325>The show is written by edgelords for edgelordsOnly stunted shut-ins think this. Just like with the nihilism, they expect the audience to be with them, so they can get to the comedy of the situation. If you're actually shocked (or, worse, think they are trying to shock you), you must be watching for the sole purpose of complaining about it.

>>133089672The fuck show did you watch?Those dykes were into each other and having a whole year long clam jam jamboree snd calling it all Jerry's long con keikkaku is....saying that's retarded would be kind. They brought "space beth" back for the dyke relationship thing. That's it. We all everyone if us knew it saw it coming and were less then entertained by it.As a matterof fact the only thing surprising is how dedicated they were to this gay Beth thing and then having a whole full relationship.Wow.Gay agenda stronk.

>>133089734low IQ post

>>133089776Low IQ better writing.

>>133089734It wasn't a whole year you tard, it was the same Thanksgiving. Do you think that bottle just stood there for an entire year without anyone moving it until Rick put it away?

>>133090001He's talking about the life they lived in the holodeck

>>133090010It was way longer than a year, but it was a few hours for everyone else. It was a game of Roy basically

>NOOO JERRY'S A KEK BECAUSE HIS WIFE IS BANGING...his wifeThis hardly counts as cucking. She's fucking herself. It's like your wife inviting you to watch her masturbate. Kinky, but not cuckoldry.

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>>133090060They're clones, not literally the same person. It's more like your wife inviting you in to watch her get fucked by her identical twin sister.

>>133077434So Jerry gets to be a dildo for Domestic Beth and can't touch Space Beth. He's a pathetic cuck, it's disgusting society has reached the point where mainstream tries to make cuckoldry a virtue and "manly".

>>133073807Based Groucho posting

>>133090060You're a fucking moron, a clone would be its own individual even if it had implanted memories of their original.

>>133090145In terms of genetics, yes. However, the two Beths share the exact same memories and experiences up until a few years ago, and existed as literally the same person until then. So both themselves and others view them less like two distinct individuals akin to twins and more like two versions of a single individual.

>>133090335Beth is justifying cheating and others in RL are trying to push cuckshit as mainstream accepted because women will get even more leeway to be openly unfaithful cunts.They're two fucking different people, implanted memories don't change that.


>>133090382The tinfoil hat is hurting your brain mate

>>133090411Not the one pushing bullshit about Jerry being a chad because like a parasite he latched on Beth's dyke desires and isn't even allowed to touch Space Beth.

>>133090446Oh boo hoo faggot, mining a woman/woman/man relationship for comedy has to be some jewish conspiracy to make people accept lesbians because you're dead inside and have lived under a rock for the last 4 decades

>>133090382>Beth is justifying cheating and others in RL are trying to push cuckshit as mainstream accepted because women will get even more leeway to be openly unfaithful cunts.Everything you dislike in media is actually part of a secret mass agenda to encourage women to have sex with people other than yourself, personally.

>>133073524>>133073537Third incest episode in three seasons, all by the same writer