Post relatable comics

post relatable comics

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>>133071914How to become a sex obsessed coomer.

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>>133071948Pretty much.I've noticed a lot of the online debate around coomerism is "blah blah blah addiction model, blah blah blah brain structure" when in reality it needs to be about the stupid level of procrastination and low tolerance for stress most coomers have because they constantly take easy out to the point they can't go a day without it.Reddit arguably fucked the whole thing up by making the entire thing an argument with sexologists who everyone already knows are bought out by the porn industry


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>>133071964I dreamt I was in a foursome with my wife and my best friend and his wife and I dunno what to feel about that.

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>>133072012>Reddit arguably fucked the whole thing up by making the entire thing an argument with sexologistsHow does that fuck it up?

>>133071914I saw dexter from Dexter's Lab

>>133072798DeeDee fucking up his lab requires him to take off the edge from time to time

>>133072570Is his wife hot, and did you touch balls?

>>133072750I guess by poorly arguing that you get semenal superpowers from not jerking off rather than pointing out a lot of guys use it as a mans of procrastination while getting delusional ideas about sex kind of makes people dismiss a decent point.

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>>133071932This dude is such a fucking faggot lmao all he does is bitch and moan. GET A JOB BRO

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>>133071914>stop jerking off for about two years as part of plan to get my life on track (didn't jack off much to begin with but knew it wasn't getting me anywhere>gradually stopped looking at porn as much and lost interest in certain fetishes>a few nights ago end up having my first wet dream>blow the largest fucking load I've ever had, boxers were practically overflowing with how much I nutted>can't even remember what the dream was about >didn't even feel that good since it was 4 AM and I knew I'd have to shower and clean my sheets because of how much spunk I spilled

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>>133073377That's not healthy. Replace it with a phone and atleast it's relatable.

>>133073403>(didn't jack off much to begin with but knew it wasn't getting me anywhereHow long do you faggots spend jacking off or looking for porn?

>>133073109>be 21>met 29 year old man while eating lunch>become friends>lives in a different county than me>has a wife and childI'm 22 and work part time.

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>>133073109True shit

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>>133073418at least 3 hours a week, 8 if you count hornyposting

>>133072272Goddammit that got me.

>>133073377This reminds me of when my friend picked up vaping as a new habit, then aggressively kept doing it and made it his personality for two months before getting normal addicted to it. He was doing it so often, he passed out on the kitchen floor and required me and his wife to walk him to his bed.

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>>133073604How do you pass out from vaping?

>>133073597>3 hours out of 168>128 if you get 8 hour sleep >1% of your week That's amazing. 8 is bad because you're posting but what do not have 3 hours a week?

>>133072012>can't go a day without itWhy would anyone go a day without orgasming? Sounds miserable.

>>133073751>but what do not have 3 hours a week?What the fuck are you trying to say, ESL faggot?

>>133073711I know very little about nicotine. All I know is I'm standing in the room, he's taking massive hits on his vape then falls to the floor. It only happened once when he was relatively new to it, but it always stood out to me.

>>133073821Some people think living joyless lives gives them power or somehow elevates them, when it's just them living in sad, pointless denial of life's pleasures.

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>>133072272Nah, YouTube finally figured this one out. They're rolling out this plan to make people have to watch 10 ads before a video, pissing some percentage of their users off enough to make them sign up for Premium.

>>133073849I mean there are other joys in life than cumming, in fact sometimes delayed gratification feels better.Is your day really ruined just because you're not cumming atleast once?

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>>133073873>Is your day really ruined just because you're not cumming atleast onceChristmas is my least favorite day of the year, because I don't get the cum first thing in the morning. Are you really so passionless, that you don't cum daily? I'm in my 30s, and it's still twice a day for me. Sorry about your life.

>>133073873Sure, but why the psychotic obsession with not masturbating? People go absolutely nuts over the very idea and it's so weird. It's just masturbation. Like anything, if you're doing it so much that it's interfering with your life then you should consider cutting back or getting some help, but otherwise it's just another bodily function to enjoy. Refraining from masturbation for no good reason isn't some badge of honor or won't give you super powers or whatever retardation people have about the act.

>>133073838I think he's saying, "so what, do you not have 3 hours a week to spare masterbating?" In other words he is saying that spending 3 hours a week isn't much time, so he is surprised that you would bother cutting it out, since it seemingly isn't that much time out of your week. Unless your week is so busy that those 3 hours are precious to you. Please don't be mad and reply to me, I'm just the translator.

I like being a range "officer" most times because it's being paid to teach people about guns in a safe and supportive environment and sometimes shoot cool guns some trustfunder bought without any clue how to use but something like this happens like once every 4 months

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>>133073711>>133073841It's nicotine poisoning. It makes you feel dizzy, nauseated, fatigued and very uncomfortable (if you're standing, you'll want to sit. If you're sitting, you'll want to lie down, and if you're already lying down, you'll want to stand). It also makes you thirsty and want to pee a lot. It's what newbs get when they start vaping with higher nicotine concentrations, because they get fooled by the flavors into thinking that the liquid is less potent than it really is.

>>133073912Agreed, which is why the Nofap shit is dumb, but if jerking off just gets to the point where you're doing it for the small hit of dopamine it start to feel pretty pointless.

>>133073930I wasn't that guy but I honestly wish I could do literally anything else without feeling cagy and irritated. Like I can imagine if I worked on something productive like doing some Spainish flashcards or learning juggling or just doing some pushups and core stands instead of cooming. I actually used to spend way longer actively jerking off and having just 3 hours a week dedicated to it was an accomplishment. the problem is I can only get off to a very specific fetish and content for that requires constantly browsing and refreshing the tags

>>133073999I may have been just a translator, but now I need to know what the specific fetish is.

>>133073999>learning jugglingits not actually that hard or worthwhile, you just kind of throw stuff in the air and catch it again

>>133073838Sorry I'm phoneposting because I'm talking to a retard that thinks wasting 3 hour a week jacking off is anything of note. You probably spend more time shitting then beating it off. Hell you spent longer horny posting. Leaving 4chan would be a much more substantial act. You sound like a nofap tard.

>>133074015lolibaba or 2000 year old lolis that actually act like grandmas >>133074069this counts as horny posting and honestly I would spend way less time here if I wasn't so damn horny all the time. sometimes people really do have fun and interesting things to say here and I like talking to anons even if I disagree.

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>>133074103How do you find content for that? I feel like that fetish can only exist with context, otherwise it's just a loli. Unless there are already shows that have a character like that, but I can't think of any. If there are no shows with a character like that, that means someone is writing/drawing stories specifically for that. Please elaborate further.

>>133074125>>133074103Wow I am so tired I briefly lived in a world where anime didn't exist. I was solely thinking about cartoons. Ok yes, I think there are a few animes that have something like that, though I don't know if they necessarily act grandma like. Do they have to act grandma like, or just mature in general?

>>133074150They have to act like a grandma as in doting, behind the times and like grandma things or actually be a grandma and yes it is incredibly niche and hard to find material for.

>>133074257Before I pass out, I have to ask, would you mind linking me to one example of the content? It'll be something to look forward to when I wake up, and I need to be motivated to wake up tomorrow anyway since I have a lot of work ahead of me.

>>133074280my favorite now is Loli Baba Okaa-san wa Oshi ni Yowai and the massive tank Towako Ichi

>>133074103>sometimes people really do have fun and interesting things to say hereFuck I know that feeling. I wish this place was more shit. Would be happy to leave if ever thread was just "cope" posted 500 times.

this except frowning

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>>133074745If you say this in current year they call you autistic.

>>133071914None of this works, if anything it only makes all of them worse.

>>133071964At least it wasn't your own brother.

>>133074838Oh yeah no it worsens all of them besides financial troubles unless you're one of those autists who actually believes every second of the day counts and somehow in that hour you could have invested in stocks enough to become a millionaire.>>133074849At least it's not Your exes and crushes you can't forget, constantly plaguing your mind night after night, dragging themselves through your head never letting you forget them. Everyone tells you it's easy to but they're there, fully rent free.

>>133074862I barely remember my exes or crushes because i just dont care

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>>133071914>Tfw only recently figured out that I've never had an orgasm, even during a wet dreamI just thought people were over-exaggerating what it's like in movies, but nope it turns out I was just born incorrect I guess. Now I'm 32 and don't even know if it's something I should mention in public, let alone to my ex/future gfs.

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>i just want to sayYou and every other fucking normie woman


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>>133073109This cunt is legitimately attractive, has a successful webcomic, and also a boyfriend. The fuck is she complaining about?

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>>133075274I don't care that this is satire, I want this.

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>>133075301Minor inconveniences

>>133074849How’d that go down? How’d you deal with it?

>>133071914The last one is literally>Poor? Go fuck yourself!

>>133072798>Ah! D-Dee Dee! W-what are you doing!? Get out of m-my my uhhhhhhh

>>133074862Anon just wait a few months. Also stop baiting yourself into thinking about it. That just makes it stay around longer.

>>133073865>>133072272>get brave (literally free)>premium is now uselessgg no re

>>133073936Fucking how? I'm a /k/let and even my stupid ass knows not to point a gun and someone you don't want dead.

>>133071914I kinda wanna strangle these crongy comic creators Their whiny negativity DISGUSTS me.

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>>133074907I've never squirted and sometimes I debate with myself whether it doesn't actually exist and is just an exaggeration for porn, or if it's because I've never had sex so I've never came hard enough to do it

>>133075698They’re deleting the off-topic banter, which I don’t blame them for.

>>133075708I see

>>133075707Squirting isn't real, it's literally pee

>>133074907If you’ve never had an orgasm as a guy it could be a hormonal thing.

>>133071914but seriously though, guys, don't do it.t. your fellow slightly-concerned Holla Forumsmrade

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>>133071914so true

>>133075748Way to out yourself as an outsider. Get out of here, Holla Forums you can't even post right.

>>133075707Squirt is just piss bro

>>133074337Towako is a magazine, not a tankobon.

>>133071914second month on nofap. few months more and I will become a candidate for a president. that's how hyped I feel

>>133073909>Sorry about your life.irony: the post

>>133075863it always help. after first week you will already feel like a different person

>>133073912Lol laypeople>Psychology is psuedo scientific bullshit!>Also laypeople: guys how do you explain [insert well researched and understand psychological phenomena here]> Is it witches, fairies and evil spirits?Never change plebs. Your naivety is endearing. Like watching spear chuckers try to explain lightening.

>>133075783I may not be able to cross-board right, but I do have genuine concern for coomerism as a whole though.>>133071948>>133072012Like these anons say, cooming to cope with stress in life is unhealthy, especially to cope with stress from procrastination which is the worst kind because the habit is actually sustainable. You can live your whole life procrastinating all responsibilities and stress hurled at you instead of dealing with them head-on and turn into an incel for the rest of your life.After getting addicted to cooming, your brain will always make short-term justifications to convince you why you should coom instead of dealing with problems and when your conscious gets addicted as well, cooming is the first and only option that pops up when you face any miniscule level of stress from any cause.That’s no way to live though.I hope that the image I posted isn’t seen as causefaggotry because that post genuinely salvaged me when I was in the depths of this exact predicament I’ve just described, and I hope it helps you anons too.

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>>133075978>I’ve just described, and I hope it helps you anons too.nah fuck them. let them coom to death. nothing of value will be lost

>>133076010>Make you weak!not supporting permanent nofap but have you actually tried nofap for a week and actually set yourself to do some shit. Your productivity would be through the roof. I'm sad that you're unable to see that.

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>>133072272youtube vanced?

>>133076115don't be sad at him. laugh at the coomer

>>133076115Not him but I have done a month several times and it makes no difference whatsoever.It's a meme

>>133073711Probably lack of fresh air if I'm thinking of the same type of 'often'. Seen it happen with Hookah before.

>>133072012>sexologists who everyone already knows are bought out by the porn industryyes, big porn, more insidious than big pharma

I just want to be alone.

>>133076711Why?they can just masturbate with their ass

>>133076744I think is because the mention to cramps, since menstruating is "transphobic" for being a biological thing only women can do.

>>133075301I think this is one of the first ones she did, so its probably not relevant to who she is as a person right now

>>133076788I refuse to believe that's something a significant amount of people bitch about


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>>133075748>>133076115Why are you framing this as though not fapping for a week is like some major effort in focus and a secret productivity-hack, and not just an average thing that happens whenever you visit your parents' for the holidays?There are far worse addictive time-sinks that people willingly indulge themselves in for far less gains. It's very telling that all these nofap movements arose from the worst of these; social media like 4chan and reddit.

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>>133077037Oh fuck! That's some flawless logic, yo!

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>>133077037I'm against people incapable of introspection making decisions for themselves

>>133077105This hate boner for masturbation on 4chan seems so weird and foreign from my perspective as an oldfag from '04.It also seems like it's coming exclusively from people who emigrated to 4chan from particular parts of Reddit.

>>133075274Why does she look so weak?

>>133075708Wouldn't it make more sense to just delete the thread?

>>133073127Where do you think you are?

>>133077037Can't even color their own drawing, what a shit comic "creator"

>>133075682There have always been idiots, and making things safe is a pretty modern thing in general. Look at pic related, realize every one of those drive belts is powering a machine and think about all the ways you can get fucked up in a factory that runs on this system while it's working normally. And this is before you start to consider what might happen if something goes wrong.

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>>133076939I refuse to believe this is real life and this world is not a extended purgatory or personal hell, but here we are. Deluded faggots getting mad at not having vaginas after years of brainwashing is not that crazy.

>>133071964I once had a dream about being raped by my college professor. I barely knew him and had no negative or sexual thoughts about him whatsoever.

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>>133077685What happened next time you saw him?

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>>133073377I assumed it was a ignition interlock device and laughed, do I have to retract my laugh now?

>>133075748What the screeencap is telling you is not to make orgasming your whole day, visit pfg in /trash/ if you want to see what a chrinic masturbator looks like.

>>133077266>admitting to being an oldfagwow, you wasted your whole life doing nothingkeep on fapping next 20 yearrs

>>133078781To be fair, he doesn't that late anymore.

>>133072169The lengths asian girls go to deny they like white boys are insane. Just admit it ffs.

>>133073865It's 5 ads.And they'll need to stop me from blocking all their ads, first.

>>133077472Now I'm sad that kiwifarms is gone

>>133073109>take a policy that friends have to reach out to me>several of them never reach out >several years later find out some of them were pissed at me for not making the first movegod damn you knew my numbers guys.

>>133079346This, I still cant believe how much people bitch about ads when they are so easy to block. I legitimately can't remember the last time I saw a YouTube ad.

>>133079398>god damn you knew my numbers guys.And you knew their number. Its a stupid game of chicken where nobody wins. I am also guilty as hell of doing this.

>>133079470>And you knew their number.Yeah but when 10 people all want you to hang out with them you got to figure out who gets your time and who doesn't, that you call me 1st system work pretty well for those that called me. And my issue was they got pissed at me for not calling them when they knew they could reach me.

>>133076788Ahhh now I get it


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>>133071946She still have cancer?

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>>133079581no, she's dead


>>133079446Or twitch. Or the web in general.Ad revenue is a tax on the stupid.


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>>133079385It'll be back up one way or another. They couldn't keep Encyclopedia Dramatica down and that place was run by embezzlers and drug addicts.

>>133073109I fucking hate that all of my supposedly extroverted friends in college always expected me to make the first move. How is it my fault the relationship died? If you cared you'd ask me first

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>>133078781>sleeping with a knife on your bedI've done this before accidentally and really really wouldn't recommend it.

>>133079398>>133079470>>133079550My excuse is I'm a fat weirdo so I shouldn't be trying to force myself into someone else's life. If they want me, they have to tell me.So far no one has ever wanted me.

>>133071914That kind of annoys me in the same way saying "cheer up!" to a sad/depressed person is annoying.Who the fuck can masturbate when they're stressed?

>>133071914I was okay with this and then I saw the author. Hm.

>>133079385For all their dickery, KF was full of downright masters at catching details like this

>>133080067I mean that's the double edged sword, you're a fat weirdo similarly why would they want to drag you into their life? Sorry us fat ugly pieces of shit will just have to learn the tigth rope of the proper interjection of one's self rather than luck out like sexy and/or charismatic people who can easily barge their way in or are naturally wanted in others lives.

>>133073418>How long do you faggots spend jacking off or looking for porn?This is why nobody understands the nofap movement. You're only supposed to do it if it's a serious multi-daily problem. There is no questioning if it's right for you or not, it should be obvious that yes nofap is a good idea for you as an individual it's not a vague question.

>>133080369Nuance on any given topic? What are you some kind of faggot?

>>1330735973 hours a week is very little. I masturbate on average every 5-7 hours a week I masturbate for an hour a day before bed.

>>133077472They probably wanted the baby posing only actual babies can do, but no context aside that shit is objectively dark.>ABDLWhy are there always more and more acronyms?

>>133079278>you're wasting your life on the internet!! touch grass!!!People like you are so annoying. What the fuck do you even know about me, huh? I've been on 4chan for over a decade, and you're saying I've wasted my life? I've had no accomplishments? I myself have been indirectly responsible for the spread of multiple memes and funny images on this website, even reaching outside this website unknowingly at the time. I have influenced probably millions of people just by shitposting here. I'm a loser, I barely go outside, sure, but I am fucking accomplished. I've made a name for myself even if that name is just Anonymous. And you think it's a waste that I didn't become a doctor or some shit and end up interacting with less people in my lifetime than I have on the internet? Fuck you, idiot.

>>133078677Nothing, just took notes as usual, even if it felt a bit weird at first. I'm used to dreaming up strange shit.


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>>133080369Yeah nofap only applies to the insane porn addicted gooner types but so many Anons on here try to gaslight people into thinking they have an addiction and that's why they're so depressed and nofap will make them happy but it does nothing

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>>133073403>>133073418>>133080369>>133081395I'm not trying to gaslight people into nofap at all. You and some anons agree that nofap does nothing, that's fine. My point is that, if you're an addicted coomer, which you would know yourself, consider doing non-permanent nofap for some time. It might actually benefit you in ways your coomer-addled brain didn't think were possible before.If you think your masturbation is moderate enough, I'm not criticizing anything.Although, there actually are people that shove nofap in everyone's face like those redditfags. That's just retarded.

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>>133080785>What the fuck do you even know about me, huh?You're a faggot.

>>133071964>tfw had a sexy dream about burying my face in my fiancée’s best friends breasts

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I don't own a dog but all my friends do

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>>133082015You just know

>>133083015>sometimes you just knowWhy do whores and horses go so well together?

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>>133083186Well, there hasn't been a Ms Hands so far, so the relationship between women and horses is basically the same as guys and fancy cars.

>>133083186Mares are just better than women, stallions are just better than men. It is the sad state of affairs to be a yahoo.

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>>133084130Don't fully get it, can't relate

>>133073604>getting a nicotine addiction on purposehumans are fascinating

Describes my first kiss pretty well

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>>133072012>>133071948>>133075978Are you chuds or woke? Either way you're a moralfag. It's just a comic. A joke. Lighten up and post something funny. Come on!

>>133075435you know you just wake up horrified you even could comprehend it. Cant even talk about it so you just put that in the trauma box and hope you forget

>>133078781>Falling asleep to vinnyYeah. That's pretty relatable.I've never been on a vinesauce stream though, just constantly replaying the youtube series as I crash.

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>>133084624It's not the addiction that people want (in of itself) but the withdrawal medication. Depending where you live you can get really buzzing even with intended dose, and with the stuff they give out in Finland when combined with alcohol it's basically legal speed.

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>>133073127He's a one(1) year old

>>133084676This.Nicotine is the mildest and safest addiction that they'll prescribe Methadone for. Anything milder and they just tell you to take asperin, anything harder and they force you to rehab.

>>133084577She's introducing two of her friends to each other but forgot one of their names

>>133075341I am saving this.

>>133084866She forgot the name of first person. She invited her friend over to try and get the first person's name for her.

>>133072071I wanted to date a blind girl because of this comic

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>>133071932Seeing this kind of shit from people who did better than you is too infuriating for words. You put in what felt monumental effort and you're still a failure, is that it? What does that mean for everyone else? Fuck you, SiR. I bet you don't even lift anymore.

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>>133073577facial hair is shit, it makes you look like a retard who doesnt know how to follow a routine if you dont shave, you either have a clean shave, a really good bear, or a bogan looking shitshow in between

>>133071932You make me laugh sir.

>>133079278You don't get to leave. Ever. You may take a break for a year or two but everyone comes back.>>133080785>you're dead, kiddoUnderrated post

>>133085535>>133085559This is like training a dog to attack a rabbit on sight by flashing pictures of shitty rabbits at it.

>>133071914Jenking off doesn't help me sleep

>>133085324>>133085417Wtf why would that be relatable?

>>133085627>Kate Lethi do not read mockingbird comics

>>133085644Nice guys can be such dumbasses at times, putting up with the insanity and cuntiness of shitty women.Kind of what happens with women who are bad boys, thinking they can "save" them(they can't lmao)

>>133080067I never reach out because I'm literally too mentally ill to remember most peoples' names, much less remember that I have their numbers and can call them. Being retarded sucks. I rarely keep friends.

>>133085674are with bad boys*mind you

>>133071964i had one with my dadit was horrifying

>>133085666she also cut her tits off recently

>>133085729i do not read batman comics

>>133075748I do this on the reg and I call bullshit on the "consequences"yeah it definitely became an habit but the anxienty is an enviromental variable and it's not gonna go any time soon.

>>133085627lel didn't she become a he recently?talk about irony.

>>133079581She doesn't have cancer anymore, since 2020, but she's now dealing with fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis

>>133073860Why do retards do this?

>>133085041Really dating yourself with that comment.

>>133073885What the fuck is this supposed to mean

>>133086002Bad parenting disturbs her. How is this difficult for you to understand?

>>133071914Actually I did get a fuckhueg leg cramp just a couple of hours ago when masturbating and reaching climax, then again I spent 6 hours shopping downtown walking and climbing stairs. Thought it was a heart thing but internet says it's ok if you masturbate everyday?

>>133075274This drawing pisses me off

>>133086002She saw a kid dressed like a whore and seethed over it for hours.

>>133086111Pissed off? Rub one out.

>>133085998no u

>>133086002She saw one of those child beauty pageant kids in full clown make up. Shit's messed up.

>>133071932According to who; the jew who wants to profit from my work?

>>133086119They'll get passed seething to disturb soon.

>>133073604>then aggressively kept doing it and made it his personality for two monthsLiterally the reason why I've never even touched a vape. I was introduced to them by some absolute cunt of a douchebag who would find people sitting alone on campus, take a big hit, blow it DIRECTLY in their face, and proceed to say "Is this bothering you? It shouldn't because it isn't REALLY smoke." with the biggest shiteatting grin on his face before pitching vapes like Juul was paying for his tuition personally.

>>133071914Yeah, dude, just make yourself even more dependent on a masturbation addiction that you probably already have! Don't deal with your problems; just press the good feelings button!Fucking monkey.

how often do you masturbate?

>>133086319next to none these days, i cannot keep up with this fat zoomer girl

>>133082229>tfw had a sexy dream about a dog

>>133075341Idiot start working out. An ugly face only stops if you have an ugly personality.Getting fit helps your chances

>>133086359>t. chadlifting does not cure autism

>>133072272i pay for iti like being able to download videos and play them in screenlock or while using other apps, in my phone


>>133086586i have an iphone 13

>>133086616Wow, you pay more money for a product that does less. But at least it makes you feel special.

>>133086616ahahaha faggot

>>133085698How bad was the dream?

>>133079581I hope not

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>>133082067When the fuck is the new comic coming out, Bryan?

Attached: 1505253001938.jpg (750x750, 38.26K)

>post comics>meninism ideologues come to preach their dogma on masturbation for no reasonWill there ever be an end to it?

Attached: 1649710257354.png (599x282, 31K)

>>133083015>>133082488She's a puppy chaser

Attached: 2009-06-05.png (900x576, 143.24K)

>>133086791xkcd beer striptake your (you)

>>133086616Well that's what happens when you buy brand recognition over functionality

>>133086097How the fuck did you masturbate so hard you got a leg cramp? What were you doing?

Attached: 1521528817197.png (610x260, 29.1K)

>>133086319Once a day. Sometimes twice if I'm in a more hormonal cycle. If I ever get really busy at work or school I might only do it twice a week though.

Attached: 1661697689303502.jpg (480x637, 54.09K)

>>133086828American Beer is pretty fucking bad, though.

>>133087030>generational conflict: the jpeg

>>133085528That's life. Though to be fair, SIRs accomplishments seem predominantly internet fame and failing at his dream job.

Attached: SirVent.png (511x384, 37.97K)

Attached: 1660073679395508.jpg (715x725, 155.52K)

>>133087184Good thing this never happened to me.

Attached: LDB.png (1023x606, 1.18M)

Attached: 1500855479654.jpg (900x900, 169.06K)

>>133087121I don't think you understand just how low the bar is when the comparison is being made between other 4chummers.>Well I'm on this website and I'm not a loser!Outliers will always exist.

>>133074889Stolen verbatim from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

>>133087271The last panel is still coming for you

>>133087488Don't worry, it isn't. The first panel never happened so the fourth panel can't happen.

Attached: lol jk.png (589x567, 325.68K)

Attached: 1615480343620.jpg (800x1132, 363.21K)



>>133087710Too risque, try click.

>>133087665>>133087710Fantastic. Thank you.

Attached: file.png (750x750, 35.15K)

another masturbation one

Attached: 1643763024359.jpg (800x1132, 446.15K)


Attached: 1644124722467.jpg (366x366, 56.81K)

>>133085698are you a cute boy?

Attached: 1511834757295.png (960x798, 350.64K)

>>133087841Literally me

>>133076232I second this, its just idiots who literally cant enjoy themselves. I like jacking off but loathe how horribly generic the dialogue in smut media is (with some exceptions like "between friends" by Aria) and I said>even I could come up with better lines than this crapAnd now I just create my own sexy stories to fap to and love every second of the process. I keep thinking of Cervantes in prison, laughing about the lines he had just come up with for the Quijote to say in his book.

>>133088006Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards

Attached: 1618971946649.png (680x304, 151.72K)

>>133079278Is YOUR life going in a different direction? Dont bother to answer that, if you are here we both know the answer.

Attached: you-know-it-you-know-this.gif (220x220, 247.56K)

>>133088044Eh I've done it a few times, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But it's probably more a "in my head" thing.

Attached: tumblr_p18fbw6eJY1rihoc2o1_1280.jpg (1280x1280, 482.97K)

>>133085324I kind can relate, but the bad boy was her boyfriend to begin with so I cant complain.

>>133076544I can't tell if you're sarcastic or not but it's true. As far back as Alfred Kinsey one of his biggest benefactors was Hugh Hefner. To this day, pornhub owns "sexual health" centers and a lot of sexologists will write for porno sites or take large donations from porn companies.Keep in mind, no one with a particularly moderate attitude surrounding sex specializes in the sexology field. A lot of the field is based on "proving those prudes who said I have a problem wrong" meaning almost every study starts from a particular point of bias.Basically, yeah, the sexology industry being kinda fucked is an open secret. That's why you have shit from them like "healthy masturbation is 21 times a month"

>>133075330I'm sorry but i cant relate to this at all. Consider deleting your post.

>>133085674Yep, been there, done that. You can cut one arm for her and she will treat you like shit, dump you in your moment of weakness, be with someone mew one or two weeks after your dump and upload ig stories of how in love she is while you sink in despair, hurting yourself not eating, not sleeping, not getting outside.

>>133075748>masturbation gives you ADDoh yeah, that obviously explains the ADHD I've struggled with since birth! fuckhead

>>133088083I swear someday I would have developed the skills to put all my "in my head" stories on paper.

Attached: 1508329380151.jpg (900x1414, 818.91K)

Attached: 1509466602029.jpg (900x1100, 643.7K)

>>133085674It's all in the media. People who aren't well socialized (particularly autists) subconsciously turn to media for a look at what they think a relationship looks like and thus when the narrative structures we've romanticized don't play out, they're confused as hell

>>133071914this comic is a fucking liar about that sleep part

>>133087121>>133087331>lives with a tranny furfag now>draws tranny furfag shitIt could always be worse, until it is.

Attached: 1636148921700.png (1173x1085, 708.32K)

>>133088266>Lives withA new one or are you talking about the old one?

Attached: .jpg (927x703, 52.56K)

>>133088190I cant relate to the joys of riding a bike, I dont have a vagina.

>>133086307It's not meant to be used that way. It's good for clearing your head when it gets too full of shit. Just a bit of breathing space so you can focus better. Nobody is saying be a coomer 24/7. Both coomers and nofap fags can't seem to get their shit together and thing you either go all in or all out. Nobody understands moderation anymore because that would take actual self-control.

Attached: ben franklin.jpg (237x230, 20.42K)

>>133088351I don't think Nefcy was getting off here, or was she?

>>133088226>no work for me>therefor it's a lie for everybodyIt works for me and a bunch of other anons have vouched for it too, whenever this same comic gets posted. Maybe you're just fucked.

>>133088293Is this comic supposed to mean something?

>>133087121How long until he goes trans?

Attached: 4cd.jpg (600x876, 88.38K)

>>133088536>Getting pretty chummy with trannies>Possibly fucking one or two but so far only crazy nonbinary chicks >Doing fusion dances with femboys to create this abominationI don't know how long but I won't be shocked.

Attached: .jpg (758x960, 51.04K)


>>133088293Now that's a myth. Women don't orgasm. It's like she doesn't have a mother.

always dealt with low-level general anxietybut in the past year, and especially the last month, I've had anxiety/panic daily- there is well and truly no reason for it to be happening- at this point just thinking about it gives me symptoms and I don't know what to dodoes anyone else deal with it? How?

>>133077105>not just an average thing that happens whenever you visit your parents' for the holidaysI find time to masturbate even on long trips where I should be participating in events and socializing with othersI find it takes genuine to not masturbate some days

>>133088752>Women don't orgasmCis Straight Women

Attached: 1522655599901.jpg (562x594, 92.17K)

>>133088134I always hear that the sex industry, along with big pharma, is the biggest financial benefactors of transgender rights activists group - I get why big pharma does it because it stands to profit for it but what gain does the sex industry stand to make?

If history is any indication, you kind of don't want a group that actively fight against degeneracy, because for some reason they always devolve into becomong worse than the disease. I don't know why we humans are always prone to this shit, that our destiny is to be sex crazed degenerates or violent prudish psycopaths.

>>133088940Whole genre to push and new actors. >They're not even waiting for the cute trannies they're just shitting out whatever comes through their door now

>>133088980>>133088999Sorry user, but your typos won’t be forgotten so easily.

Attached: B885B7F5-A28B-42F8-945E-960D9FD7C088.jpg (750x574, 391.67K)

>>133088351>>133088387Assuming he is talking about the potential risk of hitting your ow crotch, just buy a wide seat.Will you look goofy? Yes. But you'll be comfy.

>>133088940If they can break down any barriers surrounding sexuality or hell, redefine the narrative entirely, they can cash in as well.

>>133089026I think user was saying he thinks Nefcy is going to coom from her bike seat, which seems pretty hard to do on a pedal bike.

>>133088940Tranny porn is surprisingly popular and makes them a lot of money

>>133086002See sexy kid. Can't stop thinking about them

>>133080057The cats more deadly because it's waiting for you to fall asleep before if moves to your face to smother you

>>133088090>Arts in the nudeHot.

>>133088752>Women don't orgasm.How do you know?


Attached: 1508477600954.jpg (700x452, 96.93K)

>>133088999>I don't knowOh, you know why. The ones who fight degeneracy do it out of shame. Don't believe me? Find one of these outspoken purists on twatter. Any of them, the more vociferous the better. Look at their likes. The last time I did this the faggot had hypercock cumflation furry porn in his likes, exclusively. It also explains why so many that are outspoken about pedos turn out to be pedos themselves.

>>133087834The burden of waking up to a rager

Attached: 2011-05-11.png (900x1088, 236.7K)

>>133089153So it's Macbeth on a grand scale?

>>133089199OUT DAMN STAIN!

>>133089121They told me. Both my sisters, my mom, my female friends, and male friends who fuck.

>>133089288Without context I'll assume they're either leading sad unfulfilled lives, or they're fucking with you because you're too autistic to know better. This is Holla Forums so could go either way.

>>133072750How do you think?

>>133089339Now they are too nice to mess with a mentally ill person and they all seem to be happy so I guess you're just wrong.

Who can relate?

Attached: 1652098389013.png (900x950, 101.27K)

>>133089416Nah, you got the ones with the cute chick trying to be nice to him and he's just a pathetic sad sack bringing down the mood?


Attached: .jpg (2000x2000, 352.57K)

>>133071914Jerking off makes my insomnia worse

>>133088090Remember, with snails, you fails.

>>133089427That's the only strip I got, but I relate to that too.

>>133087030I was going to say this is basically Calvinism but then I realized it would be too confusing

>>133088180I masturbate to cope with ADHD

>>133089459There's no way to react to that comment without sounding like a soulless automaton or a jackass.

>>133089459>a female interacting with meThe cashier at the checkout 2 weeks ago recognized my ace attorney shirt and I started talking to her about my favourite case (2-4) and asking what hers was and she immediately shut up and stared at me like I just ate her children's nose off. That comic was made by someone who gets actual female interaction projecting his just world fallacy on people worse off than him.

>>133089487>>133089539Thank you might work. Thought it'd probably die right there, if it ever actually happens for any of the guys this is aimed towards.

Attached: tomoyo361.png (900x4579, 274.36K)

>>133075748I stopped watching porn after almost 20 years. Still fap but to memories instead. Only real change is that the sexual compass is turning back. I no longer think of doujin scenarios of a mother daughter combo both needing a strong man in their lives at the same time. Just regular benis in bagina is enough. And if I see a Shakira music video I get hypnotized since I don't blast the brain with actual naked women anymore.Give it a shot if you haven't. Good to give things a breather every now and then.

Attached: concerned simian.gif (200x200, 3.46M)

I think I must have autism or maybe I just don't understand humans.I had a coworker punch my arm as she was leaving, and when I asked why she did it, she said "that's how I show my affection". The problem I now have is I can't decide if she was trying to flirt with me or if she was just doing something random.I like never talk to her, I dont think we've even had a full conversation, so I don't know what to think of it. I've pretty much decided to ignore it and let that be my human connection for the rest of the year.

>>133077301>sickly pale skin>tired eyes indicate illness or unhealthy sleeping habits>poor dentition>terrible posture>pigeon-toed stance indicative of developmental issues or genetic defect>probably overweight if not obeseshe isn't exactly the picture of health.

>>133089697Good call.

>>133089459This comic will never be more than either deliberate bait or shitposting. No woman has ever gone up to me and complimented my clothes, only men and even then it has only been at concerts. Half the crowds are usually women, still nothing. I have never seen a woman compliment another man's clothes either. They would probably come up and cold approach me before they ever go "Nice shirt!"

Attached: NICE SHIRT.jpg (1440x900, 146.02K)

>>133075748I'll consider taking one of those posts seriously when they'll explain either that it's also true if you have lots of actual sex or why those dire consequences don't apply in that case.Else I just assume it's frustratd Chirstcucks trying to justify their made-up sky-daddy rules about masturbation

>>133079937Nobody gives a shit faggot

>>133089914I meant the bullshit post seems to view sex as the goal, which is why gooners horde since there's no real goal the objective just becomes to a collectathon of stimulating bullshit which just escalates whereas if you just had a partner it'd be more fulfilling stimulation. But then again there are people who cry sex addiction as to why they need to cheat and whoremonger.Also tips fedora


>>133087795>3rd guy comes up with nothingSome people are just unable to contribute

>>133089914Apparently the origin is misinterpreted text about how a guy fucks his brother's wife to continue the legacy as his brother cannot conceive kids, but he decided to just cum on the floor instead out of spite which angered god.

>>133088351You don't seem to have a dick either, faggot

>>133089019The qustion is, do we shame him to death or sexualy abuse him into unlife?

>>133075486Dexter is for Lee Lee!

>>133089914The best explanation for why they don't mention actual sex is probably constituency and stimuli. Sex is usually more then genitals and most people don't fuck once a day for 5 months like how some people masturbate. That's my guess to why these post never mention real sex. Their might be a study on it but my hear-say knowledge comes from male porn stars needing drugs to get it up. It still could also be religious justification since the two aren't mutually exclusive but you wouldn't understand.

>>133089147oh wow, a comic about nick bate

Attached: anal warrior.jpg (234x171, 7.48K)

>>133089416can't relate, I'm still alive right now

>>133090489You call this living?

>>133090506what do you mean?

>>133089416I can't draw

>>133085528Anon, tell me what you want to accomplish in life. Maybe talking it out will help

>>133089153Oh no.Not hypocrisy!That totally means they aren't correct!

>>133085674People aren't that black and white, user. I'm going to assume you're still in high school, so go do your homework

>>133089789It's normal for women to compliment clothes or your body or smileIt happens to me all of the time.Dressing down, growing face hair, and mean mugging works to keep people from starring or coming up to you if you feel uncomfortable with attention. It works well.Oh and make sure the clothes are loose and don't show off your body or package.