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I'll go first.>Executives at Fox weren't impressed with Futurama during its screening of the third episode, "I, Roommate." Regardless, Simpsons creator Matt Groening (who pitched the show along with David X. Cohen) still manage to take creative control after meeting negotiations with the network.>Fox also hated the idea of adding 30th Century Fox as its end logo, up until the test screening audiences loved it, thus having a sudden change of heart.

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>>133071382For American Dad, Hayley Smith was originally supposed to be voiced by Lauren Prepon of That '70s Show fame (similar to how Mila Kunis from said show also got the role as Meg Griffin in Seth's sister show, Family Guy). However, due to her busy schedule, she was replaced by Seth's sister Rachael MacFarlane.

>>133071382Matt Greoning got the initial spark for Futurama. When Simpsons animators were getting a motorcycle/ basketball joke ready for one of the episodes in season 3

>>133071382>the network didn't like that Bender was an alcoholic>so after the first few episodes, it was revealed that robots use alcohol as fuel instead

>>133071382Fairly Oddparents was a hastily made pitch for a TV show that Butch drew up in a half hour.

Before Sarah Chalke and Kari Wahlgren joined Rick and Morty, Alison Brie was set to voice Beth, while Jessica was played by Jackie Buscarino. The original voices can be heard in the animatic for the pilot

this might be a bit out of left field but>pic related is Viktor Kubal, the greatest slovak animators. he alone created:>the first slovak animated film ever by scratching a moving tank on film tape>first slovak animated short film as a project for art school>the first slovak animated feature film (single handedly), by locking himself in his room for a year and a half and only leaving for trips around slovakia to get inspiration for locations>the first slovak animated show with voice actingan underrated madman

>>133073899forgot pic

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>>133071382The Simpsons is now the longest animated show of all time

>>133073840Alison Brie would've been pretty kino, I wonder why she didn't get the final role

All Looney Tunes spinoffs were hated in one way or another by former Looney Tunes animators/voice actors>Tiny Toons was hated for being a lesser version of classic Looney Tunes with more obnoxious humor. Chuck Jones referered it as a ""retarded stepchild he didn't want to talk about">Taz-Mania was disliked by the director for ruining Taz as a character and didn't like Taz's family and all the side characters>Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries was one of the few adaptations that was approved by the old creators since it didn't move too far from classic Looney Tunes. The producers wanted to have a new VA for Granny instead of June Foray (who voiced the character for decades) but Chuck Jones caught wind of it and got June to play the role.>Space Jam was hated by Chuck Jones>Baby Looney Tunes was a blatant baby spin-off cashgrab. Zero heart and originality. >Duck Dodgers had no public negative feedback from the old creators as they all have died at this point. >Loonatics Unleashed was universally despised and regarded as the worst LT adaptation. ruined Kids WB as a channel.>The Looney Tunes Show was disliked by Joe Alaskey, former voice of Daffy and Bugs. He didn't like the sitcom approach and called it "a project that I'm glad I wasn't on."

>>133073840Honestly I'm just more embarrassed I didn't realize Sarah Chalke voiced Beth until now.

>>133075078>>Loonatics Unleashed was universally despised and regarded as the worst LT adaptation. ruined Kids WB as a channel.deservedly so. What were they thinking??? That series os beyond garbage

>>133075018I think it was because she was still under contract to NBC while Community was airing. But had she not dropped out of voicing Beth, she probably wouldn't have been available to play Diane in Bojack Horseman

>>133074871What about Sazae San?

>>133071382"I, Roommate" was made to be a down-to-earth episode with a plot more common with sitcoms.The 30th Century Fox logo was initially paid for by Groening himself. Fox later decided they liked it and compensated him for the cost.I hope Futurama on Hulu will have a 30th Century Television logo made.

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>>133075078>Loonatics Unleashed was universally despised and regarded as the worst LT adaptation. ruined Kids WB as a channel.Well for one thing it wasn’t an adaptation.It was an action show with LT references. I swear most people hate it because of the concept art and not for what it really was.

>>133071382Cartoon Network executives loved The Powerpuff Girls' first What A Cartoon pilot - heavily promoting it and having it be the first What A Cartoon short to ever premiere on television. But along the way, the pilot got bad reactions from test audiences - consisting of boys - who disliked the Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins short.Normally that'd mean no greenlit, but Lazzo was a fan of Craig's skills and allowed him to create 1 more short to get the audience - Crime 101 got a better reception and allowed the Powerpuff Girls to be greenlit.

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>>133075988>30th Century Television logoThey'll probably use a 30th Television Animation logo in the new Hulu series.

>>133071413>Lauren Prepon as Hayleythis has to be true, right?

Nickelodeon rejected>Pepper Ann>Ed, Edd n' Eddy>Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy>Johnny Test>Phineas & Ferb>Adventure Time>Hero: 108>Star vs. the Forces of Eviland were then pitched to different networks. Only 7 of the 8 were successful.Nick also rejected Nina and the Count (especially its 6th short) due to a "pedophilic undertone". After this setback, creator Rob Renzetti decided to utilize this sixth slot to create the pilot episode for My Life as a Teenage Robot.

>>133076623It's gonna cost a lot less to make as well since one, they probably still have the model of the new 20th Century logo, and two, computer animation has come a long way since 1999.>>133076855Is Nickelodeon absolutely retarded? How far can they get on SpongeBob, Loud House, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol?

>>133073447In a similar vein, Ed Edd n Eddy was pitched with a single sketch Antonucci drew in a few minutes that he faxed in to both Nick and CN, and CN picked it up based solely on that single faxed image, hence why there's no pilot episode.

The Simpsons has outlived EVERY single cartoon from the 90s, 2000s and 2010s.

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>>133071382OP's pic is fanart.

>>133071413Speaking of fun American Dad fact>JK Simmons has had many, albeit largely unimportant, guest appearances in various American Dad episodes>People such as Bob Odenkirk, Danny Trejo and Mariah Carey had respective, separate guest appearances on the show all playing completely random background characters

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>>133071382Robin Williams was one of the many actors who originally was going to play the Joker in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie, but eventually Jack Nicholson got the role.History repeated itself once Robin Williams was also one of the many actors to play as the Riddler in Batman Forever, but ultimately, Jim Carrey got the part.

>>133071382Originally, The Wild Thornberrys (then titled as "Animal World") was pitched to Fox and was originally set to be an adult animated sitcom with Nigel Thornberry being the main star of the

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The Deadpool movie only happened because someone leaked the concept trailer online. Speaking of Deadpool, Wade was supposed to get an animated series on FX, but Disney fucked it up. Donald Glover made some tweets about what happened but he deleted them.

As Told By Ginger's third season (which originally premiered in 2002) was delayed countless of times by Nickelodeon due to very poor ratings. Most of its episodes random air in various Nick networks, and the latest aired on January 2021 on CBS All Access (now Paramount+).

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>>133071413>>133078321Creator of Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Ted and The Orville—Seth MacFarlane—was originally going to catch one of the flights that was hijacked during 9/11. He luckily missed out on said flight after oversleeping from his hangover.

>>133078381A shame Robin Williams would have been Beautiful in the role. I bet he could have gotten us World Finest due to his closeness with Christopher Reeve.

>>133071382The Angry Beavers>it was pushed back for a few months as Nick was focusing more on Hey Arnold>it was originally set to be Nick's new Ren & Stimpy, but wasn't as popular>it never had official VHS releases from Paramount (unlike Hey Arnold, CatDog or Rocko)>the bowling alley episode originally aired with Norb saying, "Shut Up, Dag," but the "shut" was bleeped, with the network assuming that he said, "Shit up, Dag!" That line was later redubbed with, "Shush Up, Dag.">the final episode, "Bye Bye Beavers" was originally set and stone to be the final episode with Norb and Dag realizing they're nothing more than cartoon characters. Nick execs hated this, as they pulled the plug on the show altogether, with neither characters even being shown in any Nicktoons promotions>the remaining unaired episodes eventually aired in the states on Nicktoons TV in 2006>creator Mitch Schauer and VA's Nick Bakay and Richard Horvitz were teasing new Angry Beavers (entitled Angry Beavers Respooted) since 2015, but as of 2022, nothing came of it>one of the writers, Micah Wright, is a hard-left socialist

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>>133076612The PPG pilot was first aired on an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast where the creator was featured as a guest.

>>133071382New Line Cinema originally had plans of having a Morbius movie, even including him in a deleted scene of Blade. However, rights were in turnaround for years until 2017, when Sony successfully purchased film rights to said Marvel character, and his film eventually came out in April 2022 as part of Sony's Marvel Universe. It was also one of its most notoriously meme'd movies, as Sony re-released it to theatres two months later, but was pulled in a week due to poor box office results.

>>133078556>S3 premiered in 2002>S3 ended in 2021DMX once said it best, "I've been doin' this for 19 years"

>>133071382The Iron Giant was originally meant to be a rock opera/movie musical similar to Yellow Submarine or Tommy. Pete Townshend’s album, The Iron Man (1989) was to be the source, and he’s still credited as an executive producer on the final song is one of my favorites. It’s from the perspective of the giant after having shattered, and he’s rebuilding himself>Lost my arm, lost my eyes>Broke my feet, bruised my thighs>Head's on a cliff, hanging from a tree>Neck's on the beach with my elbow and my knee>My eye looked around and discovered my hand>Together they uncovered my arm in the sand>The pieces of me come together as one>We all dance forever in the morning sun>No idea where my maker ran>But I am a fearless iron man

>>133079101Oh, and they did make an official live-action music video for Hogarth and the giant. I don’t know if this is what the movie would look like, or if this video is a stand-alone project, but it’s still pretty interesting to watch, especially if you like the

>>133077502>How far can they get on SpongeBob, Loud House, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol?Very.

>>133080261Problem is if nothing else hits like those off the bat. They can them.

>Fox also hated the idea of adding 30th Century Fox as its end logo, up until the test screening audiences loved it, thus having a sudden change of heart.I am continually amazed by the fact how the absolute worst fucking people keep ending up in these executive positions

>>133075078Based Duck Dodgers but I feel like they wouldn't have hated it

>>133078485As an adult looking back, I understand this would have been the better show, and would have probably held up better over time. But I also recognize that at the time it came out when I was a kid, I would have been much less likely to want to watch it if Nigel was the focus. Eliza was a very important hook. I just wish they coulda tossed her aside after she fulfilled that purpose and switched gears at some point.

>Warner Bros. received 50,000 letters protesting the decision to cast Michael Keaton as Batman

>>133071382>During production of X-MEN, director Bryan Singer and the film’s producers just assumed Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen knew how to play chess and only discovered they needed an instructor when it came the day to shoot their scenes.

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>>133080390Not Holla Forums, but my gf recently got into gamedev and while I realised investors and executives are retards before, only now when I learn about their demands and comments first hand I really come to understand the extent of it. Honestly it's kind of hard to even perceive those suits as humans to me, it is as if they had no understanding whatsoever of the industry they're putting their money into

The original title for Shrek Forever After was going to be "Shrek Goes Forth" to coincide with the naming choice of "Shrek The Third". This was also because there was originally a fifth Shrek movie planned, but it was soon cancelled in favor of making the 4th Shrek film the final one, resulting a name change to "Shrek Forever After".

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Vanessa was originally supposed to be just Doof's assistant, not his daughter. Someone came up with the Bring Your Daughter to Work Day line after the script was already written.

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>>133071382>For King of the Hill, Mike Judge had thought about Hank Hill's dad being Tom Anderson from Beavis & Butthead, but despite Judge creating the two shows, Fox did not allow it due to legal reasons, meaning Hank's dad was changed to an original, more angrier character, Cotton Hill.

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William Hanna directed the first episode of A Pup Named Scooby Doo, but went uncredited as he didn't want to steal the spotlight from the younger animation directors.Joseph Barbera supposedly hated John K's Yogi Bear shorts so much that he wanted to hire a mob hitman to kill him.

>>133071413>>133078321American Dad is nowadays more popular in Japan than Family Guy will ever be.>>133082013King of the Hill is also very popular in Japan.

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>>133073840I tried to watch for the Alison Brie mom, but ended up being reminded of why I can't stand Rick And Morty. It's so fucking reddit.


>>133076855>Only 7 of the 8 were successful.You phrased this statement poorly, ESL-kun. The majority of those cartoons were successful, so you wouldn't use "only" in this context.

>>133082302I'm not ESL, but Hero:108 was the one that isn't as successful which explains the "7 out of 8." Also I forgot to mention one other show, The Proud Family was originally greenlit for Nick, but they also passed it.

>>133082333>52 episodes>not successfulThat's standard network order. By that logic, Courage the Cowardly Dog was a failure as well.

>>133082333Yeah, so you'd say "only 1 out of the 8 cartoons wasn't successful", ESL-kun.

>>133071382>>133075988Futurama? More like You're So Wrong-uh

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>>133082245I cannot stand Justin Roiland's voice. Anytime I hear him in a show, I automatically fast-forward to the next scene. American Dragon's production was a massive mess plagued by clueless execs (one of them wanting the show to be like Seinfeld) and repeated creative turnover. Also, a lankier dragon design came first (drawn by John Fountain), then got scrapped in favor of the S1 dragon design before the lankier, "half-Chinese" design became the basis of the S2 dragon design.

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>>133082158>Joseph Barbera supposedly hated John K's Yogi Bear shorts so much that he wanted to hire a mob hitman to kill based

Productions made at Warner Bros Studios are forced to participate in yearly state of the studio events, which are just glorified pep rallies where production teams usually throw together some vapid home videos/clip show reels to screen in front of execs and sponsorsThese are what the crew from the Wacky Races reboot from a few years back came up

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>>133081847Are the rumors true? Will the Ogrelord be returning for a fifth.

>>133081552For example? I don't doubt you I just want stories of execs being out of touch with the reality.

>>133081904>Vanessa was originally supposed to be just Doof's assistant, not his daughter.Someone would have shipped them.

>>133071382In the Brazilian dub of Venture Bros, all of their characters names were kept intacted (and in some cases, untranslated) with the exception of Brock, Dean and Hank which were changed into Barbosa, Mauricio and Marcelo respectively.When people asked Brock's brazilian VA about the change, he stated that the reason for it was because of a controversy regarding the adult swim block in the country (particularly the attempts of then-congressman Celso Russomanno to get the block off the air); the translators thought it was best for the character to have a name change so unsuspecting parents who weren't paying attention to their TVs wouldn't confuse Venture Bros for Pokémon.

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Despite his numerous stances on cape comics, Alejandro Jodorowsky was comissioned by DC to pen a Superman graphic novel with José Ladrönn of Final IncalThe entire project was dismantled when Jodorowsky, having handed over his script, was contacted by DC's people to hand over 15 copies of the script so the other editors could take a look...Jodo then said "why would you need 15 copies of a single script? So 15 other jackasses can read it?" and hung up the phone.

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>>133075078>>Loonatics Unleashed was universally despised and regarded as the worst LT adaptation. ruined Kids WB as a channel.Fun fact: Loonatics Unleashed only got greenlit because of Disney's success with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. WB felt their characters didn't feel cool enough and that they needed a similar makeover to what Disney got

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>>133083365Damn, now I want to see his wild take on Superman

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>>133082729Keep in mind, it was back in 09 and Shrek was originally set to close on the fourth movie, which was released May of 2010. However, DreamWorks has teased a fifth movie for years, so here's hoping Shrek does return (that is if the second Puss in Boots movie does well at the box office this Christmas).

Among the files found on Osama Bin Laden's hard drive was an .avi file of the entire Chicken Little movie with arab subtitles.Similarly, Muammar Gadaffi had a painting of the cover for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within decorated at one of his palace's walls.

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>>133083365He's so fucking based

>>133078530>Speaking of Deadpool, Wade was supposed to get an animated series on FX, but Disney fucked it up. Donald Glover made some tweets about what happened but he deleted them.He didn't make some tweets. He made a whole ass script about

Peter Griffin was based on a loud mouthed security guard Seth MacFarlane knew from Rhode Island School of Design. Said security guard later appeared in a live-action comedy skit he filmed while there.

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>>133071413Well now I'm disappointed.

>>133071413Come to think of, if she did get the role, we wouldn't even have Rachael's solo album based on her character. Seriously, that album was chillingly good.

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>>133071382Speaking of Futurama, MadTV's own Nicole Sullivan was originally set to voice as Leela. In the end, Katey Sagal successfully got the role, although the latter didn't know about Nicole being the original VA for Leela until years laters.

>>133078321I like the idea of using big stars in minor, unimportant and unadvertised roles. South Park used to do that too. Alternately, intentionally writing the most absurd stuff for Bullock purely because it's funny to hear Patrick Stewart say it.

>>133077631And as the story goes, he made the entire thing because a friend bet him that he couldn't make a family friendly children's cartoon. Also that he demanded creative control and went with Cartoon Network basically because they responded first. It's also why it's the first Cartoon Cartoon not produced by Hanna-Barbera Studios.

>>133082186The Boondocks is also very popular in

David Feiss was offered to work on Billy & Mandy full time as Atoms' second in charge (basically like Steve Marmel and Butch Hartman), but Feiss declined, as he was too busy with other projects like various TV commercials and working on Open Season for Sony.

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>>133074871There is no way they beat Doraemon

>>133082302Sounds more like he's being sarcastic about Nick's stupdity in passing them up.

>>133076855>Not spongeInto the trash it goes

>>133083703Had Sullivan stayed, Futurama would have had three voices from the original MADtv cast (her, Phil LaMarr and Dave Herman)

>>133075078Chuck hated a lot of things. And people. Just ask Walt Kelly and Dr. Seuss.Let us not forget he dismissed Bergen's Porky after one audition because 'he didn't get the humanity of the character'

>>133078882>one of the writers, Micah Wright, is a hard-left socialistHow can you mention Micah Wright and not mention what he's most infamous for: he lied about his military status. Specifically, he drew anti-war cartoons after the War on Terror started which made him a darling of the anti-war left. His cartoons got published as a book and this led to him getting a job writing Stormwatch: Team Achilles for Wildstorm. He was then set to write a Vigilante miniseries when it came out that he had lied about his service.See, to give his anti-war stance more credibility, he liked to claim that he had been an Army Ranger who served in the invasion of Panama and who's going to argue about war with a former Ranger who actually saw combat? Turns out that he had been telling that lie for years and that the most he ever was was a reservist. This ended up in another collection of his cartoons being pulped, Team Achilles being cancelled, the Vigilante mini being pulped, and Wright being effectively blacklisted by both DC and Marvel. At this point all he can get is low level video game writing gigs, having effectively destroyed his career.

>>133082526>tldr: American Dragon's production was a massive mess plagued by clueless execs (one of them wanting the show to be like Seinfeld) and repeated creative turnover. Also, a lankier dragon design came first (drawn by John Fountain), then got scrapped in favor of the S1 dragon design before the lankier, "half-Chinese" design became the basis of the S2 dragon design.from what I've heard the style change for Season 2 was because the character designer for Season 1 died and for whatever reason they thought it would be disrespectful to continue using his stylesomething similar is why GI Joe Renegades only had one season

The comedian Gallagher made a deal to get the TMNT movie made through his agent. He suggested they change the name of the turtles because kids wouldn't like the Renaissance painter names. His agent took all the credit and residuals from their agreement.

>>133076612I remember the rollout for PPG and EE&E being a special block called 'Boy Girl Boy' where they aired episodes of both back to back. But that may have come once they were established. It was a long time ago and I was a kid.

The only facts I know are basic bitch ones like Family guy starting out as a student short film, before being turned into a kids cartoon and then into the adult sitcom we know today.Funny enough, the short film and the actual pilot both have the Tom Hanks joke.

>>133084004what other stupid shit did he do

The Brave and the Bold crew wanted to adapt the Coyote Gospel, but dropped the idea when they couldn't find a way ton meaningfully include Batman in the story

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>>133082784>They're developing an RPG game that's supposed to be very conversation focused, with lots of dialogues and extensive mechanics for negotiation, persuasion etc. >Combat is supposed to be very simplistic and basically almost not present, the protag is not a capable fighter. This is explicitly stated in the design doc they've sent to the suits to pitch the project and that has been excitedly accepted >A few months later they suddenly want them to include underground fight clubs as a side activity >Game has an open world (pretty small though) and the protag can drive around in a car, but he has no connection to the criminal underworld or anything like that. It's not really an action game either.>The suits want them to include street races Those are just two examples, but there has been plenty of similar ones. It basically looks as if their thought process was "hey, this popular game has X, so our game needs to have it too!" without it even occurring to them that something working well for one game doesn't it will fit every single one. It's basically an equivalent of putting horror movie tropes into a romantic comedy, because hey, they worked well there!Also>Game is still in pretty early development and it will probably be at least 1,5 year before it releases. The suits knew and accepted that.>Suddenly they say that they want a working demo to release within a month. >The project lead tries to explain to them that this is not how it works, that a public demo is usually released when the game is already near release so it can represent the finished product well and convince people into buying and that their game isn't even close to a stage where they'll be able to make a good public demo>The suits just respond that the release date stays the same, but they still want that demo in a month

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>>133078381Robin Williams was also a big fan of Ren and Stimpy, and personally called up John K to see if he could get a guest spot.John K called him a fag and hung up.

>>133084750I wish Robin Williams lived long enough to see John K turn out to be a child molester.

Due to the nature of Bob's Burgers cast being lower middle class everymen, any celebrity guest voices have played characters or appeared only in noncanonical songs. The one exception is Andre Royo from The Wire, who played himself in a brief instructional video Bob was forced to watch.

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>>133075078They were right for the most part. Tiny toons is okay but inferior to genuine looney tunes and the looney tunes show is funny but had no business being looney tunes.

>>133073447>>133077631And of course, Matt Groening originally wanted to pitch an animated version of his comic "Life In Hell" to the Tracy Ulman show, and hastily came up with "the simpsons" when he realized he'd have to give up his LIH copyright

>>133083771Funnily enough Stewart in real life is closer to Bullock than Picard.

>>133084772I don't, it probably would've just made him sad.

>>133084023Wright also created Constant Payne, an action-adventure pilot for Nick, that was passed due to 9/11. The amazing thing is that his lie about being a Ranger in Panama didn't immediately raise red flags considering her would have only been 20 at the time of the invasion. Ironically, his middle name is literally "War Dog."

>>133071382>>Fox also hated the idea of adding 30th Century Fox as its end logo,This sounds like one of those situations where an exec was convinced the audience would be too stupid to get the joke.

>>133071413>Hayley Smith was originally supposed to be voiced by Lauren Prepon of That '70s Showmade-up sourceless garbage, so of course/co/ buys it hook, line, and sinker

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>>133075078>>Baby Looney Tunes was a blatant baby spin-off cashgrab. Zero heart and originality.Daffy falling for a version of the Duck Season joke and making a mental note to watch out in case Bugs tries it again was the only thing in it that made me laugh.

>>133085409Didn't it got canned due to the creator wanting to unionized animators working at nickelodeon also?

>>133077502>Is Nickelodeon absolutely retarded? How far can they get on SpongeBob, Loud House, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol?There was actually a post awhile back, maybe someone still has it, but it detailed how the top exec at the time was 1000% sold on catdog being the next big thing, and put in a huge order of episodes (like absurdly unheard of for any cartoon) from them. But when spongebob came along they straight up did not get it and only gave it like a bare minimum episode order, still riding on catdog being their new flagship toon. Catdog never actually even finished out the full order and spongebob is still going today, so yeah execs are pretty retarded over there.

>>133075364Relatable in that it took me 3 seasons to realize Jerry was the same voice as Cyril.

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>>133086012That's not the whole story. Someone who worked on Catdog (the guy who voices Plankton I think?) moved over to Spongebob when it folded. Because of the huge episode order, Catdog scripts were rushed with little to no time for workshopping.Nick wanted to place a huge episode order for Spongebob too, but this guy and Hillenburg deliberately asked them to keep episodes to small batches to ensure quality, pointing to Catdog flopping to convince them.

Long John Baldry was one of the voice actors for Robotnik in the first of the DiC Sonic shows, Adventures of (aka: the funny diploma dope pingas guy). He was a famous singer/songwriter and was also Elton John's best friend.In 1968, Elton John tried to commit suicide after relationship problems with a woman, Linda Woodrow. His lyricist Bernie Taupin and Baldry found him, and Baldry talked him out of marrying her. The song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" from Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy was about the experience. The name "Sugar Bear" in the song is a reference to Baldry.

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>>133084206You can find the originally Larry student film and Seth wound up reusing a ton of joke from it in the pilot episode of Family Guy (the drive by arguments and Kirk ones for instance). He even used a variation of the framing device from that short as promos for a marathon on Adult Swim that ended with the premiere of When You Wish Upon a Weinstein.

>>133082386same difference, quit being so fucking pedantic towards this guy

>>133071382Want more Futurama facts?>writers of the show were regretful for having Fry being smart in its early seasons, so they decided to recon his intelligence and dumb him down a notch

>>133071413The almighty Jeff Fischer (the VA behind his titular role in American Dad) has also done some wine and brewery in California.

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>>133071382Terrytoons is more popular in Western Europe than it was in America. Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle have been consistently played in countries like France

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>>133071382Seth MacFarlane himself claimed in his 2017 Reddit AmA that he hated Cavalcade of Comedy.

>>133071382Did you know Family Guy, American Dad and Cleveland Show have surprisingly a bunch of lost media? These include:>Family Guy: Video Game (Unreleased Gamecube and Wii versions)>Family Guy Online (Lost MMORPG)>Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (lost Wii and 3DS versions. Prototypes exist)>Lost Cleveland Show game (developed by Activision and Heavy Iron)>Lost American Dad game (developed by Activision and Heavy Iron)>Family Guy original full pilot (1998)>American Dad original full pilot (2003)>Lost Family Guy mobile games>Lost American Dad mobile games>Samsung Doorways (lost Family Guy AR game 2018)>Road to Rhode Island extended Dr. Amanda Rebecca scene NSFW (full)>American Dad video game (2008; for the PS2, PS3, XB360, Wii)>Lost Paul Reubens cameo audio (Star Wars: It's a Trap)>In Harmony's Way w/ Brian Griffin's appearance>Lauren Prepon's original recordings as Hayley Smith>Nia Long's S2 Cleveland Show recordings>Other deleted scenesHow could Seth's famous shows spawn so many lost media? You would think fans would dig them up or ask developers

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>>133087356>>Road to Rhode Island extended Dr. Amanda Rebecca scene NSFW (full)When I found about this one I so fucking shocked then immediately went looking for it.Uh... for archiving purposes.

>>13308735690% of this is fake and gay, see >>133085874

>>133086391Huh, I always figured it was just normal flanderization, not deliberate retconning.

>>133087445are you gonna explain how they're fake or are you going to continue to project words?

>>133075364>>133086149They also worked together on the Prep and Landing sequel where Jerry is the awkward computer tech elf that keeps spilling his spaghetti around Magee.

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>>133084369He despised who framed Roger Rabbit

>>133087593Nia Long left Cleveland Show in the middle of Season 1, she would have no season 2 audio.Brian Griffin could not appear in In Harmony's Way since he was DEADPaul Reuben's audio isn't lost, it's in the damn episodeLaura Prepon as Hayley's original VA is some autist's headcanon, there is no source for the supposed DVD interview discussing it and Rachel MacFarlane is listed as the VA on IMDBthere was never a Cleveland Show or American Dad game in the works as there is no proof of it anywhere online aside from these shitty "did you know" Holla Forums threads

>>133083452>>133083452>WB felt their characters didn't feel cool enough and that they needed a similar makeover to what Disney gotWhy? It's not like KH went out of their way to make existing Disney characters edgy and serious. Part of the charm was keeping them true to form

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>>133073840Sarah is better. She has the voice of an actual "mom" character, where I'll never hear Alison has anything other than 19 year old Annie Edison.

>>133087682A lot of old animators hated Roger Rabbit for one reason or another, though Chuck actually did boards for the Donald and Daffy piano fight that ended up getting scrapped, so he had even more reason to be annoyed.

>>133087700you sound like you're coping and you're still projecting words

>>133087812you don't have any proof for your schizo /x/ "lost media" shitpost and are deflecting. goodnight, kiddo.

>>133087812BTFO by >>133087700 >>133087835

>>133071413>Rachael MacFarlaneShe's got a lovely voice

>>133084750John K is based, even though I love Robin Williams.


>>133087853stop samefagging

>>133071382Fantasia, Pinocchio, Dumbo and Bambi flopped when they were first released to theatres and never made to international marketing because of WWII happening during the time of these films' release. They eventually got their money back in later years.


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>>133087923you type like a baby

>>133087931you got caught making shit up sis, just take the L like the good little bitch that you are

>>133071382The reason why Grim, despite having a black VA and a Jamaican accent, is because Max Atom was originally gonna make him black like Greg Eagles, but an exec at CN told them that it would result in two white kids owning a black guy.

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>>133083804Do black people even exist in japan?

>>133087923Not even close mate kek

>>133087979haha lol you even act like a baby>>133088022just ignore him. he's acting like a baby.


>>133088043not even close, you big baby

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>>133088043Why are you having a meltdown over someone pointing why these pasta that gets posted mostly on lost media threads might be fake?

>>133088147he's having a meltdown because he's a baby and he should've gone to bed right now

>>133071382Thurop Van Orman had to voice Flapjack himself because Paul Reubens never showed up to the recording session

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Stimpy's Invention took a whole year to make. It was originally supposed to be the show's first episode, but was aired dead last as execs hated it was almost scrapped altogether.

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Boomhauer's voice is based off of an angry voice mail message Mike Judge got of some redneck complaining about Beavis and Butthead

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>>133087869>>133083676It's weird that both Seth and Rachael have incredible singing voices and also revived old-time boomer jazz music for a newer generation in the best possible way.

>>133071382Kids Next Door fun facts>Sue Rose, creator of Pepper Ann and Angela Anaconda was initially going to voice Numbuh 2.>One scrapped episode was called Operation T.R.E.E.S. and would have been a Lorax parody. However, the episode was so close to the Lorax it had to be approved by the Seuss estate. In the end, it wasn't approved.>Mr. Warburton had plans for a KND babies show for CN's Tickle U block, but nothing got off the ground.

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Another EEnE fun fact>Marie's painting is based off of cover art of grindcore band Anal Cunt's album, "I Like It When You Die."

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>>133084807i love that they drew bubbles for that shot

>>133087700nia long was supposed to be donna?

>>133077673Spongebob and Family Guy were 99.

>>133088217Paul Reubens is a busy man, he deserves a break. Also think the voice we got out of it was way more memorable and iconic than Reubens talented but recognizable acting.

>The actual series finale to Chowder was supposed to be an hour long TV movie, where Chowder and the gang would go on a treasure hunt for a gravy recipe from map Chowder found. The movie was going to feature a villain Pie-Rat voiced by Matthew McConaughey and Chowder and Panini were going to kiss at the end of the movie.>It was shelved because Carl Greenblatt wasn't satisfied with the end result. He was going to go back and fix it up to his liking, but Chowder's sudden cancellation prevented him from doing so.>The complete storyboards for the entire special supposedly exist in some CN archive, or Carl Greenblatt's house

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>>133082333I thought you meant the whipcrack show

>>133083676Oooh I need to listen to this. Never knew that it existed!

>>133086012I think Carl Greenblatt (one of the storyboard artists on Spongebob back in the early 00s) flat out confirmed himself in an interview that they weren't given that much budget in the earlier episodes or much marketing, because Nick was banking on CatDog


>>133084696>Suddenly they say that they want a working demo to release within a month.I bet my ass one of those fuckers have just learned about SCRUM before rhat meeting


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>>133088836Are you fucking kidding me

>>133088019Nigerians in Roppongi and Kabukicho mainly.

>>133082873People DO ship them

>>133081552Yeah the more you learn about this stuff the more amazing it is when anything is good.

>>133084696>>133081552Look up "Bullshit Jobs" by David Graeber.Ours is a decadent civilization.

>>133082729IIRC Dreamworks announced it officially but went radio silent when they got bought out. A few months back there was a render of Illumination Shrek.

Siskel and Ebert liked Mask of the Phantasm, with the exception of Mark Hamill's portrayal of Joker. Additionally, the voice of the Phantasm was done by the same voice actor as Carl Beaumont to misdirect audiences into thinking he was the Phantasm. Additionally, the choir singing in the intro song is actually singing the stylized names of the crew in reverse.

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