Two-Step Storytime

Dumping Two-Step, a 3 issue mini-series from 2004 written by Warren Ellis, drawn by Amanda Conner, and inked by Jimmy Palmiotti. Published originally by Cliffhanger Comics, a Wildstorm imprint. Later a TPB came out from DC.>In a not-too-distant future London, Tony Ling's a Zen gangster. Rosi Blades is a bored camgirl. They've never met, but this unlikely pair is about to embark on the chase of a lifetime through the crowded streets of the city. Rosi walks through the streets of London, broadcasting everything she sees to the internet, looking for trouble to help boost her online hit count . . . and it's trouble she finds when a runaway gangster zooms past her, chased by Tony. Tony's after a stolen briefcase, and soon Rosi finds herself caught up in a war between these gangsters as the hunted flees the hunter. But what's in the case the gangster stole from Tony . . . and was it really stolen?

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This is the 2010 DC trade version .bump if you're reading.

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حwo Step

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I see amanda conner I bump. is she still married to palmiotti or is now my time to strike?

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>>133067787they're still married bro

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>>133067947dammit. I await jimmys demise

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end. thanks for reading

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>>133068418thanks op

>>133068585you're welcome


Reading Rosi with Tara Strong's voice, can't help it.

>>133069860anon my dick can only get so erect

I enjoy Warren Ellis. He's imperfect, but the degree of hate he gets on Holla Forums seems utterly ridiculous.

>>133070070I mean, she looks like a character she'd voice, even her name sounds like one too. Like put the i before the R and then say it backwards.

Well this was all very Ennis down to the lackluster ending, but still it was a quick somewhat enjoyable read, so thanks op the storytime.

thanks op



>>133067787>>133067947They're into swingin' tho


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>>133067196NeatLove me some Conner art.


>>133067560I bet she was hehehe


>ellisWell fuck. Could've sworn this was Morrison since a zen gangster sounds exactly like the kind of nonsense he'd come up with. Just shows how long it's been since I read it. Also, bump.>>133070084The hate he gets from Holla Forumsmrades is justified, because he'll drop whatever book he's doing at a moments notice if he looses interest, whether it's finished or not. Maybe he'll bother coming up with a halfassed excuse. Fell, Doktor Sleepless, Injection, the list goes on and on.The hate he gets from twatter transplants is just shitflinging from bitter dangerhairs that are mad about the fumbled metoo attempt not ending up with him killing himself, because >UGH, MEN!


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>>133074815so I still have a chance?

Who would win in a fight, Jimmy and Amanda or Mike and Laura Allred

>>133080295Well he's trying to finish Fell. And he finished Freakangels, Authority, and a whole slew of one-offs.

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Isn't Ellis cancelled or was that Ennis?

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>>133082788Pity she was wasted on DC's Watchmen cashgrab frenzy.

>>133067648Is this Gainax/Trigger?


>>133067759Oi what a predicament they got into kek


>>133067244looks more like London, England 2022 to me


whats going on here guys why do people keep bumping from the looks of the posts you guys arent even reading it

>>133067853>>133068418Thanks for the story.