Deleted Art of The Internet

In honor of the death of the weekend, this thread is dedicated to all art and artists whose presence has been attempted to be “removed” from the internet. Be it by the original creator, or otherwise.Some thoughts to consider while posting:It has been said that once something is posted on the internet it can never be removed. Yet many entities have removed or attempted to remove many parts of the internet for one reason or another. >If it were possible, should the original poster withhold the rights to fully remove any content they created from the internet? Why or why not?Illegal or otherwise morally questionable content (the definition of which can vary from country to country) could be said to be successfully removed from the larger userbase of the internet by some accounts. And even legal content disappears all the time simply from individual’s lack on interest in preserving it.>At what point does a piece of content or art disappear? Could a file that was once on the internet but now exists solely on a hard drive separated from the web still be counted as part of the internet?>If all copies are of a piece of art are destroyed, and only memories remain, are those memories art? Someone may view a work of art once in their life and remember it vividly, but memory is a fleeting thing. No one remembers anything perfectly.

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>>133071022Conversely, some art has not disappear from the internet, but the creating artist has. It has been said many times before that an artist lives on in their art. But at what point does an art or a series of art take on a life separate from the creator?

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Final bump, if this thread survives the night I'll post more later.

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>>133071022I had a bunch of monstergirl porn saved from tumblr that I accidentally deleted because my dad needed to use my laptop and I wanted to hide it.

LTKArtwork. His deviantart has been deactivated for years now. > that's left are his Youtube channel and twitter. Some of the art that he posted to deviantart can still be found in search results though.

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>>133071674Plot twist…your dad needed your laptop to download monstergirl porn.

Papyreit. He was a f_rry p_rn artists who drew magnificent bara and dycks. He just suddenly disappeared without a trace, and banned his art from appearing on various sites. Luckily, I was downloaded most of his stuff before he vanished into thin air. Miss the guy, honestly.

>>133071022There is an archive but I haven't seen it posted in at least 6 years so anyone who bothered downloading it is probably gone and it's most likely not hosted anywhere

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>>133071136>>133071162>>133071215>>133071241Doublepines, right? Their art always shows up when googling pinecest. What's their story?

>>133072851Tumblr witchhunt harassed them off the internet.

ToastDemon's Middle School Losers.Only the fanart remains

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The majority of Emmy Cicierega's DeviantArt pieces are missing. Almost all of the early works by DTVA colleagues Sabrina Cotugno and Dana Terrace are gone as well.

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>>133072851Gravity Falls fangirl and tumblrite BPD caused her to rage quit from the internet

>>133072759Why did you censor your post

>>133072877Shame. I don't even like incest, but to harrass someone because of art is the lowest of low.

>>133071022I found a Japanese artist a few years ago that I absolutely adored but he privated his website before deleting it altogether. All that's left now is the few pics I saved and a concept video for a mobile game that never came out does seem that he now has an Artstation account but he hasn't uploaded anything as of yet.

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pretty sure most of josh (now jackie) lesnick's old work is lost to the ageslast i heard girly was brought back revised for modern sensibilities, not sure what the changes are but i can't say i care to find out

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>>133073782If I had a time machine and 1 petabyte of storage, I would absolutely go through time and archive every webcomic ever released. I couldn't tell you why, but there's no question in my mind.I used to read them all the time back when I was younger (I guess that's an answer), and there are some that only exist as a page or line in my head, and I'm sure almost nowhere else. The fact that fucking Jack of all things almost disappeared really shows how volatile the medium is.

Genndy Tartakovsky made a model sheet of himself that could be seen on the Cartoon Network website

>>133073915Hopkins released most of Jack to the public domain. Now it can live on through song and dance

Hiiamdaisy comes to mind

>>133071022It's not deleted it's on pixiv! Not that cruel.

>>133071674Was this before or after Google drive?

>>133072877>>133073431If you let words written by autistic retards on the internet get to you, I have exactly zero sympathy

>>133075745They probably doxed them and shit like that, you know how cruel those retards can be, it doesn't end at calling them a faggot.


>>133072759this is 4chan. You can say Nigger, let alone furry porn and dicks.Now say it with me.Nig--ger.nigger.

>>133075655The worst thing is having Pixiv art from an artist that eitehr deleted the page or their profile. The sauce was the filename, but now it's useless.

>>133071289who is this by?

>>133075869Using people Twitter's @ or such lead to the same problem since they can change their username, still, sometimes saucenao can give the pixier user's names sometimes.

I have like 10gb of art that got deleted and they aren't worth posting anywhere


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To answer OP,>If it were possible, should the original poster withhold the rights to fully remove any content they created from the internet? Why or why not?That's a matter of wether you think art is something public or not. But I do believe that when you post something online, you should expect that this isn't "yours" only anymore. It's something painful to admit, but the digital world doesn't work the same. Artists trying to take down their reposted works make sense, but it looks like an endless and useless battle. You should accept Internet's culture, and just put your artist name on your artwork if you want to protect it a bit.>At what point does a piece of content or art disappear? Same as everything, if something only exists in one person's memories, it may has well not have existed at all. That's when.>Could a file that was once on the internet but now exists solely on a hard drive separated from the web still be counted as part of the internet?No? It came from it but it's not part of it. Like fruits and trees? So no, unless it's posted again. I guess that similarly to lost media, you can ask people on the internet if they have it.>If all copies of a piece of art are destroyed, and only memories remain, are those memories art? Someone may view a work of art once in their life and remember it vividly, but memory is a fleeting thing. No one remembers anything perfectly.As you say, no one remembers anything perfectly, not even the painter himself. Memories aren't art unless you get it out of yourself. You can try to replicate the art you see in your mind again and again. But the original is lost forever.Funny dubs, OP, how scary :^)>>133078036What about this thread, isn't it its point? Sounds like the perfect opportunity.

>>133073782I loved this comic back in the day, mainly for how off the wall it was.Even at the time Lesnick was openly struggling, though. His autobiographical comics were always about his personal struggles.

Bleedman's doujinshi

>>133079775Which one?

need help finding the rest of this comic I tried the archives but the images won't load and the website is dead I\

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There's still lost Jucika media out there. She appeared in a textile company commercial on TV and in movie theaters in the mid 60s but there's no known recordings. There was a live action Jucika sketch in a TV variety show that's also lost. Her creator also made both public and television appearances, one time he had to draw a life-sized Jucika in front of a crowd but he messed up because he was too anxious on stage. Other artists have also made Jucika tributes or parodies but only a few can still be found.And who knows what else was lost when the artist's widow threw the original drawings into a fire?

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>>133071022>>133071289Isnt that the art of the french invader zim guy obsessed with dib? I swear I saw a twitter account with this same exact artstyle

>>133079787The one with Mandy and Him's daughter on the cover

>>133075357Does Gigi still post online or did cucumber quest completely destroy her mind

>>133079964This is a commission they got and not their actual art but i swear there was a tumblr blog with a webcomic featuring guy's oc and dib, or am i thinking of another person?

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>>133079250it's mostly obscure shit from not Holla Forums related fandoms also a lot of nsfwNot that benefits me or the artist reposting deleted content.

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>>133074411That's what I mean though. After pholph went down, iirc things were lookin real dicey. I seem to recall the only archive was on an FA page (where the archive that floats around on my hard drive comes from), but maybe that was Hopkins's. It's been a few years and my memory ain't great.

>>133080368You must be talking about t92k1. 22=/=t92k1

>>133081757Ah, so that was a different person! The french dib guy that made the picture in the OP said he used MS Paint and seemed to like using a lot of yellows and oranges. His handle had 4 eux or something like that in it.

>>133079250>That's a matter of wether you think art is something public or notIt's a matter of if the site you upload it to considers it public domain or not

>>133079845Appears last archive was Feb*/ it was in a Spirou issue? But which?Their forum only mentions her once but not where.You could ask at Accueil» Vos questions, it's free to register.picrel I don't get - she'd been shitposting?>Yes, I got the promotion instead of you.>If you don't like injustice, don't disgust others!

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>>133071022The original Mspfa forum going down was such a tragedy to me for years. Countless small fan adventures I was planning to read literally proofed out of existence. Also many of the original OCTs make me sympathize with ancient historians to just how they feel when they learn about an important piece of history 2nd hand that was lost to time...

>>133076884Their Pixiv archive has been

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It might be sad but I'd rather read and see a lot of forgotten fanworks from the 2000's/10's than the great classics of history.

I still desire to read all of Danny Phantom Chess Piece. It was cringe and very early internet fanfic, but I want all of it.

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>>133082649It's not sad, you just know what you want.>>133075832From memory it was something like a dox. She had fear that they would tell her family or sister she was into an incest ship and cause weird shit. Which honestly makes me think either her family relationship isn't the best or she does have incest feelings for them LMAO.She is still present on the internet, even after DoublePines was deleted and Limey404 was abandoned, but she can only be found by those that know where to look.

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Frozenz0mbie's old

>>133082588Blessed anonSuch a shame they decided to nuke themselves over there, my guess is that twitter and tumblr are too much for them.

>>133071022Less artist erasing their own work and more like site where their old gallery used to be hosted going under and nobody bothered to save the pics, but ICS old gallery definitely falls into that "lost media" category. Which is a shame since not only does that old gallery makes you appreciate how much the artist has developed during the years but also shows his early kind of depressing fetish of bad ending and existential dread.

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I lot of stuff got lost not out of malicious targeting but just because Tumblr nuked everything and the artists there never bothered to reupload all their stuff.I'm still hunting down drawings from Sketchabee / Sketchapod / Sketchabod

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>>133071022PlagueofGripes used to go by 1800/34from1800 and did straight up explicit porn, often doing stuff for Holla Forums specifically. He tried to get it deleted off of the internet but it's largely survived and not even hard to find, pretty much everything is on now.>>133075357This one was really weird because people loved her earlier stuff and it's like she just got personally embarrassed about it. None of the content was even anything objectionable, it was just really funny video game parodies. There was also a period where she was making threads on 4chan to complain about them on twitter, and she only stopped when she made a complaint post about "4chan people making fun of her again" within of a thread being made about Cucumber Quest with an OP that wasn't even complaining. Like she went full schizo.

>>133084984>within of a threadwithin seconds* of a thread, no idea how I fucked that up. Like the thread was just "Let's talk about Cucumber Quest" and in less than a minute she made a post complaining about 4chan trolls.

>>133084995>>133084984Some people are just so used to being overlooked that when intense, prolonged attention finally finds them, they don't understand how to handle it. So it ends up bring a big source of anxiety. Eventually they might start to crack and begin feeding self-destructive behavior, to sabotage their fame, since in their mind this means reading a larger problem. I'm not talking about people who were outright harassed as kids or something, although it can happen with them too. It happens to regular people too.

>>133071022So this is a thread of art that you can't find the origin of anymore?

>>133083535I miss old ICS so much

>>133079775Damn, is this really gone? He had such an eye catching art style, could've been a commercial comic artist if it wasn't for all the lolis obviously.

>>133071022The creator of Owl House used to go by the mantel crouching-kitty back in the day and post cat themed art.

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>>133073227>>133075846Anon probably thinks Papyreit looks himself up.

>>133081853Which forum post?

I remember this one YouTube video that was a sort of AMV/fake trailer thing where a bunch of 2010 properties crossed over (Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Over The Guardian Wall, Undertale). It was made by someone named Lemon of Indifference and the closet I could find to it was a video based on

>>133084938God damn the fucking Tumblr purge. The site hasn't been the same without the tiddies.This art was from an account on DeviantArt but I can't find their account. It probably got nuked due to Bwen hate or the like.

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>>133085257Yes.Or even just for an artist that appears to be missing from the internet. >>133071097 Was an artist that was very popular, but stopped posting suddenly. That image is their most recent work posted to the internet as far as I know.

>>133071022Oh, hey, I saw you talking about making this thread. Neat.On a similar note, it's criminal how many fansites have gone down with no backups. You posted Zim art, so I'm sure you know Room With a Moose is gone, but I personally know of several more sites that are just gone.So much early fan content for a lot of things is lost now, and it's fucking tragic.

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Used to roleplay on LiveJournal way back in the day and exchange shitty fanart with two other members. They were both leagues beyond me in talent and really had something special. Last I heard one became a boarder for Dreamworks, no clue about the other, but all their stuff got scrubbed. I only have a few pieces I apparently saved and rediscovered languishing in a Photobucket account.

The original run of Twisted Kaiju Theater.

>>133086770in a similar vein, I know that many YTPs seem lost to the ages due to the nature of copyright strikes at the time and lack of archiving. there's this guy, SPIGOTTAN, who I've been getting into, and I keep stumbling upon these obscure re-uploads and I can only imagine how many of his works are just gone forever. It's tough to describe, but a lot of his work, not just his most famous (YTP Sexer) are like "anti-poops" in that they defy all logic and convention in the medium, yet it's done in such a deliberate manner it seems to show a deep understanding of it as well. each time I come across a "new" re-upload of his somewhere I'm amazed at what kind of mind could create something that way >>133086944and it's not like archiving seems to be much better on the horizon, given that so much these days is locked behind discords that could evaporate in the blink of an eye and are impossible to conventionally keep a record of. I blame mobile phones the most, websites needing parity between mobile browsing has really killed the cheesy, but comfy designs of the old web and it hardly feels like "home away from home", you know? If I were still in school I'd seriously consider dedicating research to old internet art circles, this is a great thread and yet it hurts me so


>>133087153>I keep stumbling upon these obscure re-uploadsMake sure to download that shit to your harddrive user.

>>133071022the webcomic SuperHo by the wife of the guy who did Bob and George. the whole comic used to be archived on the site but at some point she decided she was embarrassed by it and had him remove it. there's only a few scraps of it left on the wayback machine, the rest is lost media.

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>> it was in 2013 and doesn't help

>>133086020Got any of that old art she used to post?

>>133088091Only the stuff I can get from the

>>133082588Got bored and decided to upload the sfw art to e-hentia just in case, might upload the nsfw


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>>133088155>>133088091Honestly most of the images are at really low quality, only thing to note is the flash games you can download.

>>133088277>>133088155Any other archives that might've saved her stuff?

Spectrotoons. Only thing still up is this gorillaz animated, and a reupload of a comic, everything else he deleted. Heard it was cause he got rejected from an art school Which honestly he should take that as a bullet dodged.

>>133088333>can't download itFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK

>>133081853I have this book. They don't have everything in her but at least a few of her strips can be appreciated

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a currently lostmedia blogspot NY-FORFREE artist, also (maybe not sure) known as Peperoncino, was a spanish girl arround 2013


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>>133088694The name and art seems vaguely familiar, but I cannot recall when or what this artist drew.


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>>133082736These fucking tumblrina's and twatters surely know how to make life hell. Everything after imageboards was a mistake.


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>>133086020i miss these cats like you wouldnt believe

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>>133089293How long have you been following Dana’s art?

>>133089293shoot, since about 2007

>>133071022Can we please do this instead of hunting for shitty foreign commercials that nobody cares about

2010 had a plethora of artists making Spongebob art, the most famous being spongygirl92 (mistakes into miracles). Spongyril92's art is well archived. Others like smeecherz only have a few pictures floating around.

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>>133089482>>133089499whoops meant to reply here


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>>133072803I'll make a mega for pictures for sad children if I remember tomorrow. Let's see if the threads still up by then

>>133075745Anon, that's all of society now.

>>133082736you can have a healthy family environment and still not want them to catch wind of your weird kinks you knowincest can be a particularly sensitive one, since most people can't seem to grasp the whole "it's only hot when it's relatives other than my own" angle

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>>133086840>The site hasn't been the same without the tiddies.It's for the best. Site is a lot more bearable now. And you can still see some tiddie if you know where to look.

>>133090138That's the hardest thing to explain about kinks>I get off on the idea of this, but recognize I would in no way want it to happen to me/others in real lifeEven with non-sexual stuff you have to hide your power level. I want to see cartoon characters in relationships because I'm too emotionally stunted to relate to real ones, and not for any pedophilic reasons

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