Your waifu is white now

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>>133064193You de-pink my clown and there's gonna be violence.

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>>133064193Oh no!Anyways.

>>133064193So almost nothing changes then?

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Always has been...

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>>133064287This guy gets it.

>>133064193>Kathy Griffin doing a Garnet cosplay

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>>133064193Massive downgrade desu

>>133064193>gingerI prefer the bread-head.

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>>133066228Why is Marth sad?

>>133064193>>133067045Absolute upgrades

>>133064193some people where making fanart of the new movie, little mermaid with ariel as a white woman.why do people change black character into ginger? is like a fetish or something?

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What if she's already white?

Why do brown edits always look better than white edits?

>>133067065He's just being a little callous right now

>>133067704Cuz you got jungle fever.

>>133067704Most brown edits in fanart are from the heart, while most white edits are spiteful. Passion vs Politics.

>>133067704Artists turn white characters black for diversity. They come from the heart as >>133068768 said.Artists turn black characters white because they're racist or want to start controversy. They don't have talent so they just open up MSPaint and use the bucket tool.

>>133067045Blonde Garnet doesn't exist, she cant hurt you

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>>133067704Brown edits add soul, white edits remove it

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>>133069133>>133067704>>133068768Honesty I have to agree. White edits are mainly made just to piss people off

>>133069423how, vampire, low 2 no melanin

>>133069570>howSame way he's a vampire?

race swapping of any kind is racistif you whitewash you are intentionally being racistif you blackwash you are intentionally being racistif you can't draw a character as they're same race just call it your OC and fuck off with it

>>133069133>for diversity>comes from the heartContradiction in terms, ese.


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Why do white edits always look hideously pale? A whole spectrum of Aryan skin color, and they choose sickly albino.

>>133069570>>133069617That's black Sephiroth, not a vampire.

>>133069697Not gonna lie, that sucks, that also implies her mother is not a hot Indian milf anymore

>>133064193Finn will jackhammer this...

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>>133069570Vincent is the vampire, not Sephiroth, and even then Vincent isn't literally a vampire.

>>133069715See >>133068768 and >>133069133

>>133069715Because they're not genuinely trying to make an interesting, or even good looking, white version of a character. They're just fishing for reactions.

>>133069697While I wouldn't exactly say fixed since I like base Connie, but I will say this is cute. Maybe if she was a red head with some freckles it could be called an improvement. Slap on her glasses from the start of the series and I think you'd be going places.

>>133069841Gotta change the nose too.

>>133070043But the big noes is one of her better features. It would be a bit of a shame to lose it as well. Maybe if it's sharpened to a point a bit it could work along nicely without completely losing her usual nose size. But then you'd run the risk of making it too much like Pearl's. As a fan of girls with big noses I don't think that would be the worst outcome, but I can see some wanting her to have a nose all her own.

>>133069376This Garnet is nice. The longer hair would work as a fun alternate style for her regardless of anything else.

>>133067309Then take it even farther.

>>133064193And white is the special color.

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White color girls rule!

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>>133067704It's easier to make stuff darker than to make stuff lighter, and pink tones are especially hard. t. editfag

>>133068768>>133069133>>133069423>>133069452>>133069715>>133069820Why are brown Holla Forumsmblrtards never fail to be spiteful sensitive retard who got triggered over a simple white edit that made their brown fictional non-character 100x more soulful than the original? Is this why they lost the culture war?

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>>133070088Yeah but that specific nose shape is pretty much how artists render indians simply in art so if she's not indian then the nose no longer makes sense.

>>133072687wew, this user threw the whole fishing rod out along with the bait

>>133072687>more soulful than the originalcitation needed

>>133072709I guess that's true. Maybe if they made her Jewish or something they could justify keeping some of the nose size.

>>133067704Art imitating life

>>133064193How can you tell under the scales?

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>>133072562How... would you do that?

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>>133072783Me, nigga. I am the source.

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>>133073459>jewishThen she'd have to be scaley, not white.

>>133067704>>133068768Is that what you're talking about?

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>>133068768No I'm pretty sure nigga edits are to spite some guy called 'wypipo'. Not sure who he is or why people hate him so much.

>>133073459Go back

>>133073610Go forward.

>> 133067704>>133069133>>133072687The only soulful edit are those made without a political agenda like these.

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>>133068768>>133069133No, even if you take the spite and whatnot out of the equation, it just looks inherently better. It's not always made out of passion either, it's usually a fetish thing.

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>>133073795Can you imagine a woman waking up one day and being like "I'm nigger?"

Okay for real, Holla Forums, how would you feel if someone edited you brown?Or white if you're already brown.

>>133072687Anon there are only like five or six leftists on Holla Forums, they just post like a thousand times a day and it makes it seem like the whole board has a leftist slant.

>>133064287Here you go user

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>>133073868I'd prefer it.I'll take either option. Might give me some form of identity or a group I can associate with.

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>>133073962>either optionWhat are you to begin with? Yellow?

>>133067045that just makes me want a sandwich

>>133067704maybe it's the face.


>>133073664I can already smell the anise and ginger from Pajeetiel.

>>133073814Being a trans-nigger was hot way back until the delusional got told to fuck off by actual niggas.

>>133068768This is the long and short of itstill like ginger korra

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>>133074771>imagine the water tribe fire crotch

>>133064193>fat three eyed abomination>waifu material>implyingNot being a nigger is a step in the right direction, but still not even remotely close to waifu status.inb4>b-but it looks she's wearing a corset, that means she's not fat!Stay in denial, fatfags.

>>133067704Brown is inherently ugly. Spreading a thin layer of ugly evenly all over the pic makes it less of a violent assault on your sensibilities than having a single concentrated blob of ugly hitting you full force.

>>133064193Weird thread, but enjoy whatever it is that you're doing

>>133067704Brown edits are usually made by professional artists.White edits are made by people on Holla Forums in their spare time.

>>133073795fetish can be a kind of passion

>>133067704I’ve seen black edits of anime characters and they’re all dogshit, wtf are you on to think brown edits are better?

>>133064815Probably not. Except for maybe some added freckles.

>>133064193Would Pearl change any?

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>>133075912Her hair would be white

>>133064193Honey Bee would be white if Yakoub got his hands on her

>>133075912Chocolate Pearl

>>133075912The nose wouldn't be so large.

>>133064193She looks mixed race at best.


>>133064287But she's cool and hot.

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>>133080518That's just a chola.

>>133069423>>133069133>>133068768>Brown edits add soulThis just makes me imagine the process happening after someone is exposed to too much James Brown music.

>>133073795> Iridessa: am I a joke to you?

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>>133080518>Choosing an angsty human over a shapesifting rubber clown gf

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>>133065479F l a t

>>133082682Being flat is lulzworthy. It's like, you're a girl, you're designed to have tits, and you can't even do that.

>>133081370Her concept design was cuter

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>>133065479>irish ginger>even human

>>133064193NO!! Don't do it, user! Don't shoot up a bunch of school kids--white replacement is just myth! It's not too late to deradicalize yourself, seek help!

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>>133064193>Humanise her>Still a triclopsYou're a fucking idiot

>>133078076Yeah, that sounds about right. If she's already one way may as well go the other and see what happens.

>>133084845Glowies got you bad

>>133084466The midriff dress was a cuter look for her.

>>133075834>Except for maybe some added freckles.Fucking cute~!


>>133086150Come suck my dick about it, homo.

>>133080621Exactly. Should be pretty fun.

>>133086093Freckles are always a cute addition.

>>133086165Present it.

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>>133082167She could still be a shape shifting rubber clown gf. Just now she's brown.


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>>133064193And she gets knocked up by black cock

>>133087106Damn thing looks like a shit filled condom

>>133084792>Last name Olsen>From MinnesotaShe's SWEDISH


>>133072652Next year user. Next year is Nancy's year

>>133067704It takes more effort and artistic knowledge to edit dark skin to light and still have it look realistic, so the result is usually uncanny. The biggest issue is that the lighter skin is, the more translucent it is, and the darker it is, the more opaque, so skin edited to be dark without removing the underlying rosiness of light skin will often just look like it has stylized blush or makeup, while dark skin edited to be light without adding the underlying rosiness light skin should have will look sickly or dead. The more realistic the style, the worse this effect will be, but it can be an issue even in very simple styles due to factors like the warmth of the shadows.In styles with more realistic facial features, that can also add to the uncanny effect. A black character with a narrow, upturned pixie nose will still be considered attractive and reasonably normal looking, for example, while a white character with a wide, flat nose will be considered abnormal looking. In a dark to light edit, additional edits to the facial features would be necessary for a style with this sort of;dr see first sentence

>>133087599Thanks for giving such a detailed answer

>>133087599Yeah, it's usually harder to paint lighter colors on darker ones and easier to paint darker colors on lighter ones so it makes a lot of sense. Still, there are those out there who can make them work and some of the results are good. Both ways really can be entertaining and fun to see.

>>133069423Pic unrelated

>>133069376So much better than the original>>133069697Same here

>>133069423Brown edits add seoul.

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>>133087084You don't like brown clown girls? The make up should make for a nice contrast.

>>133088410All other girlfriend colors are inferior to pink.

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>>133087792Connie keeping her glasses is already an improvement. Everything else is just a fun alternate.

>>133088410The problem is when I see a brown person I end up laughing.

>>133089004Well then that's doubly fitting for a clown girl isn't it? Or would they not appreciate getting laughed at when they aren't trying to be funny?

>>133089013Depends if they catch on to what I'm laughing at them for.

>>133089013>get a brown clowngirl>joke about getting her a watermelon>she wants to do a gallagher act now

>>133065479That head is the size of 60% of her body

>>133089157She works out at the library.

>>133089151>She tries to add a spear throwing segment to her routine after you mention chucking spears.Honestly, this is sounding kind of cute. A brown clown girl who is completely earnest and so dedicated to her act and making you laugh that she interprets your comments as suggestions for her routine actually sounds like a fun idea. I'm kind of on board for this.

>>133089468Shit, me too now

>>133089582It could make for a fun character that has some neat little details with their own jokes. Like her costume and make up. Would she put on different era's of stereotypical black girl clothing depending on her act or would she pull them all together to make a full outfit? Would her make up exaggerate her features? Even her hair could be a joke in of its self. The classic afro with all kinds of junk in it could work well for her. Like an endless clown car but with her afro. Or she could take it somewhere else entirely even if it doesn't make sense since she is in her clown uniform.


>>133073529It's mime time.

>>133068768>>133069133>>133068768you get white's sloppy seconds and act like you improved them.

>>133069423keep eating shit niggerlover

>>133072687Because deep down, they know they are subhumans only allowed to live "free" by the grace of their moral betters aka white people. The average black is a hateful loser who cannot do anything without gibmedats. Take a white man and a black man, put them in the same situation, and you will see the white man will excell at whatever he's faced with while the black one bitches and moans until he dies.

>>133073579This is the modern age, where ugly is beauty and beauty is ugly. Foul art for foul creatures.

>>133084845>white replacement is a myth>white people are going extinct and why that's a good thing>you are racist for noticing things!Eat shit, kike-slave!